135 Elite Performance records for Cambridge Raceway (Cambridge, New Zealand) - Track Length is 1000m

20181:52 Performances (Alltime-ANZ)Eamon Maguire2013GN88 1:51.9Art Major
20181:52 Performances (Alltime-ANZ)Shez All Rock2014FA2 1:51.8Rock N Roll Heaven
20151:52 Performances (Alltime-ANZ)Adore Me2009FU305 1:51.6Bettors Delight
20141:52 Performances (Alltime-ANZ)Our Sky Major2010MN58 1:52.0Art Major
20181:55 2YO Times (Alltime-ANZ)Another Masterpiece2015MU44 1:53.4Bettors Delight
20171:55 2YO Times (Alltime-ANZ)Alta Maestro2014MN10 1:53.3 (1700m)Art Major
20161:55 2YO Times (Alltime-ANZ)More the Better2013MN1 1:53.3Bettors Delight
20141:55 2YO Times (Alltime-ANZ)Beaudiene Boaz2011MN2 1:54.0Badlands Hanover
20141:55 2YO Times (Alltime-ANZ)Supersonic Miss2011FA27 1:54.1Mach Three
20121:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Gomeo Romeo2006MU302 1:53.2Presidential Ball
20121:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)O Baby2008FU30 1:54.8Christian Cullen
20121:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Smolda2008GA59 1:52.1Courage Under Fire
20121:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Terror To Love2007MN2 1:54.3Western Terror
20111:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Pembrook Benny2005GN7 1:53.6Courage Under Fire
20101:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)De Lovely2006FN34 1:54.0Falcon Seelster
20101:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Lincoln Royal2006MU84 1:54.5Mach Three
20101:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Tintin in America2005MN34 1:54.1McArdle
20091:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Auckland Reactor2004MN40 1:53.5Mach Three
20081:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Fiery Falcon2004GU303 1:54.6Mach Three
20071:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Monkey King2002GU30 1:54.0Sands A Flyin
20041:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Elsu1999MN34 1:53.6Falcon Seelster
20031:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Young Rufus1997MN38 1:54.8Sokys Atom
20021:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Holmes DG1994GU30 1:54.5Holmes Hanover
19991:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Christian Cullen1994MN1 1:54.1In The Pocket
19991:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Jesse Low1993MN77 1:55.0Butler BG
19971:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Sam Malone1990MU31 1:55.0Samarias
19951:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Ginger Man1990MN104 1:54.6Vance Hanover
20141:55 Trotters List (All Time-NZ Bred)Stent2009GN116 T1:54.5Dream Vacation
20171:56 Trotters (Alltime-ANZ)Kyvalley Blur2008GU6 T1:55.6Chocolatier
20151:56 Trotters (Alltime-ANZ)Valmagne2007GN24 T1:55.8Sundon
20141:56 Trotters (Alltime-ANZ)Stent2009GN116 T1:54.5Dream Vacation
20121:56 Trotters (Alltime-ANZ)Stig2002GN1 T1:55.2Armbro Invasion
20111:56 Trotters (Alltime-ANZ)I Can Doosit2005GU14 T1:55.5Muscles Yankee
20131:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Martine Maguire2010FN91 1:57.7Christian Cullen
20131:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Maxim2010GU305 1:56.6Bettors Delight
20131:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Racer2010MN40 1:55.7Mach Three
20121:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Delightful Christian2009FN20 1:57.5 (1700m)Christian Cullen
20121:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Delightful Christian2009FN20 1:57.3Christian Cullen
20121:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Five Card Draw2009GN5 1:55.1Bettors Delight
20121:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Ohoka Punter2009MN31 1:58.0Bettors Delight
20121:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Pacific Rapture2009FN5 1:58.0 (1700m)Bettors Delight
20121:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Splendour2009FU305 1:56.2 (1700m)Bettors Delight
20101:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Bettor Cover Lover2007FN30 1:56.9Bettors Delight
20101:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Our Major Mark2007MN58 1:55.9Art Major
20101:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Our Major Mark2007MN58 1:56.8Art Major
20081:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Highview Tommy2005MU303 1:55.2Bettors Delight
20081:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Lauraella2005FN10 1:55.9Christian Cullen
20041:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Advance Attack2001MN52 1:57.9 (1700m)In The Pocket
19961:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Franco Hat Trick1993MN12 1:55.4Holmes Hanover
19931:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Sagitta1990FN14 1:57.6Neros BB
19921:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Knight Rainbow1989MU3 1:57.8Tuapeka Knight
19932:00 2YO Pacers (First 100 in ANZ)Sagitta1990FN14 1:57.6Neros BB
19922:00 2YO Pacers (First 100 in ANZ)Knight Rainbow1989MU3 1:57.8Tuapeka Knight
19922:00 2YO Pacers (First 100 in ANZ)Mark Roy1989MN44 1:58.8Sokys Atom
19902:00 2YO Pacers (First 100 in ANZ)Its Neros Fiddle1987GN106 1:58.3Neros BB
19832:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Mai Mai1978MN1 1:58.5Nevele Holiday
19812:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Disco Dancer1978MN99 1:57.7TTSmooth Fella
19762:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Captain Harcourt1970MN78 1:58.5Local Light
19752:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Young Quinn1969GN61 1:57.0Young Charles
19732:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Command Performer1966MN6 1:58.6Scottish Command
19682:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Great Adios1959MN65 1:58.6Captain Adios
19662:00 Pacers (First 100 in NZ)Orbiter1959MU303 1:58.8U Scott
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Captain Harcourt1970MN78 1:58.5Local Light
19732:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Command Performer1966MN6 1:58.6Scottish Command
19682:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Great Adios1959MN65 1:58.6Captain Adios
19662:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Orbiter1959MU303 1:58.8U Scott
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Custodian2013GN25 T1:59.6Muscle Mass
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Donegal Bettorgretch2012FN48 T1:57.0Bettors Delight
