197 Results for Rideau Carlton Raceway (Gloucester, ONT, Canada) - Track Length is 5/8 mile

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2012CAN Des Smith Classic -OPBetterthancheddar2008MU29 Bettors DelightCamtastic
2011CAN Des Smith Classic -OPLisagain2006MU56 Dragon AgainAbercrombie
2010CAN Des Smith Classic -OPAnderlecht2005MU1 Cams Card SharkArtsplace
2009CAN Des Smith Classic -OPSilent Swing2002GU4 Northern LuckDie Laughing
2008CAN Des Smith Classic -OPSilent Swing2002GU4 Northern LuckDie Laughing
2007CAN Des Smith Classic -OPBoulder Creek2000GU155 Pacific RocketThreefold
2006CAN Des Smith Classic -OPLis Mara2002MU56 CambestAbercrombie
2005CAN Des Smith Classic -OPOur Lucky Killean2001GU47 CamluckLife Sign
2004CAN Des Smith Classic -OPAahm Canadian Now1999MU7 Cams Card SharkMatts Scooter
2003CAN Des Smith Classic -OPCorona Grande1999GU42 CamluckNiatross
2002CAN Des Smith Classic -OPPeruvian Hanover1998MU12 Life SignIdeal Society
2001CAN Des Smith Classic -OPKeystone Romeo1995MU7 AlbatrossKeystone Ore
2000CAN Des Smith Classic -OPDay In A Life1995MU19 Life SignTyler B
1999CAN Des Smith Classic -OPRed Bow Tie1994GU13 Raging GloryRoyce
1998CAN Des Smith Classic -OPRed Bow Tie1994GU13 Raging GloryRoyce
1997CAN Des Smith Classic -OPOye Vay1993MU15 AlbatrossCam Fella
1996CAN Des Smith Classic -OPRiyadh1990MU20 Jate LobellBye And Large
1995CAN Des Smith Classic -OPBall And Chain1990MU57 AlbatrossBret Hanover
1994CAN Des Smith Classic -OPRiyadh1990MU20 Jate LobellBye And Large
1993CAN Des Smith Classic -OPStaying Together1989MU140 PanoramaArmbro Alert
1992CAN Des Smith Classic -OPArtsplace1988MU1 AbercrombieAlbatross
1991CAN Des Smith Classic -OPApaches Fame1987MU6 Apache CircleHarry Fitz
1990CAN Des Smith Classic -OPTopnotcher1986MU24 AbercrombieMost Happy Fella
1989CAN Des Smith Classic -OPBarely Visible1985GU56 Tyler BSteady Star
1988CAN Des Smith Classic -OPStargaze Hanover1983MU84 AlbatrossKnight Dream
1987CAN Des Smith Classic -OPHy Class Minbar1982MU27 Hy MinbarTar Duke
1986CAN Des Smith Classic -OPLustras Big Guy1981GU3 Big TownerTar Heel
1985CAN Des Smith Classic -OPAdvance Attack1978MU21 Windshield WiperBaron Hanover
1984CAN Des Smith Classic -OPUmbrella Fella1980MU47 Governor SkipperBye Bye Byrd
1983CAN Des Smith Classic -OPCoal Harbor1979MU12 AlbatrossTar Heel
1982CAN Des Smith Classic -OPMillers Scout1976MU10 Tarport EffratTar Heel
2009CAN Earl Rowe Memorial -OTSave My Ashes2005MU32 Andover HallDonerail
1995CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPRiyadh1990MU20 Jate LobellBye And Large
1994CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPStaying Together1989MU140 PanoramaArmbro Alert
1993CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPWear My Ring1989MU2 NihilatorMeadow Skipper
1992CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPFiorello Blue Chip1986MU76 Precious FellaSteady Star
1991CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPShogun Hanover1987GU15 Tyler BStorm Damage
1990CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPNorthland Salute1986GU435 Salute HanoverSuper Glo
