1463 Results for Woodbine (Toronto, ONT, Canada) - Track Length is 7/8 mile

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2011CAN Apaches Fame Pace -3cCalgary Seelster2008MU179 Modern ArtThreefold
2010CAN Apaches Fame Pace -3cLil Bit Lil Bit2007GU21 RambaranApaches Fame
2009CAN Apaches Fame Pace -3cMidnite Romp2006GU7 Million Dollar CamPresidential Ball
2008CAN Apaches Fame Pace -3cCarter In Motion2005GU34 CamotionDream Away
2007CAN Apaches Fame Pace -3cIn the Irons2004MU97 Mach ThreeDare You To
2006CAN Apaches Fame Pace -3cDodgeball2003GU29 Presidential BallWestern Hanover
2005CAN Apaches Fame Pace -3cPutnam Romeo2002GU4 GrinfromeartoearFundamentalist
2004CAN Apaches Fame Pace -3cWestern Gem2001GU123 RambaranSuper Wave
2003CAN Apaches Fame Pace -3cBorder Patrol2000MU180 KingsbridgeHappy Motoring
2002CAN Apaches Fame Pace -3cWhispers Spy1999MU9 Armbro OperativeJate Lobell
2001CAN Apaches Fame Pace -3cGlen Mark Lucky1998GU21 CamluckArmbro Emerson
2000CAN Apaches Fame Pace -3cSmoke Signal1997GU2 Apaches FameJonquil Hanover
1999CAN Apaches Fame Pace -3cDexters Lifeline1996GU4 Dexter NukesMatts Scooter
2009CAN Armbro Flight -3+fmTLavec Dream2001FU8 Enjoy LavecFlak Bait
2008CAN Armbro Flight -3+fmTFalls for You2004FU8 Yankee GlideBalanced Image
2007CAN Armbro Flight -3+fmTLavec Dream2001FU8 Enjoy LavecFlak Bait
2006CAN Armbro Flight -3+fmTPeaceful Way2001FU38 Angus HallRoyal Prestige
2005CAN Armbro Flight -3+fmTPeaceful Way2001FU38 Angus HallRoyal Prestige
2004CAN Armbro Flight -3+fmTStroke Play2000FU5 Yankee GlideCrowning Point
2003CAN Armbro Flight -3+fmTMalabar Mist1999FU17 Malabar ManSpeedy Crown
2002CAN Armbro Flight -3+fmTDonven Promise1998FU1 Promising CatchBalanced Image
2016CAN Autumn Stakes -2cMc Mach2014MU7 Mach ThreeCamluck
2015CAN Autumn Stakes -2cContinual Hanover2013MU8 Bettors DelightWestern Ideal
2014CAN Autumn Stakes -2cRobert Hill2012MU300 Jeremes JetCaprock
2013CAN Autumn Stakes -2cPrince Clyde2011GU2 CamluckGrinfromeartoear
2012CAN Autumn Stakes -2cCan He Go2010MU10 No Pan IntendedMach Three
2011CAN Autumn Stakes -2cTwin B Wrangler2009GU52 Mach ThreeArtsplace
2010CAN Autumn Stakes -2cStonebridge Bonus2008MU4 Life SignCamluck
2009CAN Autumn Stakes -2cSparky Mark2007MU76 AstreosCamluck
2008CAN Autumn Stakes -2cHerestopatrick2006GU3 Apaches FameLemoyne Square
2007CAN Autumn Stakes -2cRiverpath2005GU3 Straight PathRun The Table
2006CAN Autumn Stakes -2cWindsun Ben2004GU6 Apaches FameAbercrombie
2016CAN Autumn Stakes -2cTResita2014GU38 ManofmanymissionsMuscles Yankee
2015CAN Autumn Stakes -2cTGonna Fly2013MU4 KadabraYankee Glide
2014CAN Autumn Stakes -2cTBaudron2012GU4 InfinitifMutineer
2016CAN Autumn Stakes -2fOut of Sight2014FU26 Mach ThreeThe Panderosa
2015CAN Autumn Stakes -2fLay Lady Lay2013FU8 Up The CreditDM Dilinger
2015CAN Autumn Stakes -2fNoone to Depend On2013FU6 Santanna Blue ChipCamluck
2013CAN Autumn Stakes -2fRegally Ready2011FU7 Royal MattjestyLife Sign
2012CAN Autumn Stakes -2fOK Feisty2010FU10 Modern ArtCamluck
2011CAN Autumn Stakes -2fThe Prophet Mary2009FU103 Million Dollar CamApaches Fame
2010CAN Autumn Stakes -2fMach Lady2008FU11 Mach ThreeBig Towner
2009CAN Autumn Stakes -2fLucky Jeans2007FU26 CamluckRun The Table
2008CAN Autumn Stakes -2fLil Miss Nyalation2006FU2 Apaches FameDragons Lair
2007CAN Autumn Stakes -2fGerries Madison2005FU4 Apaches FameCams Card Shark
2006CAN Autumn Stakes -2fMachs Rocket2004FU4 Mach ThreePacific Rocket
2016CAN Autumn Stakes -2fTYou Cant Afford Me2014FU36 Angus HallMr Vic
2015CAN Autumn Stakes -2fTHaileysgonedancing2013FU2 ManofmanymissionsDream Vacation
2016CAN Autumn Stakes -3cThink On It2013GU70 PonderNo Pan Intended
2015CAN Autumn Stakes -3cCajon Lightning2012GU4 Mach ThreeMagical Mike
2014CAN Autumn Stakes -3cRural Art2011GU2 Major in ArtKawartha Skipper
2013CAN Autumn Stakes -3cThorn in Your Side2010GU1 Mach ThreeArtsplace
2012CAN Autumn Stakes -3cPL Fighter2009GU36 Jeremes JetAlbert Albert
2011CAN Autumn Stakes -3cModern Legend2008GU123 Modern ArtCamluck
2010CAN Autumn Stakes -3cSparky Mark2007MU76 AstreosCamluck
2009CAN Autumn Stakes -3cLookin For a Fight2006GU508 CammibestBo Knows Jate
2008CAN Autumn Stakes -3cMarquis Player2005GU2 AstreosFalcon Seelster
2007CAN Autumn Stakes -3cClowns Smile2004GU7 GrinfromeartoearJate Lobell
2006CAN Autumn Stakes -3cU Lucky Guy2003MU2 Northern LuckAbercrombie
2016CAN Autumn Stakes -3cTGeorgies Pockets2013MU271 Muscle MassStriking Sahbra
2015CAN Autumn Stakes -3cTMy My Hey Hey2012GU149 DeweycheatumnhoweSJs Photo
2014CAN Autumn Stakes -3cTDontcheatonmenow2011MU53 DeweycheatumnhoweConway Hall
2013CAN Autumn Stakes -3cTPopeda2010GU18 Ken WarkentinGarland Lobell
2012CAN Autumn Stakes -3cTWindsong Ingenius2009GU136 KadabraKing Conch
2011CAN Autumn Stakes -3cTCalipari2008GN19 Ken WarkentinConway Hall
2010CAN Autumn Stakes -3cTProtege Seelster2007GU4 Striking SahbraMr Lavec
2009CAN Autumn Stakes -3cTWhatnblazes2006GU55 Duke Of YorkMeadow Road
2008CAN Autumn Stakes -3cTJoe Page2005GU45 Mr LavecSupergill
2007CAN Autumn Stakes -3cTSakic Seelster2004GU44 Eager SeelsterKing Conch
2006CAN Autumn Stakes -3cTEricskarri2003GU16 Angus HallDream of Glory
2016CAN Autumn Stakes -3fLady Marina2013FU2 Art ColonyIsland Fantasy
2015CAN Autumn Stakes -3fAniston Seelster2012FU1 Mach ThreeAstreos
2014CAN Autumn Stakes -3fArtistic Fusion2011FU1 Artistic FellaArtiscape
2013CAN Autumn Stakes -3fMachnbyrd Princess2010FU26 Mach ThreeDream Away
2012CAN Autumn Stakes -3fAubsession2009FU65 Lis MaraMatts Scooter
2011CAN Autumn Stakes -3fHighland Candy Bar2008FU8 Mach ThreeArtsplace
2010CAN Autumn Stakes -3fFull Circle Hope2007FU27 Royal MattjestyFundamentalist
2009CAN Autumn Stakes -3fThrillionaire2006FU6 AstreosApaches Fame
2008CAN Autumn Stakes -3fPaper Cut2005FU4 Northern LuckAlbert Albert
2007CAN Autumn Stakes -3fPremier Elecktrah2004FU1501Million Dollar CamArtiscape
2006CAN Autumn Stakes -3fFamous Hunch2003FU29 Apaches FameAlbert Albert
2016CAN Autumn Stakes -3fTMajestic Presence2013FU37 Majestic SonKadabra
2015CAN Autumn Stakes -3fTBrinkers Dream2012FU9 Taurus DreamBalanced Image
2014CAN Autumn Stakes -3fT Meadowview Vicky2011FU64 Muscle MassAngus Hall
2013CAN Autumn Stakes -3fTBe Winnin2010FU1 Angus HallAmerican Winner
2012CAN Autumn Stakes -3fTWark Woman2009FU4 Ken WarkentinAngus Hall
2011CAN Autumn Stakes -3fTNordic de Vie2008FU18 Angus HallYankee Glide
2010CAN Autumn Stakes -3fTMiss Dangles2007FU2 Ken WarkentinConway Hall
2009CAN Autumn Stakes -3fTKor Mel Lil Lady2006FU1 Malabar MapleMakaroff
2008CAN Autumn Stakes -3fTMojo N the Morning2005FU35 Angus HallMr Lavec
2007CAN Autumn Stakes -3fTVanilla Rainbow2004FU3 Mr LavecBalanced Image
2006CAN Autumn Stakes -3fTLucille Bullwinkle2003FU11 Angus HallKing Conch
2018CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmCircle The Page2014FU35 Real ArtistDragons Lair
2017CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmXelene Bayama2013FU2 Bettors DelightArtsplace
2016CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmDouble Olives2012FU26 Blissfull HallArtsplace
2015CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmArtistic Fusion2011FU1 Artistic FellaArtiscape
2014CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmMiss Poppycock2010FU52 Mach ThreeJennas Beach Boy
2012CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmDGs Tinkerbell2008FU11 CambestJate Lobell
2011CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmHustleonhome2007FU2 Million Dollar CamAbercrombie
2010CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmKims Quest2007FU22 Royal MattjestyArtsplace
2009CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmOnehotvett2005FU24 Goliath BayamaCamluck
2008CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmBette Blue Chip2005FU4 Art MajorAlbert Albert
2007CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmArmbro Decal2003FU1 Blissfull HallDexter Nukes
2006CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmAshlees Luck2002FU3 CamluckMagical Mike
2005CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmStiliani2001FU39 Matts ScooterCam Fella
2004CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmSilver Dialing2000FU1 Hi Ho SilverheelsNiatross
2003CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmNumeric Hanover2000FU16 Real ArtistAlbatross
2002CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmHead of the House1998FU7 ArtsplaceTroublemaker
