102 Results for Roxburgh (Roxburgh, New Zealand) - Track Length is 1010m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
1994NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Scenic Royale1990GA409 Scenic JerlinMajestic Chance
1993NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Ladys Escort1989GU300 Peoples Blue ChipNandina Dancer
1992NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Educate1988GN3 Vance HanoverLordship
1991NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Spontaneous1987GU310 ShickerMeadow Bret
1990NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Garritross1986GN262 MacatrossGerry Mir
1989NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Parties Galore1985GN6 Party AheadYoung Charles
1988NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Auburn Chip1984GN6 Transport ChipHonest Master
1987NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Stormy Onedin1983GN20 SaplingKnowing Bret
1986NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Sapper1982MN3 SaplingSly Yankee
1985NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Passover1981FN20 Pass With CareYankee Express
1984NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Smooth Sheila1980FU303 Smooth FellaArusa
1983NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Starling1979FN128 Majestic ChanceHundred Proof
1982NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Steady Lady1978FN7 Transport ChipLumber Dream
1981NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Happy Knight1977MN8 Timely KnightYankee Express
1980NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Armbro Play1976FU30 Armbro DelPlay Bill
1979NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Delbert1975GN12 Armbro DelBachelor Hanover
1978NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Alena1974FN17 Hodgens SurpriseWhipster
1977NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Ryal Lady1973FN3 Scrappy WaveHal Tryax
1976NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Regal Belmont1972MA2 Garrison HanoverFlying Song
1975NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Lynsallee1971FU301 LordsFallacy
1974NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Loyal Gentry1970GN61 GentryHal Tryax
1973NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Lily Chase1969FN1 Good ChaseNewport Chief
1972NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Geppetto1968MN104 Hodgens SurpriseGarrison Hanover
1970NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Charlies Darling1966FN7 Young CharlesHal Tryax
1969NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Little Marvel1965FN13 King CreedFallacy
1968NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Selwyn Hanover1964MN90 Van HanoverRed Emperor
1967NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Johnny Kawa1963MN305 Johnny GlobeU Scott
1966NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Angelita1962FN32 Garrison HanoverYoung Charles
1964NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Southern Song1960MN10 Flying SongSpringfield Globe
1963NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3St Nazaire1959MN127 Garrison HanoverSandydale
1962NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Sirrah1958GU302 Johnny GlobeFree Fight
1961NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Robin Dundee1957FN69 Hal TryaxDillon Hall
1960NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Oreti1956GN210 SpringbokNelson Derby
1959NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Young Kim1955GN43 LochellaSpringfield Globe
1958NZ Central Otago Stakes - 3Light Mood1954MU314 Light BrigadeU Scott
2017NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupMossdale Conner2009GN49 Bettors DelightIn The Pocket
2016NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupTas Man Bromac2011GU7 American IdealMcArdle
2015NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupProvocative Prince2010MU303 GrinfromeartoearVillage Jasper
2014NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupComply Or Die2008GN94 Live Or DieCaprock
2013NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupPoacher2007GN42 Bettors DelightHolmes Hanover
2012NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupFalse Promise2006GN88 Life SignNew York Motoring
2011NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupIndrah2005FN57 Courage Under FireCaprock
2010NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupAnother Homer2003GU303 Holmes HanoverOK Bye
2009NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupAnnouncement2003GU24 In The PocketOn The Road Again
2008NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupVeecmee2003FN34 Christian CullenNew York Motoring
2007NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupLavros Jasper2002GN5 Village JasperTuapeka Knight
2006NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupMr PB2001GN88 Precious BunnyButler BG
2005NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupSeelstars Blue Jean1999GN69 Falcon SeelsterSeahawk Hanover
2004NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupBrydone1999GN64 Fake LeftNoodlum
2003NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupMerles Boy1998GN57 Sokys AtomSurmo Hanover
2002NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupShoshoni Sunrise1995FN155 OK ByeAlba Counsel
