288 Results for Penrith (Penrith, NSW, Australia) - Track Length is 805m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
1981NSW Ardath Classic -3Gundary Flyer1977MN35 Good FlyerJocose
1993NSW Bay Johnny Handicap -TShining Effort1984GN8 Armbro LenOut To Win
1999NSW Dress Circle PacePocket Vance1995MN112 In The PocketVance Hanover
1998NSW Dress Circle PaceKyalla Special1993MA143 Genghis KhanTiff N Time
1997NSW Dress Circle PaceGolden Spur1993GA6 Seahawk HanoverOvertrick
1996NSW Dress Circle PaceDancing Authority1991FA64 Caesar Blue ChipRun Joe Run
1995NSW Dress Circle PaceMister Franco1991GA423 Young DancerMount Eden
1994NSW Dress Circle PaceCall Me Frank1989MA115 InsubordinationJet Butler
1993NSW Dress Circle PacePoppys Flyer1988FN22 Popular AlmPalms Romeo
1992NSW Dress Circle PaceCharlie Bravo1988GN2 Armbro WhizGolden Fulla
1991NSW Dress Circle PaceMedowie Prince1988GN33 Whats NextReal Light
1990NSW Dress Circle PaceKingston City1986MU52 Hamilton RHRaven Hanover
1989NSW Dress Circle PaceOur McMillan1985MN4 LordshipScottish Command
1988NSW Dress Circle PaceJunior Paleface1984MA1346Paleface AdiosBillabong Chief
1987NSW Dress Circle PaceLady Of Hanema1983FA62 North PoleLuigi Hanover
1986NSW Dress Circle PaceThe Rio Star1982GN99 Stanley RioCaptain Frost
1985NSW Dress Circle PaceBarwen Bill1980MA29 Tarport BillDual Peak
1984NSW Dress Circle PaceTarport Beau1978GN202 Tarport LowSchell Hanover
1983NSW Dress Circle PaceCorazon1969MN63 Deep TanLight Brigade
1982NSW Dress Circle PaceLynvista1978FN10 Smart LobellMeadow Vance
1981NSW Dress Circle PaceShannon Place1976MA406 ShannondoiIke Frost
1979NSW Dress Circle PaceFrome Hanover1975MA1356Toledo HanoverMiniature Bill
1978NSW Dress Circle PaceCahill Hanover1972MA221 Hondo HanoverStormyway
1977NSW Dress Circle PaceEmerald Hanover1971MN23 Thor HanoverSparkling Raid
1976NSW Dress Circle PaceRama Hanover1971MA59 Thor HanoverTe Maru
1975NSW Dress Circle PaceBoney Walla1971MA60 Student PrinceRaiarmagh
1974NSW Dress Circle PaceSatins Image1969GA1350The CriticHighland Fling
1973NSW Dress Circle PaceMaster Gypsy1969MA406 Ike FrostMintons Son
1972NSW Dress Circle PaceCentennial Craig1966MU325 Centennial ScottCentennial Scott
1971NSW Dress Circle PaceHondo Grattan1968MN114 Hondo HanoverLoreto
1970NSW Dress Circle PaceSauntar1966FN109 Sun ChiefArdri
1969NSW Dress Circle PaceFrosty Minton1965MA428 Raider FrostRibands
1968NSW Dress Circle PaceFlying Venture1963MA428 Gay VentureMintons Son
2003NSW Foundation Series - 3THeartbroke1999GN57 HoldonmyheartChiola Hanover
2002NSW Foundation Series - 3TBonbillie Fella1998MU301 Fake LeftLand Grant
2001NSW Foundation Series - 3TCode of Honour1997GA1 Safely KeptEmbrace Me
1993NSW Glendenning Guineas -3The Way To Go1990GA9 Wisdoms WayAmazing Pick
1992NSW Glendenning Guineas -3Paysons Knight1990MA1 Paysons BrotherEl Patron
1991NSW Glendenning Guineas -3Medowie Prince1988GN33 Whats NextReal Light
1990NSW Glendenning Guineas -3He Can1987MU389 Power House LobellVictory Win
1989NSW Glendenning Guineas -3Band Magic1986MN136 Big Band SoundGaviland
