191 Elite Performance records for Pocono Downs (Wilkes Barre, PA, United States) - Track Length is 5/8 mile

2016-081:48 Pacers (Alltime)Betting Line2013MU1 1:47.2USBettors Delight
2016-061:48 Pacers (Alltime)Always B Miki2011MU14 1:47.0USAlways a Virgin
2016-061:48 Pacers (Alltime)Freaky Feet Pete2012MU5 1:47.1USRockin Image
2015-081:48 Pacers (Alltime)Always At My Place2011GU7 1:47.2USAlways a Virgin
2014-111:48 Pacers (Alltime)Mach It So2010GU62 1:48.0USMach Three
2014-091:48 Pacers (Alltime)Bigtown Hero2008GU1 1:47.3USAmerican Ideal
2014-071:48 Pacers (Alltime)Luck Be Withyou2011MU7 1:48.0USWestern Ideal
2014-061:48 Pacers (Alltime)Domethatagain2009MU13 1:48.0USBettors Delight
2014-061:48 Pacers (Alltime)McWicked2011MU1 1:47.3USMcArdle
2014-061:48 Pacers (Alltime)Sweet Lou2009MU5 1:47.0USYankee Cruiser
2014-051:48 Pacers (Alltime)Dancin Yankee2008MU7 1:47.2USYankee Cruiser
2014-051:48 Pacers (Alltime)Somwherovrarainbow2010FU114 1:48.0USSomebeachsomewhere
2013-101:48 Pacers (Alltime)Lucan Hanover2010GU10 1:48.0USWestern Ideal
2013-091:48 Pacers (Alltime)Johny Rock2010MU39 1:48.0USRocknroll Hanover
2013-071:48 Pacers (Alltime)Sunshine Beach2010MU20 1:47.4USSomebeachsomewhere
2013-061:48 Pacers (Alltime)Abelard Hanover2008GU7 1:48.0USRocknroll Hanover
2013-061:48 Pacers (Alltime)Foiled Again2004GU56 1:48.0USDragon Again
2012-061:48 Pacers (Alltime)Betterthancheddar2008MU29 1:48.0USBettors Delight
20131:50 2YO Pacers (alltime)Limelight Beach2011GU124 1:49.4Somebeachsomewhere
20131:50 2YO Pacers (alltime)Luck Be Withyou2011MU7 1:50.0Western Ideal
20131:50 2YO Pacers (alltime)Somestarsomewhere2011MU9 1:49.2Somebeachsomewhere
20161:50 List (Alltime Aust-bred)Theartofconfusion2010GN1991:49.3USRiverboat King
20181:50 List (Alltime NZ bred)Te Kawau2010GN68 1:49.2USBettors Delight
20161:50 List (Alltime NZ bred)Highview Conall2009GN10 1:49.4USChristian Cullen
20131:50 List (Alltime NZ bred)Erle Dale2007GN248 1:49.0USWestern Terror
20111:50 List (Alltime NZ bred)Flem N Em2005GU308 1:49.3USCourage Under Fire
20111:50 List (Alltime NZ bred)Macraider2004GA17 1:48.4USMach Three
20071:50 List (Alltime NZ bred)Pocket Driver1999GU304 1:49.3USIn The Pocket
2011-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Amillionpennies2005GU7 1:49.4USMillion Dollar Cam
2011-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Mystic Desire2008MU7 1:50.0USReal Desire
2011-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Three New Dawns2007GU7 1:49.4USDawn ofa New Day
2011-051:50 Pacers (First 1000)DVCFlyingfrenchman2006GU126 1:49.4USMillion Dollar Cam
2011-051:50 Pacers (First 1000)Flem N Em2005GU308 1:49.3USCourage Under Fire
2011-051:50 Pacers (First 1000)Macraider2004GA17 1:48.4USMach Three
2010-101:50 Pacers (First 1000)Fashion Heart2007GU25 1:49.3USWestern Hanover
2010-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Presidential Order2005GU27 1:48.4USCamotion
2010-071:50 Pacers (First 1000)Riggins2005MN45 1:48.3USArt Major
2010-071:50 Pacers (First 1000)Tamayo2006GU4 1:49.4USArt Major
2010-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Fancy Filly2007FU7 1:49.4USWestern Hanover
2010-051:50 Pacers (First 1000)One More Yankee2006GU169 1:49.4USYankee Cruiser
2010-041:50 Pacers (First 1000)Pilgrims Toner2004GU30 1:48.2USThe Panderosa
2009-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Drive all Night2005GU14 1:50.0USReal Artist
2009-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Farasyoucansee2004GU47 1:48.4USCape Crusader
2009-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Great Plains2001MU103 1:50.0USWestern Hanover
2009-061:50 Pacers (First 1000)Yellow Diamond2006FU21 1:49.4USWestern Terror
2009-041:50 Pacers (First 1000)Paper Cut2005FU4 1:49.4USNorthern Luck
2008-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Doaniebuck2001GU9 1:50.0USKeystone Raider
2008-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Goddesss Justin2005GU49 1:49.4USWestern Hanover
2008-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Mahdi2004GU2 1:49.3USFt Apache Hanover
2008-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Up Front Danny Boy2003GU2 1:49.3USDragon Again
2008-071:50 Pacers (First 1000)Sherry2003FU6 1:50.0USKeystone Raider
2008-071:50 Pacers (First 1000)Tivoli Hanover2004GU42 1:49.2USWestern Hanover
