40 Elite Performance records for Syracuse Mile (Syracuse, NY, United States) - Track Length is One mile

2000-081:50 Pacers (First 1000)Funny Like A Clown1997GU39 1:49.4USPrecious Bunny
19981:53 Trotters (First 500-INT)American Winner1990MU1 1:52.3Super Bowl
19801:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)Armbro Vibrant1977FU13 1:53.3TTArmbro Nesbit
19801:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)Set Point1976MU2 1:55.0TTMost Happy Fella
19781:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)Big Towner1974MU10 1:54.4Gene Abbe
19781:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)Whata Baron1972MU10 1:53.3TTBaron Hanover
19751:55 Pacers (First 100-NA)Sly Attorney1971MU597 1:54.4Gene Abbe
19931:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)American Winner1990MU1 1:52.3Super Bowl
19931:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)Toss Out1990MU38 1:54.1Supergill
19871:55 Trotters (First 100-NA)Crowns Best1984MU1 1:54.2Speedy Crown
19352:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)JE Vonian1928MU50 1:59¾Favonian
19232:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)Single G1910MU710 1:58½Anderson Wilkes 4197
19152:00 Pacers (First 100 in NA)Directum I1907MU801 1:56¾TTDirectum Kelly 31364
19392:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)Clever Hanover1933MU1 1:59½Bunter
19302:00 Trotters (First 100 in NA)Scotland1925MU4 1:59¼TTPeter Scott
19502:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Meda Volo1948FU10 2:04.2USKings Counsel
19302:05 2YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Handy Volo1928MU2 2:04¼USPeter Volo
19402:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Volstadt1938MU5 T2:05.0USVolomite
19392:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Spencer Scott1937MU9 T2:05.0USScotland
19342:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Greyhound1932GU18 T2:04¾USGuy Abbey
19282:05 2YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Charlotte Hanover1928FU1 T2:04.0USPeter Volo
19352:05 3YO Pacers (First 100-NA)Miss Volodale1932FU31 2:04½Abbedale
19332:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Brown Berry1930MU2 2:03¼Peter Volo
19302:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Guy June1927MU93 2:04¼David Guy
19282:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Alma Lee1925FU3 2:05.0Lee Worthy 66075
19242:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Commodore Wilson1921GU73 2:03½Commodore Bingen
19232:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Etta Druien1920FU72 2:04.0Etawah
19232:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Hollyrood Leonard1920MU14 2:03¾Chestnut Peter 63678
19212:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Czar Worthy1918MU537 2:03¾Czar Peter
19192:05 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Periscope1916FU85 2:04½Siliko
19072:05 Performers (First 100-NA)Angus Pointer189-GU888 2:01¾Sidney Pointer
19032:05 Performers (First 100-NA)John A McKerron1895MU854 T2:04½Nutwood Wilkes 22116
19182:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Nella Dillon1915FU540 T2:05¼USDillon Axworthy
19162:10 3YO Trotters (First 100-NA)Bin Worth1913MU9 T2:09½USBingara 34707
1930Evolution of Pacers 2YO Mile (NA)Handy Volo1928MU2 2:04¼Peter Volo
1938Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NA)Her Ladyship1933FU15 1:58¼ Abbedale
1903Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NA)Dariel1893FU19142:00¼TTAlcander 6617
1899Evolution of Pacers Mares Mile (NA)Dariel1893FU19142:04¼Alcander 6617
1938Evolution of Trotters Mares Mile (NA)Rosalind1933FU3 T1:57¼TT Scotland
1921Evolution of Trotters Mile (NA)Peter Manning1916GU545 T1:58.0TTAzoff 50354