63 Results for Bathurst Paceway (Bathurst, NSW, Australia) - Track Length is 1065m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2018NSW Bathurst City/LM CupUltimate Art2009MN20 Modern ArtBy Xample
2017NSW Bathurst City/LM CupCyclone Kate2011FN52 Mach ThreePresidential Ball
2016NSW Bathurst City/LM CupAmeretto2011FN2 Million Dollar CamCourage Under Fire
2015NSW Bathurst City/LM CupHeza Thrill2009GN30 Christian CullenWashington VC
2018NSW Bathurst Gold Bracelet -3fArt Series2014FN59 Bettors DelightArt Major
2017NSW Bathurst Gold Bracelet -3fDont Think Twice2013FN139 Armbro OperativePacific Rocket
2016NSW Bathurst Gold Bracelet -3fRockmemama2012FN36 Rock N Roll HeavenSafely Kept
2015NSW Bathurst Gold Bracelet -3fRead About Lexy2011FA1397SportswriterGrinfromeartoear
2018NSW Bathurst Gold Chalice -3cLifeonthebeach2014MN21 SomebeachsomewhereArt Major
2017NSW Bathurst Gold Chalice -3cAtomic Red2013MN79 Rocknroll HanoverArmbro Operative
2016NSW Bathurst Gold Chalice -3cFouroeight2012GU301 Rock N Roll HeavenLife Sign
2015NSW Bathurst Gold Chalice -3cArtistic Flite2011MN33 Artistic FellaPeace Of Art
2001NSW Bathurst Gold Chalice -3cSunofagun1997GA190 Ramsey HanoverUnder A Cloud
2018NSW Bathurst Gold Coronet -3TPrincess Mila2014FA131 Majestic SonMaoris Idol
2017NSW Bathurst Gold Coronet -3TPegasus Elegance2013FA18 Pegasus SpurSundon
2016NSW Bathurst Gold Coronet -3TRed Hot Tooth2012FN18 Yankee PacoSafely Kept
2015NSW Bathurst Gold Coronet -3TMaximiser2011GN8 Majestic SonPine Chip
2018NSW Bathurst Gold Crown -2cCollege Chapel2015MA27 Mach ThreeVillage Jasper
2017NSW Bathurst Gold Crown -2cCastalong Shadow2014MA48 Shadow PlayGrinfromeartoear
2016NSW Bathurst Gold Crown -2cAstride2013MN29 SomebeachsomewhereArt Major
2015NSW Bathurst Gold Crown -2cShadow Runner2012GN28 Shadow PlayAstreos
2018NSW Bathurst Gold Tiara -2fMajor Kiss2015FU8 Art MajorKenneth J
2017NSW Bathurst Gold Tiara -2fMy Sweetchilliphilly2014FN20 BetterthancheddarIn The Pocket
2016NSW Bathurst Gold Tiara -2fDont Think Twice2013FN139 Armbro OperativePacific Rocket
2015NSW Bathurst Gold Tiara -2fPixies Parlour2012FU4 Village JasperSun Lamp
2018NSW Bathurst Honouree SMillion Dollar Cam1999MU12 Cams Card SharkJate Lobell
2017NSW Bathurst Honouree SA Life Under Fire2012MN62 Life SignCourage Under Fire
2016NSW Bathurst Honouree SGlenferrie Bronte2011FU308 ChangeoverFalcon Seelster
2015NSW Bathurst Honouree SFranco Hemmingway2008MU8 Christian CullenSokys Atom
2017NSW Bathurst Sales Classic - 2Our Sams Home2014GN5 Roll With JoeElsu
2016-FNSW Bathurst Sales Classic - 2Fastestgirlintown2013FN18 SportswriterStature
2016-CNSW Bathurst Sales Classic - 2Sams Express2013GN69 Dawn ofa New DayArt Major
2015-FNSW Bathurst Sales Classic - 2Brighteyed2012FN18 SportswriterStature
2015-CNSW Bathurst Sales Classic - 2Charlaval2012MA30 Four Starzzz SharkHolmes Hanover
2018NSW Bathurst Trotters CupAll Royal Gal2010FU1 MonarchySundon
2017NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -2cBright Energy2014GA98 Western TerrorPB Bullville
2015NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -2cBettor Together2012MA65 Bettors DelightTroublemaker
2017NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -2fArt Series2014FN59 Bettors DelightArt Major
2015NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -2fMerrywood Ruby2012FA179 Four Starzzz SharkMystical Prince
2017NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -3cGeldof2013GN136 For A ReasonPanorama
2015NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -3cChumlee2011GU57 SomebeachsomewhereArmbro Operative
2017NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -3fShez Sugarsweet2013FN8 SomebeachsomewhereArtiscape
2015NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -3fMiss Nickels2011FU101 SportswriterTinted Cloud
2017NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -4hKillara Hustler2012GN41 Mister BigBrioso Hanover
2015NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -4hGlencore2010GU4 Rich And SpoiltSun Lamp
2017NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -4mGracie Taljuice2012FA48 Four Starzzz SharkAlbert Albert
2015NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -4mShes A Jackson2010FN17 ElsuWestburn Grant
2018NSW Hondo Grattan Sprint -OPMista Lombo2013FN2 SomebeachsomewhereBlissfull Hall
2017NSW Hondo Grattan Sprint -OPBetter Than Max2010GA52 Artistic FellaJeremy Lobell
2016NSW Hondo Grattan Sprint -OPBirdy Mach2011MN7 Mach ThreeArt Major
2018NSW Lombo La Fe Fe Vase -3f   
2017NSW Lombo La Fe Fe Vase -3fRocknroll Emma2013FA3 Rocknroll HanoverPerfect Art
2016NSW Lombo La Fe Fe Vase -3fRainbow Flash2012FN96 Santanna Blue ChipPaysons Brother
2018NSW Rowleyalla Sprint -3cHomeland2014GN36 Attorney GeneralCourage Under Fire
2017NSW Rowleyalla Sprint -3cFour Starz Stride2013GU30 Four Starzzz SharkArtiscape
2016NSW Rowleyalla Sprint -3cDark Energy2012MN6 Bettors DelightIn The Pocket
2017NSW Shirley Turnbull MemorialCharlaval2012MA30 Four Starzzz SharkHolmes Hanover
2016NSW Shirley Turnbull MemorialAztec Bromac2011GN6 American IdealHolmes Hanover
2015NSW Shirley Turnbull MemorialBling It On2010MN185 American IdealCaprock
2018NSW Smooth Satin Pacing CupParramatta2010GN20 McArdleDM Dilinger
2017NSW Star Trek SeriesWhittaker2013MA2 SportswriterHolmes Hanover
2016NSW Star Trek SeriesBlue Moon Rising2013MN10 Santanna Blue ChipSands A Flyin
2015NSW Star Trek SeriesUncle John2011GU301 Tell AllHolmes Hanover