1988NSW Glendenning Guineas -3Come On Sharky1985GA1068Honest StrangerReal Light
1987NSW Glendenning Guineas -3Rattletrack1983MN154 ValerianBay Foyle
1986NSW Glendenning Guineas -3Destiny Calls1984MN31 Land GrantTempest Hanover
1985NSW Glendenning Guineas -3Ideal Society1982GN15 Romeo HanoverHancove
1984NSW Glendenning Guineas -3Livag Elad Miss1981FN51 GavilandStormyway
1983NSW Glendenning Guineas -3My Glengower1980MN64 Smooth FellaScottish Hanover
1982NSW Glendenning Guineas -3Tiffs Mystery1979MA38 Tiff N TimeBlazing Globe
2017NSW Golden Easter Egg -3fMy Venice Beach2013FN18 SomebeachsomewhereChristian Cullen
1995NSW Hall Championship -4Defiante1990MA59 InsubordinationToliver Hanover
1994NSW Hall Championship -4Big Wal1989MU303 Big Band SoundWinterlight
1993NSW Hall Championship -4Tact Rashad1988GN3 RashadNat Lobell
1992NSW Hall Championship -4Tolvent1987MU43 ConventioneerToliver Hanover
1991NSW Hall Championship -4Woy Woy Karamea1986MN7 Hamilton RHDeep Adios
1990NSW Hall Championship -4Cavaliere Servente1985GU300 Smooth FellaArmbro Del
1989NSW Hall Championship -4Nikalong Shadow1984MA96 Shadow StarDuke Duane
1988NSW Hall Championship -4Yonder Light1983GN33 Romeo HanoverShy Songster
1987NSW Hall Championship -4Christy Gold1982MN14 MethenGlen Garry
1986NSW Hall Championship -4Sweet N Easy1981FA228 Dont RetreatRaider Frost
1985NSW Hall Championship -4Honkin Del1980FN12 Honkin AndyArmbro Del
2017NSW Hall Memorial -OPGotta Go Ya Hu2013GU308 Big JimChristian Cullen
2016NSW Hall Memorial -OPParramatta2010GN20 McArdleDM Dilinger
2015NSW Hall Memorial -OPTeramby Star2010GA143 Dream AwayGenghis Khan
2014NSW Hall Memorial -OPIm El Diablo2009GN19 Extreme ThreeArtiscape
2013NSW Hall Memorial -OPSimple Saver2008FN29 Live Or DieSave Fuel
2012NSW Hall Memorial -OPDee Devito2007MN15 Bettors DelightPanorama
2011NSW Hall Memorial -OPGod Send2007MN5 Bettors DelightChristian Cullen
2010NSW Hall Memorial -OPDashing Christian2006GN37 Christian CullenFalcon Seelster
2009NSW Hall Memorial -OPAppeal A Lot2003GN44 Lotsa CloutFake Left
2008NSW Hall Memorial -OPSaucy Legend2004GN4 Live Or DiePreux Chevalier
2006NSW Hall Memorial -OPMisstop2000FN2 TopnotcherFake Left
2005NSW Hall Memorial -OPThe Neptunes Lady2001FN5 Dream AwaySmooth Fella
2004NSW Hall Memorial -OPMotu Surprise Gift2000MN91 OK ByeHolmes Hanover
2003NSW Hall Memorial -OPBy The Left1999GU30 Fake LeftSurmo Hanover
2002NSW Hall Memorial -OPMaster Echelon1998GN83 EchelonTompkins Hanover
2001NSW Hall Memorial -OPSunofagun1997GA190 Ramsey HanoverUnder A Cloud
2000NSW Hall Memorial -OPCrossroad1994MA48 To Ri DaonSilver Potts
2000NSW Hall Memorial -OPEighteen Carat Gold1995MN140 New York MotoringBachelor Hanover
1999NSW Hall Memorial -OPWarwick Lad1993MN6 Exclusive CamMeadow Looney
1998NSW Hall Memorial -OPOur Big Monte1990GN95 Monarch HanoverRace Time Boy
1997NSW Hall Memorial -OPHedy Skipper1990FA161 Harbor SkipperLuigi Hanover
1987NSW JPS/Commodore Series -3Mister Matchmaker1983GA207 Armbro UnitasDouble Adios
1984NSW JPS/Commodore Series -3Bat Del1980FU30 BatmanArmbro Del
