228 Results for Newcastle (Newcastle, NSW, Australia) - Track Length is 1000m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
1997Australian Pacing ChampionshipSovereign Hill1991MN10 Vance HanoverSmooth Fella
2010-4Inter Dominion Pacing Heat (R2)Blacks a Fake2000GN3 Fake LeftVanston Hanover
2010-3Inter Dominion Pacing Heat (R2)Monkey King2002GU30 Sands A FlyinSmooth Fella
2010-2Inter Dominion Pacing Heat (R2)Bondy2001GU305 Live Or DieFalcon Seelster
2010-1Inter Dominion Pacing Heat (R2)Washakie2003GN155 Badlands HanoverOK Bye
2002-3Inter Dominion Pacing Heat (R2)Stars And Stripes1996GU307 New York MotoringSokys Atom
2002-2Inter Dominion Pacing Heat (R2)Shakamaker1995MN12 BookmakerBye And Large
2002-1Inter Dominion Pacing Heat (R2)Courage Under Fire1995MN52 In The PocketVance Hanover
2016NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -2cHez All Courage2013GU302 Courage Under FireSafely Kept
2012NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -2cDream Cartier2009MU4 Life SignFake Left
2016NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -2fFun Magic Trix2013FA75 Artistic FellaSands A Flyin
2012NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -2fShezlika2009FU300 Blissfull HallPanorama
2016NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -3cSi Nardore2012GN96 Courage Under FireTopnotcher
2012NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -3cMarble Halls2008GA1344Blissfull HallTopnotcher
2012NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -3cPrivate Road2008GN3 ArtsplaceTorado Hanover
2016NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -3fPixies Parlour2012FU4 Village JasperSun Lamp
2012NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -3fOh Eye See2008FN7 Armbro OperativePerfect Art
2016NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -4hValoroso Hanover2011GU2 Kenneth JFake Left
2012NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -4hAmbush Prince2007GN3 Armbro OperativeAlbert Albert
2016NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -4mMaudie Mombassa2011FN5 Art MajorArmbro Oliver
2012NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -4mRollon Gidget2007FA269 Rollon BigredPanorama
1979NSW NE District Trot ChampionshipNo News1969GN129 Scottish BrigadeFallacy
1978NSW NE District Trot ChampionshipBay Minstrel1968GA816 CongruentSparkling Raid
1977NSW NE District Trot ChampionshipMary Stuart1972FN1 Scottish NoteHal Tryax
2013NSW Newcastle CupHawthornden2008GN46 GrinfromeartoearBadlands Hanover
2012NSW Newcastle CupFeels Like Magic2006GU4 ArtsplaceJennas Beach Boy
2011NSW Newcastle CupRoman Stride2005GU1 Bettors DelightDirect Scooter
2010NSW Newcastle CupLady Lexus2004FA3 Aces N SevensPanorama
2009NSW Newcastle CupJackson Grant2000GN17 PanoramaWestburn Grant
2008NSW Newcastle CupPanorama Swing2003MN3 PanoramaArmbro Unitas
2006NSW Newcastle CupNidya2001FA10 Albert AlbertNuke Of Earl
2005NSW Newcastle CupHome of Jack1999GA163 Fake LeftTarport Bill
2004NSW Newcastle CupMendacity1998GU304 Fake LeftPreux Chevalier
2003NSW Newcastle CupSpyridon1996MU30 Golden GreekBig Band Sound
2002NSW Newcastle CupLeft The Fakes1995FN4 Fake LeftToliver Hanover
2001NSW Newcastle CupDaroobalgie1997MA1 Nuke Of EarlApollo Eleven
2000NSW Newcastle CupAllira1993FA195 Grade OneRoyal Scotchman
1999NSW Newcastle CupAtomic Saga1991MA3 Sokys AtomTimely Knight
1998NSW Newcastle CupChristmas Cloud1992GA48 Under A CloudSilver Potts
1997NSW Newcastle CupMurraba1990GN45 Low ManMonarch Hanover
