43 Results for Strathroy (Strathroy, Canada) - Track Length is 800m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
1956CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Johnny Johnston1953GU48 Bob LeeDirect Heir
1955CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Ike C1952GU2172Mighty AtomDillon Mc
1954CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Clark Herbert1951MU203 Alpha HalLee Harvester
1954CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Jimmys Champ1951MU6 Jimmy ChiefKernel
1953CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Barney Diplomat1950GU8 The DiplomatMr Chips
1953CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Sonny G Herbert1950MU497 Oro G HerbertBonnycastle
1952CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Bernice Blue1949MU2234Blue AgainGrattan Direct
1951CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Argyel Grattan1948GU522 Steinway GrattanUnko Grattan
1950CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Silver T Lee1947FU1828Corporal LeeLee Harvester
1949CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Little Bill1946GU522 Corporal LeeUnko Grattan
1948CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Oro G Herbert1945MU57 Oro Grattan IIGuy Abbey
1947CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Lee Grattan Bars1944GU173 Corporal LeeGrattan Bars
1947CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Super Volo1944MU2503Bennett VoloGrattan Royal 52284
1946CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Jerry The Great1943GU1390Corporal LeeAlto Dewey
1945CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Miss Billie Direct1942FU137 Billy DirectGrattan Bars
1944CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Lee Corporal1941MU2172Corporal LeeJerry Harvester
1943CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Frisco Lee1940GU2234Corporal LeeDazzle Patch
1942CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Friskey Lee1939FU531 Corporal LeeOliver Evans
1941CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Pine Ridge Babe1938FU708 Corporal LeeGrattan Direct
1940CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Beatrix Lee1937FU526 Corporal LeePeter G
1939CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Bob Lee1936MU526 Corporal LeePeter G
1938CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Bud Gano1935GU899 Ganot 65565
1937CAN Corporal Lee Pace -3Dazzle Direct1934GU585 Grattan DirectDazzle Patch
1956CAN Dominion Day FFAMiss Warspite1950FU410 WarspiteMr Van
1955CAN Dominion Day FFARoyal I Frisco1951MU2501Royal BlackstoneIvanhoe
1954CAN Dominion Day FFARuth Chips1948FU2500Mr ChipsLee Harvester
1953CAN Dominion Day FFAArgyel Grattan1948GU522 Steinway GrattanUnko Grattan
1952CAN Dominion Day FFAArgyel Grattan1948GU522 Steinway GrattanUnko Grattan
1951CAN Dominion Day FFACarter Hy1947FU1392Bob LeeBaldwin
1950CAN Dominion Day FFAPoplar Volo1945MU244 VolomiteGrattan At Law
1949CAN Dominion Day FFADixie Lee Hy1945FU1392Bob LeeBaldwin
1948CAN Dominion Day FFABlue Again1940MU152 ScotlandGuy Axworthy 37501
1947CAN Dominion Day FFALorne Lee1940GU1520Corporal LeeSir Hugo
1946CAN Dominion Day FFAMiller Brook1935MU66 Justice BrookeCochato 42293
1945CAN Dominion Day FFASonny Boy S1940GU285 Corporal LeePeter G
1944CAN Dominion Day FFABalbo Siskiyou1939MU3 SiskiyouGuy Abbey
1943CAN Dominion Day FFAOxford Lad1937MU254 Peter HenleyGrattan Royal 52284
1942CAN Dominion Day FFAMiss Vera Bars1935FU183 Grattan BarsHal Mercury
1941CAN Dominion Day FFABaron Grattan Jnr193-MU1391Baron LullwaterGrattan Royal 52284
1940CAN Dominion Day FFAJune Grattan193-FU899 Orcus Grattan
1939CAN Dominion Day FFAJune Grattan193-FU899 Orcus Grattan
1938CAN Dominion Day FFAKathleen Grattan1933FU1207Grattan BarsDazzle Patch
1937CAN Dominion Day FFATom Grattan1932MU899 Orcus Grattan