187 Results for Canberra (Canberra, ACT, Australia) - Track Length is 812m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2019ACT Canberra Cup - OPHawkowl2011GN41 Village JasperGrinfromeartoear
2018ACT Canberra Cup - OPUncle Jay2011GN15 Art MajorPresidential Ball
2017ACT Canberra Cup - OPChantrey2011GN64 Gotta Go CullenSands A Flyin
2016ACT Canberra Cup - OPTullow2011GN42 Mach ThreeMystical Shark
2014ACT Canberra Cup - OPCondagen2008GA121 IfihadyourluckPanorama
2013ACT Canberra Cup - OPAvonnova2006GA6 Art MajorMaple Lanes Strike
2012ACT Canberra Cup - OPRoman Stride2005GU1 Bettors DelightDirect Scooter
2011ACT Canberra Cup - OPMin Min Lights2003GU308 Our Sir VancelotPaysons Brother
2010ACT Canberra Cup - OPMagic Operative2004GA107 Armbro OperativeAlbert Albert
2009ACT Canberra Cup - OPMaster of Disguise2002GN2 Sokys AtomToliver Bay
2007ACT Canberra Cup - OPBridgewood Lobell2000GU301 Safely KeptGolden Greek
2006ACT Canberra Cup - OPAmorts1999GA3 StatureWalt Hanover
2005ACT Canberra Cup - OPIron Realm1999MA6 TopnotcherMaple Lanes Strike
2004ACT Canberra Cup - OPJailbird1998MU313 Tiff N TimeStature
2003ACT Canberra Cup - OPJailbird1998MU313 Tiff N TimeStature
2002ACT Canberra Cup - OPRusty Mahoney1995GN1 Seahawk HanoverArmbro Whiz
2001ACT Canberra Cup - OPFranco Conquest1996MN1 Falcon SeelsterTuapeka Knight
2000ACT Canberra Cup - OPMotoring Mike1994MN37 New York MotoringKentucky
1999ACT Canberra Cup - OPHigh Finance1993GN101 Holmes HanoverBesta Fella
1998ACT Canberra Cup - OPFizzys Atom1992GN49 Sokys AtomLumber Dream
1997ACT Canberra Cup - OPHedy Skipper1990FA161 Harbor SkipperLuigi Hanover
1996ACT Canberra Cup - OPJust Baz1991MU312 Embrace MeHolly Sand
1995ACT Canberra Cup - OPRed Sea1989GN53 Whats NextTarport Low
1994ACT Canberra Cup - OPCharlie Bravo1988GN2 Armbro WhizGolden Fulla
1993ACT Canberra Cup - OPAdmiral Chimes1987GU333 Admiral HalseyHistoric Time
1992ACT Canberra Cup - OPSmart Paleface1986MA73 Paleface AdiosSwashbuckler
1991ACT Canberra Cup - OPGenerator1986GN157 GammaliteTarport Bill
1990ACT Canberra Cup - OPThorate1982MN11 King KellanieCollaborate
1989ACT Canberra Cup - OPThe Pygmy1983GN1 Farm TimerRip Van Winkle
1986ACT Canberra Cup - OPTrue Delight1980GA225 True DuaneCogedar
1985ACT Canberra Cup - OPBundanoon1977MA308 Greentree JoeyAdios Kidd
1984ACT Canberra Cup - OPWilladios1976MA30 Deep AdiosRingo
1983ACT Canberra Cup - OPTricky One1977GN79 OvertrickStormyway
2019ACT Canberra Derby - 3First String2015MU4 Roll With JoeMach Three
2018ACT Canberra Derby - 3Mackeral2014GU10 McArdleVillage Jasper
2017ACT Canberra Derby - 3Our Triple Play2013MN10 Shadow PlayMach Three
2013ACT Canberra Derby - 3Rustys Reject2009FA6 Blissfull HallDM Dilinger
2011ACT Canberra Derby - 3Astronaut2007GU308 Bettors DelightTorado Hanover
2010ACT Canberra Derby - 3Johnnys Boys2006MN159 Modern ArtSun Lamp
2009ACT Canberra Derby - 3Wreck Tangles2005MU303 Island FantasyTroublemaker
2007ACT Canberra Derby - 3Lombo Mandingo2003MN2 Million To OneDouble Wipe
2006ACT Canberra Derby - 3Holy Camp Road2002MN10 Christian CullenScene Topper
2005ACT Canberra Derby - 3Rebelle2001GN27 StatureShipps Fella
2004ACT Canberra Derby - 3Jackson Grant2000GN17 PanoramaWestburn Grant
2003ACT Canberra Derby - 3Camlach1999MA82 Western HanoverGammalite
2002ACT Canberra Derby - 3Cashel Lugh1998GU13 Falcon SeelsterMost Happy Fella
2001ACT Canberra Derby - 3Apollo Greed1997MA135 Silent SpringMonarch Hanover
1999ACT Canberra Derby - 3Silky Pockets1995MA1 In The PocketSmooth Fella
1998ACT Canberra Derby - 3Give Me Heaps1994FA45 The Executive ActionDeep Adios
1997ACT Canberra Derby - 3Happy Feet1993MN8 Fortitude HanoverLordship
1996ACT Canberra Derby - 3Whisky George1992GA153 Fortitude HanoverTarport Bill
1994ACT Canberra Derby - 3Weona Brave1990MN45 French ChefHilarious Way
1993ACT Canberra Derby - 3Gateman1989GN57 Champagne HappyScottish Hanover
1992ACT Canberra Derby - 3Smart Son1988MU4 Holmes HanoverEl Patron