1989CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPBond Street1985MU56 AbercrombieMeadow Skipper
1988CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPStargaze Hanover1983MU84 AlbatrossKnight Dream
1987CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPJonny A Heritage1981MU19 Armbro OmahaFulla Napoleon
1986CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPWitsends Gypsy1982MU57 Most Happy FellaRace Time
1985CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPAdvance Attack1978MU21 Windshield WiperBaron Hanover
1984CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPBoomer Drummond1980MU4 MarinerGene Abbe
1983CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPCam Fella1979MU21 Most Happy FellaBret Hanover
1982CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPPhil Lobell1978MU10 NansemondMost Happy Fella
1981CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPLime Time1975MU123 Race TimeThorpe Hanover
1980CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPLe Baron Rouge1972MU10 Columbia GeorgeTar Heel
1979CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPDream Maker1973MU75 Race TimeKnight Dream
1978CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPDream Maker1973MU75 Race TimeKnight Dream
1977CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPArmbro Ranger1973MU137 Steady StarAdios
1976CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPYoung Quinn1969GN61 Young CharlesHal Tryax
1975CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPGrover C1969MU85 Golden GoBrooks Hanover
1974CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPMuddy George1969GU109 Muddy HanoverDirect Spangler
1973CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPKnighthood1965GN5 Gay RevelerSilver Peak
1972CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPHorton Hanover1965MU5 Stars PrideScotland
1971CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPSuper Wave1966MU14 Shadow WaveVictory Song
1970CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPCanny Choice1966MU15 PainterScottish Pence
1969CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPMr Galophone1962GU6 GalophoneFollow Up
1968CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPAutumn Frost1964MU410 Philip FrostDon Adios
1967CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPTarport Prince1962MU13 Thorpe HanoverAdios
1966CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPGay Parader1962MU88 FloricanWorthy Boy
1965CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OPCap Hanover1960GU1 Hoot MonWorthy Boy
2012CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTMister Herbie2008GU247 Here Comes HerbieBrisco Hanover
2011CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTKashs Caviar2007GU29 SJs CaviarOvercomer
2010CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTSlave Dream2005GU402 Pearsall HanoverCezio Josselyn
2009CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTZiegler Hanover2005MU11 Andover HallRoyal Prestige
