84 Elite Performance records for Indiana State Fairgrounds (Indianapolis, IN, United States) - Track Length is One mile

20081:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)American Firedog2006GU4 1:51.2Allamerican Native
20041:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Restive Hanover2002FU7 1:52.0The Panderosa
20031:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Driven To Win2001MU3 1:51.4Jennas Beach Boy
19971:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Dodger Boy1995GU1 1:51.3Jate Lobell
19891:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Deal Direct1988MU11 1:51.4Direct Scooter
19811:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)Icarus Lobell1979MU1 1:54.2Nero
19811:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)Temujin1979MU4 1:54.4Race Time
19801:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)French Chef1978MU2 1:54.0Meadow Skipper
19801:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)Time Shadow1974MU9 1:54.3TTShadow Rocket
19941:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)Kentucky Wine1991MU33 1:54.0Armbro Goal
19691:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)Nevele Pride1965MU8 1:54.4TTStars Pride
19861:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Buckfinder1984MU69 1:55.4Super Bowl
19402:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)Blackstone1936MU42 1:59½Volomite
19402:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)Dusty Hanover1934MU505 1:59.0Sandy Flash
19402:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)Fearless Peter1937MU10 2:00.0Peter Volo
19402:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)Hi Pat1933MU898 2:00.0Pat Harvester
19392:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)Green Valley1931MU898 2:00.0TTSingle G
19372:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)Peter At Law 729591927MU748 1:59¾Peter Henley
19352:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)Theo Guy1930GU524 2:00.0Adioo Guy
19322:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)Calumet Adam1927MU12 1:59¾Peter The Brewer
19322:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)Cold Cash1927MU212 1:59½Peter Volo
19262:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)Anna Bradfords Girl1920FU27 1:59¼TTThe Northern Man
19222:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)Sanardo1914MU191 1:59½TTSan Francisco 49173
19102:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)Minor Heir 389431902MU773 1:58½TTHeir At Law 14035
19472:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)Algiers1942MU55 1:58.4Volomite
19412:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)Milestone1937MU111 2:00.0Volomite
19522:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Knox Hanover1950MU3 2:03.3USHoot Mon
19512:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Star Volo1949GU16942:04.0USHigh Volo
19502:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Solicitor1948MU3 2:03.2USKings Counsel
19492:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Poplar Tom1947GU244 2:04.0USVolomite
19472:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)EJ Hal1945MU109 2:05.0USHal Dale
19462:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Goose Bay1944MU15 2:02.0USVolomite
19462:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Poplar Byrd1944MU50 2:02½USVolomite
19402:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Blackhawk1938MU74 2:03½USAbbedale
19402:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Victorious Hal1938MU167 2:03¼USHal Dale
19392:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)William Cash1937MU205 2:04.0USCold Cash
19362:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Dusty Hanover1934MU505 2:04.0USSandy Flash
19352:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Worthy Grattan1933GU27 2:04½USGrattan At Law
19322:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)His Majesty1930MU71 2:02.0USAbbedale
19322:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Logan Scott1930MU11 2:03½USPeter Scott
19322:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Mary F Allworthy1930FU45 2:04¾USAll Worthy
19562:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Major Newport1954MU36 T2:04.0USScotland
19552:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Ad Lib1953FU200 T2:04.2USBombs Away
19512:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Duke of Lullwater1949MU8 T2:03.4USVolomite
19502:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Mighty Fine1948MU5 T2:04.2USVolomite
19492:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Florican1947MU33 T2:03.0USSpud Hanover
19492:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Lusty Song1947MU17 T2:02.1USVolomite
19402:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Bill Gallon1938MU10 T2:04.0USSandy Flash
19362:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Jack Orr1933MU40 2:02.0Scotland
19332:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)H Kay Worthy1930GU14322:03¼Outsider
19332:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)His Majesty1930MU71 2:00½Abbedale
19322:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)TD Van1929GU4 2:03½Bank Director
19312:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Calumet Brownie1928MU4 2:05.0Belwin
19312:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Lady Vonian1928FU87 2:01¾Favonian
19302:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Marvin Brooke1927GU50 2:04¾Peter Brooke
19282:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Colonel Strong1925GU76 2:03¼Colonel Armstrong
19272:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Hollyrood Jacqueline1924FU14 2:03¾Great Britton
19152:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)General Todd1912MU204 2:04¼George Leavitt Todd
19332:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Senator Boga1930MU453 2:04.0The Senator
19322:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Calumet Crusader1929MU54 2:03¾Truax
19322:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Vansandt1929MU4 2:03.0San Francisco 49173
19302:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Senator Madden1927MU18762:05.0The Senator
19282:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Etta Volo1925FU89 2:04½Peter Volo
19072:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Laura Bellini189-FU787 2:04¾Moquette 8859
19162:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Bingen Silk 618691913MU64 T2:07¼USBingen 29567
18952:10 Performers (First 100-NA)Dandy Jim1885GU870 T2:09¾Young Jim 2009
18952:10 Performers (First 100-NA)Earlmont1889MU20582:09¾Belmont 64
18942:10 Performers (First 100-NA)Ed Easton1890MU8 2:09¾Chimes 5348
18942:10 Performers (First 100-NA)Strader H1886MU1793T2:09½Squire Talmage 668
18932:10 Performers (First 100-NA)Prima Donna1877FU898 2:09¼Mohawk Chief
18902:10 Performers (First 100-NA)Cricket1884FU202 2:10.0Steinway 1808
1990Evolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NA)Deal Direct1988MU11 1:51.4 Direct Scooter
1980Evolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NA)French Chef1978MU2 1:54.0Meadow Skipper
1971Evolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NA)Entrepreneur1969MU24 1:56.4 Bye Bye Byrd
1894Evolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NA)Directly 06801892MU835 2:10¼TTDirect 24113
1938Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NA)Her Ladyship1933FU15 1:57½TT Abbedale
1893Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NA)The Prima Donna1887FU506 2:09¼Betterton 8022
1891Evolution of Pacers Mile (NA)Direct 241131885MU679 2:06.0TTDirector 1989
1939Evolution of Pacers Yearling Mile (NA)Royal Lady 2nd1938FU76 2:14¾TTUSBonnycastle
1986Evolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NA)Buckfinder1984MU69 T1:55.4 Super Bowl
1968Evolution of Trotters 3YO Mile (NA)Nevele Pride1965MU8 T1:56.3 (1968)Stars Pride
1892Evolution of Trotters Mares Mile (NA)Nancy Hanks1886FU31 T2:05¼TTHappy Medium 400
1969Evolution of Trotters Mile (NA)Nevele Pride1965MU8 T1:54.4TTStars Pride
1892Evolution of Trotters Mile (NA)Nancy Hanks1886FU31 T2:05¼TTHappy Medium 400