1991ACT Canberra Derby - 3Pale Whisky1987MN69 Paleface AdiosTimely Knight
1986ACT Canberra Derby - 3Michael Way1982MA114 Michael FrostReal Light
1985ACT Canberra Derby - 3Grand Delight1981GA225 Grand ThorCogedar
1984ACT Canberra Derby - 3Paleface Bubble1980GN4 Paleface AdiosLumber Dream
1983ACT Canberra Derby - 3Bordeaux1979GA206 Tarport BillCaroldon Lehigh
1982ACT Canberra Derby - 3Mighty Hurricane1978MN4 Armbro HurricaneBachelor Hanover
1981ACT Canberra Derby - 3Gundary Flyer1977MN35 Good FlyerJocose
1980ACT Canberra Derby - 3Undertrick1976MN5 OvertrickAdios Butler
1979ACT Canberra Derby - 3Girls Choice1975FA6 Amerigo HanoverGolden Adios
1978ACT Canberra Derby - 3Ragtime Boy1974MA320 Liberace HanoverFirst Variety
1976ACT Canberra Derby - 3Junction Road1972MA82 Gallymont RoadSocial Sam
1975ACT Canberra Derby - 3Gallymont Scott1971MA29 Nick ScottSparkling Raid
1974ACT Canberra Derby - 3Lord Adios1970MA208 Double AdiosSpringfield Globe
1973ACT Canberra Derby - 3Paleface Adios1969MA422 Deep AdiosBrigade Command
1972ACT Canberra Derby - 3Valiant Girl1968FN302 Blazing GlobeRed Flare
1971ACT Canberra Derby - 3Coomeroo1967MN5 StormywayCaptain Adios
1970ACT Canberra Derby - 3Canu Bay1966GN17 Goose BayRaiarmagh
1969ACT Canberra Derby - 3First Patch1965MA320 First VarietyRaglo
1993ACT Canberra Flying MileHilarious Gent1987GN36 HilarionRegal Yankee
1991ACT Canberra Flying MileOur Peterman1984MN1 Nat LobellPeter Tryax
1990ACT Canberra Flying MileBand Magic1986MN136 Big Band SoundGaviland
1989ACT Canberra Flying MileWestburn Grant1985MU300 Land GrantLumber Dream
1986ACT Canberra Flying MileYoung Pride1977GN55 Young CharlesGarrison Hanover
1985ACT Canberra Flying MileBat Del1980FU30 BatmanArmbro Del
1983-2ACT Canberra Flying MileGundary Flyer1977MN35 Good FlyerJocose
1983-1ACT Canberra Flying MileFriendly Footman1975MU319 The FootmanKudos
1982ACT Canberra Flying MileFriendly Footman1975MU319 The FootmanKudos
1981ACT Canberra Flying MilePaleface Adios1969MA422 Deep AdiosBrigade Command
1979ACT Canberra Flying MileJunction Road1972MA82 Gallymont RoadSocial Sam
1978ACT Canberra Flying MileDint1973FN50 LordshipForward
1977ACT Canberra Flying MilePaleface Adios1969MA422 Deep AdiosBrigade Command
1976ACT Canberra Flying MilePaleface Adios1969MA422 Deep AdiosBrigade Command
1975ACT Canberra Flying MilePaleface Adios1969MA422 Deep AdiosBrigade Command
1974ACT Canberra Flying MilePaleface Adios1969MA422 Deep AdiosBrigade Command
1973ACT Canberra Flying MileJust Too Good1967MU313 Deep AdiosBrigade Command
1972ACT Canberra Flying MileManaroa1965MN13 MoranoFlying Song
2019ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fMiss Halfpenny2015FN12 American IdealChristian Cullen
2018ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fNever Been Said2014FU5 Well SaidMach Three
2011ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fLouisa Lobell2007FU316 Jeremy LobellOrange Sovereign
2010ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fCharlotte Brew2006FN64 Mach ThreeCaprock
2007ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fDance of Life2003FN3 Live Or DieSmooth Fella
2006ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fTrumbyies Life2002FA165 Strong LifeShipps Fella
2005ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fArk Princess2001FU306 IraklisClassic Garry
2004ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fPetousa2000FN32 Western HanoverStature
2003ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fAshlees Babe1999FU30 Armbro OperativeKentucky
2002ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fSunny Shannon1998FN2 Armbro OperativeNeros BB
2001ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fMinnie Minahan1997FN3 Whats NextVance Hanover
2000ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fRua Raumati1996FU21 Totally RuthlessStorm Damage
1999ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fGidgee Star1995FN27 Shipps FellaAksarben
