427 Elite Performance records for Addington (Christchurch, New Zealand) - Track Length is 1193m

20171:52 Performances (Alltime-ANZ)Ultimate Machete2013MN5 1:51.9 (1950m)Bettors Delight
20141:52 Performances (Alltime-ANZ)Vice Chairman2008GN21 1:51.9Washington VC
20191:55 2YO Times (Alltime-ANZ)Amazing Dream2016FU301 1:54.9 (1980m)Bettors Delight
20191:55 2YO Times (Alltime-ANZ)One Change2016MN88 1:53.4 (1980m)Bettors Delight
20181:55 2YO Times (Alltime-ANZ)Another Masterpiece2015MU44 1:54.3 (1950m)Bettors Delight
20171:55 2YO Times (Alltime-ANZ)The Devils Own2014MN40 1:52.4 (1950m)Art Major
19801:55 Pacers (First 100-NZ Bred)Lord Module1974MN8 1:54.9TTLordship
20111:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Smolda2008GA59 1:54.3 (1950m)Courage Under Fire
20091:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Auckland Reactor2004MN40 1:53.7 (1950m)Mach Three
20091:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Monkey King2002GU30 1:54.5 (1950m)Sands A Flyin
20081:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Auckland Reactor2004MN40 1:54.0 (2000m)Mach Three
20081:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Stunin Cullen2005MN10 1:54.1 (1950m)Christian Cullen
20071:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Waipawa Lad2000GN56 1:54.2 (2000m)Live Or Die
20021:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Yulestar1994GN72 1:54.9 (2000m)Cameleon
19951:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Master Musician1987MN37 1:54.0New York Motoring
19801:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Lord Module1974MN8 1:54.9TTLordship
20131:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Isaiah2010MN20 1:55.5 (1950m)Art Major
20131:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Isaiah2010MN20 1:56.0 (1950m)Art Major
20131:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Venus Serena2010FN37 1:57.2 (2000m)Mach Three
20131:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Zacharia2010MN5 1:56.9Courage Under Fire
20121:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Franco Nelson2009MN18 1:57.4 (1950m)Christian Cullen
20111:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Lets Elope2008GU2 1:57.0 (1950m)Real Desire
20101:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Le Sol2007GU303 1:57.5 (1950m)McArdle
20101:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Our Major Mark2007MN58 1:58.0 (1950m)Art Major
20101:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Our Major Mark2007MN58 1:57.2 (1950m)Art Major
20091:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Kotare Mach2006MN42 1:56.5 (1950m)Mach Three
20091:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Smiling Shard2006MN6 1:56.9 (1950m)Grinfromeartoear
20091:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Smiling Shard2006MN6 1:57.9 (1950m)Grinfromeartoear
20081:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Stunin Cullen2005MN10 1:57.2 (1950m)Christian Cullen
20081:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Tintin in America2005MN34 1:55.9 (1950m)McArdle
20071:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Mattnamaras Band2004GN2 1:58.0 (1950m)Mattuity
20051:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Tuherbs2002GN2 1:58.0 (1950m)Live Or Die
20041:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Advance Attack2001MN52 1:57.3 (1950m)In The Pocket
20041:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Baileys Dream2001GA6 1:56.9 (1950m)Dream Away
20031:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Likmesiah2000MN4 1:56.5 (1950m)Christian Cullen
19912:00 2YO Pacers (First 100 in ANZ)Sokys Beau1988GN60 1:59.7Sokys Atom
19902:00 2YO Pacers (First 100 in ANZ)Cadillac Jack1987MN36 2:00.0 (2000m)Cadillac
19902:00 2YO Pacers (First 100 in ANZ)Impressionist1987MU30 1:59.4Talk About Class
19862:00 2YO Pacers (First 100 in ANZ)Florlis Fella1983MU302 1:59.2Smooth Fella
19842:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Agrinion1979FN53 1:59.9Boyden Hanover
19842:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Dab Chick1978FU30 1:59.6Dancer George
19842:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Formal Fella1979GN120 1:59.3Smooth Fella
19842:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Kanturk1980MN53 1:59.3Lordship
19842:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Lady El1979FN87 1:58.4El Patron
19842:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Mister Wood Chips1978MN93 1:59.1Timely Knight
19842:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Norton1978MN172 1:58.0Tactile
19832:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Camelot1978MU30 1:58.5 (2000m)Timely Knight
19832:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Chippie1976FN56 1:59.3Tactile
19832:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Diamond Moose1977MN87 2:00.0El Patron
19832:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Hobart Star1978GN47 1:59.2Timely Knight
19832:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Kind Nature1977GN15 1:58.0Armbro Del
19832:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Lyndon Robert1979MU400 1:58.9Nardins Byrd
