230 Results for Beckley Park (Geelong, VIC, Australia) - Track Length is 956m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2003Australian Pacing Gold -2fSelf Denial2000FU339 Safely KeptStoneridge Scooter
2011Australian Pacing Gold -3fSheezallattitude2007FN59 Art MajorSafely Kept
2008-4Inter Dominion Pacing Heat (R1)Cincinnati Kid2001MN67 In The PocketSokys Atom
2008-3Inter Dominion Pacing Heat (R1)Penny Veejay2000GA4 Village JasperArmbro Aussie
2008-2Inter Dominion Pacing Heat (R1)Reba Rajah1999GA16 Walton HanoverFrench Chef
2008-1Inter Dominion Pacing Heat (R1)Report for Duty2002GN12 Washington VCSokys Atom
2008-2Inter Dominion Pacing Heat (R2)Blacks a Fake2000GN3 Fake LeftVanston Hanover
2008-1Inter Dominion Pacing Heat (R2)Cincinnati Kid2001MN67 In The PocketSokys Atom
2017Vic Aust. Breeders Crown (Silver) -2cConcealment2014MU308 Art MajorBettors Delight
2017Vic Aust. Breeders Crown (Silver) -2fLove My Sister2014FA2 Art MajorArmbro Operative
2017Vic Aust. Breeders Crown (Silver) -3cBig Gun Johnny2013GN84 Mr FeelgoodHolmes Hanover
2017Vic Aust. Breeders Crown (Silver) -3fCarlas Pixel2013FN7 Courage Under FireArt Major
2017Vic Aust. Breeders Crown (Silver) -3TNieta2013FN59 CR CommandoCR Commando
2008Vic Geelong 3YO Classic - 3TGluteus Maximus2004FN24 Muscles YankeeChiola Hanover
2007Vic Geelong 3YO Classic - 3TMaori Sunshine2003FN25 SundonThor Hanover
2006Vic Geelong 3YO Classic - 3TSundons Tiavon2002FN56 SundonClever Innocence
2005Vic Geelong 3YO Classic - 3TJauriol2001FA51 Wagon ApolloKeystone Gondola
2004Vic Geelong 3YO Classic - 3THurricane Flyer2000GU8 SundonFlorida Pro
2003Vic Geelong 3YO Classic - 3TBackinmyday1999GN4 Chiola ColaGame Pride
2002Vic Geelong 3YO Classic - 3TTender Annie1998FA192 The ContenderKnowing Fame
2001Vic Geelong 3YO Classic - 3TForest View1997GN7 Safely KeptRomeo Hanover
2000Vic Geelong 3YO Classic - 3TTangalan Jack1996FA154 Keystone SaluteKeystone Gondola
1999Vic Geelong 3YO Classic - 3TKeystone Johnny1995GN1 Keystone SaluteSergio Hanover
1998Vic Geelong 3YO Classic - 3THigh Riser1994MA125 Golden GreekMt Everest
1997Vic Geelong 3YO Classic - 3TJust Like Jack1993GN51 Keystone GondolaNardins Byrd
2007Vic Geelong 4YO Classic - 4TDustndiesel2002GN18 Safely KeptPure Steel
2005Vic Geelong 4YO Classic - 4TWicked Wink2000GA95 Malhana GindinMaoris Idol
2004Vic Geelong 4YO Classic - 4TMaster Maori1999GN25 ExtrovertEntrepreneur
2003Vic Geelong 4YO Classic - 4TBackinmyday1999GN4 Chiola ColaGame Pride
2002Vic Geelong 4YO Classic - 4TMacladdie1997GA911 Keystone GondolaStrong Safety
2001Vic Geelong 4YO Classic - 4TTruscott Steel1996GU31 Malhana GindinMuckalee Strike
2000Vic Geelong 4YO Classic - 4TScandinavian1995GN15 Keystone SaluteLopez Hanover
1999Vic Geelong 4YO Classic - 4TPoets Corner1994FN11 La BaySpeed Supreme
