235 Results for Greenwood Raceway (Toronto, ONT, Canada) - Track Length is 5/8 mile

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
1993CAN Canadian Derby -OPStaying Together1989MU140 PanoramaArmbro Alert
1992CAN Canadian Derby -OPArtsplace1988MU1 AbercrombieAlbatross
1991CAN Canadian Derby -OPOdds Against1987MU81 TroublemakerSilent Majority
1990CAN Canadian Derby -OPTopnotcher1986MU24 AbercrombieMost Happy Fella
1989CAN Canadian Derby -OPCamtastic1985MU12 Cam FellaAlbatross
1988CAN Canadian Derby -OPIndian Alert1984MU111 Armbro AlertLightning Strikes
1987CAN Canadian Derby -OPIndian Alert1984MU111 Armbro AlertLightning Strikes
1986CAN Canadian Derby -OPWitsends Gypsy1982MU57 Most Happy FellaRace Time
1985CAN Canadian Derby -OPOn The Road Again1981MU47 Happy MotoringBye Bye Byrd
1984CAN Canadian Derby -OPMr Dalrae1979MU1 Meadow SkipperQueens Adios
1983CAN Canadian Derby -OPCam Fella1979MU21 Most Happy FellaBret Hanover
1982CAN Canadian Derby -OPWillow Wiper1978MU8 Windshield WiperRace Time
1981CAN Canadian Derby -OPRoyce1977MU24 AlbatrossTar Heel
1980CAN Canadian Derby -OPDirect Scooter1976MU16 Sampson DirectNoble Victory
1979CAN Canadian Derby -OPTry Scotch1974MU210 My Scotch BretGreentrees Pride
1978CAN Canadian Derby -OPDream Maker1973MU75 Race TimeKnight Dream
1977CAN Canadian Derby -OPRambling Willie1970GU27 Rambling FuryMeadow Gold
1976CAN Canadian Derby -OPRambling Willie1970GU27 Rambling FuryMeadow Gold
1975CAN Canadian Derby -OPPickwick Baron1971MU22 Baron HanoverIrish Hal
1975CAN Canadian Derby -OPRambling Willie1970GU27 Rambling FuryMeadow Gold
1974CAN Canadian Derby -OPOtaro Hanover1970MU202 Tar HeelAdios
1973CAN Canadian Derby -OPSir Dalrae1969MU1 PorterhouseQueens Adios
1972CAN Canadian Derby -OPAlbatross1968MU6 Meadow SkipperDancer Hanover
1971CAN Canadian Derby -OPKentucky1967MU4 Tar HeelAdios
1970CAN Canadian Derby -OPHorton Hanover1965MU5 Stars PrideScotland
1969CAN Canadian Derby -OPOvercall1963MU2 CapetownHal Dale
1968CAN Canadian Derby -OPTimely Knight1961MU29 Good TimeNibble Hanover
1967CAN Canadian Derby -OPGood Time Boy1963MU2 Good TimeWorthy Boy
1966CAN Canadian Derby -OPHA Meadowland1963MU87 Meadow LandsDirect Brewer
1965CAN Canadian Derby -OPJerry Hal1962MU152 Honest JerryAlpha Hal
1980CAN Celias Counsel -3fTCranford1977FU1 SongcanStars Pride
1979CAN Celias Counsel -3fTPagan Princess1976FU9 SpeedsterVictory Song
1978CAN Celias Counsel -3fTImagery1975FU32 Nevele PrideSpeedster
1977CAN Celias Counsel -3fTSuperlou1974FU6 Super BowlDarnley
1976CAN Celias Counsel -3fTPortia Lobell1973FU6 Noble VictorySpeedster
1975CAN Celias Counsel -3fTSan Juan1972FU32 Noble VictoryFlorican
1974CAN Celias Counsel -3fTNoble Florie1971FU16 Noble VictoryFlorlis
1973CAN Celias Counsel -3fTFlorinda1970FU11 FloricanVictory Song
1972CAN Celias Counsel -3fTDelmonica Hanover1969FU16 Speedy CountKimberly Kid
1971CAN Celias Counsel -3fTDesert Wind1968FU2 FloricanStars Pride
1970CAN Celias Counsel -3fTVanaro1967MU6 Worthy BoyQuel Veinard
1969CAN Celias Counsel -3fTParula1966FU5 Stars PrideRodney
1978CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTIma Lula1973FU69 Hickory PrideSpectator
1977-2CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTPride Of Carlisle1972GU4 CarlisleSpencer Dillon
1977-1CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTIma Lula1973FU69 Hickory PrideSpectator
1976-2CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTDream of Glory1971MU18 Speedy CountHarlan
1976-1CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTSongflori1972MU58 FloricanVictory Song
1975-2CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTDream of Glory1971MU18 Speedy CountHarlan
1975-1CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTSavoir1968GU1 Stars PrideVictory Song
