276 Results for Mt Harding Racecourse (Methven, New Zealand) - Track Length is 1385m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2017NZ Canterbury Cups C'shipMotu Premier2012GN16 Bettors DelightIn The Pocket
2016NZ Canterbury Cups C'shipCullect A Guinness2010GN11 Gotta Go CullectLislea
1995NZ Harrison Stakes -3Foxwood1992GU301 Smooth FellaNoodlum
1994NZ Harrison Stakes -3Zolli1991GN270 Dancing MasterBachelor Star
1993NZ Harrison Stakes -3Hoppys Jet1990GN1 Sokys AtomNevele Holiday
1992NZ Harrison Stakes -3Arma Class1989FN31 Talk About ClassArmbro Del
1991NZ Harrison Stakes -3Stonewall Gift1988GA2 SaplingHT Luca
1990NZ Harrison Stakes -3Key Fella1987GN100 Besta FellaKey Club
1989NZ Harrison Stakes -3Tyturu1986MN274 Meadow RoydonLumber Dream
1988NZ Harrison Stakes -3Our Agile1985MN3 Smooth FellaNardins Byrd
1987NZ Harrison Stakes -3Starship1984MU30 LordshipGood Chase
1986NZ Harrison Stakes -3Beaudiene Bolta1983MN128 Sholty ImpHonest Master
1985NZ Harrison Stakes -3Sir Alba1982MN9 Alba CounselIndecision
1984NZ Harrison Stakes -3Adios Trick1981FN61 OvertrickJerry Adios
1983NZ Harrison Stakes -3Adioo Omahae1980MN54 LordshipBrad Hanover
1982NZ Harrison Stakes -3Hydro Light1979GN170 Leading LightPlay Bill
1981NZ Harrison Stakes -3Kata Hoiho1978GU300 HT LucaPrince Bobby (thor)
1980NZ Harrison Stakes -3Amaze1977MU300 Out To WinStormyway
1979NZ Harrison Stakes -3Cheltenham1976GN9 Armbro DelU Scott
1978NZ Harrison Stakes -3Lord Brigade1975GN138 LordshipLight Brigade
1977NZ Harrison Stakes -3Captain Clive1974MA7 Card SharkFallacy
1976NZ Harrison Stakes -3Michaels Advice1973MN1 Regal YankeeLight Brigade
1975NZ Harrison Stakes -3Bolton Byrd1972MN1 Out To WinBachelor Hanover
1974NZ Harrison Stakes -3Don Lopez1971MN12 Lopez HanoverU Scott
1973NZ Harrison Stakes -3Chatterton1970MN50 Eagle ArmbroMy Chief
1972NZ Harrison Stakes -3Burnley Lad1969MN9 Scottish HanoverStormyway
1971NZ Harrison Stakes -3Stroll Away1968GN20 Armbro DelMeadow Chief
1970NZ Harrison Stakes -3Mickey Dhu1967MN317 Johnny GlobeKingcobra
1969NZ Harrison Stakes -3Berkleigh1966MU301 Johnny GlobeLight Brigade
1968NZ Harrison Stakes -3Manaroa1965MN13 MoranoFlying Song
1967NZ Harrison Stakes -3Leading Light1964MN37 Local LightCaptain Adios
1966NZ Harrison Stakes -3Thurboprop1963MN317 Johnny GlobeKingcobra
1965NZ Harrison Stakes -3Maluka1962MN41 Meadow ChiefU Scott
1964NZ Harrison Stakes -3Syncom1961MU30 BrahmanJosedale Grattan
1963NZ Harrison Stakes -3La Scala1960MU30 Meadow ChiefLight Brigade
1962NZ Harrison Stakes -3Field Chief1959MN8 Meadow ChiefLight Brigade
1961NZ Harrison Stakes -3Waitaki Hanover1958MN43 Garrison HanoverSandydale
1960NZ Harrison Stakes -3King Hal1957MU328 Hal TryaxDillon Hall
1959NZ Harrison Stakes -3Sally Boy1956MN3 Garrison HanoverBruce Walla
1958NZ Harrison Stakes -3Cheam1955FN250 Jack HighSpringfield Globe
1957NZ Harrison Stakes -3Diamond Hanover1954MU300 Lucky HanoverGrattan Loyal
1956NZ Harrison Stakes -3Bon Ton1953MN536 Light BrigadeNobleman
1955NZ Harrison Stakes -3False Step1952MN301 FallacyDan Direct