2001NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupEastwood Jaunty1996GA2 Holmes HanoverEl Patron
2000NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupNot A Deal1994GN4 Deal DirectOut To Win
1999NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupDouglas Ham1993GN112 MacatrossBogart Hanover
1998NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupWarloch1993GN37 Holmes HanoverLordship
1997NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupImperiora1991GN8 Dancing MasterFarm Timer
1996NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupRapa Boy1988GN8 NoodlumBerry Hanover
1995NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupJay Cees Fella1988GN54 Son of AfellaNevele Holiday
1994NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupInnocent Mac1989GN230 Clever InnocenceLord Butler
1993NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupDean Again1987GU300 ShickerDancer George
1992NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupGreenidge1986GN222 El PatronTimely Knight
1991NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupWillow Way1983GN56 Jack ChanceLimongelli
1990NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupPierre Paree1985GN2 Admiral HalseyYoung Charles
1989NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupBenachie Lad1984GN3 Majestic ChanceScottish Hanover
1988NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupMolyneux Maid1983FN155 Son of AfellaSmooth Hanover
1987NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupRocky Spot1980GN239 Rocky TryaxScotch Abbe
1986NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupYoung Lord1981MN69 LordshipYoung Charles
1985NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupOld Bailey1979FN14 Test CaseJohnny Globe
1984NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupTenstrike1977GN239 Card SharkSly Yankee
1983NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupCharles Luca1978MN304 HT LucaYoung Charles
1982NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupWee Donna1976FN7 Smooth HanoverGentry
1981NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupMister Majestic1976GN139 Majestic ChanceFlying Song
1980NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupKaralea1975FA2 Smooth HanoverYoung Charles
1979NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupGlen Moria1973FA2 Smooth HanoverLordship
1978NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupMary Isabel1973FN2 Young CharlesForward
1977NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupBess Hanover1970FA1 Scottish HanoverChief Rainbow
1976NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupDirect Magic1972MU300 Armbro HurricaneU Scott
1975NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupKeep Gay1969GN138 Keep AwayLight Brigade
1974NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupAvon Song1969FN20 Waitaki HanoverFirst Lord
1973NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupFait Accompli1967MA409 Johnny GlobeHal Tryax
1972NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupFait Accompli1967MA409 Johnny GlobeHal Tryax
1971NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupBachelor Blue1967MN141 Bachelor HanoverHal Tryax
1970NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupAmber Lad1965MN43 Van HanoverLight Brigade
1969NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupLate Frost1962GU303 Thurber FrostDillon Hall
1968NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupJames Direct1963MN76 Express DirectSpringfield Star
1967NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupMeadow Bank1962MA1 Meadow ChiefYoung Bob
1966NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupBill Adonis1959GN51 Raider AdonisYule Derby
1965NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupLottery Song1960MN3 Flying SongDillon Hall
1964NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupDouglas1958GN112 Captain AdiosDillon Hall
1963NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupProcella1958MA409 StormywayKing Oro
1962NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupForest Grattan1953GN37 Josedale GrattanJack Potts
1961NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupCardigan Bay1956MN18 Hal TryaxJosedale Dictator
1960NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupBlue Prince1956MN141 Hal TryaxErins King
1959NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupIrish Idyll1953FN7 Dillon HallGrattan Loyal
1958NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupDansey Lady1950FN206 Free FightGrattan Loyal
1957NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupMichael Hall1950MN85 Dillon HallWellington Direct
1956NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupRedcliffe Hall1948GN153 Dillon HallWellington Direct
1955NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupReyleen Hall1947FN184 Dillon HallRey De Oro
1954NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupSouthern Blade1947FN833 BlaydonSungod
1953NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupPeterhead1946GN117 Dillon HallHappy Voyage
1952NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupMaestro1948GU43 Dillon HallGrattan Loyal
1951NZ Roxburgh Hcp/CupBulls Eye1939MU306 Quite SureHuia Dillon