19832:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Muricata Miss1977FN38 1:59.9Honest Master
19832:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Our Mana1978GU301 1:57.3Schell Hanover
19832:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Stampede1977MA2 1:59.7Young Charles
19832:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Win A Bottle1979GN52 1:59.9Out To Win
19832:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Winter Chase1977GN67 1:58.9Good Chase
19822:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Betty Adios1977FA1 1:59.6Tarport Coulter
19822:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Gavotte1978FN3 1:59.5Noodlum
19822:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Hands Down1975GN18 1:59.7 (2000m)Armbro Del
19822:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Light Lord1976MN1 1:59.3Lordship
19822:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Mels Boy1978MN2 1:57.9Majestic Chance
19822:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Rain Girl1978FN89 1:59.6Adover Rainbow
19822:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Take Care1977FN34 1:59.2El Patron
19812:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Armalight1976FN31 1:55.4 (2000m)Timely Knight
19812:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Gammalite1976MU306 1:56.1TTThor Hanover
19812:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Lock Rae1977MN56 1:59.0Noodlum
19812:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Remote1975FN49 1:59.3Gaines Minbar
19812:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Shabby Tiger1975MN102 1:59.2Tiger Wave
19812:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Tarlad1976MN208 1:59.9True Averil
19802:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Locarno1974MN53 1:58.2Local Light
19802:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Lord Module1974MN8 1:54.9TTLordship
19802:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Scotch Tar1973GN6 T1:58.9TTTarport Coulter
19802:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Superior Chance1975MN40 1:58.9Jack Chance
19802:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Thurber Globe1976MN73 1:59.3Lordship
19792:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Canis Minor1972GU30 1:57.4Lopez Hanover
19792:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Tempest Tiger1975FN16 1:58.5Tiger Wave
19792:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Westburn Vue1973FU300 1:58.5Lumber Dream
19782:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Graikos1974MU301 1:58.7Jersey Hanover
19782:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Port View1972FN315 2:00.0Tarport Coulter
19782:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Rosewood Dale1973FN22 1:59.5Bachelor Hanover
19782:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Roydon Scott1974MN2 1:58.9Scottish Hanover
19782:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Sapling1973MA1 1:59.2Young Charles
19782:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Wee Win1972MN6 1:58.9Out To Win
19772:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Balgove1971MN1 1:59.9 (2000m)Out To Win
19772:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Belmers Image1973GN15 1:58.2Armbro Del
19772:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Nigel Craig1969MA8 T1:58.8TTProtector
19772:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Nimble Yankee1971MN13 1:59.9Regal Yankee
19772:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Petite Evander1970FN51 T1:59.8TTGreat Evander
19762:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Gay Tennessee1970FN222 1:59.8Fallacy
19762:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)In Or Out1971FU303 1:59.7Out To Win
19762:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Master Dean1970MN55 1:57.5Honest Master
19762:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Smokey Lopez1972GN12 1:59.7Lopez Hanover
19762:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Trusty Scot1972MN10 1:59.9Scottish Command
19752:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Lunar Chance1970GN7 1:57.4Majestic Chance
19752:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Parlez Vous1971MN7 2:00.0Majestic Chance
19742:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Koarakau1970MN73 1:59.7Lordship
19742:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Van Glory1968FN30 1:59.6Van Dieman
19732:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Royal Belmer1967FN15 1:59.2Thurber Frost
19712:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Arapaho1967MN75 1:59.0Bachelor Hanover
19712:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Mount Eden1966MU30 1:56.6TTMorris Eden
19702:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)True Averil1965MN7 1:58.8Fallacy
19692:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Snowline1961FN18 2:00.0Brahman
19652:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Robin Dundee1957FN69 1:59.8Hal Tryax
19592:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Caduceus1950MN11 1:57.6TTU Scott
19572:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Tactician1945GN19 1:59.8Springfield Globe
