128 Results for Northlands Park (Michigan, IL, United States) - Track Length is 5/8 mile

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2008CAN Adios Pick -3cOutlaw Free Ride2005GU3 Freedoms PassRoyal Arms
2007CAN Adios Pick -3cBarona Ferrari2004GU3 Northern DynastyDirect Scooter
2014CAN Alberta SS Super - 2fMy Villas On Fire2012FU8 Blue BurnerMattduff
2013CAN Alberta SS Super - 2fKinda Funky2011FU2 CamysticArt Major
2012CAN Alberta SS Super - 2fOutlawlookslikrain2010FU3 Smart SharkArtsplace
2011CAN Alberta SS Super - 2fCloud Nine2009FU17 As PromisedArts Card Shark
2010CAN Alberta SS Super - 2fIm Sheila2008FU1 Brandons CowboyArtsplace
2009CAN Alberta SS Super - 2fRossridge Fortune2007FU10 Brandons CowboyDexter Nukes
2014CAN Alberta SS Super -2cCool Cowboy2012MU7 Brandons CowboyGrinfromeartoear
2013CAN Alberta SS Super -2cBlue Eyed Cowboy2011GU10 Brandons CowboyArtsplace
2012CAN Alberta SS Super -2cPremium Attaction2010MU1862Clintons CigarPacific Rocket
2011CAN Alberta SS Super -2cWrangler Betonme2009MU1 As PromisedRustler Hanover
2010CAN Alberta SS Super -2cBachelor Pad2008GU7 Brandons CowboyJennas Beach Boy
2009CAN Alberta SS Super -2cFlak Jacket2007GU40 Brandons CowboyMagical Mike
2014CAN Alberta SS Super -3cBlue Eyed Cowboy2011GU10 Brandons CowboyArtsplace
2013CAN Alberta SS Super -3cPlay Me Right2010GU81 Ameripan GigoloClintons Cigar
2012CAN Alberta SS Super -3cOutlaw Beacon2009GU19 Blue BurnerBlissfull Hall
2011CAN Alberta SS Super -3cHollywood Warrior2008GU20 Allamerican MerlinPacific Fella
2010CAN Alberta SS Super -3cBarona Ice2007GU9 Freedoms PassCambest
2009CAN Alberta SS Super -3cSwiftys First Star2006GU4 As PromisedRoyal Arms
2014CAN Alberta SS Super -3fNighttraintovegas2011FU2 CamysticFreedoms Pass
2013CAN Alberta SS Super -3fGTs Selene2010FU2 As PromisedNo Nukes
2013CAN Alberta SS Super -3fRiver Blues2010FU21 Blue BurnerCambest
2012CAN Alberta SS Super -3fCredit Card Junkie2009FU8 CamysticAs Promised
2011CAN Alberta SS Super -3fMinettas Nightstar2008FU21 Brandons CowboyNorthern Luck
2010CAN Alberta SS Super -3fRiver Lass2007FU57 As PromisedBomb Rickles
2009CAN Alberta SS Super -3fA Special Lady2006FU75 As PromisedThe Panderosa
2014CAN Alberta SS Super -4hWho Doesnt2009GU2 Mach ThreeWestern Hanover
2012CAN Alberta SS Super -4hTrust the Artist2004MU98 Real ArtistArmbro Emerson
2010CAN Alberta SS Super -4hKramers Man2006GU120 Clintons CigarMagical Mike
2009CAN Alberta SS Super -4hTimberline Court2005GU2 With HeldArtsplace
2014CAN Alberta SS Super -4mSing Like An Angel2010FU2 Bettors DelightArtsplace
2012CAN Alberta SS Super -4mClintons Keepsake2008FU81 Clintons CigarRustler Hanover
2010CAN Alberta SS Super -4mLady And Thetrench2006FU4 Armbro TrenchCambest
2009CAN Alberta SS Super -4mDoober Hoozzitz2005FU30 Raleigh FingersOn The Road Again
2008CAN Compass Rose -3fStelle Nel Cielo2005FU57 AstreosFalcon Seelster
2007CAN Compass Rose -3fReal Beauty2004FU8 CamluckBig Towner
2008CAN Golden Garter (Alberta SS) -3fAPs Money Maker2005FU59 Cardmaster HanoverAs Promised
2007CAN Golden Garter (Alberta SS) -3fPromise I'll Go2004FU17 As PromisedRoyal Arms
2016CAN Northlands Filly Pace -3fBrighten Your Life2013FU12 Shark GestureFalcon Seelster