2008CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTArmbro Chronicle2002GU32 Self PossessedBalanced Image
2007CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTMajestic Son2003MU159 Angus HallKing Conch
2006CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTStiletto2000GU3 Mr VicSpeedy Crown
2005CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTCash Hall2001MU2 Self PossessedSuper Bowl
2004CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTAbbey Road C1999GU27 Incredible AbeBalanced Image
2003CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTOaklea Julian1998MU2 Lindy LaneNoble Victory
2002CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTDiamond Goal1998MU3 Armbro GoalArnie Almahurst
2001CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTCorn Cob Conch1994GU64 King ConchWorthy Bowl
2000CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTRamas Pleasure1995MU8 Super PleasureSpeed In Action
1999CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTGoodtimes1991GU55 Balanced ImageDream of Glory
1998CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTGoodtimes1991GU55 Balanced ImageDream of Glory
1997CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTGlory B River1992MU9 Dream of GloryFlorida Pro
1996CAN Frank Ryan Memorial -OTGoodtimes1991GU55 Balanced ImageDream of Glory
2015CAN OSS Gold - 2cNvestment Bluechip2013MU2 Shadow PlayBettors Delight
2015CAN OSS Gold - 2cSemi Automatic2013MU2 Badlands HanoverDM Dilinger
2011CAN OSS Gold - 2cWarrawee Needy2009MU80 E Dees CamApaches Fame
2010CAN OSS Gold - 2cProdigal Seelster2008MU44 CamluckWestern Hanover
2009CAN OSS Gold - 2cHaul Away2007GU2 Modern ArtDexter Nukes
2007CAN OSS Gold - 2cDeuce Seelster2005MU12 Western MaverickCamluck
2007CAN OSS Gold - 2cKeystone Horatio2005MU15 Rustler HanoverShady Character
2006CAN OSS Gold - 2cRaw Energy2004MU57 AstreosLife Sign
2004CAN OSS Gold - 2cIsle of Patmos2002MU1 AstreosKiev Hanover
2003CAN OSS Gold - 2cGroovie Day2001MU1 Gothic DreamSonsam
2001CAN OSS Gold - 2cCamystic1999MU4 CamluckDexter Nukes
1999CAN OSS Gold - 2cStonebridge Prize1997MU4 Run The TableThreefold
1998CAN OSS Gold - 2cDistinctiv Skeeter1996GU66 Run The TableStorm Damage
1994CAN OSS Gold - 2cRabbi of Racing1992MU10 Run The TableArmbro Omaha
1993CAN OSS Gold - 2cTreecoscious1991MU91 Run The TableHigh Ideal
1992CAN OSS Gold - 2cCedar Shake1990GU12 Coal HarborBig Towner
2016CAN OSS Gold - 2cTDream Massive2014MU32 Muscle MassBroadway Hall
2016CAN OSS Gold - 2cTLife Well Lived2014GU18 Muscle MassAngus Hall
2016CAN OSS Gold - 2cTMass Production2014GU16 Muscle MassAngus Hall
2011CAN OSS Gold - 2cTIl Mago2009MU18 KadabraEarl
2010CAN OSS Gold - 2cTImperial Count2008MU2 Angus HallImperial Victory
2009CAN OSS Gold - 2cTMagic Fruit2007MU6 KadabraSupergill
2007CAN OSS Gold - 2cTPizzazzed2005MU8 KadabraBalanced Image
2005CAN OSS Gold - 2cTDr Robert Johns2003MU46 Balanced ImageSpeedy Crown
2004CAN OSS Gold - 2cTMill Work2002MU3 Mr LavecDonerail
2001CAN OSS Gold - 2cTWhitesand Titan1999MU23 Balanced ImageSpeedy Crown