2001CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmMakin Bucks1997FU30 Armbro EmersonSonsam
2000CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmKesons Delight1997FU88 Dexter NukesArmbro Splurge
1999CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmCelebrity Ball1996FU1 Presidential BallAlbatross
1998CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmArts Secret1994FU2 ArtsplaceArmbro Omaha
1997CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmCamaroom1994FU12 Cam FellaNo Nukes
1996CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmMarg N Jan1992FU7 Cam FellaAlbatross
1995CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmSilksndiamonds1992FU13 Falcon SeelsterTyler B
1994CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmSporting Nell1990FU2 Jate LobellAlbatross
1993CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmGimme A Penny1989FU7 Tyler BAlbatross
1992CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmTarport Sensation1989FU42 Tyler BBret Hanover
1991CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmTalent Line1987FU44 Falcon AlmahurstBret Hanover
1990CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmTown Sweetheart1986FU21 Big TownerAlbatross
1989CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmOn The Day1986FU47 Direct ScooterAlbatross
1988CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmSueno1984FU26 Dream MakerTar Heel
1987CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmWeekend Pass1983FU4 NeroNansemond
1986CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmTakeachanceonme1982FU42 NiatrossColumbia George
1985CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmGranny Gambler1981FU437 JM HarryScotch Time
1984CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmKen Dee Countess1981FU9 High IdealTar Boy
1983CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmChasmar Holly1977FU183 Caroldons KnightSuperior Hal
1982CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmRuth Anne Rip1976FU392 John R RipFrisco Reno
1981CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmKarens Hope1976FU9 Henry T AdiosTar Boy
1980CAN Blizzard Series - 3&4fmGold Streaker1974GU35 NansemondGold Worthy
1983CAN Blizzard Series -OPChasmar Holly1977FU183 Caroldons KnightSuperior Hal
1982CAN Blizzard Series -OPRuth Anne Rip1976FU392 John R RipFrisco Reno
1981CAN Blizzard Series -OPKarens Hope1976FU9 Henry T AdiosTar Boy
1980CAN Blizzard Series -OPGold Streaker1974GU35 NansemondGold Worthy
2015CAN Blossom -3fDoctor Terror2012FU4 Western TerrorAt Point Blank
2014CAN Blossom -3fRock N Roll Xample2011FU21 Rocknroll HanoverCamluck
2013CAN Blossom -3fBelle Boyd2010FU12 Art MajorWestern Hanover
2012CAN Blossom -3fYagonnakissmeornot2009FU14 The PanderosaArtsplace
2013CAN Bridger Series -2cTNot Run   
2009CAN Bridger Series -2cTLook Closer2007MU12 Muscles YankeeMalabar Man
2008CAN Bridger Series -2cTFederal Flex2006MU36 Muscles YankeeSJs Photo
2007CAN Bridger Series -2cTWindsong Espoir2005MU2 KadabraBalanced Image
2006CAN Bridger Series -2cTChelemark Porter2004GU9 Balanced ImageGarland Lobell
2008CAN Burlington Pace -3cDali2005MU1 Real ArtistMatts Scooter
2008CAN Burlington Pace -3cKeystone Horatio2005MU15 Rustler HanoverShady Character
2008CAN Burlington Pace -3cSomebeachsomewhere2005MU118 Mach ThreeBeach Towel
2007CAN Burlington Pace -3cBettor Tuwin2004MU20 Bettors DelightJate Lobell
2007CAN Burlington Pace -3cShamardal2004MU7 Life SignBeach Towel
2007CAN Burlington Pace -3cSutter Hanover2004MU2 Dragon AgainNo Nukes
2006CAN Burlington Pace -3cJoe To Go2003MU11 Jennas Beach BoyCams Card Shark
2006CAN Burlington Pace -3cMr Feelgood2003MU7 GrinfromeartoearJate Lobell
2006CAN Burlington Pace -3cTotal Truth2003MU25 Jennas Beach BoyWalton Hanover
2005CAN Burlington Pace -3cLeading X Ample2002MU21 The PanderosaArtsplace
2005CAN Burlington Pace -3cP Forty Seven2002MU120 The PanderosaArtsplace
2005CAN Burlington Pace -3cRunover Feeling2002GU22 Western HanoverJate Lobell
2004CAN Burlington Pace -3cGeorgia Pacific2001GU1 Western HanoverMatts Scooter
2004CAN Burlington Pace -3cMetropolitan2001MU7 The PanderosaArtsplace
2004CAN Burlington Pace -3cVillage Hero2000GU303 Village JasperVance Hanover
2003CAN Burlington Pace -3cJr Mint2000MU20 Northern LuckJate Lobell
2003CAN Burlington Pace -3cKey Western2000GU24 Western HanoverBig Towner
2003CAN Burlington Pace -3cTotally Western2000MU25 Western HanoverWalton Hanover
2002CAN Burlington Pace -3cMillion Dollar Cam1999MU12 Cams Card SharkJate Lobell
2002CAN Burlington Pace -3cRed River Hanover1999MU20 Western HanoverDirect Scooter
2002CAN Burlington Pace -3cUp Front Western1999MU2 Western HanoverTyler B
2001CAN Burlington Pace -3cLifes a Dream1998MU4 Life SignNo Nukes
2001CAN Burlington Pace -3cPeruvian Hanover1998MU12 Life SignIdeal Society
2001CAN Burlington Pace -3cRunning Start1998MU20 Life SignJate Lobell
2000CAN Burlington Pace -3cGallo Blue Chip1997GU8 Magical MikeAlbatross
2000CAN Burlington Pace -3cHeifetz Hanover1997MU57 CambestAbercrombie
2000CAN Burlington Pace -3cTwin B Champ1997MU66 Apaches FameArmbro Emerson
1999CAN Burlington Pace -3cGoliath Bayama1996MU21 AbercrombieBig Towner
1999CAN Burlington Pace -3cSioux Dawn1996MU40 No NukesLegal Notice
1999CAN Burlington Pace -3cSpace Shuttle1996MU9 Goalie JeffOn The Road Again
1999CAN Burlington Pace -3cTeeth of the Dog1996MU154 Kassa BrancaUmbrella Fella
1998CAN Burlington Pace -3cMattnamaras Band1995MU50 Matts ScooterTyler B
1998CAN Burlington Pace -3cPearl River Matt1995MU7 Matts ScooterNo Nukes
1998CAN Burlington Pace -3cRustler Hanover1995MU20 Western HanoverDirect Scooter
1997CAN Burlington Pace -3cRed Bow Tie1994GU13 Raging GloryRoyce
1997CAN Burlington Pace -3cVillage Jasper1994MU9 Jate LobellAbercrombie
1997CAN Burlington Pace -3cYankee Cam1994MU62 Cam FellaNo Nukes
1996CAN Burlington Pace -3cHare Hare1993MU11 Precious BunnyBig Towner
1996CAN Burlington Pace -3cMattduff1993MU1 Matts ScooterAlbatross
1996CAN Burlington Pace -3cStout1993MU12 Precious BunnyKeystone Ore
1995CAN Burlington Pace -3cI Saw Him First1992MU1 Direct ScooterTyler B
1995CAN Burlington Pace -3cJennas Beach Boy1992MU2 Beach TowelCam Fella
1995CAN Burlington Pace -3cNo Standing Around1992MU14 Jate LobellFalcon Almahurst
1994CAN Burlington Pace -3cArmbro Mackintosh1991MU1 Jate LobellStrike Out
1994CAN Burlington Pace -3cPacific Rocket1991MU3 Albert AlbertDirect Scooter
1994CAN Burlington Pace -3cSteady Director1991GU11 Direct ScooterSteady Beau
1993CAN Burlington Pace -3cLife Sign1990MU7 AbercrombieAlbatross
1993CAN Burlington Pace -3cLotta Soul1990MU30 No NukesAlbatross
1993CAN Burlington Pace -3cPresidential Ball1990MU71 Cam FellaMountain Skipper
1992CAN Burlington Pace -3cAdmirals Galley1989MU4 LaagEscort
1992CAN Burlington Pace -3cCarlsbad Cam1989MU12 Cam FellaSampson Hanover
1992CAN Burlington Pace -3cKingsbridge1989MU3 Jate LobellAlbatross
1992CAN Burlington Pace -3cSafely Kept1989MU20 Jate LobellAbercrombie
1991CAN Burlington Pace -3cArcane Hanover1988MU2 Tyler BSteady Star
1991CAN Burlington Pace -3cComplex Trooper1988MU20 Storm DamageMeadow Skipper
1991CAN Burlington Pace -3cNuclear Legacy1988MU1 No NukesAlbatross
1990CAN Burlington Pace -3cApaches Fame1987MU6 Apache CircleHarry Fitz
1989CAN Burlington Pace -3cTopnotcher1986MU24 AbercrombieMost Happy Fella
1988CAN Burlington Pace -3cRunnymede Lobell1985MU6 NeroRace Time
1987CAN Burlington Pace -3cFollow Me Hanover1984MU4 Tyler BDuane Hanover
1987CAN Burlington Pace -3cPerfect Morning1984MU19 Armbro OmahaTarport Neil
1986CAN Burlington Pace -3cDaylon Blue1983MU4 Armbro OmahaAlbatross
1985CAN Burlington Pace -3cJenkins Hanover1982MU11 AlbatrossBret Hanover
1985CAN Burlington Pace -3cStaff Director1982MU6 Governor SkipperThorpe Hanover
1984CAN Burlington Pace -3cCadillac1981MU8 AlbatrossTar Heel
1983CAN Burlington Pace -3cF Troop1980MU1 AlbatrossSteady Star
1983CAN Burlington Pace -3cRalph Hanover1980MU40 Meadow SkipperTar Heel
1982CAN Burlington Pace -3cCoal Harbor1979MU12 AlbatrossTar Heel
1981CAN Burlington Pace -3cArmbro Whisky1978MU17 Most Happy FellaBye Bye Byrd
1981CAN Burlington Pace -3cBlizzard Almahurst1978MU2 Super WaveBye Bye Byrd
1980CAN Burlington Pace -3cAlberton1977MU2 Armbro OmahaOvertrick
1979CAN Burlington Pace -3cDangerfield Bruce1976MU2 Armbro NadirTar Heel
1978CAN Burlington Pace -3cBanker Fretz1975GU24 Harold JThorpe Hanover
