106 Elite Performance records for Balmoral Park (Crete, IL, United States) - Track Length is One mile

2004-091:48 Pacers (Alltime)Quik Pulse Mindale2001MU7 1:48.0USJennas Beach Boy
20061:50 List (Alltime Aust-bred)Highland Pride1996GN104 1:50.0USNorthern Lights
20121:50 List (Alltime NZ bred)Foreclosure2007MN44 1:48.4USRocknroll Hanover
20091:50 List (Alltime NZ bred)Chris Riley2000GN81 1:50.0USChristian Cullen
20081:50 List (Alltime NZ bred)Beau Rivage2002GU2 1:49.2USVillage Jasper
20071:50 List (Alltime NZ bred)Extender1997GN24 1:49.1USEquitable
20071:50 List (Alltime NZ bred)Universal Dream2002GN7 1:50.0USDream Away
20061:50 List (Alltime NZ bred)Wherethemoneywent1999GN12 1:48.2USIn The Pocket
1999-071:50 Pacers (First 100)Blissfull Hall1996MU2 1:49.2USCambest
1999-051:50 Pacers (First 100)King Country1992MA2 1:49.2USDenali
1998-101:50 Pacers (First 100)CA Connection1992FU80 1:49.4USKassa Branca
1998-101:50 Pacers (First 100)Comeatross1994GU4 1:49.3USNiatross
2010-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Vette Man2005GU8 1:50.0USArtiscape
2010-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Western Trademark2005MU80 1:49.1USWestern Hanover
2010-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Well to do Guru2004GU50 1:49.3USRichess Hanover
2009-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Martha Maxine2004MU11 1:49.2USPark Place
2009-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Ms Maggie2003FU140 1:49.4USRichess Hanover
2009-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Jeremys Successor2004GU24 1:48.4USMach Three
2009-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Chris Riley2000GN81 1:50.0USChristian Cullen
2009-051:50 Pacers (First 1000)Blue Apache2002GU22 1:50.0USFt Apache Hanover
2009-051:50 Pacers (First 1000)Special Joe2005GU4 1:49.4USJodys Cam
2008-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Beau Rivage2002GU2 1:49.2USVillage Jasper
2008-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Brother Ray2005GU9 1:49.3USDragon Again
2008-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Coldheartedrevenge2001GU13 1:48.3USArts Conquest
2008-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Fox Valley Gambler2004GU79 1:49.4USRichess Hanover
2008-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Corner Blitz2005MU2 1:49.4USPro Bono Best
2008-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Thisbigdogwilfight2003GU57 1:49.1USThe Big Dog
2008-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Real Mean Art2003GU19 1:49.2USReal Artist
2008-051:50 Pacers (First 1000)I Can Only Imagine2002MU32 1:49.4USCole Muffler
2008-041:50 Pacers (First 1000)Exterminator2004GU8 1:50.0USArturo
2007-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Universal Dream2002GN7 1:50.0USDream Away
2006-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Highland Pride1996GN104 1:50.0USNorthern Lights
2006-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Allamerican Inca2002GU6 1:48.2USWestern Hanover
2006-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Wherethemoneywent1999GN12 1:48.2USIn The Pocket
2006-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Fox Valley Appeal2003GU1 1:50.0USSportsmaster
2006-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Westward Vision1999GU114 1:49.2USWestern Hanover
2006-041:50 Pacers (First 1000)General Challenge2000GU1 1:49.3USLife Sign
2005-101:50 Pacers (First 1000)Pokagon2001GU4 1:50.0USArmbro Operative
2005-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Alikeit1998GU43 1:49.3USCamluck
2005-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Ohubetterbelieveit2001GU3 1:48.4USWestern Hanover
2005-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Timberton1995GU1 1:49.4USArtsplace
2005-071:50 Pacers (First 1000)He Wants It All2000MU80 1:49.1USThe Big Dog
2004-111:50 Pacers (First 1000)Go Warrior Go2000GU95 1:49.4USWarrior For Peace
2004-101:50 Pacers (First 1000)Redstone Ruckus2000GU19 1:49.4USPacific Fella
2004-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Jennas Gossip2000GU7 1:49.3USJennas Beach Boy
2004-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Parklane Powerful1999MU35 1:49.3USSportsmaster
2004-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Quik Pulse Mindale2001MU7 1:48.0USJennas Beach Boy
2004-071:50 Pacers (First 1000)Dr Drew2000MU7 1:49.3USJennas Beach Boy
2004-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Dashing Diplomat2000MU2 1:49.1USTattlers Torpedo
2004-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Hes For Real2000MU4 1:49.3USLife Sign
2004-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Odds On Dana2000MU7 1:50.0USArtiscape
2004-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Sports Fantasy1998GU52 1:49.4USSportsmaster
2004-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Withallprobability1999GU2 1:49.2USKeystone Raider
