107 Results for Charlton Park (Charlton, VIC, Australia) - Track Length is 960m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2007Vic Boort CupImmortal Quest1999GU13 Sands A FlyinNew York Motoring
2006Vic Boort CupPoppys Boy1997GU329 Fake LeftCaesar Blue Chip
2008Vic Boort Trotters Cup -OTJacques La Mer1999GN242 SundonSergio Hanover
2007Vic Boort Trotters Cup -OTLe Petit Corporal2000GU5 Perfect ArtArmbro Demon
2006Vic Boort Trotters Cup -OTTennotrump2001MN25 A Go Go LauxmontOvertrick
2015Vic Central Vic Pacing C'shipMajor Secret2010MU302 Art MajorSafely Kept
2013Vic Central Vic Pacing C'shipRestrepo2008MN7 Art MajorDM Dilinger
2012Vic Central Vic Pacing C'shipTentolife2006GA4 Life SignGenghis Khan
2009Vic Central Vic Pacing C'shipShowdownatmidnight2003GA20 DM DilingerNorthern Lights
2007Vic Central Vic Pacing C'shipPacific Union2002GN222 Union GuyArmbro Kojak
2006Vic Central Vic Pacing C'shipAlbert Terrill2001GN13 Albert AlbertKentucky
2015Vic Central Vic Trotting C'shipIm Stately2010MA131 Majestic SonSundon
2013Vic Central Vic Trotting C'shipTendaho2008GA31 TennotrumpRed Coach Glory
2012Vic Central Vic Trotting C'shipLiving Bonus2007GU302 Village JasperBarnett Hanover
2009Vic Central Vic Trotting C'shipGentle Image2003MA6 Yentls ImageSamadhi
2007Vic Central Vic Trotting C'shipConquer All2002GA1 SundonArmbro Invasion
2006Vic Central Vic Trotting C'shipFalse Gem2001FA35 SJs PhotoPreux Chevalier
2004Vic Central Vic Trotting C'shipGun of A Son1998GN25 SundonFrench Chef
1999Vic Central Vic Trotting C'shipRiegle Boy1993MA23 Riegle LobellBravado Hanover
1994Vic Central Vic Trotting C'shipZutalor1989GN26 Gee WhizGekoj
1981Vic Charlton Breeders -2Trembath1978GA29 Hilarious WayChief Rainbow
1980Vic Charlton Breeders -2United Boy1977GN8 StuporToreador Hanover
1979Vic Charlton Breeders -2Adios Supreme1976GU313 Deep AdiosBrahman
1978Vic Charlton Breeders -2El Cabello1975GN311 Select YankeeBrahman
1977Vic Charlton Breeders -2Brad Adios1974MU30 Brad HanoverArmbro Del
1976Vic Charlton Breeders -2King Carramar1973MN48 Thor HanoverScottish Brigade
1981Vic Charlton Breeders -2fMarmalade Girl1978FA331 Magnus ApolloRuling Monarch
1980Vic Charlton Breeders -2fSister Padua1977FA282 GavilandCrimean
1979Vic Charlton Breeders -2fMargaret Lobell1976FA634 Leander LobellShy Songster
1978Vic Charlton Breeders -2fStylish Choice1975FA2 Leopard HanoverMeadow Lad
1977Vic Charlton Breeders -2fRichmond Toolain1974MA52 Tarport BoyAachen
1976Vic Charlton Breeders -2fShang a Lang1973FA66 Royal DollarShire Raider
1929Vic Charlton Cup (original)My Pal1922MA1602Marble ArchCharming Bells
1928Vic Charlton Cup (original)Enice Direct1922FU1379DirectwayFirst Voyage
2018Vic Charlton Cup Day 3YO ClassicCall Me Hector2014MN70 Art MajorMach Three
2017Vic Charlton Cup Day 3YO ClassicEmain Macha2013GN27 SafariMach Three
2016Vic Charlton Cup Day 3YO ClassicThe Jet Player2012MU11 Jeremes JetPerfect Art
2015Vic Charlton Cup Day 3YO ClassicRicimer2011GN41 PonderDream Away
2014Vic Charlton Cup Day 3YO ClassicHectorjayjay2010GN69 Dream AwayTorado Hanover
2018Vic Charlton Pacing CupClancys Fobwatch2009GA17 Lombo Pocket WatchCatch A Flight
2017Vic Charlton Pacing CupMilly Perez2010FU2 Four Starzzz SharkVillage Jasper
2016Vic Charlton Pacing CupJadahson2007MU11 Falcon SeelsterTotally Ruthless
2015Vic Charlton Pacing CupBarynya2010FN3 Blissfull HallPerfect Art
2014Vic Charlton Pacing CupUncle Wingnut2007GN20 Christian CullenFalcon Seelster
2013Vic Charlton Pacing CupUncle Wingnut2007GN20 Christian CullenFalcon Seelster
2012Vic Charlton Pacing CupAbettorpunt2007GN27 Bettors DelightSokys Atom
2011Vic Charlton Pacing CupOur Hillview Gold2006GN40 Badlands HanoverFalcon Seelster
2010Vic Charlton Pacing CupJust Wal2001GN70 Walton HanoverReorder
2009Vic Charlton Pacing CupOhoka Utah2004GU303 Christian CullenFalcon Seelster
2008Vic Charlton Pacing CupRoad To Rainbow2002GN4 Sports TownClassic Garry
2007Vic Charlton Pacing CupBlakey2000GN15 Island GlowTorado Hanover