1978CAN Burlington Pace -3cMeadow Lite1975MU670 Meadow GeneDerby Time
1977CAN Burlington Pace -3cJade Prince1974MU1 Meadow SkipperBye Bye Byrd
1976CAN Burlington Pace -3cMr Bohanna1973MU173 High IdealJimmy Chief
1975CAN Burlington Pace -3cAlberts Star1972MU8 Bye Bye ByrdTar Heel
1975CAN Burlington Pace -3cQuick Almahurst1972MU78 Golden Money MakerShadow Wave
1974CAN Burlington Pace -3cBarons Boy1971MU134 Baron HanoverPainter
1974CAN Burlington Pace -3cCedarwood Sam1971GU202 Sampson DirectPainter
1973CAN Burlington Pace -3cRob Ron Ritzar1970MU31 Ritzy DonKnight Dream
1972CAN Burlington Pace -3cLynden Bye Bye1969MU7 Bye Bye ByrdAdios
1971CAN Burlington Pace -3cLomac Speed1968MU12 Meadow BattlesTitan Hanover
1970CAN Burlington Pace -3cKeystone Pat1967MU25 Tar HeelAdios
1969CAN Burlington Pace -3cSales Pitch1966MU2 Tar HeelAdios
1968CAN Burlington Pace -3cMaxie Mir1965MU6 Senator SpanglerGene Abbe
1967CAN Burlington Pace -3cBlaze Pick1964MU326 Gene AbbeOrphan Wayne
1966CAN Burlington Pace -3cBrother Noble1963MU526 Direct NobleBrother Harmony
1965CAN Burlington Pace -3cKeen Freight1962MU109 Tar HeelHal Dale
1964CAN Burlington Pace -3cArmbro Egan1961GU26 Sampson HanoverAdios
1964CAN Burlington Pace -3cBryan H Direct1961GU206 Direct WayStates Attorney
2012CAN Cam Fella Series -OPModern Legend2008GU123 Modern ArtCamluck
2011CAN Cam Fella Series -OPMeirs Hanover2007MU7 ArtsplaceMatts Scooter
2010CAN Cam Fella Series -OPSixdaysontheroad2006MU4 Allamerican NativeArtsplace
2009CAN Cam Fella Series -OPAnderlecht2005MU1 Cams Card SharkArtsplace
2008CAN Cam Fella Series -OPKeystone Matt2004MU9 Western HanoverMatts Scooter
2007CAN Cam Fella Series -OPKindly Poet2003GU4 Western IdealCamluck
2006CAN Cam Fella Series -OPParagon2002MU114 CambestArtsplace
2005CAN Cam Fella Series -OPHustlin Rustler2000MU28 Rustler HanoverBig Towner
2004CAN Cam Fella Series -OPMaltese Artist2001GU13 ArtiscapeFalcon Seelster
2003CAN Cam Fella Series -OPKnot inmy Knickers1999GU4 Northern LuckArtsplace
2002CAN Cam Fella Series -OPOn the Way Again1998GU2 On The Road AgainTyler B
2001CAN Cam Fella Series -OPElmos Blaze1997MU2 AbercrombieTyler B
2000CAN Cam Fella Series -OPFull Scholarship1996MU1 Cams Card SharkHarold J
1999CAN Cam Fella Series -OPLightship Hanover1995MU8 ArtsplaceBig Towner
1998CAN Cam Fella Series -OPParsons Den1994MU29 Dragons LairNero
1997CAN Cam Fella Series -OPTillys Sam1993GU81 Nobleland SamFrench Chef
1996CAN Cam Fella Series -OPMarket Report1992MU7 Jate LobellStorm Damage
1995CAN Cam Fella Series -OPPG Gold Seal1991GU10 Signed N SealedRalph Hanover
1994CAN Cam Fella Series -OPUnder Orders1990MU91 Silent MajorityFalcon Almahurst
1993CAN Cam Fella Series -OPBlatantly Bald1989MU22 AbercrombieNero
1992CAN Cam Fella Series -OPThis Cams for You1988MU2 Cam FellaTar Heel
1991CAN Cam Fella Series -OPHang the Odds1987MU53 Big TownerAlbatross
1990CAN Cam Fella Series -OPGigalo1986MU4 Direct ScooterTempered
1989CAN Cam Fella Series -OPCommonwealth1985GU104 SonsamAdios Vic
1988CAN Cam Fella Series -OPFirst Offense1984GU42 Scamp DirectTarport Count
1987CAN Cam Fella Series -OPSkippity1983GU3 AbercrombieMeadow Skipper
2005CAN Canadian Derby -OPPonder2001MU2 The PanderosaAbercrombie
2004CAN Canadian Derby -OPCasimir Camotion2000GU15 CamluckDirect Scooter
2003CAN Canadian Derby -OPArt Major1999MU7 ArtsplaceNihilator
2002CAN Canadian Derby -OPReal Desire1998MU20 Life SignTroublemaker
1998CAN Canadian Derby -OPNoble Ability1994MU126 AlbatrossTyler B
1997CAN Canadian Derby -OPStrong Clan1992MU9 Direct ScooterAbercrombie
1996CAN Canadian Derby -OPBall And Chain1990MU57 AlbatrossBret Hanover
1995CAN Canadian Derby -OPPacific Rocket1991MU3 Albert AlbertDirect Scooter
1994CAN Canadian Derby -OPReady To Rumble1990MU24 LaagNero
2006CAN Casual Breeze -3fTBuck I St Pat2003FU128 Jailhouse JesseSpeed In Action
2006CAN Casual Breeze -3fTOaklea Odessa2003FU2 Balanced ImageSupergill
2006CAN Casual Breeze -3fTOaklea Omega2003FU3 Balanced ImagePine Chip
2005CAN Casual Breeze -3fTBlur2002FU11 Muscles YankeeSupergill
2005CAN Casual Breeze -3fTHonour Way2002FU5 Angus HallSpeedy Crown
2005CAN Casual Breeze -3fTLady Power2002FU2 Muscles YankeePine Chip
2014CAN Celias Counsel -3fTMagic Feeling2011FU9 KadabraMalabar Man
2013CAN Celias Counsel -3fTRockin With Dewey2010FU3 DeweycheatumnhoweAngus Hall
2012CAN Celias Counsel -3fTIm On Cloud Nine2009FU5 Angus HallYankee Glide
2011CAN Celias Counsel -3fTMisti Maiden2008FU38 Angus HallMalabar Man
2010CAN Celias Counsel -3fTBramalea Hanover2007FU6 Windsongs LegacyMuscles Yankee
2009CAN Celias Counsel -3fTKandor Hanover2006FU11 TagliabueDream of Glory
2008CAN Celias Counsel -3fTWarrawee June2005FU32 Angus HallKing Conch
2007CAN Celias Counsel -3fTConway Maid2004FU3 Conway HallLindy Lane
2006CAN Celias Counsel -3fTHelens Melon2003FU10 Royal StrengthKing Conch
2005CAN Celias Counsel -3fTSarong Hall2002FU2 Garland LobellCumin
2004CAN Celias Counsel -3fTArmbro Beseech2001FU16 King ConchTexas
2003CAN Celias Counsel -3fTArmbro Affair2000FU67 Garland LobellPine Chip
2002CAN Celias Counsel -3fTCR Ms American Pie1999FU6 Yankee GlideRoyal Troubador
2001CAN Celias Counsel -3fTMolly Jones1998FU2 New VictoryIncredible Nevele
2000CAN Celias Counsel -3fTCara Bobs Crown1997FU83 Wesgate CrownDream of Glory
1999CAN Celias Counsel -3fTPattis Duchess1996FU27 Balanced ImageDream of Glory
1998CAN Celias Counsel -3fTSB Fuchsias Cancan1995FU6 King ConchBrisco Hanover
1997CAN Celias Counsel -3fTFettuccina1994FU3 CorleoneSongcan
2009CAN Champlain Stakes -2fTAngostura2007FU1 Angus HallSpeedy Somolli
2009CAN Champlain Stakes -2fTPoof Shes Gone2007FU132 KadabraGarland Lobell
2001CAN Classic Oaks -OMTCasual Breeze1997FU1 King ConchBalanced Image
2003CAN Colonial Lady -3fTCharming to a Tee2000FU1 Malabar ManBalanced Image
2003CAN Colonial Lady -3fTSouthwind Allaire2000FU8 Valley VictoryBalanced Image
2002CAN Colonial Lady -3fTCameron Hall1999FU1 Garland LobellMagna Force
2002CAN Colonial Lady -3fTMars Bar1999FU8 Malabar ManValley Victory
2001CAN Colonial Lady -3fTGypsy Balance1998FU9 Balanced ImageSongcan
2001CAN Colonial Lady -3fTMolly Jones1998FU2 New VictoryIncredible Nevele
2000CAN Colonial Lady -3fTArmbro Temple1997FU16 Garland LobellSuper Bowl
2000CAN Colonial Lady -3fTEarl of my Dreams1997FU11 EarlBrisco Hanover
2000CAN Colonial Lady -3fTHornby Jean1997FU17 Balanced ImageMeadow Road
1999CAN Colonial Lady -3fTAunties Dream1996FU6 Victory DreamSupergill
1999CAN Colonial Lady -3fTCanland Hall1996FU1 Garland LobellMagna Force
1999CAN Colonial Lady -3fTLight My Candle1996FU8 Garland LobellSpeedy Crown
1998CAN Colonial Lady -3fTWarrawee Kes1995FU16 King ConchSuper Bowl
1997CAN Colonial Lady -3fTNo Nonsense Woman1994FU3 Sierra KosmosPrakas
1996CAN Colonial Lady -3fTValley Cheer1993FU18 Valley VictoryMystic Park
1995CAN Colonial Lady -3fTDame Catherine1992FU46 Armbro GoalBonefish
1995CAN Colonial Lady -3fTRaging Goal1992FU23 Armbro GoalLindys Crown
1992CAN Count B -2cRegular Guy1990GU10 Frugal GourmetBruce Gimble
1991CAN Count B -2cIcahn Towner1989GN45 Big TownerHustling Time
1990CAN Count B -2cBabalazi1988MU19 NihilatorShadow Wave
1989CAN Count B -2cA Nice Majority1987MU5 Silent MajorityMost Happy Fella
1988CAN Count B -2cCams Hercules1986MU2 Cam FellaAlbatross
1987CAN Count B -2cSmart Viking1985MU210 Viking TigerKeystone Smartie
1986CAN Count B -2cWilcos Empire1984MU13 MergerRace Time
2016CAN Count B -3cWar N Munn2013MU4 Stonebridge RegalWestern Hanover
2015CAN Count B -3cLegion of Boom2012GU8 Artistic FellaJate Lobell
2011CAN Count B -3cThe Platinum Guy2008GU103 Mach ThreeApaches Fame
2010CAN Count B -3cLuckcamotion2007MU86 CamotionKeystone Ore
2009CAN Count B -3cMidnite Romp2006GU7 Million Dollar CamPresidential Ball
2008CAN Count B -3cSilver Dragon2005GU47 Dragon AgainArtsplace
2007CAN Count B -3cIll be Seeing You2004MU7 Real DesireJennas Beach Boy
2006CAN Count B -3cBono Bests2003GU34 Pro Bono BestAbercrombie
2005CAN Count B -3cAmerican Ideal2002MU7 Western IdealMatts Scooter
2004CAN Count B -3cTarver Hanover2001MU42 Ball And ChainWalton Hanover
2003CAN Count B -3cBorder Patrol2000MU180 KingsbridgeHappy Motoring
2002CAN Count B -3cTap for Nuke1999GU13 No NukesDirect Scooter
2001CAN Count B -3cDL Lyndie1998MU3 Electric YankeeSteady Star
2000CAN Count B -3cCamotion1997MU27 CambestSilent Majority
1999CAN Count B -3cThe Gass1996MU79 LaagDirect Scooter
1998CAN Count B -3cSeymour Butts1995MU6 Kick Some ButtViking Tiger
