145 Results for Bankstown Raceway (Bankstown, NSW, Australia) - Track Length is 805m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
1992Australian Pacing ChampionshipFranco Tiger1985GN16 Bo Scots Blue ChipTiger Wave
1982NSW Ardath Classic -3Local Honored1978MN1 Time HonoredJames Scott
1979NSW Ardath Classic -3Run Joe Run1975MA110 Bashful HanoverStormyway
1980NSW Bankstown BP 2YO ClassicAmazing Trick1977MN5 OvertrickStormyway
1979NSW Bankstown BP 2YO ClassicOut For Glory1976MA272 Out To WinBravado Hanover
1982NSW Bankstown Christmas CupGarrys Advice1978MU309 Garry RowanMeadow Vance
1989NSW Bankstown Cup -OPLove To Spare1984FN32 Spare HandToliver Hanover
1988NSW Bankstown Cup -OPSmart Leader1983GN50 NoodlumLordship
1987NSW Bankstown Cup -OPGoldrush Girl1982FN31 Transport ChipTempest Hanover
1986NSW Bankstown Cup -OPTrue Delight1980GA225 True DuaneCogedar
1985NSW Bankstown Cup -OPKaramea Duplicity1979FA5 DuplicateThor Hanover
1984NSW Bankstown Cup -OPNot Run   
1983NSW Bankstown Cup -OPGammalite1976MU306 Thor HanoverIntangible
1982NSW Bankstown Cup -OPPopular Alm1976MA26 Sovereign AdiosTruant Hanover
1981NSW Bankstown Cup -OPKoala King1972MU311 Koala FrostU Scott
1980NSW Bankstown Cup -OPGammalite1976MU306 Thor HanoverIntangible
1979NSW Bankstown Cup -OPFrosty Imp1974MN1 Johnnys ImpRaider Frost
1978NSW Bankstown Cup -OPChallenge Proof1971MA367 Challenge MeHundred Proof
1977NSW Bankstown Cup -OPIntense Power1971MU317 Marshall FrostWinston The Great
1974NSW Bankstown Cup -OPFinal Fight1967MA183 Free FightGlen Bank
1972NSW Bankstown Cup -OPHullo1966FA26 ChamferTennessee Sky
1971NSW Bankstown Cup -OPWelcome Reveler1966FA243 Welcome StrangerGay Reveler
1987NSW Bankstown Derby -3Gay Adam1983MN222 Smooth FellaFallacy
1994NSW Bankstown Trotters CupIronbark1980GU302 Game PrideLumber Dream
1986NSW Bankstown Trotters CupLyndella Lad1979GN228 Koomeela AlReal Light
1982NSW Bankstown Trotters CupOrchid Queen1977FA65 Rough SeasVan Hall
1975NSW Bankstown Trotters CupNageri1967GN126 EringaNew Oro
1974NSW Bankstown Trotters CupNageri1967GN126 EringaNew Oro
1973NSW Bankstown Trotters CupFinnigan1963MN110 Final SayChandelier
1994NSW Bay Johnny Handicap -TManiatutu Express1987FU311 Happy CatVan Dieman
2011NSW Carousel (Pacers)Tori Jack2005MA82 Christian CullenGammalite
2008NSW Carousel (Pacers)Franco Nester2003GN18 Bettors DelightFalcon Seelster
2002NSW Carousel (Pacers)Gold King1996GA6 Silent SpringGammalite
1998NSW Carousel (Pacers)Warwick Lad1993MN6 Exclusive CamMeadow Looney
1995NSW Carousel (Pacers)Perfect Finish1989FN32 Ironstone FellaSpringflex
1992NSW Carousel (Pacers)Caesars Halo1986MN67 Caesar Blue ChipBatman
1989NSW Carousel (Pacers)Kotare Cruise1985MN5 World SkipperKotare Legend
1987NSW Carousel (Pacers)Melinas Thor1983MA210 Thor HanoverStudent Prince
1984NSW Carousel (Pacers)Jayares Dream1980MN39 JR SkipperLumber Dream
1981NSW Carousel (Pacers)Corrie Dale1976MN29 TuftJohnny Globe
1978NSW Carousel (Pacers)Garry Ayr1974MA11 Glen GarryFirst Variety
1975NSW Carousel (Pacers)Apre Ski1971GN18 Garrison HanoverJohnny Globe
1972NSW Carousel (Pacers)Shannondoi1968MA249 Hondo HanoverLawn Derby
1969NSW Carousel (Pacers)Lucky Creed1964MN17 King CreedWhipster
2002NSW Foundation Series -2TClassic Comment1999FU303 SundonHonkin Andy
2001NSW Foundation Series -2TBonbillie Fella1998MU301 Fake LeftLand Grant
2000NSW Foundation Series -2TRainbows Glory1997FU42 Red Coach GloryArmbro Demon
