65 Results for Fraser Downs (Surrey, BC, Canada) - Track Length is 5/8 mile

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2019CAN BC-Betty Millbank -2fProbert2017FU45 DaliBlue Burner
2018CAN BC-Betty Millbank -2fThe Blue Yak2016FU3 Big JimPower of Art
2017CAN BC-Betty Millbank -2fScardy Cat2015FU99 SportswriterGoliath Bayama
2016CAN BC-Betty Millbank -2fYoga Pants2014FU30 SportswriterNorthern Luck
2015CAN BC-Betty Millbank -2fMach and Roll Baby2013FU7 Mach ThreeCambest
2014CAN BC-Betty Millbank -2fKootenay Mystic2012FU11 CamysticSafe N Rich
2013CAN BC-Betty Millbank -2fRun and Tell2011FN185 Power of ArtKents On Nuke
2012CAN BC-Betty Millbank -2fJustnothatintoyou2010FU50 Power of ArtJate Lobell
2011CAN BC-Betty Millbank -2fCheyenne J2009FU12 YoudontknowjackCambest
2010CAN BC-Betty Millbank -2fJust Fiction2008GU50 Kents On NukeMatts Scooter
2009CAN BC-Betty Millbank -2fShes With Me2007FN1 Kents On NukeCamtastic
2008CAN BC-Betty Millbank -2fPromisinggoodnews2006FU30 As PromisedNo Nukes
2019CAN BC-Mary Murphy -3fMrs Suhwiggins2016FU8 Custard the DragonCams Card Shark
2018CAN BC-Mary Murphy -3fScardy Cat2015FU99 SportswriterGoliath Bayama
2017CAN BC-Mary Murphy -3fYoga Pants2014FU30 SportswriterNorthern Luck
2016CAN BC-Mary Murphy -3fMysterious Lady2013FU13 Mystery ChaseCamotion
2015CAN BC-Mary Murphy -3fWatch My Luck2012FU129 CamluckAs Promised
2014CAN BC-Mary Murphy -3fGo To The Windows2011FU7 Allamerican CobaltArtsplace
2013CAN BC-Mary Murphy -3fAllittleforplace2010FU81 Allamerican CobaltArtsplace
2012CAN BC-Mary Murphy -3fTwo Stitches2009FU7 Modern ArtDavids Pass
2011CAN BC-Mary Murphy -3fRed Star Hannah2008FU68 As PromisedScruffy Hanover
2010CAN BC-Mary Murphy -3fMystic Maiden2007FU7 CamysticArtsplace
2009CAN BC-Mary Murphy -3fLegal Suspensory2006FU15 PulledsuspensoryJust Camelot
2008CAN BC-Mary Murphy -3fAlexaastrordinaire2005FU7 AstreosCams Card Shark
2019CAN BC-Robert Millbank -2cMajor Custard2017GU4 Custard the DragonArt Major
2018CAN BC-Robert Millbank -2cMajor Winker2016GU4 Wink N AtchaArt Major
2017CAN BC-Robert Millbank -2cRon Bakardi2015GU7 Badlands HanoverArtsplace
2016CAN BC-Robert Millbank -2cIma Dude2014MU8 Lil Dude StarrbuckCamluck
2015CAN BC-Robert Millbank -2cBobby Dazzler2013GU26 Village JiffyScruffy Hanover
2014CAN BC-Robert Millbank -2cBlissful Angel2012GU107 Blissfull HallGrinfromeartoear
2013CAN BC-Robert Millbank -2cNeed You So Bad2011GU2 American IdealCams Card Shark
2012CAN BC-Robert Millbank -2cNow Playing2010GU10 Usher HanoverCamluck
2011CAN BC-Robert Millbank -2cGotta Have Nukes2009GU9 Kents On NukeAlbert Albert
2010CAN BC-Robert Millbank -2cBranding Party2008GU10 Brandons CowboyWitsends Fiddle
2009CAN BC-Robert Millbank -2cNobody Can2007GU50 Kents On NukeMatts Scooter
2008CAN BC-Robert Millbank -2cPrimary Purpose2006GU78 CammibestDal Reo Hop Sing
2019CAN BC-Robert Murphy -3cKneedeep n Custard2016GU24 Custard the DragonArtsplace
2018CAN BC-Robert Murphy -3cCanadian Pharoh2015GU4 Mach ThreeModern Art
2017CAN BC-Robert Murphy -3cMillbanks Bart2014GU2558SportswriterCambest
2016CAN BC-Robert Murphy -3cBobby Dazzler2013GU26 Village JiffyScruffy Hanover
2015CAN BC-Robert Murphy -3cIllwinifican2012GU3 Allamerican NativeNo Pan Intended
2014CAN BC-Robert Murphy -3cNeed You So Bad2011GU2 American IdealCams Card Shark
2013CAN BC-Robert Murphy -3cWhy We Were Chosen2010MU18 Allamerican CobaltScruffy Hanover
2012CAN BC-Robert Murphy -3cGotta Have Nukes2009GU9 Kents On NukeAlbert Albert
2011CAN BC-Robert Murphy -3cGramrun Jake2008GU7 CamcrackerKentucky Spur
2010CAN BC-Robert Murphy -3cNobody Can2007GU50 Kents On NukeMatts Scooter
2009CAN BC-Robert Murphy -3cCamblazer2006GU50 CamcrackerAlbatross
2008CAN BC-Robert Murphy -3cRoyal Morn2005GU18 Usher HanoverScruffy Hanover
2009CAN Clash of the Pacific -OPStiletto Hall2002GU47 Blissfull HallNo Nukes
2008CAN Clash of the Pacific -OPRound Table Review2002GU55 CambestArmbro Emerson
2007CAN Clash of the Pacific -OPGrand Bend Turbo2002MU7 CamluckAbercrombie
2019CAN Keith Linton Memorial-3cOutlawgrabbingears2016MU53 Smart SharkArtsplace
2018CAN Keith Linton Memorial-3cBoiling Oar2015GU148 Shadow PlayAmerican Ideal
2017CAN Keith Linton Memorial-3cDA Magician2014GU40 Dragon AgainReal Desire
2016CAN Keith Linton Memorial-3cKokanee Seelster2013MU50 CamluckBettors Delight
2015CAN Keith Linton Memorial-3cFirst Class Horse2012MU115 Western TerrorDragon Again
2019CAN Penny Bath Memorial- 3fLady Neigh Neigh2016FU29 Bettors DelightThe Panderosa
2018CAN Penny Bath Memorial- 3fCusdmagicdragon2015FU7 Custard the DragonRocknroll Hanover
2017CAN Penny Bath Memorial- 3fYoga Pants2014FU30 SportswriterNorthern Luck
2016CAN Penny Bath Memorial- 3fSomewhere A Place2013FU4 SomebeachsomewhereArtsplace
2015CAN Penny Bath Memorial- 3fBlue Star Texas2012FU1 Brandons CowboyAs Promised
2014CAN Penny Bath Memorial- 3fTerrormissu2011FU8 Western TerrorCams Card Shark
2013CAN Penny Bath Memorial- 3fSweet Like Candy2010FU2 American IdealArtsplace
2012CAN Penny Bath Memorial- 3fPhone Terror2009FU56 Western TerrorFalcon Seelster
2011CAN Penny Bath Memorial- 3fJust Fiction2008GU50 Kents On NukeMatts Scooter