1998ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fLadyofdistinction1994FN33 StatureCaesar Blue Chip
1997ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fAmanda Woodward1993FN33 Genghis KhanLyss Hanover
1995ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fSmokey Nation1991FA158 InsubordinationSmoke Cloud
1994ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fWaikare Rhapsody1990FU316 French ChefThor Hanover
1993ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fThe Real Koala1989FA68 Big Band SoundSmart Lobell
1992ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fClassic Rhythm1988FA3 ConventioneerGarrison Hanover
1991ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fNot Run   
1990ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fFour Penny Dark1986FU303 Monarch HanoverThor Hanover
1989ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fContessa Michelle1985FN30 Big Band SoundTrue Averil
1988ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fTaketa1984FA27 King RancioCaroldon Lehigh
1985ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fChev Val1981FA136 Mount HobsonKoala Frost
1984ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fLyndal Hanover1980FA6 Menges HanoverStormyway
1983ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fBonnie Mel1979FN9 National ByrdHonest Time
1982ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fJudith Kelly1978FN83 Select YankeeSpringflex
1981ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fLomond1977FA20 GavilandDanny Hanover
1980ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fMiss Charity1976FA64 Time HonoredHyperbole
1979ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fAutomatic Tie1975FU323 Black TieAvian Lawn
1978ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fLucky Kiwi1974FN11 Eagle ArmbroHi Los Forbes
1977ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fCheryls Delight1973FA225 CogedarPoplar Bill
1976ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fOnly Dream1972FA360 Sparkling MeadowHanover Garrison
1975ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fMiss Kenmore1971FA2 Challenge MeThunder On
1974ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fPerfect Freight1970FN89 Trainer HanoverLawn Raider
1973ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fGoobra Joan1969FA473 Raider FrostWorthy Dillon
1972ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fValiant Girl1968FN302 Blazing GlobeRed Flare
1971ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fEenalla1967FA439 First VarietyDandy Spear
1970ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fGay Vienna1966FA474 Gay RevelerDauntless Peter
1969ACT Canberra Oaks - 3fHanover Bound1965FN33 ChamferRibands
2019ACT Canberra Sapling - 2   
2017ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Bella Ball Terror2014GU308 Western TerrorArtesian
2014ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Casino Grin2011GU301 GrinfromeartoearTrump Casino
2011ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Essbee Doubleyou2008MN34 Presidential BallButler BG
2010ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Our Mach Leigh2007MU303 Mach ThreeHolmes Hanover
2009ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Dancewithagrin2006FN6 GrinfromeartoearSafely Kept
2007ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Shenanigan Shannon2004GN2 Armbro OperativeNeros BB
2004ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Dare You Bob2001GU300 Dare You ToBig Band Sound
2003ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Mark Shannon2000GN14 PanoramaHolmes Hanover
2002ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Idol Stride1999FN7 Armbro OperativeStriking Force
2001ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Vinny Hanover1998MU2 StatureArmbro Aussie
1999ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Gold King1996GA6 Silent SpringGammalite
