224 Results for Redcliffe Paceway (Redcliffe, QLD, Australia) - Track Length is 833m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
1969Qld Max Poulter Futurity - 3Clifton Jim1965GA452 Little AndrewFire Bar
1963Qld Max Poulter Futurity - 3Ettalong Bob1959MA523 Society BobSt Lucias Last
2017Qld Patrons Purse - 4Bettorthanspecial2011FN2 Bettors DelightChristian Cullen
2016Qld Patrons Purse - 4Barynya2010FN3 Blissfull HallPerfect Art
2015Qld Patrons Purse - 4Majestic Major2009GN1 Art MajorTalk About Class
2014Qld Patrons Purse - 4Supreme Mach2009GU303 Mach ThreeBadlands Hanover
2013Qld Patrons Purse - 4Alberto Contador2008GU303 Bettors DelightAlbert Albert
2012Qld Patrons Purse - 4Jack In Flight2006GA245 Flight N IrishSmooth Falcon
2011Qld Patrons Purse - 4Lightning Raider2005GU13 Christian CullenAlbatross
2009Qld Patrons Purse - 4Guitarzan2004GN31 Christian CullenVanston Hanover
2008Qld Patrons Purse - 4Be Diligent2003GU301 DM DilingerSpeed King
2006Qld Patrons Purse - 4Good Lookin Girl2001FN31 Perfect ArtTransport Chip
2005Qld Patrons Purse - 4Clear Atomic Day2000GU308 Village JasperTuapeka Knight
1966Qld Redcliffe 2000Smoke Chief1960MU315 Sparkling RaidSmokey Hanover
1965Qld Redcliffe 2000Coombadjha1956MA62 RaiarmaghLionhearted
1964Qld Redcliffe 2000Rebel Rouser1958MA1254Dual FlightNelson Potts
1993-2Qld Redcliffe Breeders Crown -2cSon Of Fortune1990GU30 Vanston HanoverRip Van Winkle
1993-1Qld Redcliffe Breeders Crown -2cJeremy Lee1990MN46 Jeremy LaurenceFast Knight
1992Qld Redcliffe Breeders Crown -2cSouthern Jaye1989FN3 Vanston HanoverBatman
1991Qld Redcliffe Breeders Crown -2cSuper Clint1988MA89 Vanston HanoverLynden Bye Bye
1993-2Qld Redcliffe Breeders Crown -2fDonna Who1990FA54 Golden GreekFast Knight
1993-1Qld Redcliffe Breeders Crown -2fLochend Lucy1990FA594 Lucius LobellBretland
1992Qld Redcliffe Breeders Crown -2fOur Araluen Miss1989FN107 Chip Off The BlockAble Bye Bye
1991Qld Redcliffe Breeders Crown -2fHike Along1988FN107 Land GrantAble Bye Bye
2018Qld Redcliffe CupConstantlysideways2011GN124 Village JasperSpeed King
2017Qld Redcliffe CupKept Under Wraps2011MU30 Bettors DelightSafely Kept
2016Qld Redcliffe CupFive Card Draw2009GN5 Bettors DelightButler BG
2015Qld Redcliffe CupAlleluia2010GU24 Art MajorVillage Jasper
2014Qld Redcliffe CupMajestic Major2009GN1 Art MajorTalk About Class
2013Qld Redcliffe CupOnly The Brave2008GU24 McArdleAbercrombie
2012Qld Redcliffe CupJack In Flight2006GA245 Flight N IrishSmooth Falcon
2011Qld Redcliffe CupOur White Knight2005GA245 Our Sir VancelotSmooth Falcon
2010Qld Redcliffe CupNickys Falcon1998GN10 Falcon SeelsterSokys Atom
2009Qld Redcliffe CupBossys Henry1999GA428 Royal ChefKing Toliver
2008Qld Redcliffe CupI Am Sam2002GN1 Perfect ArtFake Left
2007Qld Redcliffe CupAtomic Ark2002GU306 Albert AlbertTorado Hanover
2006Qld Redcliffe CupHome of Jack1999GA163 Fake LeftTarport Bill
2005Qld Redcliffe CupWinning Grin1999MN2 Fake LeftFarm Timer
2004Qld Redcliffe CupHexus1998GU30 Classic GarryWindshield Wiper
2003Qld Redcliffe CupHexus1998GU30 Classic GarryWindshield Wiper
2002Qld Redcliffe CupAtitagain1993MN89 Bo Scots Blue ChipAdover Rainbow
2001Qld Redcliffe CupFaster Master1993GN9 Dancing MasterLordship
2000Qld Redcliffe CupRevonez1995MN34 Sokys AtomNew York Motoring
1999Qld Redcliffe CupSlybye1994GN56 OK ByeEl Patron
1998Qld Redcliffe CupPocket Battleship1988MN9 FitchPass With Care
1997Qld Redcliffe CupTorado Stone1986GA66 Torado HanoverScotty Belmont
1996Qld Redcliffe CupShipps Fire1992GN133 Shipps FellaMenges Hanover
1995Qld Redcliffe CupFull Volume1988MU304 Electric GuitarGood Chase
1994Qld Redcliffe CupMedowie Prince1988GN33 Whats NextReal Light
1993Qld Redcliffe CupMighty Mostest1987GN62 Mostest YankeeSwinging Fella
1992Qld Redcliffe CupBrydon Duke1982MA34 April BayU Scott
1991Qld Redcliffe CupSam Isaacs1985MN5 Nardins ByrdHilarious Way
1990Qld Redcliffe CupInternational Liner1983GN9 Farm TimerIndecision
1989Qld Redcliffe CupIts Just Michael1984GN156 MidshipmanRegal Yankee