19482:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Highland Fling1942MN11 1:57.8TTU Scott
19442:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Haughty1935FN12 1:59.6TTNelson Derby
19422:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Gold Bar1936MN8 1:59.6TTGrattan Loyal
19382:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Lawn Derby1930MA209 1:59.4TTRobert Derby
19382:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Lawn Derby1930MA209 1:59.4TTRobert Derby
19772:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Belmers Image1973GN15 1:59.7Armbro Del
19772:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Master Dean1970MN55 1:57.5Honest Master
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Gay Tennessee1970FN222 1:59.8Fallacy
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)In Or Out1971FU303 1:59.7Out To Win
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Smokey Lopez1972GN12 1:59.7Lopez Hanover
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Trusty Scot1972MN10 1:59.9Scottish Command
19752:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Cyclone Lad1971MN24 1:58.6Armbro Hurricane
19752:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Lunar Chance1970GN7 1:57.4Majestic Chance
19752:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Parlez Vous1971MN7 2:00.0Majestic Chance
19742:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Koarakau1970MN73 1:59.7Lordship
19742:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Robalan1966GN28 1:57.6Lumber Dream
19742:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Van Glory1968FN30 1:59.6Van Dieman
19732:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Royal Belmer1967FN15 1:59.2Thurber Frost
19722:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Wag1966MN9 1:57.4Thurber Frost
19712:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Arapaho1967MN75 1:59.0Bachelor Hanover
19712:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Mount Eden1966MU30 1:56.6TTMorris Eden
19702:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)True Averil1965MN7 1:58.8Fallacy
19692:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Snowline1961FN18 2:00.0Brahman
19572:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Tactician1945GN19 1:59.8Springfield Globe
19482:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Highland Fling1942MN11 1:57.8TTU Scott
19442:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Haughty1935FN12 1:59.6TTNelson Derby
19422:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Gold Bar1936MN8 1:59.6TTGrattan Loyal
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)   T2:00.0 (1950m)
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)AIle Rouge2009GN23 T1:59.0 (1950m)Love You
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Beg Hall2012GN145 T1:59.4 (1950m)Angus Hall
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Donegal Bettorgretch2012FN48 T1:59.6 (1950m)Bettors Delight
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Everybody Knows2011GU306 T1:58.1 (1950m)Quite Easy
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Everybody Knows2011GU306 T1:59.8 (1950m)Quite Easy
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Father Christmas2010GN24 T1:59.5 (1950m)Love You
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Harriet Of Mot2011FN1 T1:57.9 (1950m)Monarchy
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Harriet Of Mot2011FN1 T1:58.9 (1950m)Monarchy
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Lavros Jack2011GN5 T1:59.8 (1950m)Bettors Delight
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Lothario2010GN47 T1:57.4 (1950m)Love You
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Marcoola2012MN145 T1:59.9 (2600m)Sundon
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Master Lavros2008GU16 T2:00.0 (2600m)Sundon
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Monbet2011GU8 T1:59.4 (2600m)Love You
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Wilmas Mate2012FN82 T1:59.1 (1950m)Pegasus Spur
20152:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Alley Way2008GN52 T1:58.4 (1950m)Monarchy
20152:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)BD Love2011GN116 T2:00.0 (1950m)Love You
20152:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Duchess Diedre2009FU8 T1:59.3 (1700m)Monarchy
20152:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Monet1997FN12 T1:58.4 (1950m)Holmes Hanover
20152:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)The Earth Moved2010FU8 T1:59.3 (1950m)Monarchy
20152:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Wanna Play2011FU23 T1:59.7 (1950m)Majestic Son
20152:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Wanna Play2011FU23 T1:59.7 (1950m)Majestic Son
20142:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Clover Don2003GN23 T2:00.0 (2600m)Sundon
20142:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Hot Pants2010FU23 T1:59.6 (1950m)Majestic Son
20142:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Lothario2010GN47 T1:59.9 (1950m)Love You
20142:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Majestic Time2010FN77 T2:00.0 (1950m)Majestic Son
