32 Elite Performance records for Cal-Expo (Sacramento, CA, United States) - Track Length is One mile

2000-041:50 Pacers (First 1000)Givemewhatineed1995MU57 1:50.0USNo Nukes
20021:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Cavetto1995MN31 1:54.4USFake Left
20021:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Dom1996GN67 1:53.4USClassic Garry
20021:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Donna Equity1998FA511 1:54.0USEquitable
20021:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Fourwing Sweepa1994GN40 1:53.4USSafely Kept
20021:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Lifes Reward1993GN18 1:54.2USResonator
20021:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Mitchell Bradley1995GN70 1:53.2USCaesar Blue Chip
20021:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Torquay1995MN79 1:53.2USFake Left
20011:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Freebye1996MA299 1:55.0USPower Eden
20011:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Hesallours1994MA1 1:53.2USCaesar Blue Chip
20011:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Rays Dilemma1993GA5 1:53.2USResonator
20001:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)My Bossy Lady1993FU304 1:54.2USNorthern Lights
20001:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Stylish Scooter1993GU303 1:53.0USStoneridge Scooter
19771:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)Warm Breeze1973MU2 1:53.1Bret Hanover
19911:55 Pacers (First 100-NZ Bred)Startler1985GN128 1:54.2USPeppy Fulla
19901:55 Pacers (First 100-NZ Bred)Alba Arrow1985GN94 1:54.1USAlba Counsel
19901:55 Pacers (First 100-NZ Bred)Speedy Alba1985GN7 1:54.2USAlba Counsel
19891:55 Pacers (First 100-NZ Bred)Browngate Mister1980GN7 1:54.2USMister Hillas
19891:55 Pacers (First 100-NZ Bred)Victoria Star1983FN72 1:54.4USLordship
19881:55 Pacers (First 100-NZ Bred)Okari Lad1985GN273 1:55.0USNoodlum
19792:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Coota Frost1972GA577 1:59.1USHansome Henry
19792:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Graduate Boy1971MN97 1:59.1USPipiriki
19792:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Nephew Bob1972GA28 1:59.1USHigh Pendant
19792:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Thunderstorm1970GA89 1:59.0USRaceabout
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Announcer1972GN79 2:00.0USTactus
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Heroic Hanover1970GA270 1:57.4USThor Hanover
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)James Gem1970GA50 1:58.2USJames Scott
19772:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Nine Carat1969MA14101:58.1USSafety Light
19772:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Kawarau Gold1970MN90 1:59.3USMajestic Chance
19772:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Three Step1969GA1 1:59.4USRicochet
1977Evolution of Pacers Racemile (NA)Warm Breeze1973MU2 1:53.1Bret Hanover
1977Fastest Pacer of The Year (USA)Warm Breeze1973MU2 1:53.1Bret Hanover