88 Results for Frank Ryan Raceway (Echuca, VIC, Australia) - Track Length is 805m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2017Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTSky Petite2012FU300 SkyvalleyMaoris Idol
2016Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTRostevarren2006GU42 Band Of ChipsArmbro Demon
2015Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTBellmac Kody2009GA515 Bacardi LindyRed Coach Glory
2014Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTTsonga2006GU32 Sierra KosmosArmbro Goal
2013Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTIllawong Magic2006GU5 KadabraMaoris Idol
2012Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTSalute To Wagon2003GN25 Wagon ApolloKeystone Salute
2011Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTBarneys Invasion2002GN51 Armbro InvasionNardins Byrd
2010Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTThepowerofhealing2002FU300 Maoris IdolExtrovert
2009Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTDream A Moment2002FN1 EarlArmbro Invasion
2008Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTStefanys Handshake2000GN196 Keystone GondolaSpeed Supreme
2007Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTBuntys Invasion1996GN75 Armbro InvasionGaines Minbar
2006Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTAction After Dark1997GN26 Keystone SaluteRCs Dee Jay
2005Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTAction After Dark1997GN26 Keystone SaluteRCs Dee Jay
2004Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTKyvalley Road1999GN8 Lindy LaneChiola Hanover
2003Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTFrosty Vee Bee1996GA83 Maoris IdolTarport Low
2002Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTSon Of Flair1996MA63 Red Coach GloryEntrepreneur
2001Vic Connelly Crystal Bucket - OTGewgaw1994MA35 RCs Dee JayRodilo
2017Vic Echuca Pacing CupStormfortheboys2008GN32 Famous ForeverCaesar Blue Chip
2016Vic Echuca Pacing CupSkippy Rascal2009GN36 Live Or DieMan Around Town
2015Vic Echuca Pacing CupSmudge Bromac2005MN15 Falcon SeelsterLive Or Die
2014Vic Echuca Pacing CupArber2006GU302 Village JasperKeystone Scotch
2013Vic Echuca Pacing CupOur Blackbird2007GN128 Bettors DelightMajestic Chance
2012Vic Echuca Pacing CupPocket Boy2003GN56 In The PocketBoyden Hanover
2011Vic Echuca Pacing CupTanabi Bromac2004GN64 Live Or DieVillage Jasper
2010Vic Echuca Pacing CupDazed and Confused2004FN2 TroublemakerWalton Hanover
2009Vic Echuca Pacing CupWideford Hill2001GN10 Dream AwayVance Hanover
2008Vic Echuca Pacing CupLennon2000GN28 In The PocketVance Hanover
2007Vic Echuca Pacing CupPoppys Boy1997GU329 Fake LeftCaesar Blue Chip
2006Vic Echuca Pacing CupCashel Uisce1999GU26 Falcon SeelsterDevils Adversary
2005Vic Echuca Pacing CupHanover Zip1994GN42 Holmes HanoverLordship
2004Vic Echuca Pacing CupCool Chip1998GU312 Miles McCoolTransport Chip
2003Vic Echuca Pacing CupSeelster Score1998MN3 Falcon SeelsterVance Hanover
2002Vic Echuca Pacing CupLiving Angel1996FN8 Walton HanoverViking Fury
2001Vic Echuca Pacing CupColbruce1993MA142 Muckalee StrikeMagnus Apollo
2000Vic Echuca Pacing CupJonells Son1995GN18 Embrace MeTarport Low
1999Vic Echuca Pacing CupKeyafella1993GN49 Son of AfellaKey Club
1998Vic Echuca Pacing CupCountry Duke1993MN69 VintnerKeystone Scotch
1997Vic Echuca Pacing CupKawarthas Reward1991GA147 Kawartha RobustTarport Boy
1996Vic Echuca Pacing CupWindsor Royal1989GN15 Vance HanoverOut To Win