2004-051:50 Pacers (First 1000)Cinder Best1997MU10 1:50.0USCambest
2004-051:50 Pacers (First 1000)Farouk Hanover1997GU11 1:50.0USBig Towner
2004-041:50 Pacers (First 1000)Wrist Rocket1996GU32 1:49.4USIdeal Society
2003-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Fifty Percent1998MU7 1:49.2USJate Lobell
2002-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Frontstreet Marty1997GU28 1:49.2USAbercrombie
2002-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Partywiththebigdog1995MU20 1:49.4USArtsplace
2002-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Whole Lotta Class1998MU28 1:50.0USBilateral
2002-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Fox Valley Chris1999GU180 1:49.4USIncredible Finale
2002-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Ideal Towne1996MU6 1:49.2USIdeal Society
2002-071:50 Pacers (First 1000)Big Green Machine1998MU12 1:49.3USCole Muffler
2002-071:50 Pacers (First 1000)Mystic Art1999GU13 1:49.3USArtsplace
2002-071:50 Pacers (First 1000)Universal Dream1996MU12 1:49.4USCambest
2002-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Brother Joshua1997MU8 1:50.0USNuclear Siren
2002-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Rattle And Rock1998MU8 1:49.3USSportsmaster
2001-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Ice Chaser Won1997MU13 1:49.4USLife Sign
2001-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Royalflush Hanover1996GU20 1:49.3USCams Card Shark
2001-071:50 Pacers (First 1000)HR Sosa1997MU50 1:49.1USNuclear Legacy
2000-101:50 Pacers (First 1000)Major Blur1995GU4 1:49.1USDirect Scooter
2000-071:50 Pacers (First 1000)Lifes Not Fair1997MU2 1:49.4USLife Sign
2000-071:50 Pacers (First 1000)Taser Gun1995GU12 1:49.2USHenry Letsgo
1999-071:50 Pacers (First 1000)Blissfull Hall1996MU2 1:49.2USCambest
1999-051:50 Pacers (First 1000)King Country1992MA2 1:49.2USDenali
1998-101:50 Pacers (First 1000)CA Connection1992FU80 1:49.4USKassa Branca
1998-101:50 Pacers (First 1000)Comeatross1994GU4 1:49.3USNiatross
20121:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Big Brad2010MU2 1:51.1Henry Clay
20101:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Dutch Richman2008GU1 1:51.2Richess Hanover
20091:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)OK Commander2007MU75 1:51.4Art Major
20091:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Power of a Moment2007GU1 1:50.4Cole Muffler
20061:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Glass Pack2004GU2 1:50.4Cole Muffler
20061:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Home Bed Advantage2004MU1 1:50.1Cole Muffler
20061:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)One Park Place2004GN32 1:51.4Park Place
20061:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)The Quiet Mon2004GU24 1:51.2Richess Hanover
20051:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Fox Valley Tribal2003GU9 1:51.2Sportsmaster
20051:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Pujols2003MU10 1:52.0Cole Muffler
20041:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Team Hutch2002MU40 1:51.4Sportsmaster
20021:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Yankee Cruiser2000MU62 1:51.2Artiscape
20011:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Mini Me1999GU13 1:50.4Incredible Finale
20091:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Southern Rocketop2006GU5 1:52.2Psychic Spirit
20041:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Mutineer2000MU9 1:53.0Muscles Yankee
20021:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)A Flyin Dash1997FA4 1:51.4USSands A Flyin
20021:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Blackmatch1995GU30 1:51.4USNorthern Lights
20021:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)The Kruczar1995MN1 1:53.4USOrange Sovereign
20021:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Tripta Heaven1995GA156 1:53.0USTicket To Heaven
20011:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Mahdi Navigator1994GN4 1:53.2USSamadhi
19991:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Long Tan Glory1989MU306 1:51.3USTo Ri Daon
19991:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Sports Master1989MN1 1:51.2USButler BG
19961:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Sports Men1988MA403 1:53.0USLand Grant
19921:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Areba Areba1985MN66 1:54.4USSan Simeon
20131:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Southwind Spirit2011MU69 1:54.1Muscle Hill
2006Fastest 2YO Pacer of the Year (NA)Home Bed Advantage2004MU1 1:50.1Cole Muffler
2004Fastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)Quik Pulse Mindale2001MU7 1:48.0Jennas Beach Boy
1999Fastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)Blissfull Hall1996MU2 1:49.2Cambest
1998Fastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)Big Tom1995MU19 1:49.2Cole Muffler