1988Qld Redcliffe CupToolara Dream1982MA25 Polaris LobellLumber Dream
1987Qld Redcliffe CupGlenelva Bay1978GA332 Worthy BretStormy Water
1986Qld Redcliffe CupSunset Alley1980GA264 Direct AlleyRay O'Sunshine
1985Qld Redcliffe CupHalf Nip1980MA325 The AdmiraltyLucky Western
1984Qld Redcliffe CupAlba Wings1980MA3 Alba CounselTuft
1983Qld Redcliffe CupGlenburnie Carlos1977MN214 CaliburnIntangible
1982Qld Redcliffe CupPaka Star1977MU30 Dale AxworthyTudor Hanover
1982Qld Redcliffe CupTolvan1976MN5 Toliver HanoverStormyway
1981Qld Redcliffe CupWelcome Selection1975MN1 Select YankeeWelcome Stranger
1980Qld Redcliffe CupNandina Wisdom1972MU351 Sly YankeeWise Widower
1979Qld Redcliffe CupRiver Ike1970MU310 Ike FrostVolo Chief
1978Qld Redcliffe CupStep Proof1972MA11 Hundred ProofDancer Hanover
1977Qld Redcliffe CupPaleface Adios1969MA422 Deep AdiosBrigade Command
1976Qld Redcliffe CupRoma Hanover1970FA82 Thor HanoverLawn Tennis
1975Qld Redcliffe CupDont Retreat1970MN1 Dale AxworthyU Scott
1974Qld Redcliffe CupSpike1967MA2 Meadow VanceLight Brigade
1973Qld Redcliffe CupThunder Imp1966GA310 Dale SpringRoyal Again
1972Qld Redcliffe CupShona Flex1967GN57 SpringflexScottish Brigade
1971Qld Redcliffe CupRiano1965FN179 Johnny GlobeGrattan Loyal
1970Qld Redcliffe CupDon Brava1960MA279 BravaMonas Field
1969Qld Redcliffe CupErcil Gold1958MA511 SelwynLouis Direct
1968Qld Redcliffe CupMy Suzanne1960FN1 My ChiefWhipster
1967Qld Redcliffe CupNeena Again1959FA223 BravaBlack Panther
1966Qld Redcliffe CupBathurst Princess1959FA523 Loyal RaiderGlen Bank
1965Qld Redcliffe CupOttoman1954MA214 Silver PeakLawn King
1964Qld Redcliffe CupFairy Armagh1957FA534 RaiarmaghPeak Hill
2018Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Colt Thirty One2014MN31 Mach ThreePerfect Art
2017Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Paternity Suit2013GN55 Rock N Roll HeavenHolmes Hanover
2016Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Leos Best2012GN31 CammibestLotsa Clout
2015Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Admiral Bronski2011MN117 Art MajorFake Left
2014Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Bling It On2010MN185 American IdealCaprock
2013Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Supreme Mach2009GU303 Mach ThreeBadlands Hanover
2012Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Couldntresist2009GN10 Ultimate FalconHolmes Hanover
2011Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Caesars Folly2007MU30 Christian CullenFalcon Seelster
2010Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3For A Reason2006MN77 Art MajorFake Left
2009Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Elzar2005GN46 As PromisedCool Hand Nukes
2008Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Shady Falcon2004GA1 Falcon SeelsterHolmes Hanover
2006Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Atomic Ark2002GU306 Albert AlbertTorado Hanover
2005Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Karloo Titan2001GN300 GrinfromeartoearTroublemaker
2004Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Albert Aralar2000GN79 Albert AlbertBig Band Sound
2003Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Dancing Navajo1999FN22 Fake LeftGlen Almahurst
2002Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Beef City Boy1998MA306 Keen EdgeKawartha Robust
2001Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3City Rogue1997GN36 Holmes HanoverClever Innocence
2000Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Timothy Or Pat1996GN84 CaprockSmooth Fella
1999Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Bronski Warrior1995GU2 Fake LeftChip Off The Block
1998Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Jacky Boy1994GA495 Fake LeftTarport Low
1997Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Kiwi John1993GN183 Man Around TownRed John
1996Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Oneinamillion1992GN3 Son of AfellaSurmo Hanover