1999CAN OSS Gold - 2cTBotany Bay1997GU58 Valley VictoryBalanced Image
1999CAN OSS Gold - 2cTBotany Bay1997GU58 Valley VictoryBalanced Image
1996CAN OSS Gold - 2cTMighty Beacon1994GU72 Dunkery BeaconNoble Nevele
1994CAN OSS Gold - 2cTEager Seelster1992MU45 Worthy BowlSpeedy Rodney
1992CAN OSS Gold - 2cTOaklea Bluejay1990MU2 Dream of GloryNoble Victory
2012CAN OSS Gold - 2fRight on Molly2010FU19 Stonebridge RegalWestern Hanover
2011CAN OSS Gold - 2fClass of O Nine2009FU14 CamluckArtiscape
2010CAN OSS Gold - 2fLauren2008FU29 Modern ArtArmbro Cadet
2008CAN OSS Gold - 2fSt Lads Popcorn2006FU20 Twin B ChampNorthern Luck
2007CAN OSS Gold - 2fShake That Junk2005FU41 CamluckLaag
2007CAN OSS Gold - 2fVoelz Hanover2005FU8 AstreosBig Towner
2006CAN OSS Gold - 2fMichelles Power2004FU22 CamluckArtsplace
2005CAN OSS Gold - 2fTo Helen Back2003FU2 AstreosPacific Rocket
2002CAN OSS Gold - 2fThe Patriot2000FU1 Albert AlbertDragons Lair
2000CAN OSS Gold - 2fCupcakesnwhipcream1998FU6 CamluckArmbro Omaha
1998CAN OSS Gold - 2fOdies Fame1996FU21 Apaches FameNo Nukes
1996CAN OSS Gold - 2fRun The Sail1994FU50 Run The TableKeystone Ore
1995CAN OSS Gold - 2fCathedra1993FU4 Run The TableOil Burner
2014CAN OSS Gold - 2fTDanielle Hall2012FU49 DeweycheatumnhoweLike A Prayer
2014CAN OSS Gold - 2fTStubborn Belle2012FU46 Taurus DreamCantab Hall
2013CAN OSS Gold - 2fTLuck is All Ineed2011FU1 Muscle MassBalanced Image
2013CAN OSS Gold - 2fTMayberry2011FU1 KadabraSJs Photo
2013CAN OSS Gold - 2fTNickange Two2011FU2 The PresWesgate Crown
2013CAN OSS Gold - 2fTRiveting Rosie2011FU5 Muscle MassBalanced Image
2012CAN OSS Gold - 2fTSeeuinthespring2010FU3 Striking SahbraSJs Photo
2011CAN OSS Gold - 2fTMiss Paris2009FU8 KadabraConway Hall
2010CAN OSS Gold - 2fTMy Whispering Eye2008FU6 Here Comes HerbieBalanced Image
2008CAN OSS Gold - 2fTIll Wait For You2006FU8 KadabraBaltic Speed
2006CAN OSS Gold - 2fTLakeside Bride2004FU5 Duke Of YorkBonefish
2005CAN OSS Gold - 2fTBirminghim2003FU72 Striking SahbraGarland Lobell
2003CAN OSS Gold - 2fTIncredible Iam2001FU435 Incredible AbeHecan
2002CAN OSS Gold - 2fTIndependent Woman2000FU247 Royal StrengthMeadow Road
2000CAN OSS Gold - 2fTIndependent Dame1998FU247 Royal StrengthMeadow Road
1998CAN OSS Gold - 2fTExclusive Lavec1996FU31 Balanced ImageSpeedy Spin
1997CAN OSS Gold - 2fTCabernets Image1995FU1 Balanced ImageSuper Bowl
1995CAN OSS Gold - 2fTVeras Image1993FU151 Balanced ImageBrisco Hanover
2013CAN OSS Gold - 3cGallant Seelster2010GU41 Stonebridge RegalNo Pan Intended
2013CAN OSS Gold - 3cMach It So2010GU62 Mach ThreeBeach Towel
2012CAN OSS Gold - 3cMichaels Power2009GU22 CamluckArtsplace
2009CAN OSS Gold - 3cFast Pay2006MU15 Western TerrorAbercrombie
2008CAN OSS Gold - 3cThe Mohegan Pan2005MU1 No Pan IntendedWestern Hanover
2006CAN OSS Gold - 3cDoonbeg2003MU1 CamluckMatts Scooter
2004CAN OSS Gold - 3cArmbro Brando2001GU1 Island FantasyBGs Bunny
2002CAN OSS Gold - 3cSilver D Moon1999MU20 Run The TableOn The Road Again
2001CAN OSS Gold - 3cYoumustbekidding1998GU7 Albert AlbertJate Lobell
1999CAN OSS Gold - 3cDiligent Dexter1996GU24 Dexter NukesAbercrombie