1998ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Kybean Chief1995MA110 BrewingThor Hanover
1996ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Silent Bye1993GA3 ResonatorLumber Dream
1995ACT Canberra Sapling - 2The Gunslinger1992GN135 UndertrickTrenchcoat
1994ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Allsoeasy1991GU309 Maple Lanes StrikeJerry Adios
1993ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Jerrys Fame1990MA171 Jeremy LobellKnowing Fame
1992ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Look Sharp1989GU30 Merchant MarineIronstone Fella
1991ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Polo Three1988GA135 UndertrickWild Rover
1990ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Clear Advice1987MN1 Under A CloudOut To Win
1989ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Armbreeze1986FN218 Armbro WhizVicar Hanover
1985ACT Canberra Sapling - 2The Rio Star1982GN99 Stanley RioCaptain Frost
1983ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Great Ambition1980FA153 Paleface AdiosHondo Hanover
1981ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Gallymont Little Rock1978MA317 Bye Bye ScottNick Scott
1980ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Snip and Clip1977MA27 Glen GarryFirst Variety
1979ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Local Pride1976MA318 Local AyrMarvan
1978ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Friendly Footman1975MU319 The FootmanKudos
1977ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Vision Hanover1974MN10 Menges HanoverLumber Dream
1976ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Adeste Fedelis1973GA111 Royal DollarMorris Eden
1975ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Koala King1972MU311 Koala FrostU Scott
1974ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Willie Rip1971MN50 GoodlandLight Brigade
1973ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Flying Heel1970MN47 Bravado HanoverScottish Star
1972ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Tidy James1969MA28 James ScottSpringfield Globe
1971ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Twenty Cents1968FU30 Please NoteGold Change
1970ACT Canberra Sapling - 2Aachen Royal1967MN5 AachenMeadow Chief
1993ACT Canberra Trotters CupKaz1987GU300 Big Band SoundSmart Lobell
1986ACT Canberra Trotters CupDesota Speed1976GA1584Speed SupremeMonds Gift
1980ACT National Stallion Stakes -2cBlack Trick1977MA338 OvertrickByebye Bill
1979ACT National Stallion Stakes -2cSpot On Idol1976MA67 Armbro IdolGay Reveler
1978ACT National Stallion Stakes -2cTidy Jason1975MA27 Tidy JamesFirst Variety
1977ACT National Stallion Stakes -2cVision Hanover1974MN10 Menges HanoverLumber Dream
1976ACT National Stallion Stakes -2cSammy Karamea1973MN12 Berra HanoverLight Brigade
1980ACT National Stallion Stakes -2fLomond1977FA20 GavilandDanny Hanover
1979ACT National Stallion Stakes -2fO'Hanlon Girl1976FA225 Aachen RoyalPoplar Bill
1978ACT National Stallion Stakes -2fToliver Gigi1975FU325 Toliver HanoverGarrison Hanover
1977ACT National Stallion Stakes -2fEva Thor1974FN1 Thor HanoverStormyway
1976ACT National Stallion Stakes -2fJane Ayr1973FA11 Glen GarryFirst Variety
1964NSW Goulburn Sapling -2Battleship1961MN4 Smokey HanoverU Scott
1969NSW Southern District Sapling -2Kiwi Lad1966MN43 GoodlandU Scott
1977NSW Western District Derby - 3Deep Addition1973MA231 Deep AdiosRaider Frost
1967NSW Western District Derby - 3Sammy Wirra1963MA73 EsquireWirra Walla
1955NSW Western District Derby - 3Miniature Bill1951MA608 Loyal RaiderWirra Walla
1981NSW Western District Sapling - 2Gallymont Little Rock1978MA317 Bye Bye ScottNick Scott
1976NSW Western District Sapling - 2Rowan Garry1973MA14 Garry RowanStanton Hal
1972NSW Western District Sapling - 2Smokey Bravado1969MN203 Bravado HanoverMaster Lawn
1963NSW Western District Sapling - 2Eagle Flight1960FA1341Van GradonLawn Derby
1958NSW Western District Sapling - 2Harvey Dual1955MA1342DuraliumRock Star