2017NSW PDF (Chippys) CupTiger Tara2010MN19 Bettors DelightDream Away
2016NSW PDF (Chippys) CupYayas Hot Spot2010GU302 Jeremes JetIn The Pocket
2015NSW PDF (Chippys) CupYayas Hot Spot2010GU302 Jeremes JetIn The Pocket
2014NSW PDF (Chippys) CupFreyberg2007GN3 Washington VCBeach Towel
2013NSW PDF (Chippys) CupGrand Stride2008MA30 ArtiscapeGolden Greek
2012NSW PDF (Chippys) CupRoman Stride2005GU1 Bettors DelightDirect Scooter
2011NSW PDF (Chippys) CupRohan Home2004GA30 Riverboat KingSafely Kept
2010NSW PDF (Chippys) CupRoyal Surprise2005MN41 Brioso HanoverIn The Pocket
2009NSW PDF (Chippys) CupLive To Laugh2001GA70 Die LaughingTompkins Hanover
2008NSW PDF (Chippys) CupBlue Gum Forest1998GN7 Forrest SkipperNuclear Nightmare
2007NSW PDF (Chippys) CupKiwi McCool1999GN6 Miles McCoolKnowing Bret
2006NSW PDF (Chippys) CupOur Brahman Boy2000GU30 PanoramaSon of Afella
2005NSW PDF (Chippys) CupClear Atomic Day2000GU308 Village JasperTuapeka Knight
2004NSW PDF (Chippys) CupSpyridon1996MU30 Golden GreekBig Band Sound
2003NSW PDF (Chippys) CupGold King1996GA6 Silent SpringGammalite
2002NSW PDF (Chippys) CupDouble Identity1996GU317 Embrace MeSouthern Gentleman
2001NSW PDF (Chippys) CupGifted Angel1995GU24 New York MotoringSokys Atom
2000NSW PDF (Chippys) CupLooney Toliver1993FA205 Nikalong ShadowToliver Hanover
1999NSW PDF (Chippys) CupSovereign Hill1991MN10 Vance HanoverSmooth Fella
1998NSW PDF (Chippys) CupFizzys Atom1992GN49 Sokys AtomLumber Dream
1997NSW PDF (Chippys) CupStormbro1991GA159 Armbro UnitasRace Time Boy
1996NSW PDF (Chippys) CupMean Thinker1988MU300 Keystone ScotchThor Hanover
1995NSW PDF (Chippys) CupRed Sea1989GN53 Whats NextTarport Low
1984NSW Penrith Championship -4Merson Raider1979MN28 Tyrolean DancerPassword
1983NSW Penrith Championship -4Black Top1978GU342 Last EditionDeep Tan
1982NSW Penrith Championship -4Tricky One1977GN79 OvertrickStormyway
1981NSW Penrith Championship -4Jikk Adios1976MA12 Deep AdiosFire Bar
1980NSW Penrith Championship -4Friendly Footman1975MU319 The FootmanKudos
1979NSW Penrith Championship -4Toliver Bay1974MN18 Toliver HanoverU Scott
1978NSW Penrith Championship -4The Scotsman1973MN94 TuftSpringbok
1977NSW Penrith Championship -4Hondo Away1972MU300 Hondo HanoverFallacy
1976NSW Penrith Championship -4Wilbur Post1971MU305 Honest E DCongruent
1975NSW Penrith Championship -4Queen Brigade1970FA108 All BrigadeLord James
1974NSW Penrith Championship -4Mitchell Victory1969MA403 Hondo HanoverLast Scott
1993NSW Penrith Derby - 3Our Big Monte1990GN95 Monarch HanoverRace Time Boy
1992NSW Penrith Derby - 3Cyclone Jerry1989GN1 Jeremy LobellGood Humor Man
1991NSW Penrith Derby - 3Genghis Karalta1988GN15 Genghis KhanThor Hanover
1990NSW Penrith Derby - 3Magnum Skipper1987MA16 Eastern SkipperMagnus Apollo
1989NSW Penrith Derby - 3Woy Woy Karamea1986MN7 Hamilton RHDeep Adios
1988NSW Penrith Derby - 3Already In1985MA30 InsubordinationRingo
1987NSW Penrith Derby - 3Rowleyalla1984GN120 National ByrdHigh Pendant
1986NSW Penrith Derby - 3Huckster Hanover1983MN16 Thor HanoverArmbro Del