1974CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTElesnar1968MU11 FloricanVictory Song
1973-2CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTFlower Child1967MU6 FlorlisDemon Hanover
1973-1CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTSavoir1968GU1 Stars PrideVictory Song
1972CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTFlower Child1967MU6 FlorlisDemon Hanover
1971CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTDayan1966MU5 Hickory SmokeStars Pride
1970CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTFresh Yankee1963FU6 Hickory PrideTitan Hanover
1969CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTFresh Yankee1963FU6 Hickory PrideTitan Hanover
1968CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTCamper1965MU116 Camp HanoverJerry M
1967CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTCount Rodney1959GU16 RodneyVictory Song
1965CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTSprite Kid1958MU2 Kimberly KidTitan Hanover
1964CAN Civic Holiday Trot -OTArdee1960GU419 Meadow ArtSandy Flash
1980CAN Constance Scott -3fArmbro Vibrant1977FU13 Armbro NesbitAdios Vic
1979CAN Constance Scott -3fRoses are Red1976FU101 Meadow SkipperDancer Hanover
1978CAN Constance Scott -3fHappy Lady1975FU15 Most Happy FellaBengazi Hanover
1977-2CAN Constance Scott -3fAlma Grade1974FU24 AirlinerBengazi Hanover
1977-1CAN Constance Scott -3fFuture Fame1974FU7 AlbatrossOvertrick
1976CAN Constance Scott -3fTarport Crystal1973FU13 Most Happy FellaTar Heel
1975-2CAN Constance Scott -3fGambit Almahurst1972FU42 Shadow WaveGood Time
1975-1CAN Constance Scott -3fBrets Nicki1972FU19 Bret HanoverWalter McKlyo
1974-2CAN Constance Scott -3fBest of Donut1971FU1 Best of AllTar Heel
1974-1CAN Constance Scott -3fHandle With Care1971FU10 Meadow SkipperHillsota
1973-2CAN Constance Scott -3fAll Alert1970FU9 Good TimeWorthy Boy
1973-1CAN Constance Scott -3fNoreen Napoleon1970FU107 Bret HanoverGene Abbe
1972CAN Constance Scott -3fRomalie Hanover1969FU7 Dancer HanoverTar Heel
1971CAN Constance Scott -3fArmbro Louann1968FU26 AirlinerTar Heel
1970CAN Constance Scott -3fBardot Hanover1967FU8 Tar HeelAdios
1969CAN Constance Scott -3fTarport Birdie1966FU24 Bye Bye ByrdThorpe Hanover
1980-2CAN Count B -2cFrench Chef1978MU2 Meadow SkipperNevele Pride
1980-1CAN Count B -2cEternal Star1978MU58 Steady StarAdios Mir
1979CAN Count B -2cDorado Hanover1977FU34 Columbia GeorgeTar Heel
1978-3CAN Count B -2cKeith Lobell1976MU3 NansemondHenry T Adios
1978-2CAN Count B -2cKawartha Skipper1976MU7 Meadow SkipperDancer Hanover
1978-1CAN Count B -2cTown Fiddler1976MU29 Meadow SkipperGood Time
1977-3CAN Count B -2cSkippers Subject1975MU15 Meadow SkipperGood Time
1977-2CAN Count B -2cTarbesto Hanover1975MU13 Best of AllTar Heel
1977-1CAN Count B -2cFlight Director1975MU2 Flying BretSampson Direct
1976-2CAN Count B -2cValdez Hanover1974MU3 Columbia GeorgeTar Heel
1976-1CAN Count B -2cKawartha Eagle1974MU41 NansemondBilly Direct
1975-3CAN Count B -2cPuppet1973MU3 Meadow SkipperAdios
1975-2CAN Count B -2cWindshield Wiper1973MU47 Meadow SkipperBye Bye Byrd
1975-1CAN Count B -2cBit O Fun1973MU19 Good TimeAdios Harry
1974-3CAN Count B -2cHurly Burly1972GU16 Tar HeelSampson Hanover
1974-2CAN Count B -2cJohn V1972MU44 Good TimeThe Widower
1974-1CAN Count B -2cBroadcaster B1972MU8 Meadow SkipperTar Heel
1973-2CAN Count B -2cNational Byrd1971MU30 Bye Bye ByrdTar Heel
1973-1CAN Count B -2cSample Copy1971MU59 Bye Bye ByrdTar Heel
1972-2CAN Count B -2cArmbro Nesbit1970MU10 Bye Bye ByrdCapetown
1972-1CAN Count B -2cWaverlys Truth1970MU21 Adios ButlerGood Time
1971CAN Count B -2cStrike Out1969MU20 Bret HanoverEnsign Hanover
1970CAN Count B -2cTarport Skipper1968MU13 Meadow SkipperDirect Rhythm
1969CAN Count B -2cRomalong1967MU35 Good TimeGuy Abbey
