184 Results for Blue Bonnets (Montreal,QUE, Canada) - Track Length is 5/8 mile

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
1974CAN Beaver Pace -3Tenacious Lobell1971MU12 Adios VicTar Heel
1972CAN Beaver Pace -3Strike Out1969MU20 Bret HanoverEnsign Hanover
1991CAN Blue Bonnets Challenge -OPApaches Fame1987MU6 Apache CircleHarry Fitz
1990CAN Blue Bonnets Challenge -OPTopnotcher1986MU24 AbercrombieMost Happy Fella
1989CAN Blue Bonnets Challenge -OPShipps Fella1985MU13 Cam FellaAdios Vic
1985CAN Blue Bonnets Challenge -OPOn The Road Again1981MU47 Happy MotoringBye Bye Byrd
1984CAN Blue Bonnets Challenge -OPSokys Atom1979MU26 AlbatrossAdios Vic
1983CAN Blue Bonnets Challenge -OPCam Fella1979MU21 Most Happy FellaBret Hanover
1980CAN Blue Bonnets Challenge -OPDirect Scooter1976MU16 Sampson DirectNoble Victory
1979CAN Blue Bonnets Challenge -OPTry Scotch1974MU210 My Scotch BretGreentrees Pride
1978CAN Blue Bonnets Challenge -OPGovernor Skipper1974MU34 Meadow SkipperAdios
1977CAN Blue Bonnets Challenge -OPWarm Breeze1973MU2 Bret HanoverGood Time
1976CAN Blue Bonnets Challenge -OPTarport Hap1972FU13 Most Happy FellaTar Heel
1980-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cConquered1978MU124 AlbatrossBret Hanover
1980-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cFrench Chef1978MU2 Meadow SkipperNevele Pride
1979CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cDorado Hanover1977FU34 Columbia GeorgeTar Heel
1978-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cMost Happy Collins1976MU139 Most Happy FellaTar Heel
1978-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cComposite1976MU22 Race TimeTar Heel
1977-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cTarbesto Hanover1975MU13 Best of AllTar Heel
1977-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cDry Sack1975MU94 Steady StarShadow Wave
1976-3CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cMissile Almahurst1974MU50 High IdealPoplar Byrd
1976-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cNat Lobell1974MU30 NansemondDuane Hanover
1976-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cSteady Knight1974MU103 Steady StarKnight Dream
1973-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cNevele Bret1971GU43 Bret HanoverGood Time
1973-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cBarons Boy1971MU134 Baron HanoverPainter
1972-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cArmbro Nesbit1970MU10 Bye Bye ByrdCapetown
1972-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cGolden Shadrack1970MU9 Shadow WaveLusty Song
1971CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cStrike Out1969MU20 Bret HanoverEnsign Hanover
1970-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cGold Trick1968MU35 OvertrickGold Worthy
1970-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cHT Navy1968MU8 Henry T AdiosPoplar Byrd
1969-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cIdeal Donut1967MU5 Meadow SkipperSpencer Tell
1969-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cExpress G1967GU165 Adios ExpressAdioway
1968CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cByron Dares1966MU137 Meadow GeneBilly Direct
1980CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cTSmokin Yankee1978MU37 Speedy CrownHickory Pride
1979-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cTNorthern Victory1977MU14 Noble VictoryHickory Pride
1979-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cTNevele Impulse1977MU14 Nevele PrideFlorican
1978CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cTLegend Hanover1976MU2 Super BowlHoot Mon
1977CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cTSnegem Telstar1975FU36 Armbro JetTarport Devlin
1976-3CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cTSpeed In Action1974MU5 Speedy ScotStars Pride
1976-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cTHaygood1974MU1 Speedy ScotNoble Victory
1976-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cTHeat Treat1974MU83 Noble VictorySpeedster
1973CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cTNevele Diamond1971MU8 Nevele PrideRodney
1972CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cTWyatt Dill1970MU1 BF CoaltownWorthy Aristocrat