2016-2Vic Geelong CupMajor Secret2010MU302 Art MajorSafely Kept
2016-1Vic Geelong CupIt Is Billy2008GN27 It Is IDigger Almahurst
2015Vic Geelong CupArden Rooney2009GN10 Bettors DelightWalton Hanover
2014Vic Geelong CupChilli Palmer2009MN10 ElsuPacific Rocket
2013Vic Geelong CupMelpark Major2003GN47 IraklisForrest Skipper
2012Vic Geelong CupHeza Trick2006GN162 Badlands HanoverCams Trickster
2011Vic Geelong CupSmoken Up2002GU308 Tinted CloudCamtastic
2010Vic Geelong CupOur Malabar2003GN78 Live Or DieFalcon Seelster
2009Vic Geelong CupOur Malabar2003GN78 Live Or DieFalcon Seelster
2008Vic Geelong CupAntigua Bay1999MN14 Albert AlbertClassic Garry
2007Vic Geelong CupSafari1999MU308 Fake LeftTorado Hanover
2006Vic Geelong CupBobs Blue Boy1999GA1 Fake LeftRockne Lobell
2005Vic Geelong CupThe Warp Drive1999MU30 Albert AlbertIn The Pocket
2004Vic Geelong CupSokyola1996GU30 Sokys AtomChiola Hanover
2003Vic Geelong CupCountry Ways1997GN3 CamtasticAdmiral Halsey
2002Vic Geelong CupWally Walton1995MN33 Walton HanoverEmbrace Me
2001Vic Geelong CupThe Major Bid1993GA3 Sharvid AdiosLumber Dream
2000Vic Geelong CupSorrento Star1993FN7 Kawartha RobustHolly Sand
1999Vic Geelong CupOff The Old1991GU302 Black GamecockBravado Hanover
1997Vic Geelong CupOur Millers Road1991MA13 Armbro WhiskyBoykin Hanover
1996Vic Geelong CupHushed World1989GU300 EnterpriseKeystone Provider
1995Vic Geelong CupAdare1988MN13 Black GamecockKeystone Pebble
1994Vic Geelong CupPinball Machine1989MU300 Vestalba RainbowRoyal Dollar
1993Vic Geelong CupFellas Ego1986GU300 Smooth FellaSapling
1992Vic Geelong CupBal Harbor1987MA1 Bo Scots Blue ChipDick Adios
1991Vic Geelong CupLee Marris1983MN7 Tarport LowArmbro Del
1990Vic Geelong CupAdmiral Holliday1986MU301 Admiral HalseyEl Patron
1989Vic Geelong CupDigger Neptune1984MU322 Timely NapoleonChamfer Royal
1988Vic Geelong CupQuite Famous1980MN104 Knowing FameLumber Dream
1987Vic Geelong CupVoight1982GA26 Adios VicTarport Low
1986Vic Geelong CupRiverlea Jack1982MN2 Bravado HanoverDusty Miller
1985Vic Geelong CupQuite Famous1980MN104 Knowing FameLumber Dream
1984Vic Geelong CupPanyan1979GN7 Nardins ByrdBachelor Hanover
1983Vic Geelong CupLassken1978FN4 KentuckyBrahman
1982Vic Geelong CupRomantic Chris1976MN5 Paulos HanoverShy Songster
1981Vic Geelong CupGammalite1976MU306 Thor HanoverIntangible
1980Vic Geelong CupLea Sands1974MA20 Holly SandAnthology
1979Vic Geelong CupAchamar Chief1974MN1 Stepping ChiefDale Spring
1978Vic Geelong CupDimante Hanover1972MN79 Caroldon LehighHundred Proof
1977Vic Geelong CupGraduate Boy1971MN97 PipirikiWalla Lawn
2001Vic Geelong Gold Bracelet -3fSparks A Flyin1997FN62 Sands A FlyinClever Innocence
2000Vic Geelong Gold Bracelet -3fTosca Lombo1996FN2 TroublemakerWindshield Wiper
1998Vic Geelong Gold Bracelet -3fLoch Miss1994FN7 EchelonBylaw