1997CAN Count B -3cTwin B Fabio1994GU24 CamluckAbercrombie
1996CAN Count B -3cTown Prophet1993MU14 Jate LobellNiatross
1995CAN Count B -3cMatt On The Rocks1992GU18 Matts ScooterNo Nukes
1994CAN Count B -3cCaptain Per1991MU1 Armbro EmersonTyler B
2012CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmOle Miss2008FU77 Art MajorCamluck
2011CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmI Lady2007FU11 Western IdealPresidential Ball
2010CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmCats Meow2006FU99 Goliath BayamaLandslide
2009CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmDesignated Leader2005FU44 No Pan IntendedMatts Scooter
2008CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmApple Delight2004FU1 Bettors DelightDexter Nukes
2007CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmFancy a Dream2003FU81 CamluckRun The Table
2006CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmOutlawed Beauty2002FU136 JK OutlawIn The Pocket
2005CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmAmethyst2001FU110 Miami MogulLon Todd Hanover
2004CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmPronovais2000FU30 Make A DealCarlsbad Cam
2003CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmRemarkable Star1999FU9 Jate LobellAbercrombie
2002CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmGreenwich Sign1998FU7 Life SignNo Nukes
2001CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmTattoo Hanover1997FU57 AbercrombieTyler B
2000CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmGone Dancing1996FU22 Presidential BallNo Nukes
1999CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmGhost of Sweepall1995FU2 CamluckArmbro Splurge
1998CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmArts Secret1994FU2 ArtsplaceArmbro Omaha
1997CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmJanice White1993FU8 Dexter NukesBig Towner
1996CAN Damsel Series -3&4fmWinterwood Beauty1992FU171 SonsamBye Bye Sam
2015CAN Diplomat Series -3cJJs Delivery2012GU2 Jeremes JetArtsplace
2014CAN Diplomat Series -3cSomewhere in LA2011GU26 SomebeachsomewhereWestern Hanover
2013CAN Diplomat Series -3cVaradero Hanover2010MU12 SomebeachsomewhereWestern Hanover
2012CAN Diplomat Series -3cIm the Pied Piper2009MU56 Western IdealCamluck
2007CAN Diplomat Series -3cTell All2004MU20 Real DesireAlbatross
2006CAN Diplomat Series -3cArmbro Damien2003MU3 Western HanoverArtsplace
2005CAN Diplomat Series -3cStonebridge Regal2002MU11 ArtsplaceBarberry Spur
2014CAN Don Mills -4/5TWest Side Story2010MU5 Conway HallYankee Glide
2013CAN Don Mills -4/5TBurnin Money2008GU14 Cash HallSir Taurus
2012CAN Don Mills -4/5TPL Daley2007GU16 KadabraBalanced Image
2011CAN Don Mills -4/5TRudy Rocks2007GU16 Striking SahbraPine Chip
2010CAN Don Mills -4/5TCelebrity Hercules2006GU5 KadabraBalanced Image
2009CAN Don Mills -4/5TAfternoon Dreams2005FU8 Dream VacationMuscles Yankee
2008CAN Don Mills -4/5THoopie2004GU1 San PellegrinoOvercomer
2007CAN Don Mills -4/5TSan Remo Kosmos2003GU36 SJs PhotoJoie De Vie
2006CAN Don Mills -4/5TGettindownanddirty2002GU3 Self PossessedSupergill
2005CAN Don Mills -4/5TFast Johnny2001GU16 Mr LavecDream of Glory
2004CAN Don Mills -4/5TMuscle Power2000GU9 Muscles YankeeSpeedy Crown
2003CAN Don Mills -4/5TY Chance It1999GU172 Yentls ImageSuper Pleasure
2002CAN Don Mills -4/5TDresden Dolly1998FU89 Super PleasureDream of Glory
2001CAN Don Mills -4/5TDiamond River1997GU33 Royal StrengthCrowning Point
2000CAN Don Mills -4/5TWhere Are We Now1996MU32 Balanced ImageDream of Glory
1999CAN Don Mills -4/5TArmbro Rusher1995GU5 Balanced ImageSpeedy Crown
2012CAN Dream Maker -2Evenin of Pleasure2010MU3 Dragon AgainArtsplace
2008CAN Dream Maker -2Automatic Slims2006MU25 Bettors DelightArtsplace
2007CAN Dream Maker -2Santanna Blue Chip2005MU18 Art MajorMatts Scooter
2006CAN Dream Maker -2Lilsharkshooter2004MU24 Cams Card SharkArtsplace
2005CAN Dream Maker -2Mister Big2003MU25 GrinfromeartoearJate Lobell
2004CAN Dream Maker -2McCabe Hall2002GU56 CambestLaag
2003CAN Dream Maker -2Western Affluence2001GU7 Western HanoverLife Sign
2002CAN Dream Maker -2Articulator2000MU7 ArtiscapeBig Towner
1999CAN Dream Maker -2Dream Work1997MU21 ArtsplaceBig Towner
1999CAN Dream Maker -2Flashing Lights1997GU14 CamluckNo Nukes
1999CAN Dream Maker -2High On Emotion1997MU41 Life SignBig Towner
1999CAN Dream Maker -2Richess Hanover1997MU20 Western HanoverDirect Scooter
1998CAN Dream Maker -2Barnett Hanover1996MU13 Western HanoverBarberry Spur
1997CAN Dream Maker -2Stud Muffin1995MU7 Matts ScooterJate Lobell
1996CAN Dream Maker -2Explosive Bunny1994MU70 Precious BunnyNo Nukes
1995CAN Dream Maker -2Mattman1993MU34 Matts ScooterNo Nukes
1994CAN Dream Maker -2Dontgetinmyway1992MU24 AbercrombieTyler B
1993CAN Dream Maker -2Expensive Scooter1991MU24 Direct ScooterTyler B
1992CAN Dream Maker -2Village Jiffy1990MU4 Cam FellaDirect Scooter
1991CAN Dream Maker -2Digger Almahurst1989MU24 NihilatorRace Time
1990CAN Dream Maker -2Happy Family1988MU20 AbercrombieAlbatross
1989CAN Dream Maker -2Shipps Schnoops1987MU39 On The Road AgainMeadow Skipper
1988CAN Dream Maker -2Armbro Herman1986MU26 Legal NoticeTar Heel
1987CAN Dream Maker -2Power Politics1985MU72 ConqueredPenn Hanover
1986CAN Dream Maker -2Field Auditor1984GU1 Jade PrinceTar Boy
1985CAN Dream Maker -2Quite A Sensation1983MU9 Chris TimeGene Abbe
1984CAN Dream Maker -2Twin B Playboy1982MU63 Armbro OmahaMost Happy Fella
1983CAN Dream Maker -2Forrest Breeze1981GU3 Warm BreezeHorton Hanover
1982CAN Dream Maker -2Joule1980MU9 Strike OutKnight Dream
1981CAN Dream Maker -2Brian Almahurst1979MU58 Windshield WiperBret Hanover
1980CAN Dream Maker -2Twin B Misty1978FU11 Brets StarDancer Hanover
1979CAN Dream Maker -2Hoot Hanover1977MU8 Tar HeelHenry T Adios
2006CAN Elegantimage -3fTBee Line2003FU8 Self PossessedBaltic Speed
2005CAN Elegantimage -3fTBlur2002FU11 Muscles YankeeSupergill
2004CAN Elegantimage -3fTMystical Sunshine2001FU5 Yankee GlideRoyal Prestige
2003CAN Elegantimage -3fTSouthwind Allaire2000FU8 Valley VictoryBalanced Image
2002CAN Elegantimage -3fTCameron Hall1999FU1 Garland LobellMagna Force
2001CAN Elegantimage -3fTApplecider Hanover1998FU6 SJs PhotoSpeedy Crown
2000CAN Elegantimage -3fTCasual Breeze1997FU1 King ConchBalanced Image
2004CAN Fan Hanover -3fRainbow Blue2001FU114 ArtiscapeOn The Road Again
2003CAN Fan Hanover -3fRemember When2000FU7 CamluckJate Lobell
2002CAN Fan Hanover -3fWorldly Beauty1999FU7 ArtsplaceNihilator
2001CAN Fan Hanover -3fCathedra Dot Com1998FU4 Presidential BallRun The Table
2000CAN Fan Hanover -3fEternal Camnation1997FU7 Cam FellaNihilator
1999CAN Fan Hanover -3fOdies Fame1996FU21 Apaches FameNo Nukes
1998CAN Fan Hanover -3fStonebridge First1995FU4 CamluckThreefold
1997CAN Fan Hanover -3fArtistic Pleasure1994FU10 ArtsplaceRalph Hanover
1996CAN Fan Hanover -3fLady Buns1993FU3 Precious BunnySonsam
1995CAN Fan Hanover -3fShes A Great Lady1992FU3 Dexter NukesSilent Majority
1994CAN Fan Hanover -3fHardie Hanover1991FU53 Big TownerAlbatross
1992CAN General Brock Series -3TPrince Lee Brisk1989GU10 Brisco HanoverDream of Glory
1991CAN General Brock Series -3TPete the Rabbit1988GU87 Glory OnePlucky Boy
1990CAN General Brock Series -3TBillyjojimbob1987GU129 Balanced ImageTough Cookie
1989CAN General Brock Series -3TJJs Diamond1986GU1 Diamond ExchangeNoble Victory
1988CAN General Brock Series -3TMulligan Hanover1985MU45 Super BowlFormal Notice
1987CAN General Brock Series -3TNV Worthy1984MU55 Worthy BowlBrisco Hanover
1986CAN General Brock Series -3TScrappy1983FU234 Brisco HanoverHickory Smoke
2016CAN General Brock Series -4TMusical Rhythm2012MU1 Cantab HallValley Victory
2015CAN General Brock Series -4TBourbon Bay2011GU1 Sand VicCR Excalibur
2012CAN General Brock Series -4TRevenue Agent2008GU2 RevenueSJs Caviar
2011CAN General Brock Series -4TWindsun Lane2004GU1 Lindy LaneRoyal Troubador
2010CAN General Brock Series -4TAmerican Hot Rod2006GU36 American WinnerArmbro Goal
2009CAN General Brock Series -4TMinor Supernover2005MU38 Andover HallSuper Star Ranger
2008CAN General Brock Series -4TWindsun Lane2004GU1 Lindy LaneRoyal Troubador
2007CAN General Brock Series -4TEricskarri2003GU16 Angus HallDream of Glory
2006CAN General Brock Series -4TSouthwind Rome2002GU23 Muscles YankeeArmbro Goal
2005CAN General Brock Series -4TPolar Winner2001MU5 American WinnerSpeedy Crown
2004CAN General Brock Series -4TDeadmans Curve2000MU2 Mr LavecSpeed In Action
