127 Results for Menangle (old track) (Menangle, NSW, Australia) - Track Length is 832yds

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
1988NSW Campbelltown City CupWipe The World1983GN24 Windshield WiperLumber Dream
1987NSW Campbelltown City CupTitians King1980MN70 Young DancerMeadow Al
1986NSW Campbelltown City CupSpeed Partner1979GU300 Monarch HanoverTuft
1985NSW Campbelltown City CupLord Welvan1979GN72 WelvanSmokey Hanover
1984NSW Campbelltown City CupReturn First1975GN27 Quick ReturnChallenge Me
1983NSW Campbelltown City CupStudleigh Topper1976GN11 High PendantThurber Frost
1981NSW Campbelltown City CupDisco Adios1975MN256 Liberace HanoverGoodland
1980NSW Campbelltown City CupFreshman1974MN148 Sly YankeeGoodland
1979NSW Campbelltown City CupKoala Valley1973MA389 Koala FrostSilver Peak
1978NSW Campbelltown City CupEx Grand1970GN72 Express ByrdPlebe
1977NSW Campbelltown City CupAlice In Wonderland1972FN17 Meadow AlGay Reveler
1976NSW Campbelltown City CupRoyal Grenadier1970MN236 Dale AxworthyAdroit
1975NSW Campbelltown City CupRoma Hanover1970FA82 Thor HanoverLawn Tennis
1974NSW Campbelltown City CupSure Flex1968GA3 SpringflexJohnny Globe
1973NSW Campbelltown City CupYaldhurst1967FU30 Yankee ExpressAksarben
1972NSW Campbelltown City CupColumbie King1965GA1164CongruentSky Raider
1971NSW Campbelltown City CupAlecane1966MN1 StormywayU Scott
1970NSW Campbelltown City CupFiesta Lad1964MA219 Mineral SpringChamfer
1969NSW Campbelltown City CupHi Efficiency1963MU317 EfficiencyRoyal Chief
1968NSW Campbelltown City CupCorale Oaks1961GA1007King CreedNew Chimes
1988NSW Carousel (Pacers)Tudor Hero1984MN60 Tudor HanoverMeadow Al
1985NSW Carousel (Pacers)Vance Glen1981MN24 Vance HanoverSingle Mate
1982NSW Carousel (Pacers)Cinders Way1978FU302 JR SkipperFlying Song
1979NSW Carousel (Pacers)Adios Nero1975MA282 Deep AdiosPeerless Peter
1976NSW Carousel (Pacers)Rusty Thor1972MN5 Thor HanoverStormyway
1973NSW Childe Harold -3TLawmaker1969GU5 Student PrinceAdmiral Harwood
1972NSW Childe Harold -3TDulacca Road1968FN236 Friendly JohnWayfarer
1980NSW Excelsior Classic - 3Sunshine Caballo1976GN47 Deep TanBachelor Hanover
1979NSW Excelsior Classic - 3Toughkenamon1975MU300 Young CharlesHal Tryax
1978NSW Excelsior Classic - 3Frosty Imp1974MN1 Johnnys ImpRaider Frost
1977NSW Excelsior Classic - 3Cheryls Delight1973FA225 CogedarPoplar Bill
1976NSW Excelsior Classic - 3Koala King1972MU311 Koala FrostU Scott
1975NSW Excelsior Classic - 3Little William1971MN46 William WayLight Brigade
1973NSW Excelsior Classic - 3Mitchell Victory1969MA403 Hondo HanoverLast Scott
1972NSW Excelsior Classic - 3Josmas Girl1968FN28 SebabuVan Dieman
1971NSW Excelsior Classic - 3New Way1967FN79 StormywayLawn Derby
1960NSW Goulburn Sapling -2Call Up1957MA533 Gay RevelerRobert Derby
1976NSW Horseshoe Classic - 2Jerry Vin1973MA1297Jerry AdiosAvian Again
1975NSW Horseshoe Classic - 2Capri Glenfern1972MA20 Tarport KingVan Ayr
1975NSW Horseshoe Classic - 2Dimante Hanover1972MN79 Caroldon LehighHundred Proof
1974NSW Horseshoe Classic - 2Milford Mary1971FN8 Out To WinLight Brigade
1973NSW Horseshoe Classic - 2Lexington Park1970MA205 Thor HanoverLucky Hanover
1973NSW Horseshoe Classic - 2Noble Wood1970MN3 Woodley WalnutHD Hanover
1972NSW Horseshoe Classic - 2Winston Adios1969MA750 Golden AdiosWinston The Great
1971NSW Horseshoe Classic - 2Dy Mon Tee1968MN45 Diamond HalStormyway
