38 Results for Whyalla (Whyalla, SA, Australia) - Track Length is 876m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2015SA Whyalla Pacers CupOn The Razzle2007GN19 Bettors DelightIn The Pocket
2013-2SA Whyalla Pacers CupHarrison Maguire2006GU307 Christian CullenSokys Atom
2013-1SA Whyalla Pacers CupOur Malabar2003GN78 Live Or DieFalcon Seelster
2012SA Whyalla Pacers CupOhoka Nevada2004GU7 Sands A FlyinFalcon Seelster
2011SA Whyalla Pacers CupJust Watch Me2003GN7 Jet LaagButler BG
2010SA Whyalla Pacers CupRedondo On Telowie2005GU304 DM DilingerVanston Hanover
2009SA Whyalla Pacers CupSaldivar2000GU30 Fake LeftRip Van Winkle
2008SA Whyalla Pacers CupRioli Lloyd Goal1998GN211 Armbro OperativeClassic Garry
2005-2SA Whyalla Pacers CupRioli Lloyd Goal1998GN211 Armbro OperativeClassic Garry
2004SA Whyalla Pacers CupImbula1998FA4 Walton HanoverArmbro Aussie
2003SA Whyalla Pacers CupHoly Chip1990GN65 Transport ChipApollos Way
2002SA Whyalla Pacers CupRoseaville1997FN126 Malone HanoverRitual
2001SA Whyalla Pacers CupCommander Cam1994GN58 Cams TricksterByebye Bill
2000SA Whyalla Pacers CupRenmarks Pride1992MA52 Kawartha RobustCaptain Hook
1999SA Whyalla Pacers CupPigmy Poison1990GU30 Brad AdiosBye And Large
1998SA Whyalla Pacers CupWindy Fella1990GN2 Smooth FellaArmbro Hurricane
1997SA Whyalla Pacers CupTudor Fella1986MN232 What A FellaTudor Hanover
1996SA Whyalla Pacers CupHavastar1985GA517 Vegas StarDeep Court
1995SA Whyalla Pacers CupFast Talking1988GU305 Happy TalkAachen
1994SA Whyalla Pacers CupEllo Matey1985MN57 Armbro WarriorBerra Hanover
1993SA Whyalla Pacers CupKnight Shadow1981GA263 Shadow StarRDs Beauty
1992SA Whyalla Pacers CupKoalas Last1986GN23 Koala KingPantryman
1991SA Whyalla Pacers CupColonel Fernando1984GA121 KentuckyLeopard Hanover
1990SA Whyalla Pacers CupTruscott Boy1979GA137 Keystone ScotchRoyal Pastime
1989SA Whyalla Pacers CupKnight Shadow1981GA263 Shadow StarRDs Beauty
1988SA Whyalla Pacers CupTrios Byrd1979GN55 Joeys ByrdMorano
1987SA Whyalla Pacers CupScott Anthea1976GA1570Single CopyDashing Knight
1986SA Whyalla Pacers CupOur Hurry Back1980GN53 Rip Van WinkleLight Brigade
1985SA Whyalla Pacers CupJoeys Belle1978FA103 Joeys ByrdPatchy Raider
1984SA Whyalla Pacers CupStar Abodroc1977GN7 Rite RetortWelcome Stranger
1983SA Whyalla Pacers CupLyss Best1975MA1607Lyss HanoverGolden Adios
1982SA Whyalla Pacers CupKareela1975GA72 Tarport SkipperMorris Eden
1981SA Whyalla Pacers CupTwins Last1972GA75 Chief SpringRadiant Robert
1980SA Whyalla Pacers CupReggies Special1973GA323 Murdock HanoverAachen
1979SA Whyalla Pacers CupParish Pointer1973MN145 Bon AdiosPeerless Peter
1978SA Whyalla Pacers CupGreat James1972MA207 Great GlenfernLord James
1977SA Whyalla Pacers CupReflecting1972GA72 Field BatteryGallant Knight
1976SA Whyalla Pacers CupRustic Star1967GA39 Rustic LaneConvivial