1997Vic Geelong Gold Bracelet -3fEss Cee Elle1993FA4 Riverlea JackMost Chance
1996Vic Geelong Gold Bracelet -3fMissing Charm1992FA7 Jeremy LaurenceTaitama Boy
1995Vic Geelong Gold Bracelet -3fDiamond Belle1991FU101 Butler BGTemujin
2013Vic Geelong Guineas -3Soho Lennon2010MU301 Mach ThreeBeach Towel
2011Vic Geelong Guineas -3Jilliby Master2008GA8 Art MajorKoala King
2010Vic Geelong Guineas -3Dominus Vobiscum2006MN11 Western TerrorSokys Atom
2009Vic Geelong Guineas -3Village of Dreams2005MN84 Village JasperWhats Next
2008Vic Geelong Guineas -3Jaccka Clive2004GN78 Tinted CloudFalcon Seelster
2007Vic Geelong Guineas -3Cosmic Under Fire2003GN9 Courage Under FireTylers Best
2006Vic Geelong Guineas -3Bit of Courage2002MN13 EquitableEmbrace Me
2005Vic Geelong Guineas -3Jilliby Rio2001GA8 In The PocketWhats Next
2004Vic Geelong Guineas -3Willie Walker2000GU303 Village JasperAdios Vic
2003Vic Geelong Guineas -3Howard Bromac1999GU42 Falcon SeelsterHolmes Hanover
2001Vic Geelong Guineas -3Falcons Legacy1997GN67 Falcon SeelsterButler BG
2000Vic Geelong Guineas -3Cameroon1996GA1 CamtasticAndrel
1999Vic Geelong Guineas -3Sky Strike1995GU31 Muckalee StrikeGood Humor Man
1998Vic Geelong Guineas -3Ablazin Star1994MN6 Armbro AussieRichmond
1997Vic Geelong Guineas -3Country Duke1993MN69 VintnerKeystone Scotch
1996Vic Geelong Guineas -3Il Rapido1992MA1 French ChefApollos Way
1995Vic Geelong Guineas -3Best of British1991GU59 Tuapeka KnightAirliner
1994Vic Geelong Guineas -3Doons Port1990GA5 VanderportDream Twinkle
1993Vic Geelong Guineas -3Mark Craig1989MN20 Windshield WiperVance Hanover
1992Vic Geelong Guineas -3Di Biase1988GN222 Admiral HalseyPlay Bill
1991Vic Geelong Guineas -3Boomerang Boy1987GN252 F TroopWaitaki Hanover
1990Vic Geelong Guineas -3Admiral Holliday1986MU301 Admiral HalseyEl Patron
1989Vic Geelong Guineas -3Stormy Bo Scot1985GN40 Bo Scots Blue ChipHoly Hal
1988Vic Geelong Guineas -3Haileys Skipper1984MN59 Brets KnightAdios Green
1987Vic Geelong Guineas -3Current Assets1983FN4 EntrepreneurSpringflex
1986Vic Geelong Guineas -3Ebony Chick1982GA17 Black GamecockSheffield Globe
1985Vic Geelong Guineas -3Kams Joy1981FN23 Hilarious WayGarry Rowan
1984Vic Geelong Guineas -3Pebble Hanover1980GN19 Keystone PebbleNevele Romeo
1983Vic Geelong Guineas -3Pascinelle1979GA122 Dales GiftKing Creed
1982Vic Geelong Guineas -3Victory Sarnel1978MU3 Most Happy FellaColumbia George
1981Vic Geelong Guineas -3Hong Kong Tiger1977MU30 KentuckyPipiriki
1980Vic Geelong Guineas -3Lucky Whisper1976GA345 Quiet WhisperDixie McElwyn
1979Vic Geelong Guineas -3Betalite1975MU306 Hondo HanoverIntangible
1978Vic Geelong Guineas -3Smart Heel1974MN160 Nandina GamecockRaider Frost
1977Vic Geelong Guineas -3Irish Dancer1973MN205 Adios GreenDancer Hanover