20142:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Master Lavros2008GU16 T1:59.4 (2600m)Sundon
20142:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Master Lavros2008GU16 T1:58.6 (1950m)Sundon
20142:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Stent2009GN116 T1:58.9 (1950m)Dream Vacation
20142:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Stent2009GN116 T1:57.7 (1950n)Dream Vacation
20142:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Tart N Tights2007FN121 T2:00.0 (1950m)Armbro Invasion
20142:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Thebestlove2010GU9 T1:59.9 (1950m)Love You
20142:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Wanna Play2011FU23 T1:58.9 (1950m)Majestic Son
20132:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Cyclone U Bolt2008GN65 T2:00.0 (2600m)Dream Vacation
20132:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Habibti2009FN47 T1:57.4 (1950m)Love You
20132:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Habibti2009FN47 T1:59.7 (2600m)Love You
20132:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Peak2007MU425 T1:57.7 (2000m)Ganymede
20132:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Royal Aspirations2009MU1 T1:59.7 (1950m)Monarchy
20132:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Stig2002GN1 T1:59.2 (1950m)Armbro Invasion
20132:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Stig2002GN1 T1:59.6 (2600m)Armbro Invasion
20132:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Vacanza2008FU1 T1:59.8 (1950m)Dream Vacation
20132:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Yankee One2004GN118 T1:57.5Muscles Yankee
20122:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Dr Hook2005GN1 T1:59.2 (1950m)Dr Ronerail
20122:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Escapee2008FN1 T1:59.8Sundon
20122:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Escapee2008FN1 T1:59.5 (1950m)Sundon
20122:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)I Can Doosit2005GU14 T1:56.6 (2000m)Muscles Yankee
20122:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Irish Whisper2007GN167 T1:58.1 (1950m)Sundon
20122:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Sheemon2009GU58 T2:00.0 (1950m)Monarchy
20112:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Master Bomber2003GU302 T1:58.2 (1950m)Armbro Invasion
20102:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Im Ready Set2004FU8 T2:00.0 (1950m)Monarchy
20102:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Ima Gold Digger2005GN24 T1:59.6 (2600m)Sundon
20102:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Kahdon2006FN145 T1:59.3 (1950m)Sundon
20102:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Stylish Monarch2003GU46 T1:59.3 (1950m)Monarchy
20092:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Stig2002GN1 T1:57.7 (1950m)Armbro Invasion
20032:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Castletons Mission1997GU10 T1:59.5 (1950m)Sundon
20032:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Take A Moment1995GN1 T1:59.6 (1950m)Armbro Invasion
20012:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Major Decision1994MA94 T1:59.8 (1950m)Armbro Invasion
19952:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Call Me Now1987MN26 T1:56.7TTRoydon Boy
19812:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Scotch Tar1973GN6 T1:58.9TTTarport Coulter
19772:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Nigel Craig1969MA8 T1:58.8TTProtector
19692:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Berkleigh1966MU301 2:04.6Johnny Globe
19692:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Croydon Avenue1964GN256 2:04.6 (10f)Garrison Hanover
19692:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Intrepid1965MN107 2:04.0 (10f)Local Light
19692:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Maida Million1964FA2 2:00.4Brahman
19692:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Royal Walk1964MN20 2:04.0 (10f)King Creed
19692:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Snowline1961FN18 2:01.2Brahman
19692:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Stella Frost1964FN155 2:00.6Thurber Frost
19692:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Stylish Major1961MN19 T2:02.4Flying Song
19692:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Wipe Out1961FN26 2:03.4 (10f)Light Brigade
19682:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Adioway1957GU42 2:01.2Captain Adios
19682:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Dark Rival1964GN16 2:02.2Forward
19682:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Good Chase1964MN22 2:03.8 (10f)Light Brigade
19682:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Le Chant1960FN19 T2:05.0Flying Song
19682:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Loyal Knight1962MN159 2:04.0D'Artagnan
19682:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Stylos1963FN276 2:04.8 (10f)Johnny Globe
19682:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Waratah1964MN36 2:04.4Johnny Globe
19672:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Black Tulip1962FN6 2:02.8Masterpiece