1995Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Worthy Vanston1991GN178 Vanston HanoverWorthy Bret
1994Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Stormy Cove1990MN15 Land GrantHancove
1993Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Makin It Easy1989GU4 Vanston HanoverAble Bye Bye
1992Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Not Run   
1991Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Armada Miss1987FA99 Shank HanoverBlue Venture
1990Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Admirals Triumph1986GN16 Admiral HalseyLordship
1988Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Its Campbell1984GN24 Mark LobellScottish Hanover
1987Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Sovereign Cloud1983MA73 Under A CloudTidy James
1986Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Henry Luca1982MU310 HT LucaFriendly John
1985Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Llangollen1981MA321 Card SharkWexford Scott
1984Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Waylon1980MU337 Had My WaySmokey Hanover
1983Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Glenmore Nelson1979MN251 The AdmiraltyTrade Fair
1982Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Another Whisky1978GN149 Karamea ThorForward
1981Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Robby Frost1977MA229 Koala FrostSaloon Bar
1980Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Out Of Sight1976GA85 MassieGoose Bay
1979Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Lucky Mission1975MA107 Lucky CreedStormy Water
1978Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Waitaki Volo1974MN131 Waitaki HanoverJosedale Grattan
1977Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3James Echo1973MN14 James ScottMalniri
1976Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Manly Hanover1972GN23 Thor HanoverScottish Star
1975Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Chief Eagle1971GN30 Eagle ArmbroDorals Derby
1974Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Burgundy Prince1970MN79 TactusLawn Raider
1973Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Red Metric1969MN72 Bravado HanoverGene Direct
1972Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Blazing Chimes1968MA65 Blazing GlobeWelfare
1971Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Enfield Park1967GN229 StormywayMalniri
1970Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Margate Boy1966GA411 Scottish NoteFire Bar
1969Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Doolans Creed1965MA184 Dorman CreedDusty Doolan
1968Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Lucky Creed1964MN17 King CreedWhipster
1967Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Stormy Water1963MA1 StormywayU Scott
1965Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Blaze Song1961MA65 Van HallWelfare
1964Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Hurried Scott1960FA107 Sandy ScottMission King
1963Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Patience Volo1959FN507 Volo ChiefU Scott
1962Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Unco Guid1958FA60 Highland FlingAltivolo
1961Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Sunny Bank1957MU355 GreenbankSky Raider
1960Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Best Trump1956GA1034Rex OroProntelmo
1959Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Kallangurs Pride1955FA590 AmorousGentle Dalla
1958Qld Redcliffe Derby - 3Bay Spring1954MA878 Field MasterPeter Grey
2018Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FSociable2014FN7 Buy Kiwi MadeDM Dilinger
2017Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FEleniark2013FU306 SomebeachsomewherePresidential Ball
2016Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FZaras Delight2012FA3 Rock N Roll HeavenArt Major
2015Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FMorton Plains2011FN15 Bettors DelightLive Or Die
