42 Elite Performance records for Newcastle (Newcastle, NSW, Australia) - Track Length is 1000m

20131:55 2YO Times (Alltime-ANZ)Lettucerockthem2010MN10 1:54.5Art Major
19971:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Quantum Lobell1991GA12 1:53.1Paladium Lobell
20121:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Mabrook2007GN37 1:54.7Bettors Delight
20111:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Raglan2005GN73 1:54.9Sands A Flyin
20111:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Special Albert2002GN27 1:54.2Albert Albert
20101:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Maywyn Tonz2006GA4 1:55.0Blissfull Hall
20101:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Rohan Home2004GA30 1:53.3Riverboat King
20091:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Quicksilver Candy2004FN10 1:54.7Bad Bert
20091:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Saucy Legend2004GN4 1:53.8Live Or Die
20081:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Fox Valley Appeal2003GU1 1:54.3Sportsmaster
20081:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Special Albert2002GN27 1:54.0Albert Albert
20061:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Make Me Smile2001GA3 1:54.6Grinfromeartoear
20061:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Pay Me Christian2002MA55 1:52.8Christian Cullen
20051:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Sly Flyin1998GN6 1:53.6Sands A Flyin
20041:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Double Identity1996GU317 1:54.5Embrace Me
20041:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Hexus1998GU30 1:55.0Classic Garry
20031:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)The Falcon Strike1997MU303 1:54.5Falcon Seelster
20011:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Courage Under Fire1995MN52 1:54.2In The Pocket
20001:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Courage Under Fire1995MN52 1:54.6In The Pocket
19971:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Quantum Lobell1991GA12 1:53.1Paladium Lobell
19961:55 Performances (First 750-ANZ)Tibet1990MU21 1:54.7On The Road Again
20131:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Lettucerockthem2010MN10 1:54.5Art Major
20131:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)The American Dream2010FN41 1:58.0American Ideal
20131:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Ubiquitous2010GN24 1:57.4Grinfromeartoear
20131:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Ultimate Ace2010GU30 1:58.0Modern Art
20131:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Yayas Hot Spot2010GU302 1:57.5Jeremes Jet
20131:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Yayas Hot Spot2010GU302 1:57.5Jeremes Jet
20121:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Ultimate Art2009MN20 1:57.9Modern Art
20101:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Erle Dale2007GN248 1:57.3Western Terror
20071:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Flite Dynasty2004MN79 1:57.9John Street North
20071:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Mark Joseph2004MN20 1:58.0Jennas Beach Boy
20021:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Franco Nevada1999GU24 1:57.3Falcon Seelster
19911:58 2Y0 Racetimes (First 500 ANZ)Lotsnlots1988GN46 1:57.9Holmes Hanover
19932:00 2YO Pacers (First 100 in ANZ)Berranee Rex1990MA99 1:59.8Monarch Hanover
19922:00 2YO Pacers (First 100 in ANZ)Walter1989MU30 1:59.8Alberton
19912:00 2YO Pacers (First 100 in ANZ)Narragansett1988MA1 1:58.6Whats Next
20052:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Springbank Sunny2000GN88 T1:58.2Sundon
20032:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Gold N Gold1995GN6 T1:58.8 (2030m)Evanders Gold
20012:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Key Everest1989MA314 T1:59.8Keystone Gondola
19972:00 Trot Times (First 1000-ANZ)Knight Pistol1987GN15 T1:59.4TTThe Contender
2006Evolution of Pacers Racemile (ANZ)Pay Me Christian2002MA55 1:52.8 Christian Cullen
1997Evolution of Pacers Racemile (ANZ)Quantum Lobell1991GA12 1:53.1 Paladium Lobell