19672:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Buchanan1958GN11 2:01.0Captain Adios
19672:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Byebye Bill1958MA2 2:02.6 (10f)Captain Adios
19672:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Fort Nelson1963MN128 2:04.4 (10f)Garrison Hanover
19672:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Golden Oriole1961FN1 2:02.2Local Light
19672:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Indecision1961MU30 2:03.4 (10f)My Chief
19672:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Johnny Gee1961MU10 T2:05.0Johnny Globe
19672:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Smokey Range1961GN24 2:04.2 (10f)Smokey Hanover
19662:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Disband1960FN3 2:01.4 (10f)U Scott
19662:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Dougs Choice1961MN232 2:05.0 (10f)Morano
19662:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Frosty Heather1962MN2 2:05.0 (10f)Thurber Frost
19662:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Trysail1958GN231 2:04.4 (10f)Hal Tryax
19662:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Waitaki Hanover1958MN43 2:04.0 (10f)Garrison Hanover
19652:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Friendly Tom1961MN1 2:03.8Smokey Hanover
19652:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Jacobite1959MN12 2:02.2Young Charles
19652:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Medico1959MN20 2:05.0 (12½f)Light Brigade
19652:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Paddys Day1955MN15 2:04.6 (12½f)Burns Night
19652:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Robin Dundee1957FN69 1:59.8Hal Tryax
19652:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Southern Song1960MN10 2:05.0 (10f)Flying Song
19652:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Van Rebeck1956MN531 2:04.8 (10f)Van Dieman
19652:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Vista Abbey1961FU309 2:04.8 (13f)Garrison Hanover
19642:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Gay Robin1959FN208 2:05.0 (12½f)Johnny Globe
19642:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Great Credit1957MN36 2:03.0 (12½f)Light Brigade
19642:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Rannack Song1958MN44 2:03.8 (9½f)Flying Song
19632:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Aufleem1959FN87 2:04.0 (9½f)Thunder On
19632:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Falsehood1954MA8 2:05.0 (10f)Fallacy
19632:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Flying Blue1957MN202 2:05.0 (10f)Flying Song
19632:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Gold Globe1957FN101 2:04.2 (9½f)Johnny Globe
19632:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Jilaire1959FN112 2:04.0 (9½f)Stormyway
19632:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Lauder Scott1956GN112 2:04.2 (9½f)U Scott
19632:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Massacre1956GN50 2:04.8 (9½f)Whipster
19632:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Terrace Dale1957FN50 2:04.8 (12½f)Zancara
19632:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)When1955FN26 T2:02.8Light Brigade
19622:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Dianthus Girl1954FN116 T2:03.4Preston
19622:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Grouse1955FN9 2:05.0 (12½f)Light Brigade
19622:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Morano Boy1956GN32 2:05.0 (9½f)Morano
19622:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Scottish Light1956MN23 2:04.0 (9½f)Light Brigade
19612:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Rustic Lad1956MN213 2:04.0 (10f)Flying Song
19602:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)False Step1952MN301 2:04.2 (10f)Fallacy
19592:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Caduceus1950MN11 1:57.6TTU Scott
19572:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Lookaway1953GU300 2:01.8Light Brigade
19572:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Tactician1945GN19 1:59.8Springfield Globe
19562:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)General Sandy1950MN8 2:04.6 (13f)Sandydale
19552:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Moss Hall1949MN504 2:04.4 (10f)Golden Shadow
19542:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Denbry1947GU300 2:04.8 (10f)Josedale Grattan
19542:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Ribands1948MN300 2:04.0 (13f)Lawn Derby
19542:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Rupee1949MN12 2:04.6 (10f)Gold Chief
19532:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Brahman1950MN12 2:02.2TTGold Bar
19532:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Burns Night1946MN509 2:02.6U Scott
19512:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Vedette1945GN52 2:04.6 (13f)Light Brigade
19482:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Highland Fling1942MN11 1:57.8TTU Scott
19442:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Haughty1935FN12 1:59.6TTNelson Derby
19422:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Gold Bar1936MN8 1:59.6TTGrattan Loyal