2003CAN General Brock Series -4TStonebridge Velvet1999GU5 Balanced ImageSupergill
2002CAN General Brock Series -4TGustavius1998MU4 Garland LobellSuper Bowl
2001CAN General Brock Series -4TFox Avenue Lisa1997FU1 InquirerBF Coaltown
2000CAN General Brock Series -4TJN Johnny1996MU279 Super PleasureJazz Cosmos
1999CAN General Brock Series -4TWater Star1995FU6 SupergillSpeedy Somolli
1998CAN General Brock Series -4TStormont Northstar1994GU6 Brisco HanoverBaltic Speed
1997CAN General Brock Series -4TMacman1993GU303 Super PleasureGee Whiz
1996CAN General Brock Series -4TYentls Iceman1992GU2 Balanced ImageJoie De Vie
1995CAN General Brock Series -4TOaklea Count1991GU9 Dream of GlorySpeedy Crown
1994CAN General Brock Series -4TKawartha Debonair1990MU6 Worthy BowlBrisco Hanover
2012CAN Glorys Comet -OTMister Herbie2008GU247 Here Comes HerbieBrisco Hanover
2011CAN Glorys Comet -OTSan Pail2004GU4 San PellegrinoBalanced Image
2010CAN Glorys Comet -OTArmbro Chronicle2002GU32 Self PossessedBalanced Image
2009CAN Glorys Comet -OTPlease Poppy2004MU51 Self PossessedDonerail
2008CAN Glorys Comet -OTSpeed Bomb2003MU9 Master LavecMighty Crown
2007CAN Glorys Comet -OTWide Angle Hanover2000GU6 Muscles YankeeBalanced Image
2006CAN Glorys Comet -OTStiletto2000GU3 Mr VicSpeedy Crown
2005CAN Glorys Comet -OTY Chance It1999GU172 Yentls ImageSuper Pleasure
2008CAN Goodtimes -3TClerk Magistrate2005MU9 Andover HallLindy Lane
2007CAN Goodtimes -3TQuite Easy2004MU1 Andover HallValley Victory
2006CAN Goodtimes -3TMajestic Son2003MU159 Angus HallKing Conch
2005CAN Goodtimes -3TClassic Photo2002MU9 SJs PhotoAmerican Winner
2004CAN Goodtimes -3TWindsongs Legacy2001MU3 Conway HallPrakas
2004CAN Horseman Series -OTY Chance It1999GU172 Yentls ImageSuper Pleasure
2003CAN Horseman Series -OTSon of Grace1998MU3 Super PleasureDream of Glory
2002CAN Horseman Series -OTCaesar1997GU5 Balanced ImageDream of Glory
2001CAN Horseman Series -OTCorn Cob Conch1994GU64 King ConchWorthy Bowl
2000CAN Horseman Series -OTWild Turkey1995GU18 Van GoghTamerlane
1999CAN Horseman Series -OTTurnpike Token1993GU139 Jurgy HanoverHarold J
1998CAN Horseman Series -OTGlorys Comet1991MU136 Balanced ImageDream of Glory
1997CAN Horseman Series -OTTouch of Pleasure1993GU3 Super PleasureJazz Cosmos
1996CAN Horseman Series -OTOaklea Count1991GU9 Dream of GlorySpeedy Crown
1995CAN Horseman Series -OTGoodtimes1991GU55 Balanced ImageDream of Glory
1994CAN Horseman Series -OTRoyal Ballad1989MU3 Royal PrestigeNoble Gesture
1993CAN Horseman Series -OTCharlie Ten Hitch1988MU1 Florida ProAyres
1992CAN Horseman Series -OTBillyjojimbob1987GU129 Balanced ImageTough Cookie
1991CAN Horseman Series -OTSuper Timken1985GU1 SupermanTarport Devlin
1990CAN Horseman Series -OTGo Get Lost1984MU33 Speedy SomolliNevele Pride
1989CAN Horseman Series -OTGo Get Lost1984MU33 Speedy SomolliNevele Pride
1988CAN Horseman Series -OTNatural Image1984GU3 Balanced ImageCarlisle
1987CAN Horseman Series -OTDavidia Hanover1982FU2 Super BowlSpeedy Crown
2016CAN HPI Stakes -4MWanda Bayama2012FU8 Western IdealRun The Table
2015CAN HPI Stakes -4MMaplelea2012FU24 SportswriterRun The Table
2012CAN HPI Stakes -OMPBay Girl2007FU12 Royal MattjestyTylers Mark
2011CAN HPI Stakes -OMPDidrickson2006FU124 Keystone RaiderArmbro Cadet
2012CAN In Free Series -2fTLady Laker2010FU8 LockkeeperVeeba Rova
2011CAN In Free Series -2fTGisela AS2009FU61 InfinitifCambest
2008CAN In Free Series -2fTRaising Rachel2006FU1 Yankee GlideAngus Hall
2007CAN In Free Series -2fTPrada Hall2005FU37 Andover HallSpeedy Crown
2006CAN In Free Series -2fTJulaire2004FU151 Angus HallMalabar Man
2016CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTDomedomedome2011FU35 DeweycheatumnhoweAngus Hall
2015CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTHer Name Is Lola2010FU17 Majestic SonVictory Dream
2014CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTSamira Hanover2010FU168 KadabraDonerail
2013CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTOne More Ginny2009FU136 Angus HallBalanced Image
2012CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTFirstclassprincess2008FU38 Classic PhotoSupergill
2011CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTPJs Photo2007FU27 SJs PhotoStoneking
2010CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTKandor Hanover2006FU11 TagliabueDream of Glory
2009CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTAfternoon Dreams2005FU8 Dream VacationMuscles Yankee
2008CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTWinnie the Who2004FU5 Emile AngusCarry the Message
2006CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTThe Great Pacific2002FU5 American WinnerCrowning Point
2005CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTEcstatic2001FU17 Self PossessedIncredible Nevele
2004CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTZorgwijk Delighted2000FU4 Wesgate CrownSuper Pleasure
2003CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTBalance the Paige1999FU44 Balanced ImageSuper Pleasure
2002CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTMiss Madisyn Rose1998FU3 Mr LavecRowdy Yankee
2001CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTQueen Connie1997FU195 King ConchDream of Glory
2000CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTGiant Step1996FU54 Giant VictorySpeedy Scot
1999CAN Lifetime Dream -4mTOaklea Ginny1995FU136 Balanced ImageWorthy Bowl
2006CAN Metro -2Yankee Skyscaper2004MU2 ArtiscapeJate Lobell
2005CAN Metro -2Jeremes Jet2003MU3 Western HanoverSportsmaster
2004CAN Metro -2Rocknroll Hanover2002MU20 Western IdealDirect Scooter
2003CAN Metro -2Camelot Hall2001MU19 Blissfull HallLaag
2002CAN Metro -2Sir Luck2000MU1 CamluckTowners Big Guy
2001CAN Metro -2Mach Three1999MU12 Matts ScooterAbercrombie
2000CAN Metro -2Pro Bono Best1998MU44 CambestJate Lobell
1999CAN Metro -2The Firepan1997MU20 ArtsplaceNo Nukes
1998CAN Metro -2Grinfromeartoear1996MU20 ArtsplaceStorm Damage
1997CAN Metro -2Rustler Hanover1995MU20 Western HanoverDirect Scooter
1996CAN Metro -2Gothic Dream1994MU6 Jate LobellNiatross
1995CAN Metro -2A Stud Named Sue1993MU56 LaagBruce Gimble
1994CAN Metro -2Rover Hanover1992MU7 Direct ScooterMeadow Skipper
1993CAN Metro -2Historic1991MU24 NihilatorRace Time
1992CAN Metro -2Presidential Ball1990MU71 Cam FellaMountain Skipper
1991CAN Metro -2Shipps Saint1989MU39 Jate LobellBret Hanover
1990CAN Metro -2Artsplace1988MU1 AbercrombieAlbatross
1989CAN Metro -2Road Machine1987MU7 On The Road AgainWarm Breeze
1988CAN Metro -2Totally Ruthless1986MU25 Walton HanoverMeadow Skipper
2006CAN Metro Consolation -2cMay June Character2004GU1 Shady CharacterWestern Hanover
2005CAN Metro Consolation -2cMr Feelgood2003MU7 GrinfromeartoearJate Lobell
2004CAN Metro Consolation -2cDawn ofa New Day2002MU30 Western IdealFalcon Seelster
2003CAN Metro Consolation -2cGrin Tin Tin2001GU59 GrinfromeartoearDragons Lair
2002CAN Metro Consolation -2cDr Drew2000MU7 Jennas Beach BoyNihilator
2001CAN Metro Consolation -2cKing Tutpankhamen1999MU126 ArtsplaceTyler B
2000CAN Metro Consolation -2cLotsa Clout1998MU59 Jennas Beach BoyDragons Lair
1999CAN Metro Consolation -2cLifes Not Fair1997MU2 Life SignDirect Scooter
1998CAN Metro Consolation -2cBlissfull Hall1996MU2 CambestAbercrombie
1997CAN Metro Consolation -2cMattnamaras Band1995MU50 Matts ScooterTyler B
1996CAN Metro Consolation -2cYankee Cam1994MU62 Cam FellaNo Nukes
1995CAN Metro Consolation -2cArmbro Oliver1993MU26 Cam FellaAbercrombie
1994CAN Metro Consolation -2cDontgetinmyway1992MU24 AbercrombieTyler B
1993CAN Metro Consolation -2cJBs Andrew1991MU20 Jate LobellFlying Bret
1992CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fOur Sonshine Girl1990FU95 SonsamFlying Bret
1991CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fTarport Sensation1989FU42 Tyler BBret Hanover
1990CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fArmbro Josephine1988FU57 Ralph HanoverNiatross
1989CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fNine Across1987FU104 Armbro OmahaLynden Bye Bye
1988CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fStyle Plus1986FU9 NiatrossAbercrombie
1987CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fWorth More1985FU15 Storm DamageMost Happy Fella
1986CAN Miss Vera Bars -2fPartys Filly1984FU19 Governor SkipperOvercall
2016CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fBad As Leader2013FU44 Badlands HanoverNo Pan Intended