1996NSW Newcastle CupOur Big Monte1990GN95 Monarch HanoverRace Time Boy
1995NSW Newcastle CupTallowood Pursuit1989MN95 Southern GentlemanDale Axworthy
1994NSW Newcastle CupUltra Jet1987MU57 NiatrossAbercrombie
1993NSW Newcastle CupInsutcha1986MN90 LordshipLumber Dream
1992NSW Newcastle CupGenerator1986GN157 GammaliteTarport Bill
1991NSW Newcastle CupThorate1982MN11 King KellanieCollaborate
1990NSW Newcastle CupDuchess Dulcinea1984FA18 Thor HanoverYoung Charles
1988NSW Newcastle CupGolden Cycle1979GN46 MotorcycleNevele Holiday
1987NSW Newcastle CupWilsons Lane1979GA73 BretlandKoala Frost
1986NSW Newcastle CupChico Doro1979MN1 Sundancer DAachen
1985NSW Newcastle CupTosca Eagle1977MA11 Eagle ArmbroDon Rufus
1984NSW Newcastle CupTommy Toliver1975GA152 Toliver HanoverBannockburn
1983NSW Newcastle CupNigra Sum1975GA18 Toliver HanoverRicochet
1982NSW Newcastle CupSteel Trader1974MN27 BretlandLucky Western
1981NSW Newcastle CupMichael Frost1972MA50 Koala FrostKing Lucius
1979-2NSW Newcastle CupPenny Jack1972GN232 TactusGentry
1979-1NSW Newcastle CupGay Hondo1971FA57 Hondo HanoverHyperbole
1974NSW Newcastle CupGypsy Blue1970MA68 Thor HanoverFlight Commander
1973NSW Newcastle CupTop Smoke1968MA206 Smokey HanoverBruce Hall
1972NSW Newcastle CupLumber King1967MN34 Lumber DreamPrince Charming
1971NSW Newcastle CupLaucheen1966FU350 Scottish CommandPeter Smith
1970NSW Newcastle CupGallymont Road1966MA317 Smokey MeadowRed Flare
1969-2NSW Newcastle CupPrincess Satin1960FU397 Bruce HallSatin Prince
1969-1NSW Newcastle CupBold Judy1961FA391 Highland FlingPeerless Peter
1968NSW Newcastle CupBrother Mac1962GA62 Scottish BrigadeVan Ayr
1967NSW Newcastle CupSky Hanover1962MA214 Sky RaiderLucky Hanover
1966NSW Newcastle CupFriendly Enemy1960FA233 Kerry LawnMarshall Dixie
1965NSW Newcastle CupCraig Tom1960MA21 BrucusDillon Hall
1964NSW Newcastle CupCoy1955FA64 Blue GambleMission King
1963NSW Newcastle CupSingle Robert1955GA583 Monas SonLulu Bye
1962NSW Newcastle CupPetite Mission1952FN28 Mission KingGaillard
1961NSW Newcastle CupBest Trump1956GA1034Rex OroProntelmo
1959NSW Newcastle CupSouthern Van1953MN108 Van DerbyRaider
1958NSW Newcastle CupWarrigal1952MA50 GreenbankAmazing Don
1957NSW Newcastle CupMalniri1951MN17 ConflagrateCobber O'Mine
1956NSW Newcastle CupBrusque1951GA584 SwiftwoodLord Minton
1955NSW Newcastle CupBlanches Best1950MA543 YellowstoneMoko Brook
1954-2NSW Newcastle CupMatch Point1950MA29 Lawn DerbyDouble Cross
1954-1NSW Newcastle CupEllicott1947GN1 GaillardAuthor Dillon
2015NSW Newcastle Derby - 3Miss Riviera Belle2011FN91 Bettors DelightRed River Hanover
2014NSW Newcastle Derby - 3Bling It On2010MN185 American IdealCaprock
2013NSW Newcastle Derby - 3Armbro Chimes2009GA272 Armbro OperativeOut For Glory
2012NSW Newcastle Derby - 3Scandalman2008MN2 Live Or DieHolmes Hanover
2011NSW Newcastle Derby - 3Excel Stride2007MN31 Aces N SevensIn The Pocket
2010NSW Newcastle Derby - 3Two Eye See2006GN7 Armbro OperativePerfect Art
2009NSW Newcastle Derby - 3Jaccka Singh2005GN78 Badlands HanoverCaprock
2008NSW Newcastle Derby - 3Rohan Home2004GA30 Riverboat KingSafely Kept
2007NSW Newcastle Derby - 3Lively Exit2003MN107 Live Or DieFake Left
2006NSW Newcastle Derby - 3Protikori2002FA30 Sokys AtomSafely Kept
2005NSW Newcastle Derby - 3Mighty River2001MN1 River KhanJeremy Lobell
2004NSW Newcastle Derby - 3Howard Ino2000MN4 TroublemakerOK Bye
2014NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Mister Jay Cee2010MU339 Modern ArtBettors Delight