19402:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Lucky Jack1932MN9 2:01.2TTJack Potts
19382:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Lawn Derby1930MA209 1:59.4TTRobert Derby
19362:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Indianapolis1929MU303 2:00.4TTWrack
19342:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Auburn Lad1924GA478 2:02.4TTGlobe Derby
19342:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Walla Walla1922MU313 2:03.8TTGlobe Derby
19342:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Worthy Queen1927FU308 T2:03.6TTWorthy Bingen
19282:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Native Chief1922MN10 2:04.2Logan Pointer
19242:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Acron1919MN4 2:03.6Logan Pointer
1936-372:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Cloudy Range1929GN17 2:09.6 (10f)Wrack
1936-372:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)De Soto1930GN52 2:09.0Rey De Oro
1936-372:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Frisco Lady1932FU305 2:09.9 (12f)Jack Potts
1936-372:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Gallant Knight1930MU4 2:09.4Mr McElwyn
1936-372:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Pot Luck1932GN97 2:09.0 (10f)Jack Potts
1936-372:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Reporter1929MN318 2:07.8Wrack
1936-372:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Rey Spec1929GN618 2:08.2 (10f)Rey De Oro
1936-372:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Southern Smile1930FN10 2:08.8 (10f)Adioo Guy
1936-372:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Worthy Light1929GN644 2:08.2Worthy Bond
1935-362:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Agile1929GU335 2:09.4 (10f)Rey De Oro
1935-362:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Blue Mountain1927MN147 2:10.0 (16f)Blue Mountain King
1935-362:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Guy Junior1930GN269 2:09.2Real Guy
1935-362:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Homeward1927FU306 2:09.8Happy Voyage
1935-362:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Sure1928FN8 2:09.2Peter Chenault
1935-362:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Taxpayer1929MN4 2:08.2Great Bingen
1935-362:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)War Buoy1930GN72 2:09.4 (16f)Man O'War
1935-362:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Wild Guy1926GN12 2:09.1 (10f)Guy Parrish
1934-352:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)George Rey1926GN633 2:08.8Rey De Oro
1934-352:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Glenrossie1926MN64 2:07.7 (10f)Matchlight
1934-352:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Indianapolis1929MU303 2:01.4TTWrack
1934-352:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Nicoya1925GA1 T2:09.7 (12f)Wrack
1934-352:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Pronto Bingen1925GN650 2:09.6Pedro Pronto
1934-352:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Queen Author1928FN73 2:09.8Author Dillon
1934-352:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Roi L'Or1923MN628 2:05.1 (10f)Rey De Oro
1934-352:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Sunny Morn1926GN230 2:09.1 (16f)Sungod
1934-352:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Vesuvius1923MA798 2:09.4Matchlight
1933-342:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Arethusa1927FU302 2:09.4 (10f)Wrack
1933-342:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Auburn Lad1924GA478 2:02.4TTGlobe Derby
1933-342:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Biddy Parrish1925FA5 T2:08.4TTGuy Parrish
1933-342:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Probationer1926FN8 2:08.0Wrack
1933-342:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Red Shadow1927MU434 2:07.8 (10f)Travis Axworthy
1933-342:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Royal Drusus1926MN70 2:09.0Drusus
1933-342:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Todd Lonzia1927MN21 T2:09.0TTLorenes Todd
1933-342:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Walla Walla1922MU313 2:03.8TTGlobe Derby
1933-342:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Worthy Queen1927FU308 T2:03.6TTWorthy Bingen
1932-332:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Arachne1923FN797 2:10.0Logan Pointer
1932-332:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Colorado1927MA202 2:09.3 (10f)Wrack
1932-332:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Eureka Boy1928GN97 2:09.6 (10f)Guy Parrish
1932-332:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Gold Country1926GN5 2:09.3 (10f)Rey De Oro
1932-332:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)John Jinks1926MN100 2:08.4John Dillon
1932-332:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Pageant d'Or1926MN159 2:08.8Rey De Oro
1932-332:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Royal Silk1926MN12 2:08.8 (10f)Silk Thread
1932-332:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Satin King1926GN231 2:09.8 (10f)Erins King
1932-332:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Sir Guy1925MN269 2:09.6 (16f)Real Guy