1971CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cTLasalle Hanover1969MU2 Stars PrideHoot Mon
1969CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cTTimothy T1967MU1 AyresVictory Song
1968CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2cTThe Egyptian1966MU61 PorterhouseVictory Song
1980-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fArmbro Wanita1978FU15 Armbro NesbitMost Happy Fella
1980-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fFan Hanover1978FU7 AlbatrossBret Hanover
1979-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fBuxom Beauty1977FU82 Strike OutBest of All
1979-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fAll Arranged1977FU9 Bret HanoverGood Time
1978CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fRoses are Red1976FU101 Meadow SkipperDancer Hanover
1977-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fHang the Moon1975FU53 AlbatrossBrown Star
1977-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fLadonna Hanover1975FU11 Best of AllMeadow Ace
1976-3CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fWilla Almahurst1974FU28 High IdealTar Heel
1976-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fOverlap1974FU15 Meadow SkipperOvertrick
1976-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fDaisys Dream Time1974FU9 Meadow SkipperGood Time
1973-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fHigh Score1971FU43 Bret HanoverWorthy Boy
1973-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fHandle With Care1971FU10 Meadow SkipperHillsota
1972-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fJambo Belle1970FU4 Good TimeTar Heel
1972-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fArmbro Norma1970FU26 AirlinerTar Heel
1971CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fQueens Blue Chip1969FU3 Bret HanoverWorthy Boy
1969CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fLana Hill1967FU73 Knight TimeTar Heel
1980CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fTDelmegan1978FU16 Super BowlSpeedy Count
1979CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fTTisha Lobell1977FU4 Speedy CrownStars Pride
1978CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fTPagan Princess1976FU9 SpeedsterVictory Song
1977CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fTStarita Lobell1975FU1 Speedy CrownStars Pride
1976CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fTElmsford1974FU91 Lindys PrideDarnley
1973-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fTBerna Hanover1971FU1 Hickory SmokeScotland
1973-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fTNoble Florie1971FU16 Noble VictoryFlorlis
1972CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fTMadeline Candor1970FU3 Egyptian CandorBill Gallon
1971CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fTKeystone Gypsy1969FU16 Hickory PrideKimberly Kid
1969CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -2fTSomewhere1967FU1 Hickory PrideSampson Hanover
1970CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3cMost Happy Fella1967MU28 Meadow SkipperGood Time
1969CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3cSuper Wave1966MU14 Shadow WaveVictory Song
1968CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3cMeadow Brick1965MU13 Thorpe HanoverAdios
1973CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3cTKnightly Way1970MU8 Stars PrideThe Intruder
1972CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3cTSongcan1969MU58 FloricanVictory Song
1971CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3cTQuick Pride1968MU127 Hickory PrideAverill
1970CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3cTGil Hanover1967MU3 Hickory SmokeHoot Mon
1969CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3cTGun Runner1966MU3 PorterhouseBill Gallon
1968CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3cTNevele Pride1965MU8 Stars PrideHoot Mon
1980-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fArmbro Vibrant1977FU13 Armbro NesbitAdios Vic
1980-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fAfter The Fact1977FU24 Lieutenant GrayAdios
1979CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fRoses are Red1976FU101 Meadow SkipperDancer Hanover