1985NSW Penrith Derby - 3Mister Langus1982MN27 Langus HanoverTarport Bill
1984NSW Penrith Derby - 3Glenns Thunder1981MN7 Grand ThorHigh Class
1983NSW Penrith Derby - 3Natural Guy1980MN28 Nat LobellCaptain Adios
1982NSW Penrith Derby - 3Tiffs Mystery1979MA38 Tiff N TimeBlazing Globe
1981NSW Penrith Derby - 3Risky Red1978MN6 Hilarious WayLight Mood
1980NSW Penrith Derby - 3Gundary Flyer1977MN35 Good FlyerJocose
1979NSW Penrith Derby - 3Hanover Schell1976MA5 Schell HanoverAksarben
1978NSW Penrith Derby - 3Run Joe Run1975MA110 Bashful HanoverStormyway
1977NSW Penrith Derby - 3Toliver Bay1974MN18 Toliver HanoverU Scott
1976NSW Penrith Derby - 3Rip Van Winkle1973MN1 Thor HanoverPacing Gift
1975NSW Penrith Derby - 3Atomic Adios1972MA453 Deep AdiosSpringfield Globe
1974NSW Penrith Derby - 3Wilbur Post1971MU305 Honest E DCongruent
1973NSW Penrith Derby - 3Jason Hanover1970MA1 Smokey HanoverBelmont Hall
1972NSW Penrith Derby - 3Glamour King1969MN7 Bachelor HanoverGarrison Hanover
1971NSW Penrith Derby - 3Jason King1968MN7 LordshipGarrison Hanover
1970NSW Penrith Derby - 3Lumber King1967MN34 Lumber DreamPrince Charming
1969NSW Penrith Derby - 3Ayr Student1966GN233 Student PrinceVan Ayr
1968NSW Penrith Derby - 3Southern Foyle1965MN7 SouthportDillon Hall
1967NSW Penrith Derby - 3Picaro1964MN2 Gold ChangeU Scott
1966-2NSW Penrith Derby - 3Hush Hush1963MA1 Sparkling RaidAdmiral Harwood
1966-1NSW Penrith Derby - 3Stranraer Special1963FN27 ChamferRaider
1965NSW Penrith Derby - 3Sky Hanover1962MA214 Sky RaiderLucky Hanover
1986NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2David Peterson1983GU325 Preferred BidToliver Hanover
1985NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2The Rio Star1982GN99 Stanley RioCaptain Frost
1984NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2Sir Langus1981MN1 Langus HanoverTimely Knight
1983NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2Jayares Dream1980MN39 JR SkipperLumber Dream
1982NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2Sartorial Elegance1979GA329 None SuchShy Songster
1981NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2Duane True1978GN213 True DuaneSnow Time
1980NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2Innkeeper1977MN49 Good Time EdenCraig Garrison
1979NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2Undertrick1976MN5 OvertrickAdios Butler
1978NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2Run Joe Run1975MA110 Bashful HanoverStormyway
1977NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2Vision Hanover1974MN10 Menges HanoverLumber Dream
1976NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2Rowan Garry1973MA14 Garry RowanStanton Hal
1975NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2Boneys Brother1972MA60 Student PrinceRaiarmagh
1974NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2Abercorn Kid1971MN15 Trainer HanoverSilver Peak
1973NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2Pay Her Way1970FN124 James ScottVan Hall