1995CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmAngels Uprising1991FU14 FundamentalistHigh Level
1994CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmMisty Rose1990FU3 Jate LobellNero
1993CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmMerging Light1989FU15 MergerArmbro Omaha
1992CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmNukette1988FU4 No NukesRomeo Hanover
1991CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmMiraculous Lady1987FU14 NiatrossCommitteeman
1990CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmTinycrombie1986FU2 AbercrombieBret Hanover
1989CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmRhyme Hanover1985FU40 Cam FellaAlbatross
1988CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmRampage Almahurst1984FU1 Falcon AlmahurstSampson Hanover
1987CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmSweet Surrey1983FU90 BGs BunnyRace Time
1993CAN Fan Hanover -3fImmortality1990FU35 No NukesAlbatross
1992CAN Fan Hanover -3fSimply Ravishing1989FU7 AbercrombieMeadow Skipper
1991CAN Fan Hanover -3fCams Secretary1988FU2 Cam FellaArmbro Omaha
1990CAN Fan Hanover -3fTown Pro1987FU44 Big TownerBret Hanover
1989CAN Fan Hanover -3fWindy Answer1986FU7 Storm DamageMeadow Skipper
1988CAN Fan Hanover -3fSilver Reign1985FU7 Kawartha SkipperSmog
1987CAN Fan Hanover -3fJJs Windsong1984FU28 Warm BreezeAlbatross
1986CAN Fan Hanover -3fOur Jude1983FU18 Bret JohnTrue Duane
1985CAN Fan Hanover -3fBrees Brief1982FU44 Big TownerMeadow Skipper
1984CAN Fan Hanover -3fPeachbottom1981FU4 Oil BurnerOvertrick
1983CAN Fan Hanover -3fArmbro Bramble1980FU3 BGs BunnyNansemond
1981-2CAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tGlorious Andy1978GU64 Dream of GloryFlemington
1981-1CAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tTarpon1978FU1 BonefishHickory Smoke
1980CAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tThor Viking1977MU32 Nevele PrideFlorican
1979CAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tDovers Surge1976MU1 Surge HanoverBold Rodney
1978CAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tFlorida Pro1975MU9 Arnie AlmahurstDartmouth
1977-2CAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tSlomen1974MU27 SpeedsterWorthy Boy
1977-1CAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tHeat Treat1974MU83 Noble VictorySpeedster
1976CAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tNevele Thunder1973MU48 Nevele PrideSpeedster
1975CAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tBonefish1972MU32 Nevele PrideSpeedster
1974-2CAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tSpitfire Hanover1971MU17 Hickory SmokeHoot Mon
1974-1CAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tMy Super Pride1971MU23 Hickory PrideRodney
1973CAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tNick1970MU9 Stars PrideHoot Mon
1972CAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tSuper Bowl1969MU33 Stars PrideRodney
1971CAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tQuick Pride1968MU127 Hickory PrideAverill
1970CAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tFairbanks Hanover1967MU55 Stars PrideDean Hanover
1969CAN Greenwood Trotting Stakes -3tTarport Reward1966MU5 Harlan DeanFlorican
1980CAN In Free Series -2fTDelmegan1978FU16 Super BowlSpeedy Count
1980CAN In Free Series -2fTHot Dog Suzanne1978FU4 Speedy CrownStars Pride
1979CAN In Free Series -2fTYankee Mama1977FU37 Speedy CrownHickory Pride
1976CAN In Free Series -2fTSail By1974FU6 Speedy ScotFlorican
1975CAN In Free Series -2fTIma Lula1973FU69 Hickory PrideSpectator
1974CAN In Free Series -2fTBrilliance1972FU8 Nevele PrideRodney
1974CAN In Free Series -2fTExclusive Way1972FU33 FloricanStars Pride
1973CAN In Free Series -2fTBerna Hanover1971FU1 Hickory SmokeScotland
1973CAN In Free Series -2fTNoble Florie1971FU16 Noble VictoryFlorlis