2000Vic Geelong Juvenile - 2TOur First Jewel1997GN25 Safely KeptFrench Chef
1999Vic Geelong Juvenile - 2TKlaus Koch1996GA21 The ContenderCottage
1997Vic Geelong Juvenile - 2TMake Mine Classy1994FA58 Speedy ScotchNavy Signal
1996Vic Geelong Juvenile - 2TThe Slow Coach1993GA3 Red Coach GloryMorris Eden
2008Vic Geelong Juvenile -2Jackpot Banker2005MN5 Safely KeptArmbro Operative
2007Vic Geelong Juvenile -2Otaktay2004GA4 Armbro OperativeTroublemaker
2006Vic Geelong Juvenile -2Lively Exit2003MN107 Live Or DieFake Left
2005Vic Geelong Juvenile -2Queens Gambit2002FN2 Jeremys GambitFitch
2004Vic Geelong Juvenile -2The Ultimate One2001GN146 Ultimate FalconLand Grant
2003Vic Geelong Juvenile -2The Sentry2000GU303 Safely KeptOK Bye
2002Vic Geelong Juvenile -2Scruffy Murphy1999GN21 Albert AlbertOK Bye
2001Vic Geelong Juvenile -2Millennium Express1998MU306 Armbro OperativeThe Shrimp Man
2000Vic Geelong Juvenile -2Hes My Idyll1997GN7 Son of AfellaDouble Century
1999Vic Geelong Juvenile -2My Copper Boy1996GN103 Rockne LobellMostest Yankee
1998Vic Geelong Juvenile -2Just A Falcon1995GN10 Son of AfellaTuft
1997Vic Geelong Juvenile -2Greek Gambit1994MU4 Golden GreekGreentree Joey
1996Vic Geelong Juvenile -2King Rainbow1993GN107 Whats NextLand Grant
1995Vic Geelong Juvenile -2Eastburn Grant1992GN31 Land GrantEl Patron
1994Vic Geelong Juvenile -2Mattron1991GA10 Torado HanoverLynden Bye Bye
2013Vic Geelong RocketAbettorpunt2007GN27 Bettors DelightSokys Atom
2012Vic Geelong RocketMelpark Major2003GN47 IraklisForrest Skipper
2011Vic Geelong RocketLets Slash An Burn2004GU30 Christian CullenSokys Atom
2010Vic Geelong RocketSmoken Up2002GU308 Tinted CloudCamtastic
2009Vic Geelong RocketSmoken Up2002GU308 Tinted CloudCamtastic
2008Vic Geelong RocketBlatant Lie2000GU300 Village JasperButler BG
2007Vic Geelong RocketPenny Veejay2000GA4 Village JasperArmbro Aussie
2005Vic Geelong RocketBillabong Girl1998FU303 Classic GarryHilarion
2004Vic Geelong RocketDee Dees Dream1999MU300 CamtasticWindshield Wiper
2003-2Vic Geelong RocketLagoon Lady1996FA4 TroublemakerEmbrace Me
2003-1Vic Geelong RocketShakamaker1995MN12 BookmakerBye And Large
2016-2Vic McNamara Memorial -OTLord Liam2009GN235 Dream VacationArmbro Invasion
2016-1Vic McNamara Memorial -OTDead Cat Bounce2009FN35 RevenueStraphanger
2015Vic McNamara Memorial -OTBellmac Kody2009GA515 Bacardi LindyRed Coach Glory
2014Vic McNamara Memorial -OTEl Paco2008GN11 Yankee PacoRCs Dee Jay
2013Vic McNamara Memorial -OTMy High Expectations2006GU36 Ken WarkentinGarland Lobell
2012Vic McNamara Memorial -OTJeremy Gem2001GN15 Jeremy LobellPaleface Adios
2011Vic McNamara Memorial -OTGo Ahead Makemyday2003GU327 SundonRed Coach Glory
2010Vic McNamara Memorial -OTArmed Guard2003GN22 MonarchyArmbro Invasion
2009Vic McNamara Memorial -OTLleyton H2001GN8 SundonChiola Hanover