1972NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2Tidy James1969MA28 James ScottSpringfield Globe
1971NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2Royal Calypso1968MA206 Ike FrostBruce Hall
1970NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2Bill Barry1967MN1 Scottish BrigadeSky Raider
1968NSW Penrith Kindergarten -2Dusty Sam1966MA443 Social SamPerfect Lawn
1986NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fSpruce Carol1982FA64 TrenchcoatGolden Adios
1985NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fTeramby Time1981FA143 Tiff N TimeBlazing Globe
1984NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fSatin Shoes1980FA28 Able Bye ByeJames Scott
1983NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fKaramea Duplicity1979FA5 DuplicateThor Hanover
1982NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fAinsley Dillon1978FA102 Dillon LightWinston
1981NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fWeona Jewel1977FN45 Hilarious WayLumber Dream
1980NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fMiss Redmond1976FN80 Redmond LaneCanny Scot
1979NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fWoodbrook Thor1975FN560Thor HanoverScottish Brigade
1978NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fLucky Kiwi1974FN11 Eagle ArmbroHi Los Forbes
1977NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fGirl Talk1973FA85 Fine HanoverHundred Proof
1976NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fMiss Smarty1972FU31 SpringflexU Scott
1975NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fMilford Mary1971FN8 Out To WinLight Brigade
1974NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fShy Castle1970FU300 Play BillU Scott
1973NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fLady William1969FN9 William WayBurns Night
1972NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fMiss Hondo1968FN1 Hondo HanoverSpringflex
1971NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fCourtesy Tedlo1967FN9 Garrison HanoverMorano
1970NSW Penrith Oaks - 3fIlove1966FN32 SpringflexLight Brigade
1969NSW Penrith Oaks - 3f   
1994NSW Penrith Trotters CupGrand Score1989GA369 Grand ThorGliding Light
1991NSW Penrith Trotters CupIronbark1980GU302 Game PrideLumber Dream
1976NSW Penrith Trotters CupTabouret1967MA2 GoodlandGarrison Hanover
1972NSW Penrith Trotters CupFirst Venton1966GA74 Carls CommandGood Report
1971NSW Penrith Trotters CupJohnny Bright1965GN21 Johnny GlobeLight Brigade
1970NSW Penrith Trotters CupBay Johnny1964GN18 Johnny GlobeU Scott
1968NSW Penrith Trotters CupFrosty Junior1963MU42 Thurber FrostLight Brigade
1989NSW Penrith Winter Trotters CupLonglands Lady1982FA39 Romany StormHanaway
1988NSW Penrith Winter Trotters CupBret Navara1975GN16 GanzaCovrex
1987NSW Penrith Winter Trotters CupMount Victory1980FU340 Mt EverestFairlane Hanover
1986NSW Penrith Winter Trotters CupDesota Speed1976GA1584Speed SupremeMonds Gift
1981NSW Penrith Winter Trotters CupOrchid Queen1977FA65 Rough SeasVan Hall
2017NSW Renshaw CupTiger Tara2010MN19 Bettors DelightDream Away
