25 Results for Nowra (Nowra, NSW, Australia) - Track Length is 529yds

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
1991NSW Nowra Debutant - 2Wings Of Glory1989GA51 Power House LobellTarport Bill
1990NSW Nowra Debutant - 2Power Master1988MN27 Power House LobellTarport Bill
1989NSW Nowra Debutant - 2Our New Life1987MN20 Sokys AtomLumber Dream
1988NSW Nowra Debutant - 2Harbor Glow1986GU2 Harbor SkipperMeadow Al
1987NSW Nowra Debutant - 2Skip The Candy1985GA418 JR SkipperMax Jacoby
1986NSW Nowra Debutant - 2Rocket Jason1984GU304 JR SkipperDashing Brucus
1985NSW Nowra Debutant - 2Paleface King1983MU311 Paleface AdiosTrainer Hanover
1984NSW Nowra Debutant - 2Tabbie Adios1982MA20 Paleface AdiosThor Hanover
1983NSW Nowra Debutant - 2Attack The Front1981GA269 JR SkipperStormyway
1982NSW Nowra Debutant - 2Zona Jack1980MN135 Arizona YankeeGoodland
1981NSW Nowra Debutant - 2Barren Joey Light1979MN1 Brad HanoverSafety Light
1980NSW Nowra Debutant - 2Vanessas Dream1978FA595 Adios KiddNo Comment
1979NSW Nowra Debutant - 2Something Royal1977MN533 Aachen RoyalJohnny Globe
1978NSW Nowra Debutant - 2Dandirea1976MA38 AdroitThunder On
1977NSW Nowra Debutant - 2Wild Chief1975MN17 Frosty MonarchMission King
1976NSW Nowra Debutant - 2Tarada Bill1974MN105 Tarport BillTyphoon Hanover
1983NSW Southern District Derby -3Tasman Tiger1979MU301 Tiger WaveFallacy
1982NSW Southern District Derby -3Mighty Hurricane1978MN4 Armbro HurricaneBachelor Hanover
1981NSW Southern District Derby -3Tricky One1977GN79 OvertrickStormyway
1977NSW Southern District Derby -3Canasta1973MN7 Majestic ChanceFree Fight
1964NSW Southern District Derby -3Jan Brown1960FN128 RibandsFree Fight
1982NSW Southern District Sapling -2Noble Garry1979GN15 Garry RowanFallacy
1976NSW Southern District Sapling -2Adios One1973MN136 Jerry AdiosMedoro Hall
1963NSW Southern District Sapling -2Chairman1960MA202 Regal GoldMedoro
1961NSW Southern District Sapling -2Frosty Blue1958MA312 Blue GamblePeerless Peter