1999NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPKeira Belle1991FU310 My GlengowerMonarch Hanover
1996NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPLouie Toliver1989GA205 King RancioToliver Hanover
1993NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPBad Brewing1988MA153 BrewingWolgaru
1992NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPMy Beefiftytwo1986GU43 Armstead JimMajestic Chance
1991NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPJames Bret1985GA152 BretlandJames Scott
1990NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPThunder Stride1984MN33 Thor HanoverLight Mood
1989NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPKappalite1983FN18 Thor HanoverToliver Hanover
1988NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPAnother Dusty1982GU323 Williams BrotherBlack Tie
1987NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPOur Stretto1982FN12 El PatronLopez Hanover
1986NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPPretty Sassy1981FN135 King RancioRaider Frost
1985NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPTricky One1977GN79 OvertrickStormyway
1983NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPBye Bye Student1976MA206 Bye Bye BayStudent Prince
1979NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPGrand Thor1974MN9 Thor HanoverHigh Pendant
1978NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPChallenge Proof1971MA367 Challenge MeHundred Proof
1977NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPLochinvar Girl1972FA362 TactusMighty Silver
1976NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPNimble Rhythm1969MA1 HyperboleStormyway
1975NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPLittle William1971MN46 William WayLight Brigade
1974NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPLady William1969FN9 William WayBurns Night
1973NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPWaitawhile Boy1968MA427 Scottish NoteChevalier
1972NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPDark Jane1966FA206 Goose BayBruce Hall
1971NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPAtomic Smoke1965MA453 Smokey HanoverSpringfield Globe
1970NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPIma Pride1963FA189 Master BarryRobert Derby
1969NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPLucky Creed1964MN17 King CreedWhipster
1968NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPTwinkle Hanover1963GN19 Garrison HanoverDillon Hall
1967-2NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPSmokey Blaze1961MN319 Smokey HanoverMy Trick
1967-1NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPPipe of Peace1962MN213 Morris EdenDillon Hall
1966NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPJohn Craig1962MN65 BrahmanFirst Lord
1965NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPFirst Lee1961MA408 First VarietyFrisco Robert
1964NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPSporting Champ1957FA403 Last ScottFire Bar
1963NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPChantilly1956FN1 U ScottGrattan Loyal
1962NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPHunters Folly1956MA73 Southern BrigadeWirra Walla
1961NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPSouthern Power1956MA136 Pacing PowerRaider
1960NSW Menangle Park Cup -OPPicasso1955GN204 MedoroGold Bar
