92 Results for Maitland (Maitland, NSW, Australia) - Track Length is 776m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2017-2NSW Inter City PaceOur Triple Play2013MN10 Shadow PlayMach Three
2017-1NSW Inter City PaceExpress Stride2011MN10 Bettors DelightChristian Cullen
2016NSW Inter City PaceKept Under Wraps2011MU30 Bettors DelightSafely Kept
2015NSW Inter City PaceAll Eyes On Us2010MN11 Art MajorFake Left
2014NSW Inter City PaceMegs Ferrari2009MU301 Santastics PanIn The Pocket
2013NSW Inter City PaceScandalman2008MN2 Live Or DieHolmes Hanover
2012NSW Inter City PaceLettucerocku2007GN10 Aces N SevensVanston Hanover
2011NSW Inter City PaceGoeslikell2004GA1 Safe And SoundJeremy Lobell
2010NSW Inter City PaceGhadasbest2005GN1 Dream AwaySmooth Fella
2009NSW Inter City PaceStaminator2004MN51 StatureWhats Next
2007NSW Inter City PaceUnion Ticket2002GN60 Union GuyCamtastic
2005NSW Inter City PaceRockabye Bee1999FA89 Jaguar CamLynden Bye Bye
2004NSW Inter City PaceMuddy River1999GN7 River KhanJeremy Lobell
2003NSW Inter City PaceAwaba1998MA128 Shipps FellaHappy Talk
2002NSW Inter City PaceBig Bad Holmes1997GN87 Holmes HanoverEl Patron
2001NSW Inter City PaceMagical Mike1995GN5 Sokys AtomSmooth Fella
2000NSW Inter City PaceCandyrama1995FA183 PanoramaBest Bizzare
1999NSW Inter City PaceSmokeyfuzz1994MA112 Caesar Blue ChipSundancer D
1998NSW Inter City PaceAmanda Woodward1993FN33 Genghis KhanLyss Hanover
1997NSW Inter City PaceFranco Lotsmore1993MN46 OK ByeEl Patron
1996NSW Inter City PaceAntinuous1989GN137 Admiral HalseySir Dalrae
1995NSW Inter City PaceMichael Augustine1988GN97 DuplicateRichmond
1994NSW Inter City PaceGeneral Fox1988GU302 National ByrdJames Scott
1993NSW Inter City PaceRoyal Courtier1987MN28 National ByrdPassword
1992NSW Inter City PaceOur New Life1987MN20 Sokys AtomLumber Dream
1991NSW Inter City PaceTar Heeled1985MN1 Smooth HanoverWelcome Stranger
1990NSW Inter City PaceTwilight Time1983GN11 Montini BromacNephew Hal
1989NSW Inter City PaceBluegum Chief1985MN47 Paleface AdiosTarport Low
1988NSW Inter City PaceBearason Beau1983MA30 Dexter AlbaFirst Variety
1987NSW Inter City PaceRed Koarakau1981MU301 KoarakauGolta
1986NSW Inter City PaceJennifer Bye Bye1980FA376 Lynden Bye ByeJames Scott
1985NSW Inter City PaceHitchhiker1980MN85 ImportReal Light
1984NSW Inter City PaceHurricane Fury1979MN279 Armbro HurricaneBlack Fury
1983NSW Inter City PaceAll the Kings Men1978MN18 LordshipBachelor Hanover
1982NSW Inter City PaceSimon Said1977MA381 Lord ButlerPrince Jeldi
1981NSW Inter City PaceArties Hanover1976MN143 Lyss HanoverGentry
1980NSW Inter City PaceAd Valorem1975GA39 BretlandBrava
1979NSW Inter City PaceRockin Butler1974MA35 Swingin ButlerGrand Scott
1978NSW Inter City PacePenny Jack1972GN232 TactusGentry
1977NSW Inter City PaceOur Berra1973MA1 Berra HanoverThurber Frost
1976NSW Inter City PaceHarga Lad1970MA233 GoodlandKerry Lawn
1975NSW Inter City PaceAce High1970GN10 Armbro HurricaneRobert Dillon
1974NSW Inter City PaceBlue Mineral1968MA27 Mineral SpringBlue Gamble
1973NSW Inter City PaceThorcad1969MN5 Thor HanoverCaduceus
1972NSW Inter City PaceBold Biami1968MA295 StormywayRobert Innis
1971NSW Inter City PaceNuts And Bolts1966MA112 Goose BayRaiarmagh
1970NSW Inter City PaceBay Foyle1966MN7 Goose BayDillon Hall
1969NSW Inter City PaceChamnie1964MA401 ChamferLawn Derby
