38 Results for Dubbo (Dubbo, NSW, Australia) - Track Length is 805m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2011NSW Championship -4/5Royal Surprise2005MN41 Brioso HanoverIn The Pocket
2010NSW Championship -4/5Intoxicated2005FA4 Brioso HanoverFake Left
2009NSW Championship -4/5Panorama Swing2003MN3 PanoramaArmbro Unitas
2007NSW Championship -4/5Quick Approval2002MU331 Christian CullenTompkins Hanover
1986NSW Dubbo Trotters CupDesota Speed1976GA1584Speed SupremeMonds Gift
2017NSW Red Ochre Mares ClassicIma Mystery Girl2012FA350 Village JasperJeremy Lobell
2016NSW Red Ochre Mares ClassicMaudie Mombassa2011FN5 Art MajorArmbro Oliver
2015NSW Red Ochre Mares ClassicFreedom Is2010FN52 Courage Under FireCaprock
2014NSW Red Ochre Mares ClassicPas Ultimate Delight2009FN37 Bettors DelightChristian Cullen
2013NSW Red Ochre Mares ClassicHirising2008FU10 Dawn ofa New DayDM Dilinger
2012NSW Red Ochre Mares ClassicMiss Rockabella2007FU2 Art MajorBeach Towel
2011NSW Red Ochre Mares ClassicOur Sixpence2006FN12 Holmes HanoverOK Bye
2010NSW Red Ochre Mares ClassicLady Peyton2005FN41 Presidential BallSands A Flyin
2009NSW Red Ochre Mares ClassicMandy Rambo2004FN9 Strong LifeTelemon Hanover
2008NSW Red Ochre Mares ClassicHolmencontents2002FU300 Holmes HanoverTroublemaker
2007NSW Red Ochre Mares ClassicSunnyside Lass2002FA143 Strong LifeInsubordination
2006NSW Red Ochre Mares ClassicDance With Olive2000FN14 PanoramaDancing Master
2005NSW Red Ochre Mares ClassicJuslika2000FU300 PanoramaBig Band Sound
2004NSW Red Ochre Mares ClassicClever Tune1997FU331 Band MagicTompkins Hanover
2001NSW Red Ochre Mares ClassicKool Karloo1995GN12 TroublemakerSokys Atom
2000NSW Red Ochre Mares ClassicCandyrama1995FA183 PanoramaBest Bizzare
1971NSW WDTA ChampionshipBlue Ren1965FA990 Bruce HallVan Ayr
1970NSW WDTA ChampionshipStevie John1965GN314 Adios DelSilver Peak
1971NSW WDTA CupJustuwait1966MU316 Adios KiddSilver Peak
1970NSW WDTA CupFrosty Peak1963MA289 Raider FrostSilver Peak
1971NSW WDTA Debutant -2Bold Biami1968MA295 StormywayRobert Innis
1970NSW WDTA Debutant -2Maroomba Sands1967MA437 Sandy VoloSpringfield Globe
2017NSW Western District Derby - 3Conviction2013GN83 For A ReasonSafely Kept
2014NSW Western District Derby - 3Mattjestic Star2010GN2 Royal MattjestyJennas Beach Boy
1988NSW Western District Derby - 3Meadow Piper1984GA898Bye Bye ScottBye Bye Scott
1987NSW Western District Derby - 3Ring of Light1983FN14 Afella RainbowScottish Hanover
1984NSW Western District Derby - 3Teramby Lodge1980GA143 Tiff N TimeBlazing Globe
1980NSW Western District Derby - 3Flamboyant1976GU301 Thor HanoverLumber Dream
1974NSW Western District Derby - 3Honest Valley1970MA389 Honest E DSilver Peak
1969NSW Western District Derby - 3Aylwen1965MA204 Smokey HanoverStarwyn
1964NSW Western District Derby - 3Noted Empress1960FA269 Red EmperorVan Derby
1979NSW Western District Sapling - 2Lazy Lord1976MN76 LordshipTuft
1973NSW Western District Sapling - 2Epic Way1970GN95 Adios KiddSilver Peak