CAN BC-Mary Murphy -3f - (There are 12 results.)
YearNameDoBSexFamilyTrackSireDam Sire
2019Mrs Suhwiggins2016FU8 - Lizzie WitherspoonFrDCustard the DragonCams Card Shark
2018Scardy Cat2015FU99 - GussFrDSportswriterGoliath Bayama
2017Yoga Pants2014FU30 - Dairy MaidFrDSportswriterNorthern Luck
2016Mysterious Lady2013FU13 - Dolly BFrDMystery ChaseCamotion
2015Watch My Luck2012FU129 - TillieFrDCamluckAs Promised
2014Go To The Windows2011FU7 - Miss DuvallFrDAllamerican CobaltArtsplace
2013Allittleforplace2010FU81 - Young Chicago MaidFrDAllamerican CobaltArtsplace
2012Two Stitches2009FU7 - Miss DuvallFrDModern ArtDavids Pass
2011Red Star Hannah2008FU68 - Red BirdFrDAs PromisedScruffy Hanover
2010Mystic Maiden2007FU7 - Miss DuvallFrDCamysticArtsplace
2009Legal Suspensory2006FU15 - Lady WFrDPulledsuspensoryJust Camelot
2008Alexaastrordinaire2005FU7 - Miss DuvallFrDAstreosCams Card Shark