1932-332:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Somerby1923GN651 2:08.0Brent Locanda
1932-332:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Tempest1928GN6 2:09.0Wrack
1931-322:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Carmel1922GN76 2:09.9 (10f)Our Thorpe
1931-322:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Cranleigh1925GN627 2:09.0 (10f)Travis Axworthy
1931-322:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Roddy1923MN76 2:08.2Rey De Oro
1931-322:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Rollo1925MU368 2:10.0Jingle
1930-312:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Delightful1924MN47 2:08.2Happy Voyage
1930-312:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Great Logan1924FN9 2:09.8 Logan Pointer
1930-312:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)King Pointer1922MN646 2:07.6 (10f)Young Star Pointer
1930-312:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Krina1922FN30 2:10.0Jewel Chimes
1930-312:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Nelson de Oro1924MN37 2:09.6Rey De Oro
1930-312:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Regal Voyage1924FN12 2:09.9 (16f)Happy Voyage
1930-312:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Sodium1926MA21 2:09.2Great Audubon
1929-302:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Brentloc1921MN155 2:08.8Brent Locanda
1929-302:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Chef1925MN49 2:09.2Rey De Oro
1929-302:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Kid Logan1922FN43 2:08.4Logan Pointer
1929-302:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Maiwheriti1919MA802 2:09.6 (10f)Harold Dillon
1929-302:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Wilma Dillon1923GU317 2:08.8John Dillon
1928-292:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Epigram1920MN120 2:08.4Brent Locanda
1928-292:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Native Prince1921MN133 2:09.8 (10f)Native King
1928-292:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Peter Bingen1920MU301 2:07.0 (10f)Nelson Bingen
1927-282:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Author Jinks1923GN100 2:09.6 (10f)Author Dillon
1927-282:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Loganwood1917MN86 2:09.6Logan Pointer
1927-282:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Native Chief1922MN10 2:04.2Logan Pointer
1925-262:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Bonny Logan1919FU300 2:09.8Logan Pointer
1925-262:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Waitaki Girl1919FN43 2:09.3 (10f)Harold Dillon
1924-252:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Acron1919MN4 2:03.6Logan Pointer
1924-252:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Great Hope1918MU315 2:07.8Great Audubon
1923-242:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Logan Chief1919MN10 2:07.6Logan Pointer
1922-232:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Trix Pointer1914FU302 2:09.4Demonio 28016
1921-222:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Albert Cling1914MA800 2:09.4Young McKinney
1920-212:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Willie Lincoln1912GA404 2:10.0Lord Elmo
1919-202:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Don Caesar1909MN542 2:09.9 (10f)Prince Imperial
1918-192:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Our Thorpe1910MN127 2:06.2TTOYM
1915-162:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Country Belle1908FN5 2:07.2TTWildmoor
1911-122:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)King Cole1904MA203 2:08.6TTRibbonwood
1902-032:10 Performers (First 100-NZ)Ribbonwood1898MN19 2:09.0TTWildwood
1978Evolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NZ)Prince Rapide1975GN35 2:00.3 Good Chase
1953Evolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NZ)Brahman1950MN12 2:02.2TT Gold Bar
1905Evolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NZ)Sal Tasker1902FN39 2:20.0Rothschild
1904Evolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NZ)Lord Elmo1902MU13602:30.4 Rothschild
1901Evolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NZ)Ribbonwood1898MN19 2:33.0 Wildwood
1991Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NZ)Blossom Lady1984FN69 1:56.0 Farm Timer
1982Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NZ)Bonnies Chance1975FN58 1:58.0 Majestic Chance
1982Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NZ)Bonnies Chance1975FN58 1:57.1 Majestic Chance
1982Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NZ)Bonnies Chance1975FN58 1:56.7Majestic Chance
1979Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NZ)Tempest Tiger1975FN16 1:58.5Tiger Wave
1979Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NZ)Westburn Vue1973FU300 1:58.5 Lumber Dream
1974Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NZ)Van Glory1968FN30 1:59.6 Van Dieman
1944Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NZ)Haughty1935FN12 1:59.6TTNelson Derby
1943Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NZ)Haughty1935FN12 2:00.4 Nelson Derby
1941Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NZ)Smile Again1933FN10 2:05.4 Adioo Guy
