78 Elite Performance records for Hollywood Park (Inglewood, CA, United States) - Track Length is One mile

19811:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)Genghis Khan1976MN69 1:55.0TTMeadow Skipper
19791:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)Direct Scooter1976MU16 1:54.0Sampson Direct
19781:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)Proud Baron1971MU71 1:55.0Baron Hanover
19761:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)Fulla Strikes1974MU1 1:54.1TTStrike Out
19792:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Highland Champ1969GA76 1:59.0USHighland Laird
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Another Kiwi1974GA2 1:58.3USKiwi Lad
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Big Spring1971GA28 1:57.3USAvians Fling
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Brave Bullet1972GA6 2:00.0USTarport Paul
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Bronte Boy1970GA6 2:00.0USBaby Boy
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Honest Dundee1972GN69 2:00.0USHonest Master
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Ikes Marine1971GN1 1:56.0USCanny Scot
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)James Mission1972GA716 1:56.0USJames Scott
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)King Jay1971GU42 1:59.2USAachen
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)King Riki1968GA33 1:58.0USPipiriki
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Linton Son1970MN523 1:58.3USGoodland
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Piper Boy1973GA99 1:58.4USAll Brigade
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Revelling Sandy1969FU310 1:59.4USSandy Scott
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Roman Chapel1970GU363 1:57.2USChapel Chief
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Shy Buckshot1970FA57 1:59.2USBravado Hanover
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)The Blizzard1970GN5 1:59.1USRaider Frost
19772:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Koala Kid1969MU311 1:59.4USKoala Frost
19772:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)New Water1972MN79 1:59.4USViking Water
19772:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Sharp Shooter1971GA13021:57.2USDale Spring
19772:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Swift Shadow1968GA520 1:59.2USDirect Attack
19772:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Waltham Paul1972GA830 1:59.4USTarport Paul
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Bernie Armagh1968GA407 1:58.3USBravado Hanover
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Bligh Street1971MA85 1:59.0USDirect Rhythm
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Elegant Star1970GA639 1:58.4USElegance
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Flirting Guy1969GN43 1:59.3USGyro
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Galligarin1967MA13082:00.0USBand Dress
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Heroic Storm1968GA270 1:58.1USStormyway
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Honest Valley1970MA389 1:57.3USHonest E D
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Lexington Park1970MA205 1:59.3USThor Hanover
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Mister Karamea1972MU89 1:56.3USMeadow Al
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Prossers Spirit1968GN79 1:59.3USProsser
19742:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Sea Light1966GA13041:59.1USReal Light
19732:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Tenek Brah1967GA29 1:59.3USOpal Chief
19702:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Adalia1962FA45 1:59.4USThunder On
19682:00 Pacers (First 100-Aust-bred)Ardrossan1963GA20 2:00.0USAllegiance
19792:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Rhyl1963GA8 1:58.3USHi Los Forbes
19782:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Vanadium1967MN30 1:59.3USVan Dieman
19772:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Tricky Dick1971MN16 1:56.4USLordship
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Bellas Prince1971GN85 1:59.0USBlue Prince
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Fate1971GN13 1:59.1USGentry
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Imperial Dream1972MN8 1:58.4USLumber Dream
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Keep Out1970MA21 1:58.3USKeep Away
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Lordy Boy1969MN40 1:59.4USScottish Hanover
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Mighty Tuft1970MN34 1:57.4USTuft
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Mister Fallacy1966GA3 1:57.3USFallacy
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Skedaddle1972MN96 1:57.2USTudor Hanover
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Toronto1970GN57 2:00.0USMeadow Al
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Urrall1956MU302 1:59.4USU Scott
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Wee Don1962GN95 1:59.4USGreat Evander
19752:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Dwayne1966GN36 1:59.4USBachelor Hanover
19742:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Monsignor1963MU300 1:59.4USMorris Eden
19732:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Final Decision1969GA1 1:58.3USHi Blue
19732:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Hal Brunt1965GN125 1:58.0USNephew Hal
19732:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Hoover1965MN40 1:57.2USCourt Martial
19732:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Intrepid1965MN107 1:57.0USLocal Light
19722:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Stella Frost1964FN155 1:59.4USThurber Frost
19722:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Zhivago1963GN54 1:58.0USHi Los Forbes
19702:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Fairman1964GN78 1:59.0USSecure
19702:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Stewart Hanover1963MN112 1:59.1USGarrison Hanover
19692:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Highland Raider1960GN12 2:00.0USMorano
19692:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Paranova1961GU303 1:59.4USGarrison Hanover
19672:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Tamaki Glen1961MN111 1:59.3USBartender
19662:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Giants Causeway1959GU308 2:00.0USParklight
19662:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Seafield Prince1960GN10 1:59.1USU Scott
19582:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)Charming Barbara1954FU132 1:58.4TTRodney
19562:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)Jean Laird1949MU505 1:59.1Wee Laird
19552:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)Gayleway1950GU490 1:59.3Gayle The Great
19542:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)Harlan1951MU5 1:59.4Bill Gallon
19542:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)Scott Frost1952MU3 1:59.2Hoot Mon
19532:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)Nancy Song1948FU31 1:58.3Gay Song
19512:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)Pronto Don1945GU4 1:59.3Donald Truax
1976Evolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NA)Fulla Strikes1974MU1 1:54.1TTStrike Out
1980Evolution of Pacers Racemile (NA)Niatross1977MU100 1:52.1Albatross
1976Evolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NA)ABC Freight1974MU36 T1:57.1TTNoble Victory