1995Vic Echuca Pacing CupMyrra1989FN23 Vestalba RainbowTarport Skipper
1994Vic Echuca Pacing CupAston Bow1988GN1 Out For GloryAdover Rainbow
1993Vic Echuca Pacing CupLord Greystoke1986GA20 Tarzan Blue ChipGaviland
1992Vic Echuca Pacing CupIts Motor Power1985MN23 New York MotoringGyro
1991Vic Echuca Pacing CupRace Time Mac1985GA42 Inner CircleFort Garrison
1990Vic Echuca Pacing CupAnother Bart1984MA182 Spare HandPaulos Hanover
1989Vic Echuca Pacing CupMedia Man1983GN3 Keystone PebbleMurdock Hanover
1988Vic Echuca Pacing CupGarabaldi Knight1982GA97 Baron GerardFree Hall
1987Vic Echuca Pacing CupAarons Idol1981GU42 EntrepreneurGyro
1986Vic Echuca Pacing CupBorough Birch1979GN33 Shadow StarPetty Officer
1985Vic Echuca Pacing CupBank Buster1977GN29 Armbro LenGene Direct
1984Vic Echuca Pacing CupPanyan1979GN7 Nardins ByrdBachelor Hanover
1983Vic Echuca Pacing CupPinecrest1975GN28 Pine Hill TimeBravado Hanover
1982Vic Echuca Pacing CupBrewers Own1975GN159 Trios ChoiceSkymaster
1981Vic Echuca Pacing CupPaula Morley1975FN59 Paulos HanoverSheffield Globe
1980Vic Echuca Pacing CupSpecial Edition1975MA370 Tarport KingHonest Time
1979Vic Echuca Pacing CupJoueur1972GN2 Dale SpringSilver Peak
1978Vic Echuca Pacing CupOur Spider1969MA33 PipirikiOur Globe
1958Vic Echuca Pacing CupCirculation1949MA326 New DerbyDon Globe
1957Vic Echuca Pacing CupBold Scott1951FA44 Noble ScottNew Derby
1956Vic Echuca Pacing CupReigning Queen1951FA113 Dons AyrRobert Derby
1955Vic Echuca Pacing CupGlen Onie1949FA897 Hampstead DerbyDark Vin
1954Vic Echuca Pacing CupCount Redway1946MA436 Pleasant TourFinley Direct
1953Vic Echuca Pacing CupBaydene1947MA598 Robert DerbyRock Huons Last
1953Vic Echuca Pacing CupLady Armat1949FA124 MiraculousSam Huon
1952Vic Echuca Pacing CupAvian Again1946MA612 Van AyrJoe Avian
1951Vic Echuca Pacing CupGay Venture1946MN9 RaiderGrattan Loyal
1948Vic Echuca Pacing CupSomething New1942MA622 New DerbyBronte
1956Vic Echuca Trotters CupKiandra1948FA1463Peter McElwynNew Derby
2017Vic George Croxford Tribute - 3Cruz2013GU302 American IdealDare You To
2013Vic George Croxford Tribute - 3Sokys Bigbullet2009GN15 Modern ArtSokys Atom
2011Vic George Croxford Tribute - 3Mustang Mach2007MN21 Mach ThreeLive Or Die
2008Vic George Croxford Tribute - 3Tanabi Bromac2004GN64 Live Or DieVillage Jasper
2004Vic George Croxford Tribute - 3However2000GA122 The UnicornLake Hills Jeb
2000Vic George Croxford Tribute - 3Swinging Scooter1996MA17 Stoneridge ScooterWindshield Wiper
2012-1Vic Gunbower CupWartime Sweetheart2006GU302 Courage Under FireSokys Atom
2011Vic Gunbower CupKissmecatie2005FA56 Our Sir VancelotSafely Kept
2010Vic Gunbower CupBunda Cliffs2004GN81 Live Or DieOK Bye
2009Vic Gunbower CupTicket Time2001GA412 Time Stands StillTicket To Heaven
2008Vic Gunbower CupTouch Me Toes2001GN6 Our Sir VancelotSmooth Fella
2007Vic Gunbower CupDoolan Jack2000GU301 Classic GarryKentucky
2006Vic Gunbower CupDallas Page1997GN29 Walton HanoverGood Humor Man
2012-1Vic Gunbower Trot CupPosimistic2006GN24 SJs PhotoGame Pride
2011Vic Gunbower Trot CupMy Mate Claudy2005GA124 Dream VacationTipawin
2010Vic Gunbower Trot CupSharendoo Lass2003FA2 Wind Cries MaoriFrench Chef
2009Vic Gunbower Trot CupMy Missindependent2003FN48 Classic AdamMaoris Idol
2008Vic Gunbower Trot CupTee Cee County1998GU2 My Handsome FellaArmbro Wolf
2007Vic Gunbower Trot CupMands Ralph1997GN1 Safely KeptPlat Du Jour
2006Vic Gunbower Trot CupRunning Pinevale2000FN51 Wesgate VictoryOver The Wall