2013NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Ultimate Art2009MN20 Modern ArtBy Xample
2012NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Waldenburg2008MN77 Bettors DelightVanston Hanover
2010NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Starryart2006FN24 Art MajorNeros BB
2009NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Prime Suspect2005GN1 Jet LaagNew York Motoring
2008NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Davey J2004GU30 Washington VCPreux Chevalier
2007NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Lombo Pocket Watch2003MN2 Jet LaagWindshield Wiper
2006NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Comeonchuckey2002GA2 Bad BertStature
2005NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Advance Attack2001MN52 In The PocketVance Hanover
2004NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Whatsupmax2000GN4 Whats NextThor Hanover
2003NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Amorts1999GA3 StatureWalt Hanover
2002NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Duel Prince1998MA6 PanoramaSeahawk Hanover
2001NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Miami Beach1997GN58 Sokys AtomMajestic Chance
2000NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Mikes Pal1996GN41 Sokys AtomSmooth Fella
1999NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3McCool Man1995GN6 Miles McCoolKnowing Bret
1998NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Hes The Loner1994GN32 Stand TogetherPass With Care
1997NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Humphrey1993GA324 Laser HanoverLord Armbro
1996NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Tassie Bromac1992GN8 OK ByeMontini Bromac
1995NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Knight Fox1991MN6 Tuapeka KnightSaigon
1994NSW Newcastle Guineas - 3Forest Lobell1990GA110 Lucius LobellJames Scott
2005NSW Newcastle MarathonAbercrombie Dexter2000GN18 PanoramaSun Lamp
2002NSW Newcastle MarathonZyuganov Leis1993MA25 French ChefMeadow Paige
2001NSW Newcastle MarathonChristmas Cloud1992GA48 Under A CloudSilver Potts
2000NSW Newcastle MarathonWindaman1992GN18 SoufflePreferred Bid
1999NSW Newcastle MarathonAdmiral Karalta1993GN27 Shipps FellaKeystone Marquis
1998NSW Newcastle MarathonCharming Knight1992FN20 Tuapeka KnightMicron
1997NSW Newcastle MarathonArmbro Tasman1991GA157 Armbro UnitasHilarious Way
1996NSW Newcastle MarathonWaygone1989GN45 AndrelLord Module
1995NSW Newcastle MarathonNiachase1992GN36 NiatrixGood Chase
2014NSW Newcastle MileAvonnova2006MA6 Art MajorMaple Lanes Strike
2013NSW Newcastle MileBeautide2007GA41 Bettors DelightTicket To Heaven
2013NSW Newcastle MileExcel Stride2007MN31 Aces N SevensIn The Pocket
2011NSW Newcastle MileRaglan2005GN73 Sands A FlyinEquitable
2010NSW Newcastle MileRohan Home2004GA30 Riverboat KingSafely Kept
2009NSW Newcastle MileSaucy Legend2004GN4 Live Or DiePreux Chevalier
2008NSW Newcastle MileSpecial Albert2002GN27 Albert AlbertShipps Fella
2006NSW Newcastle MilePay Me Christian2002MA55 Christian CullenTuapeka Knight
2005NSW Newcastle MileSly Flyin1998GN6 Sands A FlyinSokys Atom
2004NSW Newcastle MileHexus1998GU30 Classic GarryWindshield Wiper
2003NSW Newcastle MileThe Falcon Strike1997MU303 Falcon SeelsterBGs Bunny
2002NSW Newcastle MileJofess1996GA115 Jeremy LobellGood Humor Man
2001NSW Newcastle MileCourage Under Fire1995MN52 In The PocketVance Hanover
2000NSW Newcastle MileCourage Under Fire1995MN52 In The PocketVance Hanover
1999NSW Newcastle MileShattering Class1991MU300 Golden GreekNew York Motoring