1968NSW Inter City PaceDashing Brucus1964MA1 BrucusBelmont Hall
1967NSW Inter City PaceJoes Fortune1962MA57 Mineral SpringConflagrate
1966NSW Inter City PaceMighty Reveler1960MN17 Gay RevelerHighland Fling
1965NSW Inter City PaceMoonlight Cocktail1960FN8 SecureLucky Jack
1964NSW Inter City PaceStormy Bruce1959GU1379Bruce HallZombar
1963NSW Inter City PaceBrown Cosmo1955MA15 Red EmperorVan Derby
1962NSW Inter City PaceSummit Road1957MN65 First LordLogan Derby
1989NSW Maitland Trotters CupGame Command1978GN16 Game PrideRodney Day
1988NSW Maitland Trotters CupGame Command1978GN16 Game PrideRodney Day
1987NSW Maitland Trotters CupFidelis1977GN206 Card SharkZancara
1986NSW Maitland Trotters CupEager Yankee1980GA249 Menges HanoverYankee Express
1985NSW Maitland Trotters CupFonzie Adios1978GN28 TrenchcoatCrimean
1984NSW Maitland Trotters CupSteel Score1979GA369 Minus WattDan Duval
1983NSW Maitland Trotters CupSore Point1975GA1537Bold BiamiBorder Scott
1982NSW Maitland Trotters CupClayton Run1978GA204 Toliver HanoverReal Light
1981NSW Maitland Trotters CupTootsie Toliver1976FA3 Toliver HanoverBachelor Hanover
1984NSW NE District Trot ChampionshipEllalong Lad1980GA458 Romany StormHanaway
2002NSW North East District Derby - 3Lord Bronson1998GN95 PanoramaRace Time Boy
2001NSW North East District Derby - 3Chain of Command1997GN95 Flight LaagSouthern Gentleman
2000NSW North East District Derby - 3My Panther1996GN13 StarshipSokys Atom
1976NSW North East District Derby - 3Commander Cody1972MA1 Hondo HanoverGarrison Hanover
1975NSW North East District Derby - 3Mullion Cove1971MA638 Dale AxworthyWorthy Monarch
1973NSW North East District Derby - 3Blue Pattern1969MN307 Blue PrinceFettle
1970NSW North East District Derby - 3Gentess1966FA62 GentryVan Ayr
1980NSW North East District Sapling - 2Merson Dancer1977MN135 Tyrolean DancerGentry
1979NSW North East District Sapling - 2Sheldon Lad1976MA262 Romany StormTactus
1976NSW North East District Sapling - 2Rip Van Winkle1973MN1 Thor HanoverPacing Gift
1975NSW North East District Sapling - 2Wainoi Direct1972MA1007Gene DirectNew Chimes
1973NSW North East District Sapling - 2Lincoln Dave Ed1970GA103 Blazing GlobePrefix
1972NSW North East District Sapling - 2Roman Triumph1969MN213 StormywayHal Tryax
1968NSW North East District Sapling - 2Sir Bob1965MA103 GentryPrefix
1967NSW North East District Sapling - 2Bay Oak1964FA62 Don DillonVan Ayr
1966NSW North East District Sapling - 2Three Keys1963MA27 FettleBlue Gamble
1965NSW North East District Sapling - 2Sky Hanover1962MA214 Sky RaiderLucky Hanover
1964NSW North East District Sapling - 2Lee Oak1961FA62 Arthur RobertVan Ayr
1963NSW North East District Sapling - 2Craig Tom1960MA21 BrucusDillon Hall
1962NSW North East District Sapling - 2Chief Rhodes1959MA8 Meadow ChiefU Scott
1961NSW North East District Sapling - 2Victory Brigade1958GA205 Scottish BrigadeLawn Derby
1960NSW North East District Sapling - 2Branxton Lad1957MA1542Richie RobertNative Pronto
1959NSW North East District Sapling - 2September Lass1956FA64 Kerry LawnPhoenix Dixie
1958NSW North East District Sapling - 2Dalvaney1955FU563 Bruce HallColtrav
1957NSW North East District Sapling - 2Smokey Dale1954MA9 Smokey HanoverPetty Officer
1956NSW North East District Sapling - 2Diabolo Don1953MA506 Fire BarWalla Walla
1955NSW North East District Sapling - 2Delvyn Ringer1952MN123 RingtrueGrattan Loyal