1954NZ Harrison Stakes -3First Attack1951MN229 AttackJack Potts
2018NZ Hororata CupKardesler2013MU303 American IdealPresidential Ball
2017NZ Hororata CupMotu Premier2012GN16 Bettors DelightIn The Pocket
2016NZ Hororata CupThe Friendlyassassin2006GN13 Live Or DieFalcon Seelster
2015NZ Hororata CupMachs Gladiator2009GN4 Mach ThreeMake A Deal
2014NZ Hororata CupSupreme Gem2007FN37 Christian CullenSands A Flyin
1985NZ McCloy MemorialLikely Lord1976GN9 LordshipLocal Light
1984NZ McCloy MemorialJoy Boy1978MU300 Boyden HanoverLight Brigade
1983NZ McCloy MemorialOur Mana1978GU301 Schell HanoverGentry
1980NZ McCloy MemorialTrevor Hodgen1975GN3 Hodgens SurpriseScottish Command
1979NZ McCloy MemorialSail Again1971GN170 Armbro DelFirst Lord
1978NZ McCloy MemorialAscot Fair1973GN6 Waitaki HanoverFlying Song
1977NZ McCloy MemorialDreamy Boy1971GN20 Lumber DreamFirst Lord
1976NZ McCloy MemorialCoral Donna1969FN3 Young CharlesDillon Hall
1975NZ McCloy MemorialArmbro Song1970GN94 Armbro DelBrahman
1974NZ McCloy MemorialKotare Legend1970MN1 FallacyMeadow Vance
1973NZ McCloy MemorialStar Land1968FU30 GoodlandMorano
1972NZ McCloy MemorialBoy Louw1964MU302 Smokey HanoverFallacy
1971NZ McCloy MemorialBlack Label1965GN32 Newport ChiefU Scott
1970NZ McCloy MemorialAlandria1963FN46 Light BrigadeYoung Bob
1969NZ McCloy MemorialJacquinot Bay1964MN1 Thurber FrostLight Brigade
1968NZ McCloy MemorialWaitaki Smoke1958MN6 Van DiemanSandydale
1967NZ McCloy MemorialRoyal Fame1961GN135 Garrison HanoverU Scott
1966NZ McCloy MemorialHappy Songster1958MU10 Flying SongU Scott
1965NZ McCloy MemorialJilaire1959FN112 StormywayU Scott
1964NZ McCloy MemorialBelle Vue1957FU300 Flying SongLight Brigade
1963NZ McCloy MemorialVan Rush1955MN215 Van DiemanLucky Jack
1962NZ McCloy MemorialUrrall1956MU302 U ScottLucky Jack
1961NZ McCloy MemorialScottish Light1956MN23 Light BrigadeU Scott
1960NZ McCloy MemorialSatyr1955GN5 Smokey HanoverLight Brigade
1959NZ McCloy MemorialOur Tim1954MN73 Young BobSuperior Rank
1958NZ McCloy MemorialMayneen1953FN311 U ScottDillon Hall
1957NZ McCloy MemorialResponsive1952FN40 AttackGrattan Loyal
1956NZ McCloy MemorialHighland Air1951MU35 U ScottGuy Day
1955NZ McCloy MemorialTrueco1951GN181 Light BrigadeJack Potts
1954NZ McCloy MemorialRoving Gypsy1949FN517 Lucky JackRey De Oro
1953NZ McCloy MemorialWaihi Princess1945FN212 CasanovaBrent Locanda
1987NZ Methven 2YO StakesMistabell1984MN31 Nat LobellArmbro Del
1986NZ Methven 2YO StakesEbony Mist1983MN182 Sholty ImpFlying Lord
1985NZ Methven 2YO StakesBeau Du Jour1982MN55 Plat Du JourLocal Light
1984NZ Methven 2YO StakesWestburn King1981MU300 Out To WinLumber Dream
1983NZ Methven 2YO StakesLord Louie1980GN122 LordshipFlying Song
1982NZ Methven 2YO StakesMighty Me1979GN34 Out To WinFallacy
1981NZ Methven 2YO StakesEnterprise1978MN20 LordshipYankee Express
1980NZ Methven 2YO StakesPatsy Marie1977FN220 Schell HanoverHonest Charles
1979NZ Methven 2YO StakesWish Me Luck1976GN50 Good ChaseBachelor Hanover
1978NZ Methven 2YO StakesWest Street1975GN9 Tarport CoulterLight Brigade
