The greatest aid to Standardbred breeders ever!

Chronicles of every Group/Listed race in the past 150 years, not only in Australasia, but also North America, United Kingdom and Europe with accompanying pedigrees and families of every winner.

ClassicFamilies.NET is the work of Dr Ron Groves of Perth and John Peck of Melbourne and Peter Craig in New Zealand. Site development is by Syntax Software Pty Ltd's prinicpal, Simon Morris in Queensland.


Ron Groves

Ron conceived and developed the concept of Classic Families and its maternal family numbering system. He is currently responsible for updating and maintaining the North American data. Ron has also written an ebook on the history of the standardbred from a breeding perspective and a series of articles containing thoughts on breeding theories. The ebook and articles will be available free on ClassicFamilies.NET soon.


John Peck

John is responsible for updating and maintaining the Australian and European data. He has brought to Classic Families his considerable knowledge from his time as Keeper of the Stud Book at Harness Racing Australia then editor of Harness Racing International. He has a passion for the history of harness racing and this is reflected in his development of the comprehensive historical records of elite performers that are listed on Classic Families. A series of articles by John will be available free on ClassicFamilies.NET soon.


Peter Craig

Peter is responsible for updating and maintaining the New Zealand data. Since joining the team he has researched old newspapers and books for the speed and earnings records of New Zealand trotters and pacers from the early years of racing. The result is the most accurate electronic collection of elite New Zealand standardbreds ever compiled. Peter has also ensured that Classic Families has the most comprehensive details available on current and historical race tracks.


Simon Morris

Simon has contributed enormously to the harness racing industry over the years through his development of the TesioPower, Pedigree Partner and Classic Families software programs. All have been widely used by owners, breeders and studfarms worldwide. Simon maintains and develops the technical aspects of the Classic Families website and prepares special reports that are used by the team for research purposes.

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