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Chronicles of every Group/Listed race in the past 150 years, not only in Australasia, but also North America, United Kingdom and Europe with accompanying pedigrees and families of every winner.

We have 179,612 Horses and 122,034 Results in our database.

LATEST NEWS: *2016 INTER DOMINION - SMOLDA (Family A59) *Classic Families is the only database in the world with EVERY Derby winner - check out the 2016 victors - Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, European, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden, UK, Slovenia, Australia (six States -6P & 3T), NZ (NZ & Great Northern - 2P & 2T). *NEW FEATURE - BROODMARE CROSSES - NEW FEATURE - Click on BROODMARE CROSSES to find the gold in Classic Crosses **Read our E-BOOKS *NEW FEATURE* See a stallion's feature progeny winners at ages 2YO, 3YO and 4YO+. Click on offspring to access all 3 options

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4,310 Classic and Feature Races
51,999 Individual Feature Winners
6,346 Numbered Maternal Families

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