2008Vic McNamara Memorial -OTMotu Armbro Scott1999GN149 Armbro InvasionGreat Mann
2007Vic McNamara Memorial -OTConquer All2002GA1 SundonArmbro Invasion
2006Vic McNamara Memorial -OTTennotrump2001MN25 A Go Go LauxmontOvertrick
2005Vic McNamara Memorial -OTCode of Honour1997GA1 Safely KeptEmbrace Me
2004Vic McNamara Memorial -OTAction After Dark1997GN26 Keystone SaluteRCs Dee Jay
2003Vic McNamara Memorial -OTBonbillie Fella1998MU301 Fake LeftLand Grant
2002Vic McNamara Memorial -OTAndandon1997GN43 SundonGee Whiz
2000Vic McNamara Memorial -OTMiss Universe1992FA44 RCs Dee JayArrival
1999Vic McNamara Memorial -OTRiegle Boy1993MA23 Riegle LobellBravado Hanover
1998-2Vic McNamara Memorial -OTChiolas Dragon1988GA1 Chiola HanoverSome Evander
1998-1Vic McNamara Memorial -OTNovander Whiz1992GN132 Gee WhizGreat Evander
1997Vic McNamara Memorial -OTSparkling Eyes1991FA95 Maoris IdolMt Everest
1996Vic McNamara Memorial -OTBreton Abbe1988FN38 Gee WhizScotch Abbe
1995Vic McNamara Memorial -OTTelern Reb1987MA97 Red Coach GloryMeadow Looney
1994Vic McNamara Memorial -OTExemplify1985MN105 DuplicateGay Reveler
1993Vic McNamara Memorial -OTIma Bulldog1984MU346 Honourable GuySpike
1992Vic McNamara Memorial -OTBeau Bradie1986MN8 Muckalee StrikeDaring Deed
1991Vic McNamara Memorial -OTHope Reins Supreme1985GN11 Speed SupremeDelvin Dancer
1990Vic McNamara Memorial -OTMove On Sparky1984MN205 LT ByrdNevele Romeo
1989Vic McNamara Memorial -OTKano Joe1981GN48 Joeys ByrdToledo Hanover
1988Vic McNamara Memorial -OTLord Alias1980MN167 Alias ArmbroScotch Abbe
1987Vic McNamara Memorial -OTMinnesota Fats1979GN4 Shadow StarPipiriki
1986Vic McNamara Memorial -OTAdmiral Aaron1978GA385 The AdmiraltyFriendly John
1985Vic McNamara Memorial -OTAdmiral Aaron1978GA385 The AdmiraltyFriendly John
1984Vic McNamara Memorial -OTLeo Miss1978FA44 Speed SupremeNoble Scott
1983Vic McNamara Memorial -OTMelanie Joy1976FA44 Mt EverestMeadow Vance
1982Vic McNamara Memorial -OTBig General1975GU305 General IdeaSydray
1981Vic McNamara Memorial -OTHampdens Pride1973GA242 Glenburn GoldHuon Raider
1980Vic McNamara Memorial -OTCourt Jester1971MU42 Gay RevelerMeadow Vance
1979Vic McNamara Memorial -OTWeeona Dancer1972MA220 Delvin DancerGood Report
1977-2Vic McNamara Memorial -OTHecs Hope1972MA364 Delvin DancerNoble Mac
1977-1Vic McNamara Memorial -OTGallant Rebel1972MA363 Rebel StarLoyal Raider
2001Vic Opal Pendant -4Namu1996MU308 Fake LeftLand Grant
2000Vic Opal Pendant -4Kamwood Tony1995FU300 Golden GreekVance Hanover
1998Vic Opal Pendant -4Keyafella1993GN49 Son of AfellaKey Club
1997Vic Opal Pendant -4Kamwood Kango1992MU300 Butler BGEstes Minbar
1996Vic Opal Pendant -4Avanti1991GN66 Meadow LooneyAdios Vic
1995Vic Opal Pendant -4The Widows Mite1990GU30 Melvins StrikeWorld Skipper