1978CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fBeanie Bay B1975FU27 AlbatrossBye Bye Byrd
1977CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fFuture Fame1974FU7 AlbatrossOvertrick
1976-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fLisas Image1973FU27 Bret HanoverVictory Song
1976-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fMeadow Wilma1973FU42 Columbia GeorgeKnox Hanover
1973-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fArmbro Norma1970FU26 AirlinerTar Heel
1973-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fAll Alert1970FU9 Good TimeWorthy Boy
1972CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fRomalie Hanover1969FU7 Dancer HanoverTar Heel
1971-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fArmbro Lil1968FU2 Bye Bye ByrdAdios
1971-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fArmbro Lament1968FU13 Armbro ExpressDirect Rhythm
1969CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fTarport Birdie1966FU24 Bye Bye ByrdThorpe Hanover
1980CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fTCranford1977FU1 SongcanStars Pride
1979-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fTClassical Way1976FU33 Speedy ScotStars Pride
1979-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fTPrecious Memories1976FU11 Speedy ScotFlorican
1978CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fTImagery1975FU32 Nevele PrideSpeedster
1977CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fTSuperlou1974FU6 Super BowlDarnley
1976-2CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fTSummer Madness1973FU18 Noble VictorySpeedster
1976-1CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fTHilary Almahurst1973FU4 Speedy ScotTitan Hanover
1973CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fTHoneysuckle Rose1970FU3 FloricanWorthy Boy
1972CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fTDelmonica Hanover1969FU16 Speedy CountKimberly Kid
1971CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fTWaverly Hostess1968FU21 FlorlisVictory Song
1969CAN Montreal Grand Circuit -3fTGayest Hanover1966FU3 Hickory SmokeHoot Mon
1987CAN Montreal Trot - 3cTClassic Jazz1984MU6 Jazz CosmosSuper Bowl
1986CAN Montreal Trot - 3cTDance Marathon1983MU12 Speedy CrownStars Pride
1985CAN Montreal Trot - 3cTBon Sport1982MU1 BonefishSongcan
1984CAN Montreal Trot - 3cTSandy Bowl1981MU29 Super BowlOvertrick
1983CAN Montreal Trot - 3cTSpeedy Claude1980MU2 Speedy SomolliSpeedy Count
1982CAN Montreal Trot - 3cTArndon1979MU1 Arnie AlmahurstSuper Bowl
1981CAN Montreal Trot - 3cTSmokin Yankee1978MU37 Speedy CrownHickory Pride
1980CAN Montreal Trot - 3cTThor Viking1977MU32 Nevele PrideFlorican
1979CAN Montreal Trot - 3cTLegend Hanover1976MU2 Super BowlHoot Mon
1992CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cEasy Lobell1990GU22 AbercrombieNero
1992CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cVillage Jiffy1990MU4 Cam FellaDirect Scooter
1992CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cWilcos Kosby1990MU42 LaagSmog
1991CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cDigger Almahurst1989MU24 NihilatorRace Time
1991CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cInstant Aussie1989MU12 Armbro AussieAlbatross
1991CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cShipps Purser1989MU26 Cam FellaAlbatross
1991CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cWestern Hanover1989MU92 No NukesAlbatross
1990CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cJackpot Raider1988GU13 NihilatorAbercrombie
1990CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cNuke Of Earl1988MU7 No NukesAlbatross
1990CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cShark Almahurst1988MU52 TroublemakerAlbatross
1990CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cSilky Stallone1988MU1 No NukesAlbatross
1989CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cFighting Major1987MU13 Big TownerSonsam
1989CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cJake And Elwood1987MU41 SamadhiGypsy Fiddle
1988CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cArmbro Hunch1986MU4 BGs BunnyAbercrombie
1988CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cRank Hanover1986MU7 AlbatrossBest of All
