74 Results for Nyah Sporting Complex (Nyah, VIC, Australia) - Track Length is 805m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2011Vic Northern Region ChampNickle Miss2006FU30 GrinfromeartoearClassic Garry
2008Vic Northern Region ChampMiss Laura Jane2004FN162 Armbro OperativeSmooth Hanover
2005Vic Northern Region ChampArt For Art Sake2000FU4 Perfect ArtFast Knight
2002Vic Northern Region ChampTerrific Son1998GN84 Safely KeptWhats Next
1999Vic Northern Region ChampGoodbyemisterchips1992GU302 BonzatrossMagnus Apollo
1997Vic Northern Region ChampBilly Bunter1992MA2 Limited PartnerBest Bizzare
1994Vic Northern Region ChampJefs Flood1989FA130 Jefs EmperorRuggles
1992Vic Northern Region ChampMaster Scotch1986MN314 Keystone ScotchNational Byrd
1990Vic Northern Region ChampIts Grammalite1984GN1 GramatanMark Lobell
1988Vic Northern Region ChampComputer Code1983GA9 Brad AdiosAerogram
1984Vic Northern Region ChampHelpmann1976GA337 Delvin DancerBank Note
1981Vic Northern Region ChampWaaia Idol1975GA254 AerogramMajor Miracle
1979Vic Northern Region ChampRose Prince1973MA209 Double AdiosGood Report
1977Vic Northern Region ChampDark Delovair1972GN38 Dela PrideFlight Commander
1975Vic Northern Region ChampChina Mac1970MA314 Old ChinaZig Zag
1973Vic Northern Region ChampAerogram1968MA9 Thor HanoverYankiwi
1971Vic Northern Region ChampGay Dividend1967MA7 Dale SpringGay Venture
1969Vic Northern Region ChampIans Idol1964GA7 Grand MonarchGay Venture
1968Vic Northern Region ChampSarnia Rose1962FA9 PlebeNew Derby
1967Vic Northern Region ChampKiwi Marie1961FA958 YankiwiNelson Eddy
2011Vic Nyah Pacing CupVillage of Dreams2005MN84 Village JasperWhats Next
2010Vic Nyah Pacing CupStirling Charmer2004GN57 Live Or DieHolmes Hanover
2009Vic Nyah Pacing CupNotaswethort2001GN4 Live Or DieKnowing Bret
2008Vic Nyah Pacing CupMister Swinger2003MA17 Village JasperWindshield Wiper
2007Vic Nyah Pacing CupBold Cruiser2001GN103 Live Or DieHolmes Hanover
2006Vic Nyah Pacing CupStrauss2001GN37 Dream AwayPeoples Blue Chip
2005Vic Nyah Pacing CupOK Windermere1999GN133 OK ByeSon of Afella
2004Vic Nyah Pacing CupHanover Zip1994GN42 Holmes HanoverLordship
2003Vic Nyah Pacing CupJilliby Spirit1998GA8 Armbro OperativeKoala King
2002Vic Nyah Pacing CupGrants Dream1991GU300 Walton HanoverEntrepreneur
2001Vic Nyah Pacing CupSycophant1994MN5 Quite FamousHonest E D
2000Vic Nyah Pacing CupJonells Son1995GN18 Embrace MeTarport Low
1999Vic Nyah Pacing CupSend Me A Dream1993GA31 Sandman HanoverDales Gift
1998Vic Nyah Pacing CupSend Me A Dream1993GA31 Sandman HanoverDales Gift
1996Vic Nyah Pacing CupWemen Larriet1990GA61 Champagne HappyMagnus Apollo
1995Vic Nyah Pacing CupNewsargent1990GU10 Golden GreekMeadow Skipper
1994Vic Nyah Pacing CupGolden Jug1989GN29 Golden GreekFellowship
1993-2Vic Nyah Pacing CupOleblack Joe1988GN268 Armbro WhizLordship
1993-1Vic Nyah Pacing CupFellas Ego1986GU300 Smooth FellaSapling
1991Vic Nyah Pacing CupWitch Melody1985GN37 Big Band SoundOvertrick
1990Vic Nyah Pacing CupArmarni1985GN12 Alba ByrdCard Shark
1989Vic Nyah Pacing CupDevaluator1984MN18 EntrepreneurThurber Frost
1988Vic Nyah Pacing CupHoly Smoke1984MN223 Keystone ScotchHoly Hal
1987Vic Nyah Pacing CupVoight1982GA26 Adios VicTarport Low
1986Vic Nyah Pacing CupFestival Summer1980MA26 Chris ButlerSheffield Globe
1985Vic Nyah Pacing CupScotch Shield1979MN93 Keystone ScotchIntangible
1984Vic Nyah Pacing CupGame Oro1979GA22 Laverne HanoverFrosty Nelson
1983Vic Nyah Pacing CupPanyan1979GN7 Nardins ByrdBachelor Hanover
1982-2Vic Nyah Pacing CupHawaiian Star1977MA585 Stormy LodgeAtlantic City
1982-1Vic Nyah Pacing CupCoonara Court1977GU313 BylawTrainer Hanover
1981Vic Nyah Pacing CupChipmunk1975MU308 Lumber DreamBachelor Hanover
1980Vic Nyah Pacing CupBarbiston Boy1975MA395 Adios DelmerRaider Scott
1979Vic Nyah Pacing CupLegal Frost1973GN27 AksarbenIke Frost
1978Vic Nyah Pacing CupEuchre King1972MA5 Dales GiftTarport King
1977Vic Nyah Pacing CupPodon1968MN1 Main HitFloridoro
1976Vic Nyah Pacing CupMyzami1969GN105 Meadow LawnMiraculous
1975Vic Nyah Pacing CupBernie Armagh1968GA407 Bravado HanoverVolo Chief
1974Vic Nyah Pacing CupChase On1966GU328 Young CharlesFlying Song
1973Vic Nyah Pacing CupHuon Eddy1963MA958 WairangiNelson Eddy
1972Vic Nyah Pacing CupTe Wai Hanover1963MU340 Typhoon HanoverVan Derby
1971Vic Nyah Pacing CupHonest Reward1964MA4 Honest TimeKimberlene
1970Vic Nyah Pacing CupMy Gal Sal1965FA48 AachenSandy Scott
1969Vic Nyah Pacing CupTardy Glenfern1963MN4 Tarport KidRaider
1968Vic Nyah Pacing CupBold Alabar1963MA5 AachenGrand Scott
2011Vic Nyah Trotters CupLord of the Gym2004GU316 Muscles YankeeTorado Hanover
2010Vic Nyah Trotters CupDanny Bouchea2004MN25 SundonTorado Hanover
2009Vic Nyah Trotters CupDream A Moment2002FN1 EarlArmbro Invasion
2008Vic Nyah Trotters CupMental Power2000FA422 Its Motor PowerSwishaladin
2007Vic Nyah Trotters CupSplit Image2002GN34 Yentls ImageRCs Dee Jay
2006Vic Nyah Trotters CupMarong2001GA1 SJs PhotoStakhanovite
2005Vic Nyah Trotters CupA Touch of Flair2000GA63 SJs PhotoEntrepreneur
2004Vic Nyah Trotters CupAlex1994GA35 ExtrovertShadow Star
2003Vic Nyah Trotters CupFrosty Vee Bee1996GA83 Maoris IdolTarport Low
2002Vic Nyah Trotters CupQuetzacoatl1995GA339 RCs Dee JayEl Cordobies