1941Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NZ)Smile Again1933FN10 2:04.0 Adioo Guy
1915Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NZ)Country Belle1908FN5 2:07.2TT Wildmoor
1906Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NZ)Myosotis1901FN35 2:15.4Huon
1980Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Lord Module1974MN8 1:54.9TT Lordship
1979Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Lord Module1974MN8 1:56.2Lordship
1959Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Caduceus1950MN11 1:57.6TT U Scott
1948Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Highland Fling1942MN11 1:57.8TT U Scott
1948Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Highland Fling1942MN11 1:59.4TTU Scott
1938Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Lawn Derby1930MA209 1:59.4TT Robert Derby
1936Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Indianapolis1929MU303 2:00.4TT Wrack
1935Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Indianapolis1929MU303 2:01.4TTWrack
1934Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Auburn Lad1924GA478 2:02.4TT Globe Derby
1924Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Acron1919MN4 2:03.6 Logan Pointer
1918Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Our Thorpe1910MN127 2:06.2TT OYM
1915Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Country Belle1908FN5 2:07.2TTWildmoor
1911Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)King Cole1904MA203 2:08.6TT Ribbonwood
1903Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Ribbonwood1898MN19 2:10.0 Wildwood
1903Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Ribbonwood1898MN19 2:14.2Wildwood
1903Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Ribbonwood1898MN19 2:13.0Wildwood
1903Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Ribbonwood1898MN19 2:09.0TTWildwood
1900Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)The Heir1897MU310 2:32.0Vancleve 2438
1979Evolution of Pacers Racemile (ANZ)Lord Module1974MN8 1:56.2 Lordship
1974Evolution of Pacers Racemile (ANZ)Young Quinn1969GN61 1:57.0 Young Charles
1972Evolution of Pacers Racemile (ANZ)Wag1966MN9 1:57.4 Thurber Frost
1965Evolution of Pacers Racemile (ANZ)Robin Dundee1957FN69 1:59.8 Hal Tryax
1957Evolution of Pacers Racemile (ANZ)Tactician1945GN19 1:59.8 Springfield Globe
1943Evolution of Pacers Racemile (ANZ)Haughty1935FN12 2:00.4 Nelson Derby
1924Evolution of Pacers Racemile (ANZ)Acron1919MN4 2:03.6 Logan Pointer
1903Evolution of Pacers Racemile (ANZ)Ribbonwood1898MN19 2:14.2Wildwood
1903Evolution of Pacers Racemile (ANZ)Ribbonwood1898MN19 2:13.0Wildwood
1903Evolution of Pacers Racemile (ANZ)Ribbonwood1898MN19 2:10.0 Wildwood
1902Evolution of Pacers Racemile (ANZ)Ribbonwood1898MN19 2:15.8 Wildwood
1979Evolution of Pacers Yearling Mile (NZ)Graham Brown1977GN142 2:05.9TTAssault
1957Evolution of Pacers Yearling Mile (NZ)Blue1955MN32 2:09.2TTLocal Light
1982Evolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NZ)Zebec1979MN34 T2:04.8TT Crockett
1966Evolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NZ)Westland King1963MU300 T2:12.2Goodland
1966Evolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NZ)Westland King1963MU300 T2:08.4TTGoodland
1957Evolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NZ)Au Fait1954FU301 T2:13.2TT Johnny Globe
1954Evolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NZ)Royal Mile1951MN129 T2:16.2TTFourth Brigade
1949Evolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NZ)Highland Kilt1946MN11 T2:19.2TT U Scott
1963Evolution of Trotters Mares Mile (NZ)When1955FN26 T2:02.8 Light Brigade
1962Evolution of Trotters Mares Mile (NZ)Dianthus Girl1954FN116 T2:03.4 Preston
1934Evolution of Trotters Mares Mile (NZ)Worthy Queen1927FU308 T2:03.6TTWorthy Bingen
1901Evolution of Trotters Mares Mile (NZ)Jessie Palm1894FU376 T2:18.0TT Rothschild
1900Evolution of Trotters Mares Mile (NZ)Jessie Palm1894FU376 T2:22.0 Rothschild
1995Evolution of Trotters Mile (NZ)Call Me Now1987MN26 T1:56.7TT Roydon Boy
1977Evolution of Trotters Mile (NZ)Nigel Craig1969MA8 T1:58.8TTProtector
1977Evolution of Trotters Mile (NZ)Nigel Craig1969MA8 T2:00.3Protector
1976Evolution of Trotters Mile (NZ)Nigel Craig1969MA8 T2:01.0Protector
1970Evolution of Trotters Mile (NZ)Johnny Gee1961MU10 T2:01.2 Johnny Globe
1969Evolution of Trotters Mile (NZ)Stylish Major1961MN19 T2:02.4 Flying Song
1963Evolution of Trotters Mile (NZ)When1955FN26 T2:02.8 Light Brigade
1962Evolution of Trotters Mile (NZ)Dianthus Girl1954FN116 T2:03.4Preston
1934Evolution of Trotters Mile (NZ)Worthy Queen1927FU308 T2:03.6TTWorthy Bingen
1933Evolution of Trotters Mile (NZ)Todd Lonzia1927MN21 T2:09.0TT Lorenes Todd
1977Evolution of Trotters Racemile (ANZ)Nigel Craig1969MA8 T2:00.3 Protector
1976Evolution of Trotters Racemile (ANZ)Nigel Craig1969MA8 T2:01.0 Protector
1970Evolution of Trotters Racemile (ANZ)Johnny Gee1961MU10 T2:01.2 Johnny Globe
1969Evolution of Trotters Racemile (ANZ)Stylish Major1961MN19 T2:02.4 Flying Song
1963Evolution of Trotters Racemile (ANZ)When1955FN26 T2:02.8Light Brigade
1962Evolution of Trotters Racemile (ANZ)Dianthus Girl1954FN116 T2:03.4 Preston