1977NZ Methven 2YO StakesDerby Double1974MA1 LordshipMeadow Chief
1976NZ Methven 2YO StakesFancy Dick1973MN142 Truant HanoverFallacy
1975NZ Methven 2YO StakesLumber Box1972MN90 Lumber DreamStormyway
1974NZ Methven 2YO StakesSly Kiwi1971FN6 Sly YankeeExpress Direct
1973NZ Methven 2YO StakesSpry Guy1970MU310 SpryFlying Song
1972NZ Methven 2YO StakesWillie Win1969MN50 Good ChaseNelson Derby
1971NZ Methven 2YO StakesGolden Guest1968FU303 Garrison HanoverLight Brigade
1970NZ Methven 2YO StakesSam Carter1967MN28 MoranoLight Brigade
1969NZ Methven 2YO StakesGlamour1966FU30 Bachelor HanoverU Scott
1968NZ Methven 2YO StakesGarcon Roux1965MN2 Thurber FrostLight Brigade
1967NZ Methven 2YO StakesKiwi Peterson1964MN84 SecureU Scott
1966NZ Methven 2YO StakesCardinal King1963MA231 First LordSandydale
1965NZ Methven 2YO StakesCourtier1962MN12 MoranoNelson Derby
1964NZ Methven 2YO StakesGolden Oriole1961FN1 Local LightStormyway
1963NZ Methven 2YO StakesFalstaff1960MN162 DignusSandydale
1962NZ Methven 2YO StakesLandlord1959MN206 First LordBruce Walla
1961NZ Methven 2YO StakesBelroy1958MN223 StormywayGold Bar
1960NZ Methven 2YO StakesMaster Alan1957MN206 MasterpieceBruce Walla
1959NZ Methven 2YO StakesJonboy Star1956MU30 U ScottJosedale Grattan
1958NZ Methven 2YO StakesFair Loan1955FN523 U ScottCertissimus
1957NZ Methven 2YO StakesSebabu1954MN1 Smokey HanoverPeter Bingen
1956NZ Methven 2YO StakesFinestra1953GU305 MedoroU Scott
1955NZ Methven 2YO StakesFalse Step1952MN301 FallacyDan Direct
1954NZ Methven 2YO StakesLa Mignon1951FN2 Light BrigadeRey De Oro
1983NZ Methven 4YO StakesPremiership1979GN254 LordshipArmbro Del
1982NZ Methven 4YO StakesDandy Blue1978MN115 Scottish HanoverBrahman
1981NZ Methven 4YO StakesViewfield Skipper1977GN276 Nordel SkipperForward
1980NZ Methven 4YO StakesTreasurer1976GN36 Scottish HanoverMorris Eden
1979NZ Methven 4YO StakesAlcalu1975GN542 Sly YankeeLocal Light
1978NZ Methven 4YO StakesSingle Lord1974GN9 LordshipBachelor Hanover
1977NZ Methven 4YO StakesJaunty Hanover1973GN13 Jersey HanoverFallacy
1976NZ Methven 4YO StakesJoie de Vivre1972MN4 Lumber DreamHal Tryax
1975NZ Methven 4YO StakesTrevino1971MN50 Sly YankeeGarrison Hanover
1993NZ Methven Breeders StakesJay Eyre1988FA5 Save FuelCaliburn
1992NZ Methven Breeders StakesBella Chip1988FN37 Peoples Blue ChipPatron Score
1991NZ Methven Breeders StakesVaguely Innocent1986FN111 Clever InnocenceTarport Coulter
1990NZ Methven Breeders StakesLady Bonnie1986FN31 StampedeArmbro Del
1989NZ Methven Breeders StakesSonorous1985FN12 NoodlumJerry Adios
1988NZ Methven Breeders StakesDixie Tryax1984FN6 El PatronTiger Wave
1987NZ Methven Breeders StakesCalusa1979FN62 Parlez VousU Scott
1986NZ Methven Breeders StakesNardins Belle1981FN230 Nardins ByrdLord Butler
1985NZ Methven Breeders StakesPassover1981FN20 Pass With CareYankee Express
1984NZ Methven Breeders StakesLively Too1981FN48 Armbro DelLumber Dream
1983-2NZ Methven Breeders StakesBarbra Streisand1979FN122 Nardins ByrdArmbro Hurricane
1983-1NZ Methven Breeders StakesHelter Skelter1978FN90 Timely KnightTuft