2008-071:50 Pacers (First 1000)U All BB2004FU8 1:49.3USAllamerican Ingot
2008-051:50 Pacers (First 1000)Badlands Nitro2005MU20 1:50.0USBadlands Hanover
2007-101:50 Pacers (First 1000)Up Front Jerry2002GU107 1:49.1USWestern Hanover
2007-091:50 Pacers (First 1000)Hesoneinamillion2003GU101 1:50.0USReal Artist
2007-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Pocket Driver1999GU304 1:49.3USIn The Pocket
2007-051:50 Pacers (First 1000)Miracle Believer2001GU92 1:49.4USArturo
2007-051:50 Pacers (First 1000)Rustys for Real2004MU24 1:50.0USReal Artist
2006-071:50 Pacers (First 1000)Hot Rum1999GU6 1:50.0USCambest
2005-071:50 Pacers (First 1000)Yankee Finale2000MU10 1:49.4USNo Nukes
20161:51 Trotters (Alltime)Homicide Hunter2012GU8 1:50.1Mr Cantab
20151:51 Trotters (Alltime)Daylon Miracle2009FU123 1:50.3Pegasus Spur
20141:51 Trotters (Alltime)Father Patrick2011MU4 1:50.2Cantab Hall
20141:51 Trotters (Alltime)Sebastian K2006MU6 1:49.0Korean
20141:51 Trotters (Alltime)Wind of The North2010GU14 1:51.0Cantab Hall
20131:51 Trotters (Alltime)Zooming2008GU5 1:51.0Classic Photo
20121:51 Trotters (Alltime)Googoo Gaagaa2009MU3 1:50.4Cams Rocket
20121:51 Trotters (Alltime)Uncle Peter2009MU67 1:50.3Cantab Hall
20131:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Allstar Rating2011FU1 1:50.1Four Starzzz Shark
20131:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Doo Wop Hanover2011MU3 1:51.3Rocknroll Hanover
20131:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)McWicked2011MU1 1:52.0McArdle
20131:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Somestarsomewhere2011MU9 1:49.2Somebeachsomewhere
20131:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Weeper2011FU20 1:51.4Allamerican Native
20121:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Champagne Tonight2010FU25 1:51.3Western Terror
20121:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Santa Fe Beachboy2010MU2 1:52.0Somebeachsomewhere
20121:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Teresas Beach2010MU8 1:52.0Somebeachsomewhere
20111:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Easy Again2009MU2 1:52.0Dragon Again
20111:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Marty Party2009FU7 1:51.2Yankee Cruiser
20111:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Special Forces2009MU26 1:51.1Real Desire
20101:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)See You at Peelers2008FU7 1:51.3Bettors Delight
20081:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Arctic Warrior2006GU30 1:51.4Blissfull Hall
20021:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Make A Success2000GU7 1:52.0Western Hanover
20021:52 2YO Pacers (First 300)Whatanartist2000GU1 1:52.0Real Artist
20131:53 2YO Trotters (Alltime)Cooler Schooner2011FU38 1:51.3Broadway Hall
20131:53 2YO Trotters (Alltime)Father Patrick2011MU4 1:52.1Cantab Hall
20151:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Daylon Miracle2009FU123 1:50.3Pegasus Spur
20141:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Amigo Ranger2009MU5 1:52.3Amigo Hall
20141:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Boffin2010MU8 1:51.1Donato Hanover
20141:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Classic Martine2010FU1 1:51.2Classic Photo
20141:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Father Patrick2011MU4 1:50.2Cantab Hall
20141:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Frau Blucher2010FU16 1:51.2Broadway Hall
20141:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Holy Halibut2008GU6 1:51.3Holy Guacamolie
20141:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Hoorayforvacation2009GU14 1:52.1Chip Chip Hooray
20141:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Luv Ya Tyler2007GU58 1:53.0Keystone Nordic
20141:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Political Desire2006GU16 1:52.4Tom Ridge
20141:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Proud Moment2005GU10 1:52.2Self Possessed
20141:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Sebastian K2006MU6 1:49.0Korean
20141:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Waiting On A Woman2008GU17 1:52.2Northern Bailey
20141:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Wind of The North2010GU14 1:51.0Cantab Hall
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)All Laid Out2010MU1 1:52.4Yankee Glide