2006Vic Charlton Pacing CupPoppys Boy1997GU329 Fake LeftCaesar Blue Chip
2005Vic Charlton Pacing CupCool Chip1998GU312 Miles McCoolTransport Chip
2004Vic Charlton Pacing CupSir Romulus1997MU301 The UnicornRhett
2003Vic Charlton Pacing CupThe Good Guy1998GN29 Armbro OperativeInner Circle
2002Vic Charlton Pacing CupJilliby Magic1995FA76 Safely KeptWindshield Wiper
2001Vic Charlton Pacing CupLoaded Hog1993GN8 OK ByeRashad
2000Vic Charlton Pacing CupShow of Hands1994GU318 Safely KeptWaitaki Elect
1999Vic Charlton Pacing CupRosco Robust1992GA148 Kawartha RobustBrad Wejover
1998Vic Charlton Pacing CupLow Bronze1990MA138 Low ManProud Baron
1997Vic Charlton Pacing CupRyans Day1989GU302 Preux ChevalierSmooth Fella
1996Vic Charlton Pacing CupCocos Dream1988GN32 Vance HanoverLumber Dream
1938Vic Charlton TC FlyingThe Admiral1922MA514 Admiral WoodSiam
1931Vic Charlton TC FlyingValma Wood1923FA1059Admiral WoodClarke McKinney
1929Vic Charlton TC FlyingDaphne Bells1922FA263 AlmostEgan Bells
1928Vic Charlton TC FlyingDirect Lad1912GA797 BronteDirectway
1938Vic Charlton TC OpenDuke Cole1931GA349 Cole KingForest King
1931Vic Charlton TC Opendark Hope192-GA899 Directway colt
2018Vic Charlton Trotters CupThe Boss Man2009GU310 Bacardi LindySundon
2017Vic Charlton Trotters CupSunny Ruby2011FU8 SundonBritewell
2016Vic Charlton Trotters CupSuper Zeck2009GN4 Modern ArtBeach Towel
2015Vic Charlton Trotters CupLord Liam2009GN235 Dream VacationArmbro Invasion
2014Vic Charlton Trotters CupStoned I Am2007GN26 SundonKeystone Salute
2013Vic Charlton Trotters CupMotu Young Jacob2005GN8 Armbro InvasionMotu Mister Smooth
2012Vic Charlton Trotters CupBackas Cobber2006GA52 Conch DevilleDundee Butler
2011Vic Charlton Trotters CupLenny Lewis2002GU332 SundonSpeed Supreme
2010Vic Charlton Trotters CupThepowerofhealing2002FU300 Maoris IdolExtrovert
2009Vic Charlton Trotters CupOutlooking2002GN6 Now Another LookGee Whiz
2008Vic Charlton Trotters CupHi Jinks2001GN68 Wesgate VictoryEchelon
2007Vic Charlton Trotters CupTee Cee County1998GU2 My Handsome FellaArmbro Wolf
2006Vic Charlton Trotters CupBrite Hope1999GN43 BritewellGame Pride
2005Vic Charlton Trotters CupSilent Pictureshow1998GN11 Keystone CrosbySpeed Supreme
2004Vic Charlton Trotters CupRockey1991GA51 Keystone GondolaMt Everest
2003Vic Charlton Trotters CupScandinavian1995GN15 Keystone SaluteLopez Hanover
2002Vic Charlton Trotters CupRockey1991GA51 Keystone GondolaMt Everest
2001Vic Charlton Trotters CupClaes1995GN16 Red Coach GloryRCs Dee Jay
2000Vic Charlton Trotters CupGate Keeper1993GN21 OK ByeToliver Hanover
1999Vic Charlton Trotters CupFull Time1990GN26 Game PrideBeau Nonantais
1998Vic Charlton Trotters CupEric Booth1992GU42 Booth HanoverCute Van
1997Vic Charlton Trotters CupAllawart Ray1992MA479 Speed SupremeJessee Hanover
1996Vic Charlton Trotters CupLarry Do1989GA35 Maoris IdolTony Bear
2009-1Vic St Arnaud CupFew Good Men2003GU302 PanoramaSafely Kept
2007Vic St Arnaud CupDontfencemein1999GN9 Fake LeftTricky Dick
2006Vic St Arnaud CupPoppys Boy1997GU329 Fake LeftCaesar Blue Chip
2005Vic St Arnaud CupDaroobalgie1997MA1 Nuke Of EarlApollo Eleven
2008Vic St Arnaud Trotters CupSunny Elegant2003FA18 SundonTuff Choice
2007Vic St Arnaud Trotters CupBeleva2002GU302 Maoris IdolSafely Kept
2006Vic St Arnaud Trotters CupCountessa Hest2001FN19 EarlGee Whiz
2005Vic St Arnaud Trotters CupViva La Fever2000GN25 Village JasperFrench Chef
2008Vic Wedderburn CupThats Mister Ali2004GN2 Pacific FellaFalcon Seelster
2007Vic Wedderburn CupJadah Rose2002FU11 Totally RuthlessArmbro Aussie
2006Vic Wedderburn CupBlakey2000GN15 Island GlowTorado Hanover
2005Vic Wedderburn CupMassarua1998GU302 Armbro OperativeWindshield Wiper
2008Vic Wedderburn Trotters CupEringa Belle2002FN25 Safely KeptFrench Chef
2007Vic Wedderburn Trotters CupWill Trapper2001GA13 Keystone SaluteSpeed Supreme
2006Vic Wedderburn Trotters CupBacka Beyond2000GA52 ExtrovertDundee Butler
2005Vic Wedderburn Trotters CupKiwi Demand2000GN112 StraphangerBogart Hanover