121 Results for Mount Gambier (Mount Gambier, SA, Australia) - Track Length is 805m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2018SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Bayview Harbour2014MU30 Art MajorMcArdle
2017SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Live Atom2013GN8 Live Or DieSokys Atom
2016SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Jumping Jolt2012GA19 Village JoltModern Art
2015SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Bellas Jet2011FN10 Jeremes JetPerfect Art
2014SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Major Secret2010MU302 Art MajorSafely Kept
2013SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Glenferrie Rustler2009MN7 Lis MaraRustler Hanover
2012SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Forty Seven Flash2008GN2 P Forty SevenBeach Towel
2011SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Put Your Lights On2007GN1 Badlands HanoverLive Or Die
2010SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Palermo2006MA17 Christian CullenClassic Garry
2009SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Lightning McCool2005GN69 Miles McCoolMajor Force
2008SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Petes Elect2004GN2 Holmes HanoverKentucky
2007SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Under Theboardwalk2003GN207 Beach TowelPower Bunny
2006SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Typical Jasper2002GN53 Village JasperNeros BB
2004SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Blue Chip One2000MU302 Shipps ScorchBo Scots Blue Chip
2003SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Admiral Warrior1999MA245 Admiral HollidayEmbrace Me
2002SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Bobby Rob1998GN207 California CamPower Bunny
2001SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Road Dogg1997GN59 Road MachineDanny Dexter
2000SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Our Boy Bill1996GN3 Kawartha RobustAllwoods Trick
1999SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Stoney Lad1995GN1 Stoneridge ScooterNeros BB
1995SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Tango Mina1991FA1 Young DancerNardins Byrd
1994SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Glyndale Valley1990MA1358Polish ThorBuffalo Chief
1993SA Mount Gambier Derby -3The Guvnor1989GA108 Guvs PrideMarkovina
1992SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Jasma Queen1988FA343 Embrace MeArmentier
1991SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Blurrmidge1984FU317 Jefs BlurrrHilarious Way
1990SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Father Bret1986MU321 Scottish BretValor Hanover
1989SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Haughty High1985MN33 Haughty LordLyss Hanover
1988SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Surmo Dew1984FN36 Surmo HanoverGramatan
1987SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Desert Fox1983MA4 Nardins ByrdEncore Lobell
1986SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Abou Hassan1982MU363 Jazzy SparkRenoir
1985SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Trapeze Artist1996FU29 King ConchBrisco Hanover
1984SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Kalama Kid1980MA213 Mamies LadKalamas Peak
1983SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Stand And Deliver1979GN3 Tarport SkipperTarport King
1982SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Wandarra King1978FA339 Wandarra MacAdroit
1981SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Trial Judge1977MA239 Trial LawyerAnthology
1980SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Winsom Fame1976FN1 Knowing FameWelcome Stranger
1979SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Endless Advice1975MN1 Welcome StrangerLord James
1978SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Mystery Gift1974GA581 Dales GiftYankiwi
1977SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Swingin Princess1973FN97 Swingin ButlerFloodlight
1976SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Robotto1972MA24 Dancer HanoverIntangible
1975SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Duma1971FA757 Stanton HalSkymaster
1974SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Fiery Fortune1970GA17 Scottish StarFloodlight
1973SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Cute Glenfern1969FN7 Tarport KidHal Tryax
1972SA Mount Gambier Derby -3Beau Scott1968MA1654Scottish StarBeau Derby
2018SA Mount Gambier Gold CupKimani2012GN91 Bettors DelightChristian Cullen
2017SA Mount Gambier Gold CupKimani2012GN91 Bettors DelightChristian Cullen
2016SA Mount Gambier Gold CupSmoken Pump Action2009GN49 Sutter HanoverStand Together
2015SA Mount Gambier Gold CupMagical Bazz2009GA4 Chill FactorTorado Hanover
2014SA Mount Gambier Gold CupParis To Berlin2009GN2 Falcon SeelsterKentucky
2013SA Mount Gambier Gold CupWeallwantano2008GA8 It Is IAlbert Albert
2012SA Mount Gambier Gold CupCome On Frank2007GN13 Blissfull HallWhats Next
2011SA Mount Gambier Gold CupDevilish Smile2007MA87 GrinfromeartoearFake Left
2010SA Mount Gambier Gold CupAdda Paternal Suit2006GN11 Rich And SpoiltThe Unicorn
2009SA Mount Gambier Gold CupMajestic Icon2004GN27 Dream AwayThe Contender
2008SA Mount Gambier Gold CupUnder Theboardwalk2003GN207 Beach TowelPower Bunny
2007SA Mount Gambier Gold CupSouthern Fella2000GA213 My Handsome FellaEntrepreneur
2006SA Mount Gambier Gold CupAlaro1999GA90 The AlamoAndy West
2005SA Mount Gambier Gold CupCashmore Gold1999GN15 PanoramaSeahawk Hanover
