47 Results for Tahuna Park (Dunedin, New Zealand) - Track Length is ½ mile

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
1908NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)Exchequer1898GN799 Rothschild
1907NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)Lady Lylian1903FN799 The American
1906NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)The Urchin1895GN61 Albert ChevalierYoung Diomedes (thor)
1905NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)Little Frank1897GN799 Young Rothschild
1904NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)Little Frank1897GN799 Young Rothschild
1903NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)Norseman1897FN797 VikingPrince Alfred (thor)
1902NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)Boldrewood1897MN95 General TraceyBlackwood Abdallah 4048
1901NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)The Gossoon1895MN846 Del PasoGoldfinder
1900NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)The Gossoon1895MN846 Del PasoGoldfinder
1899NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)Carrick1893GN799 Dexter
1898NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)Cling1889FA800 Vancleve 2438Ajax 724
1897NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)The Boy188-GN799 Berlin 374
1896NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)Nilreb1887GN799 Berlin 374
1895NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)Sail Home1888FN799 Untraced sire (NZ)
1894NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)David188-GN799 Untraced sire (NZ)
1893NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)Billy188-GN799 Crowhurst Spot
1892NZ Presidents Hcp (Forbury)Tommy III187-GA899 Untraced sire (Aust)
1902NZ Prince of Wales Hcp (Tahuna Park)Lexey1898FN799 Lexington
1909NZ Tahuna Park CupLady Clare1904FN41 Prince Imperial
1908NZ Tahuna Park CupLodi1903FN39 RothschildWildwood
1907NZ Tahuna Park CupJC1898GN717 WildwoodPinole Patchen
1906NZ Tahuna Park CupBell Car1899GN894BellmanUntraced sire (NZ)
1905NZ Tahuna Park CupSkip1896GN799 Untraced sire (NZ)
1904NZ Tahuna Park CupJim Jim1895GN500 Del PasoWilkin
1903NZ Tahuna Park CupHero1893GN799 King Harold -3
1902NZ Tahuna Park CupMoree1894GA899 Chieftain (Camerons)
1901NZ Tahuna Park CupBurlton189-GA899 Burlington B
1900NZ Tahuna Park CupPlan1895GN159 SpecificationBlackwood Abdallah 4048
1899NZ Tahuna Park CupPremier189- N799 Untraced sire (NZ)
1898NZ Tahuna Park CupManiac1888GN799 Young Diomedes (thor)
1897NZ Tahuna Park CupThe Duchess1885FN859 Berlin 374Shales (Norfolk Trotter)
1896NZ Tahuna Park CupFantasy1888FN621 Grange Messenger
1895NZ Tahuna Park CupButterfly1889FN797 BluegownMarmion (thor)
1894NZ Tahuna Park CupCaberfeidh188-GN799 Untraced sire (NZ)
1893NZ Tahuna Park CupPrince188-GN799 Untraced sire (NZ)
1908NZ Winter Oats HcpPrince Randle1903GN799 Prince Imperial
1907NZ Winter Oats HcpVerax1898GA105 Vancleve 2438Ajax 724
1906NZ Winter Oats HcpWoodend1902MN638 SpecificationSpecification
1905NZ Winter Oats HcpKentucky Yet1897MN85 KentuckyHarkaway (thor)
1904NZ Winter Oats HcpBill1896GA899 Vancleve 2438
1903NZ Winter Oats HcpJim Jim1895GN500 Del PasoWilkin
1902NZ Winter Oats HcpBoldrewood1897MN95 General TraceyBlackwood Abdallah 4048
1901NZ Winter Oats HcpGeneral Grigg1895GN965General TraceyBluelight
1900NZ Winter Oats HcpCarrick1893GN799 Dexter
1899NZ Winter Oats HcpBooby1893GU304 Burlington BBerlin 374
1898NZ Winter Oats HcpMonowai1887GN799 Untraced sire (NZ)
1897NZ Winter Oats HcpKelpie188-GN799 Lincoln Yet