1999NSW Menangle Trotters CupQueens Rhapsody1994FN50 Gee WhizStortford Lodge
1996NSW Menangle Trotters CupCharlie Lobell1988GN4 Shanghai LobellToliver Hanover
1995NSW Menangle Trotters CupWhat A Gift1988FA275 Riegle LobellGolden Fulla
1993NSW Menangle Trotters CupGrand Score1989GA369 Grand ThorGliding Light
1992NSW Menangle Trotters CupYankee Reward1986GN175 Yankee JolterJoe Reward
1991NSW Menangle Trotters CupFrench Wine1985GN57 GekojTuft
1990NSW Menangle Trotters CupShining Effort1984GN8 Armbro LenOut To Win
1989NSW Menangle Trotters CupLonglands Lady1982FA39 Romany StormHanaway
1988NSW Menangle Trotters CupGame Command1978GN16 Game PrideRodney Day
1987NSW Menangle Trotters CupShack Mobile1981GA38 CottageEuchre
1985NSW Menangle Trotters CupLord Alias1980MN167 Alias ArmbroScotch Abbe
1976NSW Menangle Trotters CupLawmaker1969GU5 Student PrinceAdmiral Harwood
1974NSW Menangle Trotters CupYogi Hall1961GN45 Light BrigadeDillon Hall
1973NSW Menangle Trotters CupLumpy Dean1967MN40 Flying SongRadiant Walla
1972NSW Menangle Trotters CupOdd Adios1960GA418 Dick AdiosRobert Derby
1971NSW Menangle Trotters CupBold Command1962GU389 Flight CommanderLawn Derby
1970NSW Menangle Trotters CupYogi Hall1961GN45 Light BrigadeDillon Hall
1969NSW Menangle Trotters CupVern Scott1961GA5 Noble ScottWayfarer
1968NSW Menangle Trotters CupYogi Hall1961GN45 Light BrigadeDillon Hall
1967NSW Menangle Trotters CupSun Signal1960GU301 Meadow VanceRaider
1980NSW Menangle Winter CupGirls Choice1975FA6 Amerigo HanoverGolden Adios
1979NSW Menangle Winter CupGallant Guy1974MU42 Out To WinGarrison Hanover
1978NSW Menangle Winter CupThe Scotsman1973MN94 TuftSpringbok
1977NSW Menangle Winter CupCheryls Delight1973FA225 CogedarPoplar Bill
1976NSW Menangle Winter CupGay Hondo1971FA57 Hondo HanoverHyperbole
1975NSW Menangle Winter CupCorazon1969MN63 Deep TanLight Brigade
1973NSW Menangle Winter CupDeep Flow1966MA388 Deep AdiosCasanova
1972NSW Menangle Winter CupHullo1966FA26 ChamferTennessee Sky
1971NSW Menangle Winter CupWar Stamp1966MA1330James ScottVan Ayr
1974NSW Messenger -2TMark Garrison1971MU30 Garrison HanoverThunder On
1973NSW Messenger -2TShaft1970GA16 Tarport KidDiamond Hal
1972NSW Messenger -2TTuffarin1969GN1 TuftU Scott
1971NSW Messenger -2TDulacca Road1968FN236 Friendly JohnWayfarer
1979NSW Oaks (heat)Marys Desire1975FN66 Deep AdiosPeerless Peter
1979NSW Oaks (heat)Out To Charm1975FU312 Out To WinScottish Command
1976NSW Trotters Derby -3TGallant Rebel1972MA363 Rebel StarLoyal Raider
1975NSW Trotters Derby -3TCourt Jester1971MU42 Gay RevelerMeadow Vance
1974NSW Trotters Derby -3TEl Cordobies1970MA377 Truant HanoverGood Report
1973NSW Trotters Derby -3TCocky Adios1969MN66 Deep AdiosPeerless Peter
1972NSW Trotters Derby -3TDulacca Road1968FN236 Friendly JohnWayfarer
1971NSW Trotters Derby -3TVelvet Glove1967MN1 GoodlandLight Brigade
1970NSW Trotters Derby -3TRoyal Dress1966MA263 WatchmanSilver Lawn
1969NSW Trotters Derby -3TState Raider1965MA1 Sky RaiderBelmont Hall
1968NSW Trotters Derby -3TAdios Bear1964MA133 Dick AdiosPilade
1967NSW Trotters Derby -3TBenora1963FN214 Dick AdiosSmokey Hanover
1966NSW Trotters Derby -3TDelvin Dancer1962MN5 Meadow VanceU Scott
1975NSW Vancleve -4TPeerless Student1970MU316 Student PrinceExpress Direct
1974NSW Vancleve -4TLawmaker1969GU5 Student PrinceAdmiral Harwood
1973NSW Vancleve -4THomage1968MU5 Student PrinceAdmiral Harwood