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Beatgoeson Hanover2008FU5 1:51.4Andover Hall
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Bluto2010MU11 1:52.4Donato Hanover
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Celebrity Maserati2010MU64 1:53.0Andover Hall
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Coffeecake Hanover2010FU6 1:52.4Cantab Hall
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Cooler Schooner2011FU38 1:51.3Broadway Hall
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Corky2010MU6 1:52.4Muscles Yankee
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Definitely Mamie2007FU5 1:52.4Pegasus Spur
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)DWs NY Yank2009GU5 1:51.3Dilbert Hanover
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Fox Valley Smarty2007GU5 1:52.3Vaporize
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Harbor Point2009GU6 1:52.2Yankee Glide
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Hesgotlegs2005GE29 1:52.4Feel Like a Winner
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)In Your Room2008FU49 1:51.4CR Excalibur
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Its Complicated2010MU2 1:52.4SJs Caviar
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Rossini2010GU18 1:52.2Classic Photo
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Smilin Eli2010MU12 1:52.1Muscles Yankee
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Summer Indian2009GU1 1:51.1Majestic Son
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)War Cry Hall2009GU5 1:52.2Cash Hall
20131:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Zooming2008GU5 1:51.0Classic Photo
20121:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Banker Volo2009MU5 1:52.3Yankee Glide
20121:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Dontgetinhisway2007GU4 1:52.3Striking Sahbra
20121:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Fox Valley Iliad2008MU17 1:52.0Vaporize
20121:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Googoo Gaagaa2009MU3 1:50.4Cams Rocket
20121:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Maven2009FU67 1:51.4Glidemaster
20121:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Monsignor Flan2007GU3 1:52.3SJs Photo
20121:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Perfect Rendition2006GU6 1:52.4Perfectly
20121:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Sonny McDreamee2005GU1 1:53.0Angus Hall
20121:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Stormin Normand2009MU1 1:51.4Broadway Hall
20121:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Tacs Delight2005GU1 1:52.3Self Possessed
20121:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Tui2008FU8 1:52.3Windsongs Legacy
20121:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Uncle Peter2009MU67 1:50.3Cantab Hall
20121:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Windsun Galaxie2007MU4 1:52.4Kadabra
20121:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Zooming2008GU5 1:52.3Classic Photo
20111:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Coach Fox2003GU85 1:52.4Keystone Nordic
20111:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Dejarmbro2008MU8 1:52.2Credit Winner
20111:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Flex the Muscle2007MU1 1:52.4Muscles Yankee
20111:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Im the Answer2008GU1 1:52.4Credit Winner
20111:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Margarita Mary2006FU1 1:53.0Andover Hall
20111:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Neighsay Hanover2006MU16 1:52.2Muscles Yankee
20111:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Pembrook Street2006FU11 1:52.4Duke Of York
20111:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Ringside Lauryn2006FU131 1:52.4Dream Vacation
20111:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Waldorf Hall2007MU5 1:52.4Conway Hall
20101:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Brighten Up2005FU39 1:52.1Like A Prayer
20101:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Farifant2002ME90 1:52.1And Arifant
20101:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)PJ Clark2006MU16 1:53.0Broadway Hall