1988CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cTotally Ruthless1986MU25 Walton HanoverMeadow Skipper
1987CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cFolio1985MU13 AlbatrossRace Time
1987CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cRunnymede Lobell1985MU6 NeroRace Time
1986CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cCasino Gambler1984MU34 No NukesAlbatross
1986CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cMannart Tempo1984MU30 Tyler BBret Hanover
1985CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cLaughs1983MU2 Silent MajorityMost Happy Fella
1984CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cArmbro Dallas1982MU26 AbercrombieMost Happy Fella
1984CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cDragons Lair1982MU1 Tyler BRace Time
1984CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cMarauder1982MU22 SonsamKnight Time
1984CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cWalkabout1982MU13 AbercrombieMeadow Skipper
1983CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cFarmsteads Fame1981MU7 Bret HanoverAlbatross
1983CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cForest Hanover1981MU4 AlbatrossDuane Hanover
1983CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cWalton Hanover1981MU92 Big TownerBest of All
1982CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cKeystone Exceller1980MU25 Bye Bye ByrdSteady Star
1982CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cSilent Al1980MU235 Silent MajorityMeadow Skipper
1981CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cCoal Harbor1979MU12 AlbatrossTar Heel
1981CAN Prix De L'Avenir -2cRoyal Rally1979GU6 CrashFlorican
1992CAN Prix D'ete -3cDirect Flight1989MU224 Direct ScooterKeystone Ore
1991CAN Prix D'ete -3cDie Laughing1988MU19 No NukesAlbatross
1990CAN Prix D'ete -3cBeach Towel1987MU24 French ChefArmbro Nesbit
1989CAN Prix D'ete -3cGoalie Jeff1986MU11 Cam FellaAlbatross
1988CAN Prix D'ete -3cMatts Scooter1985MU66 Direct ScooterMeadow Skipper
1987CAN Prix D'ete -3cFrugal Gourmet1984MU2 French ChefBye Bye Byrd
1986CAN Prix D'ete -3cArmbro Emerson1983MU10 AbercrombieMost Happy Fella
1985CAN Prix D'ete -3cFalcon Seelster1982MU4 Warm BreezeOvertrick
1984CAN Prix D'ete -3cButler BG1981MU21 BGs BunnyRace Time
1983CAN Prix D'ete -3cRalph Hanover1980MU40 Meadow SkipperTar Heel
1982CAN Prix D'ete -3cCam Fella1979MU21 Most Happy FellaBret Hanover
1981CAN Prix D'ete -3cSeahawk Hanover1978MU8 Bret HanoverMeadow Skipper
1980CAN Prix D'ete -3cNiatross1977MU100 AlbatrossBye Bye Byrd
1979CAN Prix D'ete -3cHot Hitter1976MU40 Strike OutGood Time
1978CAN Prix D'ete -3cAbercrombie1975MU81 Silent MajorityDuane Hanover
1977CAN Prix D'ete -3cGovernor Skipper1974MU34 Meadow SkipperAdios
1976CAN Prix D'ete -3cPrecious Fella1973MU79 Most Happy FellaTar Heel
1975CAN Prix D'ete -3cAlberts Star1972MU8 Bye Bye ByrdTar Heel
1974CAN Prix D'ete -3cArmbro Omaha1971MU26 AirlinerTar Heel
1973CAN Prix D'ete -3cArmbro Nadir1970MU6 AirlinerGood Time
1972CAN Prix D'ete -3cStrike Out1969MU20 Bret HanoverEnsign Hanover
1971CAN Prix D'ete -3cAlbatross1968MU6 Meadow SkipperDancer Hanover
1970CAN Prix D'ete -OPLaverne Hanover1966MU3 Tar HeelAdios
1968CAN Prix D'ete -OPTrue Duane1963MU54 Duane HanoverChief Abbedale
1971CAN Trans Canada Pace -3Albatross1968MU6 Meadow SkipperDancer Hanover
1970CAN Trans Canada Pace -3Columbia George1967MU44 Good TimeThe Widower
1969CAN Trans Canada Pace -3Super Wave1966MU14 Shadow WaveVictory Song
1968CAN Trans Canada Pace -3Fulla Napoleon1965MU107 Dale FrostRoyal Napoleon
1967CAN Trans Canada Pace -3Nardins Byrd1964MU30 Bye Bye ByrdGood Time
1966CAN Trans Canada Pace -3True Duane1963MU54 Duane HanoverChief Abbedale
1965CAN Trans Canada Pace -3Rivaltime1962MU44 Good TimeBilly Direct
1964CAN Trans Canada Pace -3Bengazi Hanover1961MU1 Tar HeelTitan Hanover
1963CAN Trans Canada Pace -3Country Don1960MU7 Adios BoyWilmington
1962CAN Trans Canada Pace -3Buxton Hanover1959MU1 Tar HeelNibble Hanover
1984CAN Trot Des Nations -OTBobbo1977GU64 Pay FreightFlemington
1983CAN Trot Des Nations -OTDiamond Exchange1979MU17 Arnie AlmahurstNevele Pride
1989USA Breeders Crown -OMTGrades Singing1982FN19 TexasDuke Rodney
1915-2USA Grand Circuit FFA-PaceFrank Bogash Jnr1905GU676 Frank BogashStanford