1972CAN In Free Series -2fTAiry1970FU27 Speedy ScotBombs Away
1972CAN In Free Series -2fTScandalize1970FU59 Hickory PrideRodney
1971CAN In Free Series -2fTKeystone Gypsy1969FU16 Hickory PrideKimberly Kid
1970CAN In Free Series -2fTSonata Hill1968FU5 BF CoaltownStars Pride
1969CAN In Free Series -2fTDemipride1967FU6 Stars PrideDemon Hanover
1980CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fAreba Areba1978FU1 NeroAdios Vic
1980CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fArmbro Wanita1978FU15 Armbro NesbitMost Happy Fella
1979CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fArmbro Vibrant1977FU13 Armbro NesbitAdios Vic
1979CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fBeg Your Pardon1977FU3 Meadow SkipperFaber Hanover
1978CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fHazel Hanover1976FU8 Tar HeelHenry T Adios
1978CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fRoses are Red1976FU101 Meadow SkipperDancer Hanover
1977CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fLadalia Hanover1975FU1 Columbia GeorgeDuane Hanover
1976CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fLuannes Jewel1974FU75 Harold JTar Heel
1976CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fRacing Bretta1974FU148 Race TimeBret Hanover
1975CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fArmbro Renown1973FU6 Meadow SkipperDancer Hanover
1975CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fKeystone Model1973FU13 Meadow SkipperAdios
1975CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fMeadow Wilma1973FU42 Columbia GeorgeKnox Hanover
1974CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fBeckilyn Hanover1972FU1 Columbia GeorgeTar Heel
1974CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fRomantic Donut1972FU43 Bret HanoverWorthy Boy
1973CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fHandle With Care1971FU10 Meadow SkipperHillsota
1973CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fKeystone Sandra1971FU25 Bye Bye ByrdAdios
1972CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fJambo Belle1970FU4 Good TimeTar Heel
1972CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fMaryalma1970FU2 GamecockAdios
1971CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fDecorum1969FU12 Meadow SkipperGuy Abbey
1971CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fSaucy Wave1969FU24 Shadow WaveTar Heel
1970CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fJefferson Time1968FU3 Meadow SkipperFaber Hanover
1970CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fJo Hanover1968FU11 Tar HeelKnight Dream
1969CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fArmbro Kerry1967FU10 Tar HeelAdios
1969CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fLana Hill1967FU73 Knight TimeTar Heel
1993CAN OSS Gold - 2cTAiries Canada1991MU14 Veeba RovaBrisco Hanover
1995CAN Princess Series -3fElectrical Express1992FU45 Storm DamageNiatross
1994CAN Princess Series -3fTarport Kat1991FU2 Big TownerTyler B
1993CAN Princess Series -3fKlipper Wilco1990FU9 LaagGovernor Skipper
1992CAN Princess Series -3fCinnamon Reel1989FU2 Cam FellaAlbatross
1991CAN Princess Series -3fJoyous Wish1988FU7 Seahawk HanoverFalcon Almahurst
1990CAN Princess Series -3fInstant Rebate1987FU1 NiatrossColumbia George
1989CAN Princess Series -3fOn The Day1986FU47 Direct ScooterAlbatross
1988CAN Princess Series -3fYarmila1985FU21 Allwin SteadyMeadow Skipper
1983CAN Queen City Pace -3Ralph Hanover1980MU40 Meadow SkipperTar Heel
1982CAN Queen City Pace -3Cam Fella1979MU21 Most Happy FellaBret Hanover
1981CAN Queen City Pace -3Brand New Fella1978MU79 Precious FellaBye Bye Byrd
1980CAN Queen City Pace -3Trenton Time1977MU26 Race TimeVicar Hanover
1979CAN Queen City Pace -3Tijuana Taxi1976MU8 Fulla NapoleonAdios Boy