2016NSW Renshaw CupYayas Hot Spot2010GU302 Jeremes JetIn The Pocket
2015NSW Renshaw CupSmolda2008GA59 Courage Under FireSafely Kept
2014NSW Renshaw CupBlazin N Cullen2009GU20 Christian CullenWestern Hanover
2013NSW Renshaw CupWashakie2003GN155 Badlands HanoverOK Bye
2012NSW Renshaw CupTerrorway2006GU10 Western TerrorSands A Flyin
2011NSW Renshaw CupRohan Home2004GA30 Riverboat KingSafely Kept
2010NSW Renshaw CupWestern Cam2003GN25 Barnett HanoverFake Left
2009NSW Renshaw CupJohnny El Gringo2003GN96 John Street NorthPaysons Brother
2008NSW Renshaw CupBold Cruiser2001GN103 Live Or DieHolmes Hanover
2007NSW Renshaw CupBlue Gum Forest1998GN7 Forrest SkipperNuclear Nightmare
2006NSW Renshaw CupFierce Allegiance1999GA55 Exotic EarlHilarious Way
2005NSW Renshaw CupThe Scorpion King1999GU31 TroublemakerSeahawk Hanover
2004NSW Renshaw CupOur First Lad1999MN10 In The PocketOK Bye
2003NSW Renshaw CupGifted Angel1995GU24 New York MotoringSokys Atom
2002NSW Renshaw CupJust Scootin1993MA188 Stoneridge ScooterInsubordination
2001NSW Renshaw CupFranco Conquest1996MN1 Falcon SeelsterTuapeka Knight
2000NSW Renshaw CupStep Outside1995FU300 TroublemakerOut To Win
1999NSW Renshaw CupZyuganov Leis1993MA25 French ChefMeadow Paige
1998NSW Renshaw CupAlfabeat1991GA27 Big Band SoundRichmond
1997NSW Renshaw CupLate Bid1991MN46 AndrelEl Patron
1996NSW Renshaw CupLate Bid1991MN46 AndrelEl Patron
1995NSW Renshaw CupTyler Jay1986GN1 Bye And LargeLocal Light
1994NSW Renshaw CupBig Wal1989MU303 Big Band SoundWinterlight
1993NSW Renshaw CupCocos Dream1988GN32 Vance HanoverLumber Dream
1992NSW Renshaw CupCarter Rainbow1986MN22 JR SkipperCaliburn
1991NSW Renshaw CupOur Aynsley1985MN1 Plat Du JourTarport Coulter
1990NSW Renshaw CupBonzatross1985MA61 Merchant MarineMagnus Apollo
1989NSW Renshaw CupLove To Spare1984FN32 Spare HandToliver Hanover
1988NSW Renshaw CupLots Of Kings1981GA9 Cedar KingDouble Adios
1987NSW Renshaw CupBens Image1981MA14 BatmanGarry Rowan
1986NSW Renshaw CupHurricane Fury1979MN279 Armbro HurricaneBlack Fury
1985NSW Renshaw CupPowder And Shot1979GN4 CourvoisierLordship
1984NSW Renshaw CupDalmego1974GA355 Dale SpringMeadow Chief
1983NSW Renshaw CupBundanoon1977MA308 Greentree JoeyAdios Kidd
1982NSW Renshaw CupOut For Glory1976MA272 Out To WinBravado Hanover
1981NSW Renshaw CupMichael Frost1972MA50 Koala FrostKing Lucius
1980NSW Renshaw CupGrand Thor1974MN9 Thor HanoverHigh Pendant
1979NSW Renshaw CupAble Ay1971MN199Hondo HanoverThunder On
1978NSW Renshaw CupChallenge Proof1971MA367 Challenge MeHundred Proof
1977NSW Renshaw CupChallenge Proof1971MA367 Challenge MeHundred Proof
1976NSW Renshaw CupKaramea Minna1971FN97 Thor HanoverMedoro
1975NSW Renshaw CupShy Castle1970FU300 Play BillU Scott
1974NSW Renshaw CupArmbro Jodie1969FN4 Eagle ArmbroJohnny Globe
1973NSW Renshaw CupRoyal Topaz1968MN104 GoodlandStormyway
1971-2NSW Renshaw CupPrincess Light1967FA204 Real LightKing Ranji
1971-1NSW Renshaw CupKiwi Lad1966MN43 GoodlandU Scott
1970NSW Renshaw CupDawn Peak1962FA51 Silver PeakAttack
1969NSW Renshaw CupKiwi Peterson1964MN84 SecureU Scott