1998NSW Newcastle MileOur Sir Vancelot1990MA51 Vance HanoverOvertrick
1997NSW Newcastle MileQuantum Lobell1991GA12 Paladium LobellPrince Jeldi
1996NSW Newcastle MileSabilize1989FU1 No NukesAlbatross
1995NSW Newcastle MileSabilize1989FU1 No NukesAlbatross
1994NSW Newcastle MileSabilize1989FU1 No NukesAlbatross
1993NSW Newcastle MileMedowie Prince1988GN33 Whats NextReal Light
1992NSW Newcastle MileJoshua Tree1987GN1 GeneseeLumber Dream
1991NSW Newcastle MileWestburn Grant1985MU300 Land GrantLumber Dream
1990NSW Newcastle MileWestburn Grant1985MU300 Land GrantLumber Dream
1989NSW Newcastle MileRowleyalla1984GN120 National ByrdHigh Pendant
2006NSW Newcastle Oak Classic - OPGovernor Art2001GN55 ArtsplaceHolmes Hanover
2005NSW Newcastle Oak Classic - OPAbercrombie Dexter2000GN18 PanoramaSun Lamp
2004NSW Newcastle Oak Classic - OPMendacity1998GU304 Fake LeftPreux Chevalier
2003NSW Newcastle Oak Classic - OPDune Jaccka1998FN3 Live Or DieDouble Century
2002NSW Newcastle Oak Classic - OPGold King1996GA6 Silent SpringGammalite
2001NSW Newcastle Oak Classic - OPMagical Mike1995GN5 Sokys AtomSmooth Fella
2000NSW Newcastle Oak Classic - OPGood Year1993GN16 VintnerGyro
1999NSW Newcastle Oak Classic - OPKarm Master1994MU301 Dancing MasterMercedes
1998NSW Newcastle Oak Classic - OPGancia Guy1993GN47 The GladiatorTransport Chip
1997NSW Newcastle Oak Classic - OPOnly Torado1992FN70 Torado HanoverThor Hanover
1996NSW Newcastle Oak Classic - OPTumbledown1989GA2 Double CenturyPass With Care
1995NSW Newcastle Oak Classic - OPForest Lobell1990GA110 Lucius LobellJames Scott
2016NSW Newcastle Oaks - 3fNeon Sky2012FA2 Art OfficialDM Dilinger
2015NSW Newcastle Oaks - 3fMiss Riviera Belle2011FN91 Bettors DelightRed River Hanover
2014NSW Newcastle Oaks - 3fOcean Diva2010FN5 Live Or DieDream Away
2013NSW Newcastle Oaks - 3fIm Tondelayo2009FN97 Northern LuckCamtastic
2012NSW Newcastle Oaks - 3fMarquess de Posh2008FU8 McArdleArmbro Operative
2011NSW Newcastle Oaks - 3fJennas Highview2007FN22 Jennas Beach BoyPresidential Ball
2010NSW Newcastle Oaks - 3fIm Insatiable2006FN69 Art MajorHolmes Hanover
2009NSW Newcastle Oaks - 3fTrue Soncerre2005FN54 Christian CullenBeach Towel
2008NSW Newcastle Oaks - 3fShes Makin Waves2004FN33 Jennas Beach BoyPanorama
2007NSW Newcastle Oaks - 3fSecond Dollar2003FN6 StatureSun Lamp
2006NSW Newcastle Oaks - 3fProtikori2002FA30 Sokys AtomSafely Kept
2005NSW Newcastle Oaks - 3fWhite Thunder2001FU301 Presidential BallHolmes Hanover
2004NSW Newcastle Oaks - 3fVillage Swinger2000FA17 Village JasperWindshield Wiper
1997NSW Newcastle Spring CupOur Sir Vancelot1990MA51 Vance HanoverOvertrick
1996NSW Newcastle Spring CupRainbow Knight1991MU3 Kawartha RobustHilarious Way
1995NSW Newcastle Spring CupYoung Mister Charles1989MN19 PaulsboroYoung Charles
1994NSW Newcastle Spring CupCocos Dream1988GN32 Vance HanoverLumber Dream
1993NSW Newcastle Spring CupMy Beefiftytwo1986GU43 Armstead JimMajestic Chance
1992NSW Newcastle Spring CupMeadow Mirage1986MN7 Hamilton RHMeadow Al
1991NSW Newcastle Spring CupCity Final1986GN20 Last EditionAdios Vic
1990NSW Newcastle Spring CupLove To Spare1984FN32 Spare HandToliver Hanover
1987NSW Newcastle Spring CupMonarchs Best1982MN4 Monarch HanoverSpringflex
1986NSW Newcastle Spring CupHappy Toliver1978GN6 Toliver HanoverHal Tryax
1985NSW Newcastle Spring CupHappy Toliver1978GN6 Toliver HanoverHal Tryax
1984NSW Newcastle Spring CupFurama1979MN1 Bold BiamiThurber Frost