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Franco Nadal2007GN18 T2:00.0 (1700m)In The Pocket
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Marcoola2012MN145 T1:56.3Sundon
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Monbet2011GU8 T1:56.6Love You
20162:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Speeding Spur2011MU1 T1:59.5 (1700m)Pegasus Spur
20152:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Stent2009GN116 T1:58.2 (1700m)Dream Vacation
20152:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Valmagne2007GN24 T1:55.8Sundon
20142:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Monbet2011GU8 T1:56.6Love You
20142:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Sheemon2009GU58 T1:57.0Monarchy
20142:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Sovereignty2004GA2 T1:58.2 (1700m)Monarchy
20142:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Stent2009GN116 T1:54.5Dream Vacation
20132:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Royal Aspirations2009MU1 T1:59.2 (2200m)Monarchy
20132:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Sovereignty2004GA2 T1:58.5 (1700m)Monarchy
20132:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Stent2009GN116 T1:57.8Dream Vacation
20122:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Charlemagne2007GU310 T1:58.0Earl
20122:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Cyclone U Bolt2008GN65 T1:59.1Dream Vacation
20122:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Royal Aspirations2009MU1 T1:56.5Monarchy
20122:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Sovereignty2004GA2 T1:56.7 (1700m)Monarchy
20122:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Stig2002GN1 T1:55.2Armbro Invasion
20112:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Dealornodeal2006FN6 T2:00.0 (1700m)Dream Vacation
20112:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)I Can Doosit2005GU14 T1:55.5Muscles Yankee
20112:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Sovereignty2004GA2 T1:58.3 (1700m)Monarchy
20102:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)I Can Doosit2005GU14 T1:56.7Muscles Yankee
20102:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Snos Big Boy2005GU14 T1:58.4 (1700m)Muscles Yankee
20102:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Stylish Monarch2003GU46 T1:57.5Monarchy
20102:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Vulcan2006GN25 T1:58.0Earl
20092:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Houdini Star2002GN142 T1:59.5Sundon
20092:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)One Over Kenny2001FN184 T1:58.1 (1700m)Sundon
20082:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Houdini Star2002GN142 T1:57.2 (1700m)Sundon
20082:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Sovereignty2004GA2 T1:59.9Monarchy
20082:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Sovereignty2004GA2 T1:56.9Monarchy
20082:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Springbank Richard2003GN88 T1:57.7Sundon
20072:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Allegro Agitato1998FU306 T1:57.8 (1700m)Sundon
20072:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)One Over Kenny2001FN184 T1:57.0Sundon
20062:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Prince Sundon1997GN50 T1:57.7 (1700m)Sundon
20042:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Ados Invasion1996GN36 T1:58.1 (1700m)Grant Our Wishes
20042:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Whatsundermykilt1998GU306 T1:59.4Sundon
20032:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Martina H1997FN8 T1:59.8 (1700m)Sundon
20032:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Take A Moment1995GN1 T1:58.0Armbro Invasion
20022:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Take A Moment1995GN1 T1:57.2Armbro Invasion
20012:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Lyell Creek1993MN145 T1:56.7Roydon Glen
20012:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Lyell Creek1993MN145 T1:58.9 (1700m)Roydon Glen
20002:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Classical Whiz1992MU310 T1:59.0Gee Whiz
19972:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Buster Hanover1990GN35 T1:59.3Sergio Hanover
19972:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Inda Bank1990FN8 T1:58.9Chiola Hanover
19942:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Diamond Field1986MN82 T1:59.3Yankee Jolter
19692:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Highland Flight1960MN2 T2:04.8Highland Kilt
19682:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Black On1963FA8 2:05.0 (11f)Black Fury
19682:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Great Adios1959MN65 1:58.4Captain Adios
19682:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Parks Delight1961FA5 2:04.4Parklight
19672:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Our Ricky1961GU335 2:03.0Ricochet
19672:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Petite Eden1961FN28 2:04.4Morris Eden
19672:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Tobias1962MN42 2:02.8Newport Chief
19662:05 Performers (First 100-NZ)Orbiter1959MU303 1:58.8U Scott
1996Evolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NZ)Franco Hat Trick1993MN12 1:55.4Holmes Hanover
2015Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NZ)Adore Me2009FU305 1:51.6Bettors Delight
2014Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NZ)Venus Serena2010FN37 1:52.1Mach Three
2012Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Smolda2008GA59 1:52.1 Courage Under Fire
2009Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Auckland Reactor2004MN40 1:53.5 Mach Three
1963Evolution of Pacers Mile (NZ)Cardigan Bay1956MN18 1:57.6TTHal Tryax
1966Evolution of Pacers Racemile (ANZ)Orbiter1959MU303 1:58.8 U Scott
2012Evolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NZ)Royal Aspirations2009MU1 T1:56.5 Monarchy
2007Evolution of Trotters Mares Mile (NZ)One Over Kenny2001FN184 T1:57.0Sundon
2014Evolution of Trotters Mile (NZ)Stent2009GN116 T1:54.5Dream Vacation
2012Evolution of Trotters Mile (NZ)I Can Doosit2005GU14 T1:55.5Muscles Yankee
2012Evolution of Trotters Mile (NZ)Stig2002GN1 T1:55.2Armbro Invasion
1997Evolution of Trotters Racemile (ANZ)Inda Bank1990FN8 T1:58.9Chiola Hanover
1994Evolution of Trotters Racemile (ANZ)Diamond Field1986MN82 T1:59.3 Yankee Jolter