2015CAN Northlands Filly Pace -3fThats Extra2012FU110 Allamerican NativeCams Card Shark
2014CAN Northlands Filly Pace -3fRummys Command2011FU2 Cams Card SharkArtsplace
2013CAN Northlands Filly Pace -3fContesta Hanover2010FU7 Yankee CruiserNo Nukes
2012CAN Northlands Filly Pace -3fPhone Terror2009FU56 Western TerrorFalcon Seelster
2011CAN Northlands Filly Pace -3fDewinton Destroyer2008FU12 As PromisedArtiscape
2010CAN Northlands Filly Pace -3fMystic Maiden2007FU7 CamysticArtsplace
2009CAN Northlands Filly Pace -3fIncredible Beauty2006FU7 Art MajorJate Lobell
2008CAN Northlands Filly Pace -3fSprig Hanover2005FU7 Allamerican NativeRustler Hanover
2007CAN Northlands Filly Pace -3fCanadette2004FU10 Mach ThreeApaches Fame
2008CAN Prairie Gold (Alberta SS) - 4hJaw Dropper2004GU52 As PromisedDexter Nukes
2007CAN Prairie Gold (Alberta SS) - 4hCams Best Bet2003GU4 As PromisedCambest
2006CAN Prairie Gold (Alberta SS) - 4hWeekend Bernie2002GU57 As PromisedBomb Rickles
2005CAN Prairie Gold (Alberta SS) - 4hDudes Leaving Town2001MU64 As PromisedAlbatross
2008CAN Prairie Gold (Alberta SS) - 4mKG Mist2004FU17 As PromisedArts Card Shark
2007CAN Prairie Gold (Alberta SS) - 4mOutlawindependance2003FU21 Bomb RicklesWitsends Fiddle
2008CAN Silver Buckets - 3cBigmizndrstnding2005MU57 No Pan IntendedAlbert Albert
2007CAN Silver Buckets - 3cBalanchine2004GU1 Blissfull HallFalcon Seelster
1995CAN Stewart Fraser Memorial -OPArmbro Larson1990GU7 Armbro EmersonBret Hanover
1994CAN Stewart Fraser Memorial -OPVillage Jiffy1990MU4 Cam FellaDirect Scooter
1993CAN Stewart Fraser Memorial -OPStaying Together1989MU140 PanoramaArmbro Alert
1992CAN Stewart Fraser Memorial -OPArtsplace1988MU1 AbercrombieAlbatross
1991CAN Stewart Fraser Memorial -OPCamluck1987MU54 Cam FellaStriking Image
1990CAN Stewart Fraser Memorial -OPTopnotcher1986MU24 AbercrombieMost Happy Fella
1989CAN Stewart Fraser Memorial -OPMatts Scooter1985MU66 Direct ScooterMeadow Skipper
1988CAN Stewart Fraser Memorial -OPE Jay Bullet1984FU205 FulminiBaron Hanover
1987CAN Stewart Fraser Memorial -OPArmbro Emerson1983MU10 AbercrombieMost Happy Fella
1986CAN Stewart Fraser Memorial -OPHy Class Minbar1982MU27 Hy MinbarTar Duke
1985CAN Stewart Fraser Memorial -OPOn The Road Again1981MU47 Happy MotoringBye Bye Byrd
1984CAN Stewart Fraser Memorial -OPEnergy Burner1980MU11 Oil BurnerBuxton Hanover
1983CAN Stewart Fraser Memorial -OPCam Fella1979MU21 Most Happy FellaBret Hanover
1982CAN Stewart Fraser Memorial -OPJustin Passing1977MU41 Bye And LargeRace Time
1981CAN Stewart Fraser Memorial -OPDorado Hanover1977FU34 Columbia GeorgeTar Heel
2015CAN Western Derby -3First Class Horse2012MU115 Western TerrorDragon Again
2014CAN Western Derby -3Outlaw Gunpowder2011MU45 Smart SharkRichess Hanover
2013CAN Western Derby -3Bettor in the Bank2010MU26 Bettor TuwinPacific Rocket
2012CAN Western Derby -3Sharkalucchi2009GU7 Cams Card SharkArtsplace
2011CAN Western Derby -3Silver Eagle2008GU4 Brandons CowboyJennas Beach Boy
2010CAN Western Derby -3Barona Ice2007GU9 Freedoms PassCambest
2009CAN Western Derby -3Shouldabeensam2006GU75 Riverboat KingDie Laughing
2008CAN Western Derby -3Neal Diamonique2005MU4 Real DesireDie Laughing
2007CAN Western Derby -3Trust the Artist2004MU98 Real ArtistArmbro Emerson