1994Vic Opal Pendant -4Answer Me1989MN14 Sokys AtomBoyden Hanover
1993Vic Opal Pendant -4Ruger1988GA41 Magnum AlmahurstExpress Byrd
1992Vic Opal Pendant -4Meadowlands Mick1987FN38 Eastern SkipperMeadow Al
1991Vic Opal Pendant -4Classic Jest1986MN68 Classic GarryOvertrick
1990Vic Opal Pendant -4Odds Torado1985GN13 Torado HanoverLyss Hanover
1989Vic Opal Pendant -4Nuclear Bomber1984MA56 Yankee BomberTarport Bret
1988Vic Opal Pendant -4The Pygmy1983GN1 Farm TimerRip Van Winkle
1987Vic Opal Pendant -4Hyperstat1982FU300 EntrepreneurThor Hanover
1986Vic Opal Pendant -4Noble Minbar1981MN7 Gaines MinbarLumber Dream
1985Vic Opal Pendant -4Pebble Hanover1980GN19 Keystone PebbleNevele Romeo
1984Vic Opal Pendant -4Man of the Moment1979GU304 Black GamecockMeadow Vance
1983Vic Opal Pendant -4The Guest of Honour1978GU400 Nardins ByrdFearless Pick
1981Vic Opal Pendant -4Thor Lobell1977GN23 Encore LobellThor Hanover
1980Vic Opal Pendant -4Gammalite1976MU306 Thor HanoverIntangible
1979Vic Opal Pendant -4Bounty1975MN114 Royal DollarHal Tryax
1999Vic SS -3fFrosty Lady1995FN27 Three WizzardsMuckalee Strike
1999Vic SS -3TWest Texas Crude1995MN18 Keystone CrosbyWindshield Wiper
2010Vic The O'KeeffeFranco Sandman2003GN1 Union GuyFalcon Seelster
1999Vic The O'KeeffeAdmirals Avenue1991FA1 Admiral HalseySolo Blue Chip
1992Vic The O'KeeffeSharp Bret1987MU300 Brets CourageAdios Vic
2009Vic Tontine Series - OPJaccka Sandy2004GN4 Jeremys GambitSpeed King
2001Vic Tontine Series - OPMosquito Gold1996GA40 EchelonJefs Blurrr
1994Vic Tontine Series - OPLoves A Dare1990MU312 Sometime LobellRomeo Hanover
2009Vic Tontine Series - OTKellys Nippa2004GN11 Buntys PrideRCs Dee Jay
2001Vic Tontine Series - OTSpookie Boy1994GN106 Electric GuitarRompin Home
1994Vic Tontine Series - OTLarry Do1989GA35 Maoris IdolTony Bear
2010Vic Trotters Derby (heat) - 3TMiami H2006FN8 Muscles YankeeSundon
2000Vic Trotters Derby (heat) - 3TTruscott Steel1996GU31 Malhana GindinMuckalee Strike
1996Vic Trotters Derby (heat) - 3TNational Interest1992GA67 Torado HanoverMagnus Apollo
1994Vic Trotters Derby (heat) - 3TWagon Apollo1990MA97 Red Coach GloryMagnus Apollo
1993Vic Trotters Derby (heat) - 3TThe Proudest1989FU320 RCs Dee JayZiggy Stardust
1992Vic Trotters Derby (heat) - 3TLord Whizz Bang1988MN4 Gee WhizSpry
1991Vic Trotters Derby (heat) - 3TIrish Rhapsody1987MA31 Black IrishShadow Star
1989Vic Trotters Derby (heat) - 3TSouthern Legend1985GA109 Maoris IdolIntangible
1988Vic Trotters Derby (heat) - 3TTable Card1984MU42 RichmondGyro
1987Vic Trotters Derby (heat) - 3TWanganui Wizard1983GU333 Speed SupremePocomoonshine
1984Vic Trotters Derby (heat) - 3TTrue Roman1980GN1 True DuaneLumber Dream
1966Vic Trotters Derby -3TDelvin Dancer1962MN5 Meadow VanceU Scott
2006Vic Youthful -2cWhipair2003MU302 DM DilingerWindshield Wiper