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Chronicles of every Group/Listed race in the past 150 years, not only in Australasia, but also North America, United Kingdom and Europe with accompanying pedigrees and families of every winner.

We have 210,274 Horses and 145,611 Results in our database.

Free e-book - "Real Horse Power at Albert Park", a comprehensive history of the Albert Park Speedway (1903-07)

LATEST NEWS: *European Derby (4YO) - European 3YO C'ship - European 5YO C'ship *CAN OSS Super Finals (8 divs) *CAN Alberta SS Super Finals (4 divs) *2020 Indiana SS Super Finals (8 divs) *Indiana SS Aged (4 divs) *Vale Gavin Lang - better known as "Group One Gav", the first Australian driver to win 100 Group One races and the first to win 5,000 races

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