2006CAN Western Derby -3Hyperion Hanover2003GU40 CamluckAbercrombie
2005CAN Western Derby -3Escapable Beaux2002MU20 ArtiscapeJate Lobell
2004CAN Western Derby -3Lil Dude Starrbuck2001MU29 ThreefoldNihilator
2003CAN Western Derby -3Armbro Aviator2000GU56 Village JiffyAlbatross
2002CAN Western Derby -3Landmark Hall1999GU84 CambestNihilator
2001CAN Western Derby -3Tajma Hall1998MU9 CambestAbercrombie
2000CAN Western Derby -3Clintons Cigar1997MU3 CambestMatts Scooter
1999CAN Western Derby -3Glendower Hall1996MU189 CambestOn The Road Again
1998CAN Western Derby -3Relaxed Falcon1995GU10 Falcon SeelsterAbercrombie
1997CAN Western Derby -3Scruffy Ben1994MU30 Scruffy HanoverNo Nukes
1996CAN Western Derby -3Just Doodlin1993GU15 Royal ArmsArmbro Alert
1995CAN Western Derby -3Beach Of Faith1992MU52 Beach TowelNihilator
1994CAN Western Derby -3Thatll Be Me1991MU4 On The Road AgainSampson Direct
1993CAN Western Derby -3Genius Hanover1990GU123 Big TownerAlbatross
1992CAN Western Derby -3As Promised1989MU7 AbercrombieNiatross
1991CAN Western Derby -3Hoodoo Lobell1988MU21 SlapstickRace Time
1990CAN Western Derby -3Sky Hagler1987GU103 Royal ArmsInvincible Shadow
1989CAN Western Derby -3Artful Hanover1986GU7 Walton HanoverMeadow Skipper
1988CAN Western Derby -3Sky Force1985GU3 TyrantAdair Hanover
1987CAN Western Derby -3Spry Ty1984GU19 TyrantMost Happy Fella
1986CAN Western Derby -3Bwanas Spitfire1983MU8 Jungle FireTar Duke
1985CAN Western Derby -3Hy Class Minbar1982MU27 Hy MinbarTar Duke
1984CAN Western Derby -3On The Road Again1981MU47 Happy MotoringBye Bye Byrd
1983CAN Western Derby -3Joule1980MU9 Strike OutKnight Dream
1982CAN Western Derby -3Nealies Lee1979GU116 TempestuousAdios Oregon
1981CAN Western Derby -3Meager1978MU40 Isle of WightTorrid
1980CAN Western Derby -3Armbro Vanessa1977FU26 Horton HanoverBye Bye Byrd
1979CAN Western Derby -3Senga Evans1976GU263 Adios PickEvery Time
1978CAN Western Derby -3Relhom Jan1975FU227 Adios PickFloodtide
1977CAN Western Derby -3Colleens Deer1974FU632 Tango LobellChamp Adios
1976CAN Western Derby -3Aldershot1973GU599 Tar DukeFreeman Hanover
1975CAN Western Derby -3Stormin Stephen1972MU160 Tar DukeHigh Volo
1974CAN Western Derby -3Time Stream1971MU87 Gallant ArmbroRight Time
1973CAN Western Derby -3Armbro Nadir1970MU6 AirlinerGood Time
1972CAN Western Derby -3Eyrego Express1969GU590 EyregoAdios Pick
1971CAN Western Derby -3Dixies King1968MU691 Adios PickLee Scott Harvester
1970CAN Western Derby -3Neeboots1967MU688 Adios PickChief Mohawk
1969CAN Western Derby -3Queenies Mite1966GU598 Adios PickAxworthy Todd
1968CAN Western Derby -3Queens Baby1965FU598 Adios PickGuy Direct Volo
1967CAN Western Derby -3Birdies Rod1964GU598 Adios PickThunderbird
1966CAN Western Derby -3Tammy Bird1963FU173 Champ AdiosThunderbird
1965CAN Western Derby -3Big John1962MU594 Adios PickGuy Riggs
1964CAN Western Derby -3Queens Champ1961GU598 Champ AdiosAxworthy Todd
1963CAN Western Derby -3Marjorie Champ1960FU597 Champ AdiosBrady Hanover
2008CAN Yukon Trail - 3cTimberline Court2005GU2 With HeldArtsplace
2007CAN Yukon Trail - 3cBarona Ferrari2004GU3 Northern DynastyDirect Scooter
1987USA Breeders Crown -OMTGrades Singing1982FN19 TexasDuke Rodney