2015CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fNippy W Hanover2012FU4 American IdealDM Dilinger
2011CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fWish Away2008FU59 Real ArtistJennas Beach Boy
2010CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fA Pippin Hanover2007FU1 Dragon AgainArtsplace
2009CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fBath Beach2006FU52 Life SignFalcons Future
2008CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fGerries Madison2005FU4 Apaches FameCams Card Shark
2007CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fBouncing Hanover2004FU2 Cams Card SharkBeach Towel
2006CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fSnowhite Beach2003FU68 Presidential BallBeach Towel
2005CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fSerenity Seelster2002FU1 CamluckDirect Scooter
2004CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fShesaporsche2001FU6 Western HanoverNiatross
2003CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fSpecial Beauty2000FU7 Rustler HanoverBig Towner
2002CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fTundra Bird1999FU18 Falcon SeelsterNo Nukes
2001CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fU Drive me Crazy1998FU14 CamluckAbercrombie
2000CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fVillage Mystic1997FU19 Life SignJate Lobell
1999CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fCelebrity Ball1996FU1 Presidential BallAlbatross
1998CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fVillage Lucinda1995FU2 Jate LobellNiatross
1997CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fTA Jomar1994FU34 AbercrombieTyler B
1996CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fHarvest Table1993FU69 Run The TableMeadow Skipper
1995CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fBridal Shower1992FU157 Albert AlbertWarm Breeze
1994CAN Miss Vera Bars -3fBold Wench1991FU101 AbercrombieBret Hanover
2004CAN Mohawk Pace -3cRogue Hall2001MU44 CambestAbercrombie
2003CAN Mohawk Pace -3cJr Mint2000MU20 Northern LuckJate Lobell
2002CAN Mohawk Pace -3cSportster1999MU57 Presidential BallJate Lobell
2001CAN Mohawk Pace -3cWhole Lotta Class1998MU28 BilateralAlbatross
2000CAN Mohawk Pace -3cDoc Vinall1997GU8 No NukesAlbatross
1999CAN Mohawk Pace -3cSalinas Hanover1996MU29 Western HanoverSugar Tree
1998CAN Mohawk Pace -3cResurgent Dragon1995MU68 Dragons LairLaag
1997CAN Mohawk Pace -3cMaster Barney1994GU23 Armbro EmersonSeedling Herbert
1996CAN Mohawk Pace -3cGhost Train1993GU13 LaagTylers Mark
1995CAN Mohawk Pace -3cMatt On The Rocks1992GU18 Matts ScooterNo Nukes
1994CAN Mohawk Pace -3cSteady Director1991GU11 Direct ScooterSteady Beau
1993CAN Mohawk Pace -3cRitchies Imperial1990MU2 Big TownerSonsam
1992CAN Mohawk Pace -3cRitchies Empire1989MU13 Seahawk HanoverFalcon Almahurst
1991CAN Mohawk Pace -3cTerrible Semalu1988MU2 On The Road AgainMeadow Skipper
1990CAN Mohawk Pace -3cNeat Touch1987GU140 PanoramaArmbro Alert
1989CAN Mohawk Pace -3cTopnotcher1986MU24 AbercrombieMost Happy Fella
1988CAN Mohawk Pace -3cSquirter1985MU47 Keystone OreMeadow Skipper
1987CAN Mohawk Pace -3cSherwood Abe1984MU15 AbercrombieMeadow Skipper
1986CAN Mohawk Pace -3cStriking Impact1983MU50 Strike OutRace Time
1985CAN Mohawk Pace -3cCedarwood George1982GU202 Columbia GeorgeAlbatross
1984CAN Mohawk Pace -3cFergus Hanover1981MU7 Kawartha SkipperBret Hanover
1983CAN Mohawk Pace -3cLudell Hanover1980MU3 Big TownerTar Heel
1982CAN Mohawk Pace -3cStriking Sun1979MU15 Strike OutRace Time
1981CAN Mohawk Pace -3cArmbro Whisky1978MU17 Most Happy FellaBye Bye Byrd
1980CAN Mohawk Pace -3cJustin Passing1977MU41 Bye And LargeRace Time
1979CAN Mohawk Pace -3cDangerfield Bruce1976MU2 Armbro NadirTar Heel
1978CAN Mohawk Pace -3cLime Time1975MU123 Race TimeThorpe Hanover
1977CAN Mohawk Pace -3cHustling Time1974MU9 Good TimeWorthy Boy
2017CAN Niagara Series -3fJazzy Image2014FU19 Rockin ImageArtsplace
2016CAN Niagara Series -3fJimbelina2013FU13 Big JimBettors Delight
2015CAN Niagara Series -3fWanda Bayama2012FU8 Western IdealRun The Table
2014CAN Niagara Series -3fWitch Dali2011FU1 DaliBlissfull Hall
2013CAN Niagara Series -3fLyonssweetie2010FU26 No Pan IntendedCams Card Shark
2012CAN Niagara Series -3fOceanview Bindi2009FU18 HunterstownNo Nukes
2011CAN Niagara Series -3fWindsun Soho2008FU26 Cams Card SharkArmbro Emerson
2010CAN Niagara Series -3fOnly the World2007FU9 Cole MufflerAbercrombie
2009CAN Niagara Series -3fQueenies Alibi2006FU40 His AlibiElectric Yankee
2008CAN Niagara Series -3fRip Rockin Lady2005FU128 Keystone RaiderAbercrombie
2007CAN Niagara Series -3fBCs Jesse2004FU4 Park PlaceLaag
2006CAN Niagara Series -3fPromysquous Lady2003FU2 Pro Bono BestArtsplace
2005CAN Niagara Series -3fJohnny Made Her2002FU15 Johnnys ScooterKeystone Raider
2004CAN Niagara Series -3fVelvet N Pearls2001FU41 Precious BunnyLaag
2003CAN Niagara Series -3fPanalgesic2000FU43 ArtsplaceNo Nukes
2002CAN Niagara Series -3fCall Me Amazing1999FU148 Jate LobellAbercrombie
2001CAN Niagara Series -3fHip Huggers1998FU21 Nobleland SamFalcon Almahurst
2000CAN Niagara Series -3fTattoo Hanover1997FU57 AbercrombieTyler B
1999CAN Niagara Series -3fTyber Song1996FU80 Direct ScooterTyler B
1998CAN Niagara Series -3fBest Lady1995FU2 CambestRalph Hanover
1997CAN Niagara Series -3fSeda Solombre1994FU6 Storm CompensationFundamentalist
1996CAN Niagara Series -3fCK Angel1993FU2 AbercrombieTyler B
1995CAN Niagara Series -3fBriar Classic1992FU225 ThreefoldDream Maker
1994CAN Niagara Series -3fKiki Hanover1991MU8 AlbatrossTar Heel
1993CAN Niagara Series -3fVery Rare1990FU30 Tyler BBret Hanover
1992CAN Niagara Series -3fMerging Light1989FU15 MergerArmbro Omaha
1991CAN Niagara Series -3fCelestes Starbaby1988FU3 Trim The TreeTruluck
1990CAN Niagara Series -3fTalent Line1987FU44 Falcon AlmahurstBret Hanover
1989CAN Niagara Series -3fTown Sweetheart1986FU21 Big TownerAlbatross
1988CAN Niagara Series -3fRhyme Hanover1985FU40 Cam FellaAlbatross
1987CAN Niagara Series -3fSueno1984FU26 Dream MakerTar Heel
1986CAN Niagara Series -3fSilkys Gal1983FU1 AlbatrossColumbia George
1985CAN Niagara Series -3fM Street Lady1982FU19 AbercrombieStrike Out
2012CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Dapper Dude2009MU80 The PanderosaCamluck
2012CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Sweet Lou2009MU5 Yankee CruiserFalcons Future
2008CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Badlands Nitro2005MU20 Badlands HanoverArtsplace
2008CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Deuce Seelster2005MU12 Western MaverickCamluck
2008CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Somebeachsomewhere2005MU118 Mach ThreeBeach Towel
2007CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Sutter Hanover2004MU2 Dragon AgainNo Nukes
2007CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Tell All2004MU20 Real DesireAlbatross
2007CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Yankee Skyscaper2004MU2 ArtiscapeJate Lobell
2006CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Dave Panlone2003MU2 The PanderosaBeach Towel
2006CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Doonbeg2003MU1 CamluckMatts Scooter
2006CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Feelin Friskie2003MU7 ArtiscapeNo Nukes
2005CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Rocknroll Hanover2002MU20 Western IdealDirect Scooter
2005CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Runover Feeling2002GU22 Western HanoverJate Lobell
2005CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Stonebridge Regal2002MU11 ArtsplaceBarberry Spur
2004CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Georgia Pacific2001GU1 Western HanoverMatts Scooter
2004CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Panspacificflight2001MU7 The PanderosaNihilator
2004CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Western Terror2001MU1 Western HanoverArtsplace
2003CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Allamerican Native2000MU2 Presidential BallBig Towner
2003CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Allamerican Theory2000MU19 Jennas Beach BoyNo Nukes
2003CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Totally Western2000MU25 Western HanoverWalton Hanover
2003CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Yankee Cruiser2000MU62 ArtiscapeJate Lobell
