34 Results for Hiawatha Horse Park (Sarnia, ONT, Canada) - Track Length is 5/8 mile

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2007CAN Clearwater Cup -3Deuces and Jacks2004GU3 Million Dollar CamCamluck
2006CAN Clearwater Cup -3Eagle Luck2003MU4 CamluckArtsplace
2005CAN Clearwater Cup -3Silent Swing2002GU4 Northern LuckDie Laughing
2004CAN Clearwater Cup -3Freedom Hanover2001MU2 Rustler HanoverSonsam
2003CAN Clearwater Cup -3Famous Seelster2000MU4 Rustler HanoverCamluck
2002CAN Clearwater Cup -3Firstline Luck1999GU3 CamluckDirect Scooter
2001CAN Clearwater Cup -3Quality Cam1998MU21 CamluckBye Bye Andy
2000CAN OSS Gold - 2cRJs Dexter1998GU1 Dexter NukesAbercrombie
1996CAN OSS Gold - 2cTMighty Beacon1994GU72 Dunkery BeaconNoble Nevele
1995CAN OSS Gold - 2cTShower Gift1993GU199 A Go Go LauxmontArmbro Jet
1993CAN OSS Gold - 2cTWhiteland Image1991GU2 Balanced ImageJoie De Vie
2004CAN OSS Gold - 2fShes Almost Famous2002FU2 Apaches FameCambest
2001CAN OSS Gold - 2fAngel in Disguise1999FU12 CamluckIdeal Society
1997CAN OSS Gold - 2fBos Gal1995FU108 Bo Knows JateWhata Baron
1995CAN OSS Gold - 2fCathedra1993FU4 Run The TableOil Burner
1994CAN OSS Gold - 2fElegant Killean1992FU15 Run The TableKeystone Ore
1994CAN OSS Gold - 2fTBrylin Glory1992FU136 Worthy BowlDream of Glory
2005CAN OSS Gold - 3cNoble Jake2002GU2 AstreosTyler B
2003CAN OSS Gold - 3cSir Luck2000MU1 CamluckTowners Big Guy
2001CAN OSS Gold - 3cQuality Cam1998MU21 CamluckBye Bye Andy
1998CAN OSS Gold - 3cNorthern Dynasty1995MU7 CamluckKawartha Skipper
1996CAN OSS Gold - 3cNational Issue1993GU2 ThreefoldAlbatross
1995CAN OSS Gold - 3cReal Profit1992MU20 Dexter NukesBret Hanover
1993CAN OSS Gold - 3cHornby Blaze1990GU10 Armbro EmersonLeague Leader
2001CAN OSS Gold - 3cTBionic Ballad1998GU29 Royal BalladBalanced Image
1999CAN OSS Gold - 3cTLatest Chapter1996GU9 KM LazerSurge Hanover
1994CAN OSS Gold - 3cTArmbro Marshall1991GU16 Balanced ImageSpeedy Crown
2006CAN OSS Gold - 3fIn Trepid Water2003FU39 Intrepid SeelsterAbercrombie
1997CAN OSS Gold - 3fSammies Cammi1994FU12 CamluckSamadhi
1994CAN OSS Gold - 3fHeatherjeankillean1991FU26 Run The TableLegal Notice
2006CAN OSS Gold - 3fTOaklea Odessa2003FU2 Balanced ImageSupergill
2002CAN OSS Gold - 3fTPepi Lavec1999FU4 Mr LavecBalanced Image
2000CAN OSS Gold - 3fTCasual Breeze1997FU1 King ConchBalanced Image
1947USA Goldsmith Maid -OTAlgiers1942MU55 VolomiteGuy Axworthy 37501