1999NSW Foundation Series -2TScotties Notch1996FN34 Yankee RebBatman
1988NSW JPS/Commodore Series -3Gold Warrior1984MA30 Under A CloudTidy James
1985NSW JPS/Commodore Series -3Bruce Scott1981GN45 James BrigadeDeep Adios
2002NSW OShea Guineas -3Canadian Rummy1998MN65 Americas PastimeYoung Dancer
2000NSW OShea Guineas -3Double Identity1996GU317 Embrace MeSouthern Gentleman
1999NSW OShea Guineas -3Waitaki Warrior1995GN40 New York MotoringSokys Atom
1998NSW OShea Guineas -3Fourwing Sweepa1994GN40 Safely KeptThor Hanover
1996NSW OShea Guineas -3Kaboom1992MN2 Muckalee StrikeHilarious Way
1994NSW OShea Guineas -3Stormy Cove1990MN15 Land GrantHancove
1993NSW OShea Guineas -3Baradini1989GN35 Cash AssetScottish Bret
1992NSW OShea Guineas -3Tyrone Adios1988MN30 Jikk AdiosBatman
1991NSW OShea Guineas -3Impressionist1987MU30 Talk About ClassLordship
1990NSW OShea Guineas -3Woy Woy Karamea1986MN7 Hamilton RHDeep Adios
1989NSW OShea Guineas -3Bluegum Chief1985MN47 Paleface AdiosTarport Low
1988NSW OShea Guineas -3Rowleyalla1984GN120 National ByrdHigh Pendant
1987NSW OShea Guineas -3Lynargar1983GA270 Lynden Bye ByeEuchre
1986NSW OShea Guineas -3Take A Punt1982GA295 BretlandBold Rival
1985NSW OShea Guineas -3Bag Limit1981GN13 Tarport SkipperGolden Adios
1984NSW OShea Guineas -3Area Code1980MU331 Good Humor ManLaguerre Hanover
1983NSW OShea Guineas -3Tempo Cavallo1979MN22 Timely KnightForward
1982NSW OShea Guineas -3Local Honored1978MN1 Time HonoredJames Scott
1981NSW OShea Guineas -3Gundary Flyer1977MN35 Good FlyerJocose
1980NSW OShea Guineas -3Sunshine Caballo1976GN47 Deep TanBachelor Hanover
1979NSW OShea Guineas -3Run Joe Run1975MA110 Bashful HanoverStormyway
1978NSW OShea Guineas -3Toliver Bright1974FN21 Toliver HanoverLight Brigade
1977NSW OShea Guineas -3Margaret Shannon1973FN96 GentryGay Reveler
2018-2NSW Schweppes Cup -OPBetter Be Donna2014FN77 BetterthancheddarIn The Pocket
2018-1NSW Schweppes Cup -OPOur Triple Play2013MN10 Shadow PlayMach Three
2017NSW Schweppes Cup -OPTiger Tara2010MN19 Bettors DelightDream Away
2016NSW Schweppes Cup -OPTact Tate2011GN3 McArdleChristian Cullen
2014NSW Schweppes Cup -OPMy General Lee2010MN40 Art MajorSafely Kept
2013NSW Schweppes Cup -OPFreyberg2007GN3 Washington VCBeach Towel
2012NSW Schweppes Cup -OPWestern Badger2007GN114 Western TerrorPanorama
2011NSW Schweppes Cup -OPBaltic Warrior2003GN14 LisleaTricky Dick
2010NSW Schweppes Cup -OPTK Saracen2001GN85 Holmes HanoverEl Patron
2009NSW Schweppes Cup -OPBen Junior2004GU303 Live Or DieHolmes Hanover
2008NSW Schweppes Cup -OPPrince Benji2003GN40 Aces N SevensThor Hanover
2007NSW Schweppes Cup -OPAllegro Boy1999GN23 NeutralitySpare Hand
2006NSW Schweppes Cup -OPLaguna Beach2001GN2 Beach TowelPaysons Brother
2005NSW Schweppes Cup -OPSmooth Crusa2000GU303 Fake LeftSmooth Fella
2004NSW Schweppes Cup -OPBasic Blue1998MN23 Caesar Blue ChipPaulsboro
2003NSW Schweppes Cup -OPFranco Nile1999GN18 Falcon SeelsterHolmes Hanover
2002NSW Schweppes Cup -OPSheza McCool1996FA1 Miles McCoolLord Module
2001NSW Schweppes Cup -OPFlip N Fast1996FN94 Flying VancePeoples Blue Chip
2000NSW Schweppes Cup -OPBar Ron Boy1996MA41 StatureVol De Nuit
1999NSW Schweppes Cup -OPFranco Timor1994GN16 OK ByeTiger Wave
1998NSW Schweppes Cup -OPGran Montana1993GN44 Sokys AtomAble Bye Bye
1997NSW Schweppes Cup -OPOnly Torado1992FN70 Torado HanoverThor Hanover
