Name Adios Butler
Date of Birth 1956 Sex M Born In NA
Family U34 - Crazy Jane
Mile Rate 1:54.3USTT Earnings $509,875
Classic Relations 7 Siblings, 91 Offspring, Damsire of 73
Notes Won 37 of 50 starts including last thirteen in succession and paced 20 times in 2:00 including world record 1:59.4 free legged. Also world record for mile and half mile tracks and first pacer to win the Triple Crown. Bettered the 22 year old world record of Billy Direct and retired as fastest pacer of all time.
1940 - U41
Hal Dale
1926 - U296
1917 - U702
The Abbe 44386 U437
Daisydale D U702
Margaret Hal
1914 - U296
Argot Hal U719
Margaret Polk U296
Adioo Volo
1930 - U41
Adioo Guy
1910 - U108
Guy Dillon U108
Adioo U108
Sigrid Volo
1921 - U41
Peter Volo U3
Polly Parrot U41
Debby Hanover
1948 - U34
Billy Direct
1934 - U298
Napoleon Direct
1909 - U706
Walter Direct U880
Lady Erectress U706
Gay Forbes
1916 - U298
Malcolm Forbes U31
Gay Girl Chimes U298
Bonnie Butler
1940 - U34
1926 - U11
Peter Volo U3
Cita Frisco U11
Ruth Abbe
1934 - U34
Abbe Guy U216
Ruth McKinney U34