1982NZ Methven Breeders StakesQuinella1977FN61 NoodlumYoung Charles
1980-2NZ Methven Breeders StakesGypsy Averil1973FN159 True AverilGarrison Hanover
1980-1NZ Methven Breeders StakesChiverton1974FN50 LordshipMy Chief
1979NZ Methven Breeders StakesKarleda Maid1972FN140 Port BoxerRoydelai
1978NZ Methven Breeders StakesAbbe Princess1973FU30 Scotch AbbeArmbro Del
2017NZ Methven CupTitan Banner2011GN20 Art MajorSokys Atom
2016NZ Methven CupSmolda2008GA59 Courage Under FireSafely Kept
2015NZ Methven CupMessini2010MN7 Art MajorOur Sir Vancelot
2014NZ Methven CupFranco Ledger2007MN46 Falcon SeelsterLive Or Die
2013NZ Methven CupOur Jimmy Johnstone2008GN1 P Forty SevenFalcon Seelster
2012NZ Methven CupFly Like An Eagle2008MN88 Mach ThreeFalcon Seelster
2011NZ Methven CupVi Et Animo2005GN41 Pacific RocketIn The Pocket
2010NZ Methven CupOhoka Dallas2004GU300 Falcon SeelsterSokys Atom
2009NZ Methven CupCorka Dream2003GN6 Armbro OperativeDeal Direct
2008NZ Methven CupKipp Ross2001GN230 Fake LeftHolmes Hanover
2007NZ Methven CupBaileys Dream2001GA6 Dream AwaySmooth Fella
2006NZ Methven CupFlashing Red1997MA139 EchelonCourvoisier
2005NZ Methven CupBobs Blue Boy1999GA1 Fake LeftRockne Lobell
2004NZ Methven CupKiwi Kosby1998GN6 Wilcos KosbyPeppy Fulla
2003NZ Methven CupEastwood Jaunty1996GA2 Holmes HanoverEl Patron
2002NZ Methven CupKirwans Reward1997GN156 CamtasticKotare Legend
2001NZ Methven CupEastwood Jaunty1996GA2 Holmes HanoverEl Patron
2000NZ Methven CupChloe Hanover1995FN35 Holmes HanoverTuapeka Knight
1999NZ Methven CupKotare Jaeger1994GN42 AndrelVance Hanover
1998NZ Methven CupTact Halsey1991MU317 Admiral HalseyTactile
1997NZ Methven CupTyler Foulden1990GN13 Sharvid AdiosFlying Lord
1996NZ Methven CupAnvil Vance1992GN88 Vance HanoverSmooth Fella
1995NZ Methven CupThree Little Pigs1989GN1 Holmes HanoverThor Hanover
1994NZ Methven CupRapa Boy1988GN8 NoodlumBerry Hanover
1993NZ Methven CupRemotes Dream1987GN49 Lumber DreamGaines Minbar
1992NZ Methven CupKirchdorf1988MN42 SluggerKnowing Bret
1991NZ Methven CupUnique Blue Chip1985MN38 Bo Scots Blue ChipGood Chase
1990NZ Methven CupBardolino1985GN50 Plat Du JourLordship
1989NZ Methven CupMontini Royal1985MN249 Montini BromacLordship
1988NZ Methven CupViewfield Prince1982GN16 Nordel SkipperLordship
1987NZ Methven CupThats That1983MN1 Clever InnocenceNevele Holiday
1986NZ Methven CupChipaluck1981FN63 Transport ChipMajestic Chance
1985NZ Methven CupRuthless1980MN24 Scottish HanoverArmbro Del
1984NZ Methven CupFreightman1980MN98 LordshipRegal Yankee
1983NZ Methven CupCapri1978FU305 NoodlumArmbro Del
1982NZ Methven CupKata Hoiho1978GU300 HT LucaPrince Bobby (thor)
1981NZ Methven CupCyllarus1976MN14 Adover RainbowLumber Dream
1980NZ Methven CupOur Location1973MN14 Lopez HanoverMy Trick
1979NZ Methven CupAlec Peterson1973GN84 True AverilU Scott
1978NZ Methven CupJaunty Hanover1973GN13 Jersey HanoverFallacy
1977NZ Methven CupRebeccas Pride1972MN6 FallacyVan Dieman
1976NZ Methven CupSaucy Jack1971MN163 LordshipYoung Charles