1996NSW Schweppes Cup -OPAmericas Pastime1990MU20 Jate LobellMeadow Skipper
1995NSW Schweppes Cup -OPThunda Mac1990GU302 MacatrossTactile
1994NSW Schweppes Cup -OPReady Cash1987MN68 Silver DollarOvertrick
1993NSW Schweppes Cup -OPGolden Jug1989GN29 Golden GreekFellowship
1992NSW Schweppes Cup -OPLotsnlots1988GN46 Holmes HanoverEl Patron
1991NSW Schweppes Cup -OPAdmiral Chimes1987GU333 Admiral HalseyHistoric Time
1990NSW Schweppes Cup -OPMeckanic1985MU1371Meck HanoverHundred Proof
1989NSW Schweppes Cup -OPOur Income1984GN83 Honkin AndyHonest Master
1988NSW Schweppes Cup -OPThe Private Dancer1984FN3 Clever InnocenceOut To Win
1987NSW Schweppes Cup -OPWestburn Hugh1983MU300 LordshipGoodland
1986NSW Schweppes Cup -OPOver Active1980MN83 OvertrickGarrison Hanover
1985NSW Schweppes Cup -OPNoble Countess1980FN81 JR SkipperGarrison Hanover
1985NSW Treuer CupPaleface Bubble1980GN4 Paleface AdiosLumber Dream
1984NSW Treuer CupWondais Mate1978MA221 The HousemanGeneral Bruce
1983NSW Treuer CupDouble Agent1971GN4 Out To WinLord Paso
2019NSW Treuer MemorialEllmers Image2013GN15 Falcon SeelsterSilk Legacy
2017NSW Treuer MemorialMy General Lee2010MN40 Art MajorSafely Kept
2016NSW Treuer MemorialTact Tate2011GN3 McArdleChristian Cullen
2015NSW Treuer MemorialKeayang Steamer2008GU30 Riverboat KingSafely Kept
2014NSW Treuer MemorialLochinver2009FU301 Mach ThreeHolmes Hanover
2013NSW Treuer MemorialWashakie2003GN155 Badlands HanoverOK Bye
2012NSW Treuer MemorialWashakie2003GN155 Badlands HanoverOK Bye
2011NSW Treuer MemorialWashakie2003GN155 Badlands HanoverOK Bye
2010NSW Treuer MemorialWashakie2003GN155 Badlands HanoverOK Bye
2009NSW Treuer MemorialWashakie2003GN155 Badlands HanoverOK Bye
2008NSW Treuer MemorialRobin Hood2000MN146 Fake LeftVanston Hanover
2006NSW Treuer MemorialBlacks a Fake2000GN3 Fake LeftVanston Hanover
2005NSW Treuer MemorialSlipnslide2000GN16 Perfect ArtVance Hanover
2004NSW Treuer MemorialCamlach1999MA82 Western HanoverGammalite
2003NSW Treuer MemorialDouble Identity1996GU317 Embrace MeSouthern Gentleman
2002NSW Treuer MemorialJofess1996GA115 Jeremy LobellGood Humor Man
2001NSW Treuer MemorialKyms Girl1994FN98 Man Around TownLumber Dream
2000NSW Treuer MemorialAtitagain1993MN89 Bo Scots Blue ChipAdover Rainbow
1999NSW Treuer MemorialHolmes DG1994GU30 Holmes HanoverSon of Afella
1998NSW Treuer MemorialChristian Cullen1994MN1 In The PocketBo Scots Blue Chip
1997NSW Treuer MemorialOur Sir Vancelot1990MA51 Vance HanoverOvertrick
1996NSW Treuer MemorialOur Sir Vancelot1990MA51 Vance HanoverOvertrick
1995NSW Treuer MemorialSunshine Band1988MA110 Laser HanoverJames Scott
1994NSW Treuer MemorialGolden Reign1989MU10 Whats NextEl Patron
1993NSW Treuer MemorialFranco Tiger1985GN16 Bo Scots Blue ChipTiger Wave
1992NSW Treuer MemorialJack Morris1987GN75 Surmo HanoverScottish Command
1991NSW Treuer MemorialFranco Ice1986GN81 Bo Scots Blue ChipHi Los Forbes
1990NSW Treuer MemorialThorate1982MN11 King KellanieCollaborate
1989NSW Treuer MemorialWestburn Grant1985MU300 Land GrantLumber Dream
1988NSW Treuer MemorialLuxury Liner1981GN41 MercedesMeadow Al
1987NSW Treuer MemorialVillage Kid1980GN9 GramatanRegal Yankee
1986NSW Treuer MemorialTrue Delight1980GA225 True DuaneCogedar
1981NSW Trotters Derby -3TSuper Spree1977MA340 Mt EverestSmart Set
1995NSW Winter Sires Stake -2fSuperlil1992FN83 Genghis KhanThor Hanover
1994NSW Winter Sires Stake -2fCoppabella1991FU300 Farm Main ManPalms Romeo