24 Results for Townsville Showgrounds (Townsville, QLD, Australia) - Track Length is 606m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
1974Qld Max Poulter Futurity - 3Burgundy Prince1970MN79 TactusLawn Raider
2004Qld Townsville CupGeneral Jack1996GN14 New York MotoringHolmes Hanover
2003Qld Townsville CupLord of the West1998GA193 Fake LeftThree Times One
2002Qld Townsville CupTurbo Torque1997FN17 Fake LeftPalms Romeo
2001Qld Townsville CupContact Cam1993GA958 National CamPaleface Adios
2000Qld Townsville CupShes Out1994FN46 Holmes HanoverLordship
1999Qld Townsville CupBistro Lady1992FU337 Bistro LobellEntrepreneur
1998Qld Townsville CupPaleface Scotch1992GA138 Keystone ScotchTarport Low
1991Qld Townsville CupJohnny Low1983MU303 Tarport LowBachelor Hanover
1990Qld Townsville CupBrydon Duke1982MA34 April BayU Scott
1989Qld Townsville CupRobindale Lord1980GN15 LordshipBachelor Hanover
1988Qld Townsville CupGrand Delight1981GA225 Grand ThorCogedar
1987Qld Townsville CupMiss Yarraman1979FN253 The AdmiraltyMy Chief
1986Qld Townsville CupOur Robert Lobell1979GN60 Mark LobellPoplar Dell
1985Qld Townsville CupSomedo Somedont1980GN58 Bye And LargeJurist
1984Qld Townsville CupOh Henry1978GN1 Henry T AdiosArdri
1982Qld Townsville CupTop Kid1972MA1328Kid ScottGreat Dalla
1981Qld Townsville CupNeuts Pride1975GA517 NeutrodyneJames Knight
1980Qld Townsville CupPerinos Princess1973FA80 Scottish BrigadeSky Raider
1979Qld Townsville CupAmen James1974MA98 James ScottAmen Ra
1978Qld Townsville CupEl Magnifico1971MA402 Sir TryaxTranquility
1977Qld Townsville CupBillabong Bill1967MA317 Byebye BillRecovered
1976Qld Townsville CupLisbon Lad1970GA1332Ike FrostScottish Brigade
1975Qld Townsville CupSocial Knight1966MA183 ChamferGlen Bank