2011-3NSW Super Sprint SeriesWhos Escaped2005FA54 ArtiscapeFalcon Seelster
2011-2NSW Super Sprint SeriesTom And Grace2007GA2 Big TomButler BG
2011-1NSW Super Sprint SeriesEloquent Babe2006FN20 ArtsplaceNeros BB
1985NSW Trotters Derby -3TKano Joe1981GN48 Joeys ByrdToledo Hanover
1984NSW Trotters Derby -3TNoble Genius1980GA205 King NobleSheer Genius
1983NSW Trotters Derby -3TGrand Polly1979FA326 Fairlane HanoverGrand Monarch
1982NSW Trotters Derby -3TNavy Blue1978GN30 Navy SignalMeadow Vance
1980NSW Trotters Derby -3TAleta1976GN52 Fairlane HanoverScottish Star
1979NSW Trotters Derby -3TSurprise Frost1975GU301 Desert FrostRodilo
1965NSW Trotters Derby -3TSkipper Mac1961MA415 Spring LevelStarwyn
1964NSW Trotters Derby -3TTony Bear1960MA133 IntangiblePilade
1963NSW Trotters Derby -3TAdmirals Last1959GA13 Amazing AdmiralDalla Derby
1962NSW Trotters Derby -3THammerhead1958MN1 Light BrigadeU Scott
1961NSW Trotters Derby -3TTop Command1957MA44 ConvivialBrigade Command
1960NSW Trotters Derby -3TUncanny1956MA236 Noble ScottMain Derby
1959NSW Trotters Derby -3TGay Vivienne1955FN76 Gay RevelerLogan Derby
1958NSW Trotters Derby -3TBenelong1954MU323 Noble ScottRoy Redmond
1957NSW Trotters Derby -3TMiracle Watch1953FN44 MiraculousIndianapolis
1956NSW Trotters Derby -3TBlonde Brigade1952FU10 Light BrigadeU Scott
1955NSW Trotters Derby -3TCount Mirando1951MN33 MedoroJosedale Grattan
1954NSW Trotters Derby -3TTravis Eddy1950MN526 Nelson EddyTravis Axworthy
1953NSW Trotters Derby -3TGlenyule1949MU324 Merry HallRobert Light
1952NSW Trotters Derby -3THonest Rose1948FA64 Robert DerbyPay Globe
1951NSW Trotters Derby -3TJohnny Towrang1947MA284 Towrang WallaHead Lulu
1950NSW Trotters Derby -3TEdith Maria1946FU306 Noble ScottWalla Walla
1948NSW Trotters Derby -3TPleasant Bob1944MA636 Bob TingleRobert Derby
1947NSW Trotters Derby -3TFirst Admiral1943MU316 Admiral HarwoodReal Guy
1946NSW Trotters Derby -3TPeaks Promise1942GA6 Peak HillRoy Redmond
1945NSW Trotters Derby -3TOn Guard1941MU304 Walla WallaSparkling Jewell
1944NSW Trotters Derby -3TBlue Orchid1940MU5 Admiral HarwoodNelson Bingen
1943NSW Trotters Derby -3TJovial Joy1939FA750 Phoenix DixieBingen Boy
1942NSW Trotters Derby -3TWinston Walla1938GA216 Walla WallaAdonis
1941NSW Trotters Derby -3TMinor Walla1937MA718 Towrang WallaPeter Minor
1940NSW Trotters Derby -3TWar Danger1936MA719 PeterwahWinn Alto
1939NSW Trotters Derby -3TBetty Redmond1935FA746 Roy RedmondDixie Alto
1938NSW Trotters Derby -3TReal Vain1934FA6 Real GuyWinn Alto
1937NSW Trotters Derby -3TDavid Redmond1933GA701 Roy RedmondWinn Alto
1936NSW Trotters Derby -3TTerrys Pick1932GA785 Winn AltoFirst Voyage
1935NSW Trotters Derby -3TLord Daley1931MA728 Lord MintonDixie Daly
1934NSW Trotters Derby -3TGrand Lad1930GA703 Grand VoyageBelmont M
1933NSW Trotters Derby -3TBarney Alto1929GA6 Winn AltoDixie Daly
1932NSW Trotters Derby -3TWallawill1928MA607 Walla WallaMedlow Bath
1931NSW Trotters Derby -3TLou Spear1927FU5 Wilbur LouNelson Bingen
1930NSW Trotters Derby -3TGreat Wilbur1926MA753 Wilbur Lou