2014Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FCharming Allie2010FN31 Mr FeelgoodPerfect Art
2013Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FMontana Tess2009FN16 Dream AwayFalcon Seelster
2012Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FShez No Fake2008FN2 Art MajorFake Left
2011Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FSperiamo2007FN117 As PromisedBGs Bunny
2010Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FAbbey Tiara2006FN70 As PromisedThor Hanover
2009Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FOur Sweet Victree2005FN32 Island FantasyFake Left
2008Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FArk de Ville2004FU306 Village JasperTorado Hanover
2007Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FUltimate Dollar2003FN81 Ultimate FalconVanston Hanover
2006Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FAll Promises2002FN3 Albert AlbertFake Left
2005Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FGood Lookin Girl2001FN31 Perfect ArtTransport Chip
2004Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FArkareena2000FU306 Village JasperTorado Hanover
2003Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FDancing Navajo1999FN22 Fake LeftGlen Almahurst
2002Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FSparkling Melody1998FU304 Fake LeftLand Grant
2001Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FJanometer1997FN2 Speed KingVanston Hanover
2000Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FVanyana1996FN10 Vanston HanoverSmooth Fella
1999Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FMy Liberty Belle1995FN61 Fake LeftGatwick
1998Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FOut Swing N1994FN14 Holmes HanoverBig Band Sound
1997Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FThe Red October1993FN4 Vanston HanoverLand Grant
1996Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FIdeal Franco1992FU302 Holmes HanoverAdover Rainbow
1995Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FWestmoor Queen1991FU9 Golden GreekAlbatross
1994Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FVanston Vale1990FA151 Vanston HanoverStormy Water
1988Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FCaprice1984FN22 Land GrantMark Lobell
1987Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FGirl Called Destiny1983FA54 Fast KnightJames Scott
1986Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FLeslie Belle1982FA108 Able Bye ByeHarlequin Parade
1985Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FTolship1981FN4 Toliver HanoverSpringflex
1984Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FTown Royal1980FN1 Stellas FellaScottish Command
1983Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FOur Junee1979FN27 Country RoadBachelor Hanover
1982Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FHanover Ford1978FA29 Brad HanoverPrince Jeldi
1981Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FCora Creed1977FA2 Lucky CreedStormy Water
1979Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FCopper Satin1975FA83 Bon AdiosGene Direct
1978Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FJans Chance1974FN52 Majestic ChanceHal Tryax
1977Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FWahine Girl1973FA151 Lock UpSandy Scott
1976Qld Redcliffe Oaks (ex Guineas) - 3FScandalous1972FN161 Blazing GlobeJohnny Globe
2018Qld Redcliffe Sales Classic -2Regulus2015GU343 Christian CullenPerfect Art
2017Qld Redcliffe Sales Classic -2Gold Reactor2014GN4 Auckland ReactorBall And Chain
2016Qld Redcliffe Sales Classic -2Heart Of Change2013FN5 ChangeoverBig Band Sound
2015Qld Redcliffe Sales Classic -2Leos Best2012GN31 CammibestLotsa Clout
2014Qld Redcliffe Sales Classic -2Mathilda Diventa2011FN10 CammibestHolmes Hanover
2013Qld Redcliffe Sales Classic -2Designer Style2010FU312 Mr AviatorUltimate Falcon
