67 Elite Performance records for Columbus Driving Park (Columbus, OH, United States) - Track Length is One mile

19242:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)Merriman1919GU685 2:00.0Belwin
19162:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)Napoleon Direct1909MU706 1:59¾TTWalter Direct
19212:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Belmar1918MU640 2:03¼Belwin
19202:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Rifle Grenade1918GU4 2:04¾Belwin
19142:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Anna Bradford1911FU27 2:00¾Todd Mac 42805
19252:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Aileen Guy1922FU66 2:03½Guy Axworthy 37501
19252:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Sam Williams1922MU131 2:04¾Peter Scott
19222:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Peter Earl1919FU546 2:04¼Peter The Great 28955
19212:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Guardian Trust1918MU16 2:04¼Belwin
19172:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Miss Bertha Dillon1914FU1 2:03¼Dillon Axworthy
19072:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Aileen Wilson190-FU858 2:04¼Arrowwood 10729
19072:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Ardelle1901FU12312:04¼JHL
19072:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Citation1899FU47 2:03¼Norvalson 17104
19072:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Jenny W1900FU877 2:04½Alcander 6617
19072:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Leland Onward1900MU824 2:04½Game Onward 8105
19062:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Italia1898FU898 2:04¼Zombro 28029
19062:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Lady May1898FU898 2:04¼Commodore Kittson 14887
19062:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Rudy Kip189-MU898 2:04¼McEwen 4719
19062:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Sweet Marie1896FU610 T2:02.0McKinney 8818
19052:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Nathan Strauss1895GU806 2:03½Director 1989
19032:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Fanny Dillard1894FU978 2:03¾Hal Dillard 0409
19012:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Cresceus 262171894MU33 T2:02¼TTRobert McGregor 647
18992:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Searchlight A 336571894MU46 2:03¼Dark Night 2858
18982:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Chehalis1890MU22542:04¼Altamont 3600
18962:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Frank Agan1890GU896 2:03¾Mikagan 4554
19182:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Chestnut Peter 636781915MU100 T2:05¼USPeter The Great 28955
19182:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Jennifer1915FU11 T2:08¼USBonington
19182:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Peter June1915MU93 T2:06½USPeter The Great 28955
19172:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Indiga1914MU170 T2:09¼USThe Northern Man
19152:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Humfast1912FU555 T2:09¾USTrampfast
19152:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)North Spur1912MU41 T2:09¾USSan Francisco 49173
19152:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Onward Forbes1912MU326 T2:09½USJ Malcolm Forbes 46564
19122:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Princess Todd1909FU64 T2:09¼USKentucky Todd
19112:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Margaret Parrish1908FU6 T2:08¼USVice Commodore
19072:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Kentucky Todd1904MU540 T2:08¾USTodd 33822
19052:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Susie N1902FU75 T2:09¼USMoko 24457
18952:10 Performers (First 100-NA)Jack Bowers1885GU17852:09½Killbuck Tom
18942:10 Performers (First 100-NA)Crawford1884MU923 2:07¾Favorite Wilkes 3257
1903Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NA)Fanny Dillard1894FU978 2:03¾Hal Dillard 0409
1896Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NA)Pearl C1891FU271 2:06½Roy Wilkes
1914Evolution of Pacers Racemile (NA)Directum I1907MU801 1:58.0Directum Kelly 31364
1892Evolution of Pacers Racemile (NA)Mascot1885GU896 2:07.0Deceive 17552
1913Evolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NA)Peter Volo1911MU3 T2:06¼Peter The Great 28955
1917Evolution of Trotters 3YO Mile (NA)Miss Bertha Dillon1914FU1 T2:03¼Dillon Axworthy
1910Evolution of Trotters 3YO Mile (NA)Colorado E1907MU1198T2:05¾The Bondsman 37641
1907Evolution of Trotters 3YO Mile (NA)Kentucky Todd1904MU540 T2:08¾Todd 33822
1893Evolution of Trotters 3YO Mile (NA)Fantasy1890FU36 T2:08¾Chimes 5348
1922Evolution of Trotters Mile (NA)Peter Manning1916GU545 T1:57.0TTAzoff 50354
1901Evolution of Trotters Mile (NA)Cresceus 262171894MU33 T2:02¼TTRobert McGregor 647
1925Fastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)Peter Maltby1923MU89 T2:06¼Peter Volo
1921Fastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)Suavity1919MU170 T2:08¼Etawah
1914Fastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)Native Spirit1912FU90 T2:09¾Native King
1910Fastest 2YO Trotter of the Year (NA)The Miss Stokes1908FU2 T2:09¼Peter The Great 28955
1922Fastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)Ophelia V1919FU793 2:06¼TTPeter Volo
1921Fastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)Belmar1918MU640 2:03¼Belwin
1919Fastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)Julius De Forest1916GU233 2:07½The De Forest 39476
1917Fastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)Robert Gatewood1914MU825 2:05¼J Malcolm Forbes 46564
1914Fastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)Anna Bradford1911FU27 2:00¾Todd Mac 42805
1912Fastest 3YO Pacer of the Year (NA)Impetuous Palmer1909MU44 2:05¼TTImpetuous Devil
1906Fastest 3YO Trotter of the Year (NA)The Abbe 443861903MU437 T2:10½Chimes 5348
1905Fastest 3YO Trotter of the Year (NA)Susie N1902FU75 T2:09¼Moko 24457
1916Fastest Pacer of The Year (USA)Napoleon Direct1909MU706 1:59¾TTWalter Direct
1914Fastest Pacer of The Year (USA)Directum I1907MU801 1:58.0Directum Kelly 31364
1906Fastest Trotter of the Year (NA)Sweet Marie1896FU610 T2:02.0TTMcKinney 8818
1905Fastest Trotter of the Year (NA)Major Delmar1897GU12 T2:04.0TTDelmar 8981
1901Fastest Trotter of the Year (NA)Cresceus 262171894MU33 T2:02¼TTRobert McGregor 647
1896Fastest Trotter of the Year (NA)Fantasy1890FU36 T2:06½Chimes 5348