1975NZ Methven CupRolon Waitaki1969MN6 Waitaki HanoverRola Veyor
1974NZ Methven CupArmbro Brent1969MN20 Armbro DelSupersonic
1973NZ Methven CupYankee Clipper1968MN36 Yankee ExpressCaptain Adios
1972NZ Methven CupBlackbeard1966MN14 FallacyVan Dieman
1971NZ Methven CupArapaho1967MN75 Bachelor HanoverRed Emperor
1970NZ Methven CupHakim1965MN1 Garrison HanoverStormyway
1969NZ Methven CupManaroa1965MN13 MoranoFlying Song
1968NZ Methven CupStylos1963FN276 Johnny GlobeLucky Hanover
1967NZ Methven CupAlpine Lady1960FU301 Meadow ChiefYoung Bob
1966NZ Methven CupCuddle Doon1960MN99 Light BrigadeGrattan Loyal
1965NZ Methven CupGlenurquhart1958GN15 Meadow ChiefU Scott
1964NZ Methven CupHighland Step1956MU317 Hal TryaxDillon Hall
1963NZ Methven CupVanderford1959MN8 Great EvanderDillon Hall
1962NZ Methven CupOreti1956GN210 SpringbokNelson Derby
1961NZ Methven CupAldora1952MU304 MedoroGrattan Loyal
1960NZ Methven CupResponsive1952FN40 AttackGrattan Loyal
1959NZ Methven CupFourth Edition1952MA1 Fourth BrigadeU Scott
1958NZ Methven CupHonest Charles1951MU301 U ScottTravis Axworthy
1957NZ Methven CupSomerset Lad1952MN208 Gold ChiefRed Shadow
1956NZ Methven CupUnite1951MN11 U ScottGrattan Loyal
1955NZ Methven CupMighty Fine1947GN529 Jack PottsReal Guy
1954NZ Methven CupRajah1945MN5 Brilliant GlobeGreat Bingen
1953NZ Methven CupMerval1947FN9 U ScottJack Potts
1952NZ Methven CupSydney Victor1946GN115 IndianapolisLlewellyn
1951NZ Methven CupBurns Night1946MN509 U ScottSonoma Harvester
1950NZ Methven CupAwadale1942MA1 SandydaleWrack
1949NZ Methven CupGantree1942GN517 Lucky JackRey De Oro
1948NZ Methven CupGood Review1942GN222 SandydaleNelson Derby
1947NZ Methven CupDillondale1938MN3 SandydaleAuthor Dillon
1946NZ Methven CupGamble King1939GN102 GambleNative King
1945NZ Methven CupLucky Loyal1937MN13 Grattan LoyalJack Potts
1944NZ Methven CupFestivity1937FU302 Rey De OroDemonio 28016
1943NZ Methven CupDianus1935FN27 Jack PottsLogan Pointer
1941NZ Methven CupHappy Man1935MN95 Man O'WarHappy Voyage
1940NZ Methven CupRegal1931GN127 Grattan LoyalFour Chimes
1939NZ Methven CupSouthern Chief1933MN10 WrackLogan Pointer
1938NZ Methven CupPhilario1933MN28 Jack PottsSonoma Harvester
1937NZ Methven CupPlay On1928GN275 Author DillonDenver Huon
1936NZ Methven CupMorello1929GN214 Rey De OroGreat Audubon
1935NZ Methven CupBattlefield1930GN259 Man O'WarBrent Locanda
1934NZ Methven CupElvo1924FN540 OinakoGalindo
1933NZ Methven CupTaxpayer1929MN4 Great BingenGreat Audubon
1932NZ Methven CupTempest1928GN6 WrackLogan Pointer
1931NZ Methven CupSonoma1924GN28 Sonoma HarvesterHarold Dillon
1930NZ Methven CupArethusa1927FU302 WrackDemonio 28016
1929NZ Methven CupLady Cello1924FN100 Cello Sydney WilkesBlack Ribbon
1928NZ Methven CupFirelight1917GN172 MatchlightWallace L
1927NZ Methven CupColene Pointer1919FU30 Logan PointerKing Cole
1924NZ Methven CupHustler1918GN754 KerrwoodWallace L
1923NZ Methven CupWild Pointer1918FU335 Wildwood JuniorStar Pointer
1922NZ Methven CupPine Vale1918MN76 Wildwood JuniorHarold Dillon