2004SA Mount Gambier Gold CupTarbert1998FA10 My GlengowerMonarch Hanover
2003SA Mount Gambier Gold CupOn The Cuff1994GU8 In The PocketGenghis Khan
2002SA Mount Gambier Gold CupMighty Good Fella1994GN304 Son of AfellaNevele Bigshot
2001SA Mount Gambier Gold CupJoey Can Scoot1994GU300 Stoneridge ScooterTarport Low
2000SA Mount Gambier Gold CupSon Of Thee Day1994GU30 Silk LegacyNoodlum
1999SA Mount Gambier Gold CupDellsherry1994FA244 Happy ChatterTimely Boy
1998SA Mount Gambier Gold CupRazz1992MN1 Umbrella FellaKentucky
1997SA Mount Gambier Gold CupManwarra Mitchell1992GN4 To Ri DaonMichael Hanover
1996SA Mount Gambier Gold CupEmmas Niece1989FA26 Fifty Big OnesTempest Hanover
1995SA Mount Gambier Gold CupVanwyn1986GN1 Cute VanOut To Win
1994SA Mount Gambier Gold CupLong Tan Glory1989MU306 To Ri DaonHilarious Way
1993SA Mount Gambier Gold CupBlack Blurrr1988GN13 Jefs BlurrrNew Morris
1992SA Mount Gambier Gold CupBrim Brim Kate1986FA1386Inner CircleGlenburn Gold
1991SA Mount Gambier Gold CupIrish Liner1986FA254 Black IrishGlamour Chief
1990SA Mount Gambier Gold CupTower of Strength1985MU309 Tarzan Blue ChipDeep Court
1989SA Mount Gambier Gold CupBlurrmidge1984FU317 Jefs BlurrrHilarious Way
1988SA Mount Gambier Gold CupBrubaker1981GN48 MotorcycleJames Scott
1987SA Mount Gambier Gold CupWandarra King1978FA339 Wandarra MacAdroit
1986SA Mount Gambier Gold CupBrethanover Bay1981GA400 Amazing PickScottish Bret
1985SA Mount Gambier Gold CupKalama Kid1980MA213 Mamies LadKalamas Peak
1984SA Mount Gambier Gold CupCarbon Gold1979FA138 CarclewTrainer Hanover
1983SA Mount Gambier Gold CupTimes Run Out1978GA476 MinutemanYare
1982SA Mount Gambier Gold CupAthol Bret1977MU331 Scottish BretIntangible
1981SA Mount Gambier Gold CupConmurra Spring1975GN123 Chief SpringBlue Robert
1980SA Mount Gambier Gold CupBrolea1974GA3 Armbro NobleSkymaster
1979SA Mount Gambier Gold CupAckerloo King1972MA115 CaliburnSmart Set
1978SA Mount Gambier Gold CupTransam1971MN7 DignusPrince Fontenoy
1977SA Mount Gambier Gold CupLinora1972FU306 Dancer HanoverLawn Derby
1976SA Mount Gambier Gold CupKaramea Grattan1971MN213 Thor HanoverDillon Hall
1975SA Mount Gambier Gold CupJed1971GA273 Sally BoyGay Reveler
1974SA Mount Gambier Gold CupPrince Kudos1969GA418 KudosWaldaira
2018SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fButadream2014FA10 Big JimNuke Of Earl
2016SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fTell The Future2012FN8 Tell AllLive Or Die
2015SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fKeayang Ebonyrose2011FN49 Village JoltAlbert Albert
2013SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fSoho Jolie2009FU84 Art MajorNo Nukes
2012SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fMajeur Le Crest2008FU2 Art MajorBig Towner
2011SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fTinted Pearl2007FN8 Tinted CloudNuke Of Earl
2010SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fVera Mac2006FN25 Pacific FellaVintner
2009SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fMiss Athens2005FU302 Bettors DelightGolden Greek
2008SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fUndertherainbow2004FU3 CamtasticArmbro Aussie
2007SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fJet Lane2003FN8 Jet LaagSurmo Hanover
2006SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fGame Opera2002FN1 Armbro OperativeHilarious Way
2005SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fArrive Safely2001FN62 Catch A FlightNew York Motoring
2003SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fGame Again1999FN1 CamtasticHilarious Way
2002SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fTorlesse Gold1998FU314 Prince Of GoldJames MacFaber
2000SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fEuropa1996FU4 Golden GreekSammy Karamea
1994SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fGidgets Gift1990FN13 Muckalee StrikeKeystone Pebble
1993SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fStorm Centre1989FN62 Inner CircleArmbro Hurricane
1992SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fJasma Queen1988FA343 Embrace MeArmentier
1990SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fSamantha Magic1986FU300 Roydon AlbatrossNoodlum
1989SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fAbararka1985FN49 Most ChanceHilarious Way
1988SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fShalimar1984FU304 KentuckyBrad Hanover
1987SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fLady Pace1983FN15 SprinklerLopez Hanover
1986SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fEnglish Beauty1982FA16 Leander LobellTarport Kid
1985SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fKaramea Gail1981FN203 Scottish BretGolden Adios
1984SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fFlick A Dollar1980FN97 Royal DollarSwingin Butler
1983SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fKaramea Ellen1979FN68 North PoleLyss Hanover
1982SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fRegal Carramar1978FN1 Royal DollarLumber Dream
1981SA Mount Gambier Oaks -3fYou Spring1977FU326 You CrovottieExford Spring
2018SA Mt Gambier Trotters CupRocknroll Baby2013FU1 Rock N Roll HeavenModern Art
2017SA Mt Gambier Trotters CupWilliam John2009GA13 Bacardi LindyKeystone Gondola
2016SA Mt Gambier Trotters CupLochlee Jacob2006GN48 Keystone CrosbyKeystone Gondola
2015SA Mt Gambier Trotters CupRegal Equation2008GN25 Sierra KosmosRed Coach Glory
2014SA Mt Gambier Trotters CupHerecomes The Cat2006GA276 Keystone SaluteRed Coach Glory