1982NSW Newcastle Spring CupWilladios1976MA30 Deep AdiosRingo
1981NSW Newcastle Spring CupTrunkey Wish1975MN17 MassieDiamond Hal
1995NSW Newcastle Trotters CupSally Anns Future1989FN18 Embrace MeToliver Hanover
1994NSW Newcastle Trotters CupTroys Hanover1989FN85 Jeb HanoverWonder Colt
1993NSW Newcastle Trotters CupGrand Score1989GA369 Grand ThorGliding Light
1992NSW Newcastle Trotters CupIronbark1980GU302 Game PrideLumber Dream
1988NSW Newcastle Trotters CupDiamond Ski1980FN18 Toliver HanoverJohnny Globe
1985NSW Newcastle Trotters CupDaylight Boy1977GN229 Pine Hill StarGamble Hall
1984NSW Newcastle Trotters CupSwiss Cheese1976GU316 Tyrolean DancerBruce Hall
1979NSW Newcastle Trotters CupTrue Prue1971FN123 Medoro HallLoreto
1991NSW North East District Derby - 3Toby Glen1987MN30 Glen AlmahurstGarry Rowan
1990NSW North East District Derby - 3Solaration1986MA310 SyncopationJames Scott
1989NSW North East District Derby - 3James Bret1985GA152 BretlandJames Scott
1988NSW North East District Derby - 3Daves Pride1984MU4 Armbro LenTruant Hanover
1987NSW North East District Derby - 3Copper Regent1983MN30 Koala KingNicotine Prince
1986NSW North East District Derby - 3Barbs Winge1982GN101 ParkingBlazing Globe
1985NSW North East District Derby - 3Herbies Choice1981GN28 Paleface AdiosSmokey Hanover
1982NSW North East District Derby - 3Lynvista1978FN10 Smart LobellMeadow Vance
1981NSW North East District Derby - 3Simon Said1977MA381 Lord ButlerPrince Jeldi
1974NSW North East District Derby - 3Gypsy Blue1970MA68 Thor HanoverFlight Commander
1971NSW North East District Derby - 3Volentry1967MA6 GentryFire Bar
1969NSW North East District Derby - 3Hyperific1965FA448 HyperboleRaiders Knight
1967NSW North East District Derby - 3Georgemac1963MN789First KnightConflagrate
1966NSW North East District Derby - 3Sky Hanover1962MA214 Sky RaiderLucky Hanover
1965NSW North East District Derby - 3Maitlands Elect1961GA1539Highland LairdLord Minton
1964NSW North East District Derby - 3Gay Oak1960FA62 Gay RevelerVan Ayr
1963NSW North East District Derby - 3Graceful Loreto1959FN147 LoretoRaider
1962NSW North East District Derby - 3Unco Guid1958FA60 Highland FlingAltivolo
1961NSW North East District Derby - 3Vibrant1957FA317 RecoveredMaster Dixie
1960NSW North East District Derby - 3Mighty Field1956MN59 Monas FieldSpringfield Globe
1959NSW North East District Derby - 3Dalvaney1955FU563 Bruce HallColtrav
1958NSW North East District Derby - 3Adioo King1954MN28 Mission KingGaillard
1957NSW North East District Derby - 3Diabolo Don1953MA506 Fire BarWalla Walla
1956NSW North East District Derby - 3Coolamon Lass1952FN153 Rex OroGuy Parrish
1955NSW North East District Derby - 3Brusque1951GA584 SwiftwoodLord Minton
1954NSW North East District Derby - 3Shillon1950MA1538Shining DixieDerby Dillon
1953NSW North East District Derby - 3Joes Zone1949MA661 Joe PottsRobert Derby
1970NSW North East District Sapling - 2Apollo Eleven1967MN97 Golden AdiosMedoro
1996NSW Oaks (heat)Yeronga Songbird1992FA68 Classic GarryThor Hanover
2016NSW Ross Gigg MileBettor Bet Black2008MU337 Bettors DelightPerfect Art
2010-3NSW Super Sprint SeriesSan Fran Lady2006FU311 Live Or DieMiles McCool
2010-2NSW Super Sprint SeriesMaywyn Tonz2006GA4 Blissfull HallArmbro Operative
2010-1NSW Super Sprint SeriesLucky Vista2005MN15 IfihadyourluckPanorama
1995NSW Winter Sires Stake -2cVautin1992GA204 HilarionSpare Hand
1994NSW Winter Sires Stake -2cLucky Last1981MU31 GatwickOvertrick
1993NSW Winter Sires Stake -2cBerranee Rex1990MA99 Monarch HanoverBerra Hanover