1921NZ Methven CupWild Briar1916MN99 Wildwood JuniorRothschild
1920NZ Methven CupWinnie G1913FN636 AdvanceKing Harold -3
2017NZ Methven F&M Trot - TBreenys Cullen2011FN23 Christian CullenLive Or Die
2016NZ Methven F&M Trot - TTwelve Monkeys2010FU5 Monkey BonesArmbro Invasion
2015NZ Methven F&M Trot - TSunny Ruby2011FU8 SundonBritewell
2014NZ Methven F&M Trot - TExperiment2008FN56 SundonBills Brother
2013NZ Methven F&M Trot - TMamselle2007FN1 ContinentalmanSundon
2012NZ Methven F&M Trot - TTrips On Me2008FU58 Dream VacationSJs Photo
2011NZ Methven F&M Trot - TVerns Girl2005FN74 Brylin BoyzSundon
2010NZ Methven F&M Trot - TWaihemo Sam2004FN20 Armbro InvasionSundon
2009NZ Methven F&M Trot - TWith Intent2004FN26 SundonGee Whiz
2017NZ Methven Green Mile - PA Gs White Socks2013GN19 Rock N Roll HeavenSokys Atom
2016NZ Methven Green Mile - PFranco Texas2011GN16 ChangeoverMcArdle
2015NZ Methven Green Mile - PQuick As A Trick2010GN10 Lis MaraSokys Atom
2014NZ Methven Green Mile - PMossdale Conner2009GN49 Bettors DelightIn The Pocket
2013NZ Methven Green Mile - PGlencoe VC2007GU317 Washington VCNew York Motoring
2012NZ Methven Green Mile - PEllmer Hanover2008GN15 Armbro OperativeSilk Legacy
2011NZ Methven Green Mile - POhoka Dallas2004GU300 Falcon SeelsterSokys Atom
2010NZ Methven Green Mile - PTennis Ball2003GN24 Presidential BallSokys Atom
2009NZ Methven Green Mile - PSecond Wind2006GN4 Dream AwayIn The Pocket
2008NZ Methven Green Mile - PWaipawa Lad2000GN56 Live Or DieCaprock
2007NZ Methven Green Mile - PKipp Ross2001GN230 Fake LeftHolmes Hanover
2006NZ Methven Green Mile - PI'm A Dazzler2000GA6 Shiney KeyWindshield Wiper
2005NZ Methven Green Mile - PWaipawa Lad2000GN56 Live Or DieCaprock
2004NZ Methven Green Mile - PKiwi Kosby1998GN6 Wilcos KosbyPeppy Fulla
2003NZ Methven Green Mile - PIl Informed1998FN52 Il VicoloPlat Du Jour
2002NZ Methven Green Mile - POaxaca Lass1998FU303 Holmes HanoverOK Bye
2001NZ Methven Green Mile - PBruzem1996GN31 Holmes HanoverLordship
2000NZ Methven Green Mile - PEastwood Jaunty1996GA2 Holmes HanoverEl Patron
2017NZ Methven Green Mile - TEverybody Knows2011GU306 Quite EasyGee Whiz
2016NZ Methven Green Mile - TMarcoola2012MN145 SundonGrant Our Wishes
2015NZ Methven Green Mile - TMonbet2011GU8 Love YouSundon
2014NZ Methven Green Mile - TRoyal Aspirations2009MU1 MonarchySundon
2013NZ Methven Green Mile - TPhils Gift2007GN100 SundonSpeedy Summit
2012NZ Methven Green Mile - TQuality Invasion2003GN239 Armbro InvasionKeystone Provider
2011NZ Methven Green Mile - TClover Don2003GN23 SundonYankee Jolter
2010NZ Methven Green Mile - TMaster Bomber2003GU302 Armbro InvasionYankee Jolter
2017NZ Methven Mobile Trot - 2Aoraki2014FN82 Lucky ChuckyLove You
2016NZ Methven Mobile Trot - 2Habibi Inta2013MN47 Love YouSundon
2015NZ Methven Mobile Trot - 2Wilmas Mate2012FN82 Pegasus SpurSundon
2013NZ Methven Mobile Trot - 2Not About The Money2010GN47 Majestic SonSundon
2012NZ Methven Mobile Trot - 2Its Oscar2009GN58 SundonGee Whiz
2018NZ Mt Hutt TC Country CupBoomer Bailey2010GN24 Live Or DieSands A Flyin