20081:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Beach Nut Brand2002GU8 1:52.4Branded
20081:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Freeze Frame2003FU1 1:53.0SJs Photo
20081:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)Macho Lindy2004GU51 1:52.0Lindy Lane
20021:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Johnny Wizzard1995GA618 1:53.0USThree Wizzards
20021:55 Pacers (First 100-Aust Bred)Prodigious1995MA68 1:52.4USTicket To Heaven
20161:55 Trotters List (All Time-Aust Bred)The Windsurfer2001GN25 T1:54.3USClassic Adam
20101:55 Trotters List (All Time-Aust Bred)Badboy Paparazzi2001GU316 T1:54.0USSJs Photo
20041:55 Trotters List (All Time-Aust Bred)Trappers Salute1996GA13 T1:54.2USKeystone Salute
20151:55 Trotters List (All Time-NZ Bred)Dream Defence2008MN72 T1:54.1USDream Vacation
20071:55 Trotters List (All Time-NZ Bred)Mon Beau Somolli2001GN23 T1:54.1USBeautiful Somolli
20071:55 Trotters List (All Time-NZ Bred)The Big Don1999GN8 T1:53.3USSundon
20001:55 Trotters List (All Time-NZ Bred)Thedonsson1999MN82 T1:54.4USSundon
20141:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Billy Flynn2012MU17 1:55.4Cantab Hall
20141:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Crazy Wow2012MU27 1:54.0Crazed
20141:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Donatomite2012MU67 1:54.4Donato Hanover
20141:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Matter Hatter2012FU33 1:55.2Explosive Matter
20141:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)On The Sly2012GU2 1:55.2Broadway Hall
20131:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)A Perfect Gem2011FU10 1:55.3Yankee Glide
20131:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Amped Up Hanover2011GU18 1:55.4Explosive Matter
20131:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Cooler Schooner2011FU38 1:51.3Broadway Hall
20131:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Father Patrick2011MU4 1:52.1Cantab Hall
20131:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Il Sogno Dream2011MU16 1:55.4Cantab Hall
20131:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)It Really Matters2011GU9 1:55.1Explosive Matter
20131:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Nitro Nittany2011FU6 1:56.0Explosive Matter
20131:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Ravenclaw2011GU9 1:55.4Donato Hanover
20131:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Tweet Me2011FU23 1:56.0Andover Hall
20121:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Aspidistra Hanover2010FU5 1:55.1Donato Hanover
20121:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Frau Blucher2010FU16 1:56.0Broadway Hall
20121:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Upfrontluckycarol2010FU8 1:56.0Andover Hall
20121:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Wheeling N Dealin2010MU69 1:55.0Cantab Hall
20111:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Delicious2009FU8 1:55.0Cantab Hall
20111:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Maven2009FU67 1:56.0Glidemaster
20111:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)On the Bright Side2009FU1 1:56.0Cantab Hall
20111:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Sand Violent Blu2009FU1 1:54.3Tom Ridge
20111:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Stormin Normand2009MU1 1:54.3Broadway Hall
20101:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Big Rigs2008MU6 1:55.1Andover Hall
20101:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Broad Bahn2008MU5 1:55.1Broadway Hall
20101:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Dejarmbro2008MU8 1:55.0Credit Winner
20101:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Johnny B Kemp2008MU6 1:55.4Credit Winner
20101:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Manofmanymissions2008MU8 1:53.2Yankee Glide
20051:56 2YO Trotters (First 275)Here Comes Herbie2003MU3 1:56.0Credit Winner
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Day Command1968GN58 1:58.4USScottish Command
19762:00 Pacers (First 100-NZ bred)Goldric1966GN10211:58.0USRicochet
2013Evolution of Trotters 2YO Mile (NA)Cooler Schooner2011FU38 T1:51.3Broadway Hall
2014Evolution of Trotters Mile (NA)Sebastian K2006MU6 T1:49.0Korean
2014Evolution of Trotters Racemile (NA)Sebastian K2006MU6 T1:49.0Korean