1978CAN Queen City Pace -3Abercrombie1975MU81 Silent MajorityDuane Hanover
1977CAN Queen City Pace -3Nat Lobell1974MU30 NansemondDuane Hanover
1976CAN Queen City Pace -3Windshield Wiper1973MU47 Meadow SkipperBye Bye Byrd
1975CAN Queen City Pace -3Alberts Star1972MU8 Bye Bye ByrdTar Heel
1974CAN Queen City Pace -3Armbro Ontario1971GU15 Adios VicTar Heel
1973CAN Queen City Pace -3Melvins Woe1970MU22 Bret HanoverHal Senator
1972CAN Queen City Pace -3Lynden Bye Bye1969MU7 Bye Bye ByrdAdios
1971CAN Queen City Pace -3Albatross1968MU6 Meadow SkipperDancer Hanover
1970CAN Queen City Pace -3Columbia George1967MU44 Good TimeThe Widower
1969CAN Queen City Pace -3Super Wave1966MU14 Shadow WaveVictory Song
1968CAN Queen City Pace -3Rum Customer1965MU7 Poplar ByrdKnight Dream
1967CAN Queen City Pace -3Lynden Dodger1964MU31 Shadow WaveLieut Commander
1966CAN Queen City Pace -3HA Meadowland1963MU87 Meadow LandsDirect Brewer
1965CAN Queen City Pace -3Jerry Hal1962MU152 Honest JerryAlpha Hal
1964CAN Queen City Pace -3Timely Knight1961MU29 Good TimeNibble Hanover
1978CAN The Beaches Stakes -OPDream Maker1973MU75 Race TimeKnight Dream
1977CAN The Beaches Stakes -OPDream Maker1973MU75 Race TimeKnight Dream
1976CAN The Beaches Stakes -OPJambo Dancer1972MU6 Dancer HanoverTar Heel
1975CAN The Beaches Stakes -OPHandle With Care1971FU10 Meadow SkipperHillsota
1974CAN The Beaches Stakes -OPArmbro Nesbit1970MU10 Bye Bye ByrdCapetown
1973CAN The Beaches Stakes -OPBob Hilton1969MU196 Meadow ChuckHilton
1972CAN The Beaches Stakes -OPNot Run   
1971CAN The Beaches Stakes -OPSuper Wave1966MU14 Shadow WaveVictory Song
1970CAN The Beaches Stakes -OPSuper Wave1966MU14 Shadow WaveVictory Song
1969CAN The Beaches Stakes -OPSunnie Tar1965FU52 Tar HeelMighty Sun
1968CAN The Beaches Stakes -OPHA Meadowland1963MU87 Meadow LandsDirect Brewer
1967CAN The Beaches Stakes -OPPats Ezra1963MU4 Ezras PatThe Diplomat
1966CAN The Beaches Stakes -OPNot Run   
1965CAN The Beaches Stakes -OPRed Carpet1961MU12 Shadow WaveRed Streak
1964CAN The Beaches Stakes -OPDean Herbert1960MU66 Alpha HalLusty Song
1980CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TArmbro Wellwood1978MU4 Dream of GloryHickory Smoke
1979-2CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TMarino Hanover1977MU1 Super BowlHoot Mon
1979-1CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TNorthern Victory1977MU14 Noble VictoryHickory Pride
1978CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TLegend Hanover1976MU2 Super BowlHoot Mon
1977CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TNoble Art1975MU5 Noble VictoryFlorlis
1976-2CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TCentennial Way1974MU33 Speedy ScotStars Pride
1976-1CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TSpeed In Action1974MU5 Speedy ScotStars Pride
1975CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TNevele Thunder1973MU48 Nevele PrideSpeedster
1974-2CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TBonefish1972MU32 Nevele PrideSpeedster
1974-1CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TSkipper Walt1972MU44 Meadow SkipperGood Time
1973-2CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TEssis1971MU9 Stars PrideHickory Smoke
1973-1CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TArmbro Ouzo1971MU3 Speedy ScotStars Pride
1972CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TWyatt Dill1970MU1 BF CoaltownWorthy Aristocrat
1971-2CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TLiberty Hanover1969MU5 Stars PrideRodney
1971-1CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TSuper Bowl1969MU33 Stars PrideRodney
1970CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TLansdowne1968MU5 SpeedsterWorthy Boy
1969CAN Van Riddell Trot -2TBoncris1967GU113 John A HanoverBombs Away