1997CAN OSS Gold - 3cNorthern Luck1994MU21 CamluckBig Towner
1995CAN OSS Gold - 3cRabbi of Racing1992MU10 Run The TableArmbro Omaha
2017CAN OSS Gold - 3cTCapteur De Reve2014MU6 Muscle MassMonte Hall
2017CAN OSS Gold - 3cTLMC Mass Gem2014GU17 Muscle MassKadabra
2017CAN OSS Gold - 3cTTry Try Again2014MU5 KadabraCredit Winner
2014CAN OSS Gold - 3cTHarper Blue Chip2011MU1 Majestic SonMuscles Yankee
2014CAN OSS Gold - 3cTMr Lover2011MU5 DeweycheatumnhoweSelf Possessed
2014CAN OSS Gold - 3cTWarrawee Promesse2011GU247 Windsong EspoirMr Lavec
2009CAN OSS Gold - 3cTI Wont Dance2006MU5 Angus HallValley Victory
2007CAN OSS Gold - 3cTArch Madness2004GU4 Balanced ImageSJs Photo
2007CAN OSS Gold - 3cTBeer Budget2004MU5 Yankee PacoYankee Glide
2006CAN OSS Gold - 3cTColonel Talbot2003GU17 Mr LavecDancers Victory
2005CAN OSS Gold - 3cTOrion King2002GU271 King ConchSupergill
2003CAN OSS Gold - 3cTJM Vangogh2000MU46 EarlLindys Crown
2000CAN OSS Gold - 3cTSooner Hanover1997MU5 Balanced ImageSuper Bowl
1998CAN OSS Gold - 3cTWilson Wyoming1995MU3 Balanced ImageSpeedy Somolli
1995CAN OSS Gold - 3cTDell Ridge Image1992MU14 Balanced ImageBrisco Hanover
1993CAN OSS Gold - 3cTArmbro Leader1990GU5 Balanced ImageSpeedy Crown
2016CAN OSS Gold - 3fGood Will Hanover2013FU126 Big JimCambest
2016CAN OSS Gold - 3fLA Delight2013FU26 Bettors DelightWestern Hanover
2012CAN OSS Gold - 3fKatys Jet2009FU140 Jeremes JetArt Major
2011CAN OSS Gold - 3fMonkey on my Wheel2008FU3 Mach ThreePresidential Ball
2009CAN OSS Gold - 3fNot Enough2006FU126 GrinfromeartoearPresidential Ball
2007CAN OSS Gold - 3fMichelles Power2004FU22 CamluckArtsplace
2005CAN OSS Gold - 3fLady DM2002FU8 DM DilingerVanishing Point
2003CAN OSS Gold - 3fBurning Point2000FU9 CamluckFalcon Seelster
2000CAN OSS Gold - 3fBoston Kate1997FU10 Run The TableDexter Nukes
1997CAN OSS Gold - 3fDaylon Tempo1994FU2 CamluckTrim The Tree
1996CAN OSS Gold - 3fHayser Creek1993FU155 ThreefoldMerger
1994CAN OSS Gold - 3fMystic Music1991FU10 Dexter NukesArmbro Omaha
1993CAN OSS Gold - 3fTawnee Herbert1990FU203 Run The TableMeadow Skipper
2015CAN OSS Gold - 3fTAmoureuse Hanover2012FU9 Pilgrims TajMalabar Man
2015CAN OSS Gold - 3fTMuscle Baby Doll2012FU9 Muscle MassYankee Glide
2010CAN OSS Gold - 3fTEmmylou Who2007FU45 Ken WarkentinCheyenne Spur
2008CAN OSS Gold - 3fTWhatta Hotty2005FU6 Yankee PacoBrisco Hanover
2007CAN OSS Gold - 3fTMovin Over2004FU33 Royal BalladOvercomer
2006CAN OSS Gold - 3fTPorsche Hall2003FU23 Angus HallWall Street Banker
2005CAN OSS Gold - 3fTWhispering Girl2002FU162 Angus HallBaltic Speed
2004CAN OSS Gold - 3fTPeaceful Way2001FU38 Angus HallRoyal Prestige
2002CAN OSS Gold - 3fTEarly Secret1999FU12 EarlNevele Pride
2001CAN OSS Gold - 3fTYankee Fribble1998FU14 Balanced ImageValley Victory
1999CAN OSS Gold - 3fTDreamfair Tierra1996FU1 Royal StrengthBalanced Image
1997CAN OSS Gold - 3fTElegantimage1994FU1 Balanced ImageSuper Bowl
1996CAN OSS Gold - 3fTMombasa1993FU6 Balanced ImageSpeedy Crown
1994CAN OSS Gold - 3fTJailhouse Rock1991FU6 Balanced ImageBonefish