2002CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Mach Three1999MU12 Matts ScooterAbercrombie
2002CAN North America Cup (elim)-3McArdle1999MU11 Falcon SeelsterNihilator
2002CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Red River Hanover1999MU20 Western HanoverDirect Scooter
2001CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Bettors Delight1998MU66 Cams Card SharkArmbro Emerson
2001CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Life Sizzles1998MU13 Life SignNiatross
2001CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Peruvian Hanover1998MU12 Life SignIdeal Society
2000CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Camotion1997MU27 CambestSilent Majority
2000CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Twin B Champ1997MU66 Apaches FameArmbro Emerson
1999CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Goliath Bayama1996MU21 AbercrombieBig Towner
1999CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Sioux Dawn1996MU40 No NukesLegal Notice
1999CAN North America Cup (elim)-3The Panderosa1996MU95 Western HanoverCoal Harbor
1998CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Day In A Life1995MU19 Life SignTyler B
1998CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Sealed N Delivered1995MU30 Falcon SeelsterNihilator
1998CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Straight Path1995MU68 AbercrombieNiatross
1997CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Gothic Dream1994MU6 Jate LobellNiatross
1997CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Northern Luck1994MU21 CamluckBig Towner
1997CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Village Jasper1994MU9 Jate LobellAbercrombie
1996CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Bahama Bunny1993MU9 Precious BunnyBig Towner
1996CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Falcons Scooter1993GU115 Matts ScooterFalcon Almahurst
1996CAN North America Cup (elim)-3John Street North1993MU9 Precious BunnyAbercrombie
1995CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Cinder Lane Sam1992GU6 Nobleland SamBye Bye Andy
1995CAN North America Cup (elim)-3I Saw Him First1992MU1 Direct ScooterTyler B
1995CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Neutrality1992MU7 No NukesMeadow Skipper
1994CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Magical Mike1991MU24 Tyler BRace Time
1994CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Pacific Rocket1991MU3 Albert AlbertDirect Scooter
1994CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Water Tower1991MU39 AbercrombieBret Hanover
1993CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Beastmaster1990MU3 Cam FellaAlbatross
1993CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Presidential Ball1990MU71 Cam FellaMountain Skipper
1993CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Riyadh1990MU20 Jate LobellBye And Large
1992CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Carlsbad Cam1989MU12 Cam FellaSampson Hanover
1992CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Direct Flight1989MU224 Direct ScooterKeystone Ore
1992CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Kingsbridge1989MU3 Jate LobellAlbatross
1991CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Die Laughing1988MU19 No NukesAlbatross
1991CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Precious Bunny1988MU43 Cam FellaBGs Bunny
1991CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Whiteland Trouble1988MU4 TroublemakerLandslide
1990CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Beach Towel1987MU24 French ChefArmbro Nesbit
1990CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Chefs Magic1987MU13 French ChefNardins Byrd
1990CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Jake And Elwood1987MU41 SamadhiGypsy Fiddle
1989CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Kentucky Spur1986MU2 AbercrombieMeadow Skipper
1989CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Shipps Scorch1986MU26 Big TownerAlbatross
1989CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Stonewal Almahurst1986MU15 Ralph HanoverBret Hanover
1988CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Camtastic1985MU12 Cam FellaAlbatross
1988CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Runnymede Lobell1985MU6 NeroRace Time
1988CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Squirter1985MU47 Keystone OreMeadow Skipper
1988CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Sun Lamp1985MU24 French ChefArmbro Nesbit
1987CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Frugal Gourmet1984MU2 French ChefBye Bye Byrd
1987CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Jate Lobell1984MU133 No NukesBlaze Pick
1987CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Rare Review1984MU6 Jonquil HanoverArmbro Omaha
1986CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Amity Chef1983MU5 French ChefBye Bye Byrd
1986CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Nobleland Sam1983MU2 SonsamMost Happy Fella
1985CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Chairmanoftheboard1982MU7 Meadow SkipperRace Time
1985CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Shawnee Almahurst1982MU52 Meadow SkipperChris Time
1985CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Staff Director1982MU6 Governor SkipperThorpe Hanover
1984CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Embrace Me1981MU12 AlbatrossBret Hanover
1984CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Legal Notice1981MU57 Strike OutRace Time
1984CAN North America Cup (elim)-3Long Fella1981MU171 Precious FellaBye Bye Sam
2010CAN North America Cup -3Sportswriter2007MU7 ArtsplaceJate Lobell
2009CAN North America Cup -3Well Said2006MU115 Western HanoverArtsplace
2008CAN North America Cup -3Somebeachsomewhere2005MU118 Mach ThreeBeach Towel
2007CAN North America Cup -3Tell All2004MU20 Real DesireAlbatross
2006CAN North America Cup -3Total Truth2003MU25 Jennas Beach BoyWalton Hanover
2005CAN North America Cup -3Rocknroll Hanover2002MU20 Western IdealDirect Scooter
2004CAN North America Cup -3Mantacular2001MU21 Western HanoverBret Hanover
2003CAN North America Cup -3Yankee Cruiser2000MU62 ArtiscapeJate Lobell
2002CAN North America Cup -3Red River Hanover1999MU20 Western HanoverDirect Scooter
2001CAN North America Cup -3Bettors Delight1998MU66 Cams Card SharkArmbro Emerson
2000CAN North America Cup -3Gallo Blue Chip1997GU8 Magical MikeAlbatross
1999CAN North America Cup -3The Panderosa1996MU95 Western HanoverCoal Harbor
1998CAN North America Cup -3Straight Path1995MU68 AbercrombieNiatross
1997CAN North America Cup -3Gothic Dream1994MU6 Jate LobellNiatross
1996CAN North America Cup -3Arizona Jack1993MU28 AbercrombieFrench Chef
1995CAN North America Cup -3Davids Pass1992MU13 Jate LobellStrike Out
1994CAN North America Cup -3Cams Card Shark1991MU22 Cam FellaBGs Bunny
1993CAN North America Cup -3Presidential Ball1990MU71 Cam FellaMountain Skipper
1992CAN North America Cup -3Safely Kept1989MU20 Jate LobellAbercrombie
1991CAN North America Cup -3Precious Bunny1988MU43 Cam FellaBGs Bunny
1990CAN North America Cup -3Apaches Fame1987MU6 Apache CircleHarry Fitz
1989CAN North America Cup -3Goalie Jeff1986MU11 Cam FellaAlbatross
1988CAN North America Cup -3Runnymede Lobell1985MU6 NeroRace Time
1987CAN North America Cup -3Jate Lobell1984MU133 No NukesBlaze Pick
1986CAN North America Cup -3Quite A Sensation1983MU9 Chris TimeGene Abbe
1985CAN North America Cup -3Staff Director1982MU6 Governor SkipperThorpe Hanover
1984CAN North America Cup -3Legal Notice1981MU57 Strike OutRace Time
2009CAN North America Cup Cons -3cArctic Warrior2006GU30 Blissfull HallTylers Mark
2008CAN North America Cup Cons -3cUpfront Hannahsboy2005MU2 Dragon AgainJennas Beach Boy
2007CAN North America Cup Cons -3cLaughing Art2004MU44 ArtsplaceDie Laughing
2006CAN North America Cup Cons -3cWestern Cyclone2003MU6 Western HanoverMatts Scooter
2005CAN North America Cup Cons -3cWith Anticipation2002GU11 Jennas Beach BoyBig Towner
2004CAN North America Cup Cons -3cSkydancer Hanover2001MN45 Western HanoverBig Towner
2003CAN North America Cup Cons -3cWolfdancer Mindale2000MU4 Western HanoverBarberry Spur
2002CAN North America Cup Cons -3cHenry Clay1999MU39 Jate LobellLaag
2001CAN North America Cup Cons -3cLCB1998MU6 Jate LobellAbercrombie
