Name Sir Archy W2278 (thor)
Date of Birth 1805 Sex M Born In NA
Family T13 - Sedbury Royal Mare
Mile Rate - Earnings -
Classic Relations 3 Siblings, 58 Offspring, Damsire of 22
Notes Sir Archy's influence in the stud was unprecedented in North America. Year after year he continued to sire exceptional sons and daughters and when his offspring went to stud they did the same. One of the strengths often attributed to the offspring of Sir Archy, like those of his sire Diomed before him, was the ability to withstand intense inbreeding.
Diomed W709 (thor)
1777 - T6
Florizel (thor)
1768 - T5
Herod (thor)
1758 - T26
Tartar (thor) T48
Cypron (thor) T26
Cygnet Mare (thor)
1761 - T5
Cygnet (thor) T6
Young Cartouch Mare (thor) T5
Sister To Juno (thor)
1763 - T6
Spectator (thor)
1749 - T6
Crab (thor) T9
Partner Mare 3 (thor) T6
Horatia (thor)
1758 - T6
Blank (thor) T15
Sister One to Steady (thor) T6
Castianira (thor)
1796 - T13
Rockingham (thor)
1781 - T24
Highflyer (thor)
1774 - T13
Herod (thor) T26
Rachel (thor) T13
Purity (thor)
1774 - T24
Matchem (thor) T4
Pratts Old mare (thor) T24
Tabitha (thor)
1782 - T13
Trentham (thor)
1766 - T5
Sweepstakes (Gowers) (thor) T4
Miss South (thor) T5
Bosphorus Mare (thor)
1773 - T13
Bosphorus (thor) T21
Sister to Grecian Princess (thor) T13