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Chronicles of every Group/Listed race in the past 150 years, not only in Australasia, but also North America, United Kingdom and Europe with accompanying pedigrees and families of every winner.

We have 181,221 Horses and 122,695 Results in our database.

LATEST NEWS: *2017 Bathurst Gold Crown & Gold Tiara *Tiger Tara 1:49.8 now the 90th ANZ bred 1:50 performer (check out the alltime Aust & NZ lists *The Formula One Australian Grand Prix is on at Albert Park this weekend. Classic Families offers another free e-book to read - "Real Horse Power at Albert Park", a comprehensive history of the Albert Park Speedway (1903-07) and the never before reported 1883 trotting exhibitions at Albert Park. Liberally infused with countless photographs from private collections.

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