2000CAN North America Cup Cons -3cSouthwind Halite1997MU75 AbercrombieOn The Road Again
1999CAN North America Cup Cons -3cUnion Guy1996MU2 Western HanoverWalton Hanover
1998CAN North America Cup Cons -3cTake Down The Flag1995MU4 Western HanoverSampson Direct
1997CAN North America Cup Cons -3cWestern Dreamer1994GU41 Western HanoverPanorama
1996CAN North America Cup Cons -3cCrisp Sahbra1993GU49 Towners Big GuyFalcon Almahurst
1995CAN North America Cup Cons -3cMattalac1992GU13 Matts ScooterRace Time
1994CAN North America Cup Cons -3cExpensive Scooter1991MU24 Direct ScooterTyler B
1993CAN North America Cup Cons -3cCams Magic Trick1990MU22 Cam FellaBGs Bunny
1992CAN North America Cup Cons -3cBright As Day1989MU19 TroublemakerStrike Out
1991CAN North America Cup Cons -3cNuclear Legacy1988MU1 No NukesAlbatross
1990CAN North America Cup Cons -3cOrange Sovereign1987MU72 AbercrombieMeadow Skipper
1989CAN North America Cup Cons -3cStarfleets Command1986MU71 Walton HanoverSundance Skipper
2010CAN Ontario Boys -4hMr Coolie2006MU10 No Pan IntendedPresidential Ball
2009CAN Ontario Boys -4hWindsun Twister2005GU29 CamotionWestern Hanover
2008CAN Ontario Boys -4hStonebridge on Ice2004GU45 CamluckArtsplace
2007CAN Ontario Boys -4hRamegade Bruiser2003GU41 RambaranApaches Fame
2006CAN Ontario Boys -4hBlue Burner2002MU1 GrinfromeartoearJate Lobell
2005CAN Ontario Boys -4hLucky Brad2001MU3 Island FantasySonsam
2004CAN Ontario Boys -4hHustlin Rustler2000MU28 Rustler HanoverBig Towner
2003CAN Ontario Boys -4hNats Beach Bunny1999GU6 Precious BunnyBeach Towel
2002CAN Ontario Boys -4hEasy Cambination1998GU76 Albert AlbertCam Fella
2001CAN Ontario Boys -4hTsarevich1997MU2 Kiev HanoverNo Nukes
2000CAN Ontario Boys -4hSir William Walace1996GU3 Dexter NukesKawartha Skipper
1999CAN Ontario Boys -4hBosuns Mate1995MU9 Bo Knows JateThreefold
2010CAN Ontario Girls -4mSmashbox2006FU119 Mach ThreeWestern Hanover
2009CAN Ontario Girls -4mThe Three of Us2005FU3 Mach ThreeNo Nukes
2008CAN Ontario Girls -4mAlmost A Lady2004FU2 AstreosCambest
2007CAN Ontario Girls -4mAlerts Big Girl2003FU9 Albert AlbertPrecious Bunny
2006CAN Ontario Girls -4mArmbro Cinema2002FU2 Pacific RocketNo Nukes
2005CAN Ontario Girls -4mSimply Lucky2001FU7 CamluckAbercrombie
2004CAN Ontario Girls -4mPronovais2000FU30 Make A DealCarlsbad Cam
2003CAN Ontario Girls -4mMake Some Noise1999FU20 CamluckLife Sign
2002CAN Ontario Girls -4mFake is Real1998FU8 Dexter NukesBig Towner
2001CAN Ontario Girls -4mTable for Eight1997FU196 Run The TableDevons Prince
2000CAN Ontario Girls -4mPontiac Safari1996FU7 ThreefoldFalcon Seelster
1999CAN Ontario Girls -4mGhost of Sweepall1995FU2 CamluckArmbro Splurge
2011CAN OSS Gold - 2cWarrawee Needy2009MU80 E Dees CamApaches Fame
2009CAN OSS Gold - 2cHaul Away2007GU2 Modern ArtDexter Nukes
2007CAN OSS Gold - 2cLennon Blue Chip2005GU7 No Pan IntendedArtsplace
2005CAN OSS Gold - 2cDoonbeg2003MU1 CamluckMatts Scooter
2004CAN OSS Gold - 2cArmbro Chivalry2002GU7 GrinfromeartoearCam Fella
2003CAN OSS Gold - 2cPutasmileon2001GU19 GrinfromeartoearJate Lobell
2003CAN OSS Gold - 2cReason To Smile2001MU4 GrinfromeartoearNo Nukes
2002CAN OSS Gold - 2cSir Luck2000MU1 CamluckTowners Big Guy
2001CAN OSS Gold - 2cCamystic1999MU4 CamluckDexter Nukes
2000CAN OSS Gold - 2cRickards Ed1998GU18 CamluckAbercrombie
1999CAN OSS Gold - 2cIntrepid Seelster1997MU10 CamluckBruce Gimble
1998CAN OSS Gold - 2cShow Me The Money1996MU42 Apaches FameNo Nukes
1997CAN OSS Gold - 2cHornby Dean1995GU10 Armbro EmersonLeague Leader
1997CAN OSS Gold - 2cHornby Dean1995GU10 Armbro EmersonLeague Leader
1996CAN OSS Gold - 2cThe Big Dog1994MU3 Dexter NukesSilent Majority
1995CAN OSS Gold - 2cBradley Seelster1993GU1 ThreefoldDirect Scooter
1995CAN OSS Gold - 2cDuke Of Abby1993GU7 Dexter NukesAbercrombie
1994CAN OSS Gold - 2cRabbi of Racing1992MU10 Run The TableArmbro Omaha
2011CAN OSS Gold - 2cTThe Game Plan2009GU3 KadabraBalanced Image
2010CAN OSS Gold - 2cTAir Stewart2008MU32 Striking SahbraCarry the Message
2009CAN OSS Gold - 2cTZorgwijk Kingpin2007GU8 Southwind LustreGarland Lobell
2008CAN OSS Gold - 2cTStriking Lindsey2006MU159 Striking SahbraBalanced Image
2005CAN OSS Gold - 2cTWas It A Dream2003MU10 Striking SahbraDonerail
2004CAN OSS Gold - 2cTBrazen2002MU16 Balanced ImageSuper Bowl
2003CAN OSS Gold - 2cTEilean Donon2001MU72 Angus HallLegend Hanover
2002CAN OSS Gold - 2cTGerry Lavec2000MU136 Mr LavecBalanced Image
2000CAN OSS Gold - 2cTVillage Barrister1998MU16 Balanced ImageSuper Bowl
1999CAN OSS Gold - 2cTConch Deville1997MU11 King ConchNevele Diamond
1998CAN OSS Gold - 2cTMon Reve1996MU6 Balanced ImageDream of Glory
1997CAN OSS Gold - 2cTImm Back1995GU38 Royal StrengthWorthy Bowl
1996CAN OSS Gold - 2cTCarriage House1994GU18 Brisco HanoverNoble Gesture
1996CAN OSS Gold - 2cTMighty Beacon1994GU72 Dunkery BeaconNoble Nevele
1995CAN OSS Gold - 2cTSeasoned Pleasure1993MU3 Super PleasureSpeedy Crown
1994CAN OSS Gold - 2cTArmbro Norbert1992MU3 Dream of GlorySpeedy Crown
1994CAN OSS Gold - 2cTDell Ridge Image1992MU14 Balanced ImageBrisco Hanover
2011CAN OSS Gold - 2fApogee Hanover2009FU1 Jeremes JetCamluck
2010CAN OSS Gold - 2fModern Connection2008FU5 Modern ArtCambest
2005CAN OSS Gold - 2fCamaronni N Cheese2003FU10 CamluckArmbro Getty
2004CAN OSS Gold - 2fLucks Mistress2002FU4 CamluckDexter Nukes
2003CAN OSS Gold - 2fDouble Creme2001FU75 Albert AlbertOn The Road Again
2002CAN OSS Gold - 2fNorthern Harmony2000FU4 Run The TableAbercrombie
2001CAN OSS Gold - 2fLady Graceful1999FU80 CamluckRalph Hanover
2000CAN OSS Gold - 2fCupcakesnwhipcream1998FU6 CamluckArmbro Omaha
2000CAN OSS Gold - 2fLukes Monica1998FU98 Pacific RocketMost Happy Fella
1999CAN OSS Gold - 2fFirstariseetonite1997FU47 CamluckAbercrombie
1998CAN OSS Gold - 2fMemories Any Size1996FU11 Run The TableStorm Damage
1998CAN OSS Gold - 2fOdies Fame1996FU21 Apaches FameNo Nukes
1997CAN OSS Gold - 2fArmbro Rosebud1995FU2 Dexter NukesTyler B
1997CAN OSS Gold - 2fArmbro Rosebud1995FU2 Dexter NukesTyler B
1996CAN OSS Gold - 2fArmbro Penelope1994FU26 Dexter NukesHorton Hanover
1996CAN OSS Gold - 2fWhenuwishuponastar1994FU14 CamluckSonsam
1995CAN OSS Gold - 2fCathedra1993FU4 Run The TableOil Burner
1994CAN OSS Gold - 2fDeeliriousness1992FU19 Run The TableMost Happy Fella
2011CAN OSS Gold - 2fTMiss Paris2009FU8 KadabraConway Hall
2010CAN OSS Gold - 2fTPeach Martini2008FU3 Striking SahbraDream of Glory
2008CAN OSS Gold - 2fTElusive Desire2006FU32 Angus HallValley Victory
2004CAN OSS Gold - 2fTReal Live Woman2002FU6 Angus HallDonerail
2002CAN OSS Gold - 2fTMikestory2000FU16 Eager SeelsterA Go Go Lauxmont
2001CAN OSS Gold - 2fTPepi Lavec1999FU4 Mr LavecBalanced Image
1999CAN OSS Gold - 2fTLR Alleys Concern1997FU36 King ConchWorthy Bowl
1999CAN OSS Gold - 2fTSilver Sam1997FU32 Wesgate CrownABC Freight
1998CAN OSS Gold - 2fTExclusive Lavec1996FU31 Balanced ImageSpeedy Spin
1998CAN OSS Gold - 2fTTeagarden Hanover1996FU3 Royal StrengthJazz Cosmos
1997CAN OSS Gold - 2fTLovers Image1995FU4 Balanced ImageDream of Glory
1997CAN OSS Gold - 2fTRemarkable Image1995FU3 Balanced ImageDream of Glory
1996CAN OSS Gold - 2fTElegantimage1994FU1 Balanced ImageSuper Bowl
1996CAN OSS Gold - 2fTRazzle Dazzle Tom1994FU1 A Go Go LauxmontSpeedy Crown
1995CAN OSS Gold - 2fTVeras Image1993FU151 Balanced ImageBrisco Hanover
1994CAN OSS Gold - 2fTBrylin Glory1992FU136 Worthy BowlDream of Glory
2015CAN OSS Gold - 3cHis Boy Elroy2012MU1 Jeremes JetLife Sign
2015CAN OSS Gold - 3cPhysicallyinclined2012MU2 Mach ThreeArtsplace
2011CAN OSS Gold - 3cCamaes Fellow2008GU4 Mach ThreeCamluck
2009CAN OSS Gold - 3cIdeal Race2006GU79 Western TerrorBig Towner
2005CAN OSS Gold - 3cLincoln Parke2002MU20 AstreosPrecious Bunny
2004CAN OSS Gold - 3cArmbro Balmoral2001GU128 CamluckAlbatross
2003CAN OSS Gold - 3cFamous Seelster2000MU4 Rustler HanoverCamluck
2002CAN OSS Gold - 3cFirstline Luck1999GU3 CamluckDirect Scooter
2001CAN OSS Gold - 3cQuality Cam1998MU21 CamluckBye Bye Andy
2001CAN OSS Gold - 3cYoumustbekidding1998GU7 Albert AlbertJate Lobell
2000CAN OSS Gold - 3cMiracle Fame1997GU2 Apaches FameDexter Nukes
1999CAN OSS Gold - 3cCutterpath1996MU34 Apaches FameArmbro Emerson
1998CAN OSS Gold - 3cNo Dessert1995GU204 Armbro EmersonEscape Artist
1997CAN OSS Gold - 3cDM Dilinger1994MU7 CamluckStriking Force
1997CAN OSS Gold - 3cMaster Barney1994GU23 Armbro EmersonSeedling Herbert
1996CAN OSS Gold - 3cDuke Of Abby1993GU7 Dexter NukesAbercrombie
1996CAN OSS Gold - 3cRacing Fund199