2012Qld Redcliffe Sales Classic -2Couldntresist2009GN10 Ultimate FalconHolmes Hanover
2011Qld Redcliffe Sales Classic -2Cha Ching Chaching2008FN52 CammibestHolmes Hanover
2010Qld Redcliffe Sales Classic -2Speriamo2007FN117 As PromisedBGs Bunny
2009Qld Redcliffe Sales Classic -2Abbey Tiara2006FN70 As PromisedThor Hanover
2017Qld Redcliffe Sales Classic -3Celtic Cruza2013GA361 Rob Roy MattgregorPerfect Art
2016Qld Redcliffe Sales Classic -3Leos Best2012GN31 CammibestLotsa Clout
2015Qld Redcliffe Sales Classic -3Cullens Jewel2011FN5 American IdealChristian Cullen
1988Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2What A Charmer1985MA1 What A FellaTrue Averil
1987Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Another Romeo1984MN98 Palms RomeoDeep Adios
1986Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Sunshine Knight1983MN22 Fast KnightAble Bye Bye
1985Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Ripabout1982MA55 Rip Van WinkleKudos
1984Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Mister Scissors1981GA73 The AdmiraltyThor Hanover
1983Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Chaton Butler1980GA6 Chance ButlerPrince Jeldi
1982Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Raboki Warrior1979MU307 Lynden Bye ByeOut To Win
1981Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Grawlins Champ1978MN130 Wild RoverGeneral Scott
1980Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Trunkey Pirate1977GN20 Rough SeasLumber Dream
1979Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Our Pick1976MN49 Denza GarrisonChamfer
1978Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Georgie Karamea1975MN203 Trainer HanoverGolden Adios
1977Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Nephew Bye Bye1974MU30 Able Bye ByeNephew Hal
1976Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Margaret Shannon1973FN96 GentryGay Reveler
1975Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Manly Hanover1972GN23 Thor HanoverScottish Star
1974Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Noted Prince1971MA275 Please NoteManapouri
1973Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Burgundy Prince1970MN79 TactusLawn Raider
1972Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Stanley Hanover1969MU108 Thor HanoverDignus
1971Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Cocky Scott1968GA54 James ScottLawn Raider
1970Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Plain Gamble1967GA27 Sandy ScottBlue Gamble
1969Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Magnificent Mystery1966MA151 Sandy ScottMission King
1968Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Coopers Rocket1965GU563 Scottish BrigadeBelmont Hall
1967Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2High Scott1964MU313 Sandy ScottVan Ayr
1966Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Three Keys1963MA27 FettleBlue Gamble
1965Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Harlaine1962FA594 Rex OroWorthy Dillon
1964Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Rockfield Rocket1961GN44 Sandy ScottWirrason
1963Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Nujooloo1960GU366 TalmoiBattleplane
1962Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Harleron1959GA591 Robert RonLaughing Harwood
1961Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Real Minton1958MA592 Real LawnLord Minton
1960Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Sunny Bank1957MU355 GreenbankSky Raider
1959Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Yes Please1956MA593 Gay LawnWilver Dillon
1958Qld Redcliffe Sapling - 2Colin Belmont1955MU43 TalmoiSandydale
2018Qld Redcliffe Trotters CupJeter2009GU30 Great SuccessSafely Kept
2004Qld Star Wars -2Sir Galvinator2001MN117 Perfect ArtLand Grant
2003Qld Star Wars -2Slipnslide2000GN16 Perfect ArtVance Hanover
2002Qld Star Wars -2Miss Galvinator1999FA2 Fake LeftPreux Chevalier
2018Vic Young Pedro FFAMoonrock2012MN72 Rocknroll HanoverHolmes Hanover