255 Results for Central Southland Raceway (Winton, New Zealand) - Track Length is 1500m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2017NZ Equine Stakes - MSpirit Of Delight2013FU307 Bettors DelightIn The Pocket
2016NZ Equine Stakes - MGlenferrie Classic2012FN20 Bettors DelightChristian Cullen
2015NZ Equine Stakes - MRocker Band2011FN20 Rocknroll HanoverChristian Cullen
2014NZ Equine Stakes - MAl Raza2010FN316 Gotta Go CullectMach Three
2013NZ Equine Stakes - MCullens Mercy2007FN35 Christian CullenTuapeka Knight
2012NZ Equine Stakes - MPembrooks Delight2007FN10 Bettors DelightChristian Cullen
2011NZ Equine Stakes - MSan Rafaella2005FU6 Western IdealArtsplace
2010NZ Equine Stakes - MThe Peace Rose2002FN45 Live Or DieHolmes Hanover
2009NZ Equine Stakes - MTelemecanique2005FN29 Falcon SeelsterHolmes Hanover
2008NZ Equine Stakes - MTop Gear2004FN36 Falcon SeelsterHolmes Hanover
2007NZ Equine Stakes - MPresidential Reign2003FN85 Presidential BallSave Fuel
2006NZ Equine Stakes - MGail Devers2001FN37 Live Or DieSokys Atom
2005NZ Equine Stakes - MTact Hayley Jane2001FN3 Albert AlbertNew York Motoring
2004NZ Equine Stakes - MShezfullarunning1999FA7 Totally RuthlessNoodlum
2003NZ Equine Stakes - MJoyfulbelle1999FN54 Road MachineRockne Lobell
2002NZ Equine Stakes - MWhanau1998FN37 Sands A FlyinPeoples Blue Chip
2001-2NZ Equine Stakes - MShania Patron1997FN6 Holmes HanoverEl Patron
2001-1NZ Equine Stakes - MNovice Franco1976FN4 Falcon SeelsterOut To Win
2000NZ Equine Stakes - MMilly Mina1994FN65 Paysons BrotherEl Patron
1999NZ Equine Stakes - MCass Hanover1993FN6 Ludell HanoverNordel Skipper
1998NZ Equine Stakes - MMatai Gigi1993FN3 BGs BunnyNeros BB
1997NZ Equine Stakes - MChanceafella1989FN1000Son of AfellaJack Chance
1996NZ Equine Stakes - MPreiswert1989FN48 Double CenturySmooth Fella
1995NZ Equine Stakes - MRobyns Treasure1990FN19 Son of AfellaNevele Bigshot
1994NZ Equine Stakes - MSilky Saila1986FN85 Silk LegacyMajestic Chance
1993NZ Equine Stakes - MMagnetic Chip1988FN6 Transport ChipKnowing Bret
1992NZ Equine Stakes - MTsarina Bret1986FU305 Surmo HanoverKnowing Bret
1991NZ Equine Stakes - MNadines Lass1987FN7 Son of AfellaSmooth Hanover
1990NZ Equine Stakes - MGay Mississippi1983FN222 MidshipmanGarrison Hanover
1989NZ Equine Stakes - MEspoir1982FA409 Dancer GeorgeMajestic Chance
1987NZ Equine Stakes - MProud Princess1982FN271 Armbro HurricaneTimely Knight
1986NZ Equine Stakes - MCarat Gold1980FN230 Scottish HanoverJerry Adios
1985NZ Equine Stakes - MRare Treat1980FN16 NoodlumScottish Hanover
1984NZ Equine Stakes - MTricotine1979FA2 Boyden HanoverVan Hanover
1983NZ Equine Stakes - MElite Patron1978FN6 El PatronHonest Master
1982NZ Equine Stakes - MDab Chick1978FU30 Dancer GeorgeYoung Charles
1981NZ Equine Stakes - MSweet Jessica1976FA2 HT LucaHal Tryax
1980NZ Equine Stakes - MBonnies Chance1975FN58 Majestic ChanceAksarben
1979NZ Equine Stakes - MMinilima1975FU312 Gaines MinbarHal Tryax
1978NZ Equine Stakes - MRadiant Miss1973FN10 Tempest HanoverHal Tryax
1980NZ Kilkelly Brothers Futurity Stakes - 3Gold And Brown1977MN61 Young CharlesHal Tryax
2018NZ Southern Belle Speed SeriesSpirit Of Delight2013FU307 Bettors DelightIn The Pocket
2017NZ Southern Belle Speed SeriesBreak Dance2011FN5 Art MajorLive Or Die
2016NZ Southern Belle Speed SeriesRocker Band2011FN20 Rocknroll HanoverChristian Cullen
2015NZ Southern Belle Speed SeriesSell A Bit2010FN4 Julius CaesarLive Or Die
2014NZ Southern Belle Speed SeriesHelena Jet2009FN3 Jeremes JetHolmes Hanover
2013NZ Southern Belle Speed SeriesBetter To Be Bad2007FU303 Badlands HanoverPerfect Art
2012NZ Southern Belle Speed SeriesPembrooks Delight2007FN10 Bettors DelightChristian Cullen
2011NZ Southern Belle Speed SeriesHannah2005FN5 Badlands HanoverSokys Atom
2010NZ Southern Belle Speed SeriesBeaudiene Bad Babe2005FN2 Badlands HanoverIn The Pocket
2009NZ Southern Belle Speed SeriesMywayorthehighway2004FU47 In The PocketAbercrombie
2008NZ Southern Belle Speed SeriesArtishake2003FU303 ArtiscapeIn The Pocket
2004NZ Southern Supremacy -3Roman Gladiator2000MN19 Christian CullenVance Hanover
1991NZ Southern Supremacy -3Handiboy1987MN8 Double CenturyKnowing Bret
1989NZ Southern Supremacy -3Open All Hours1986GN10 Sir DalraeDancer George
1985NZ Southern Supremacy -3Malaz1981MN3 LordshipTempest Hanover
2013NZ Southland Country Cups ht (WIN)Cherokee Charlie2007GN58 Bettors DelightBadlands Hanover
2012NZ Southland Country Cups ht (WIN)Cracker Black2006MN56 Courage Under FireSave Fuel
2011NZ Southland Country Cups ht (WIN)Franco Ledger2007MN46 Falcon SeelsterLive Or Die
2010NZ Southland Country Cups ht (WIN)Russlands2004GN49 Live Or DieStand Together
1980NZ Tiwai 4&5YO ChampionshipLord Brandon1976GA1 Armbro DelGoodland
2017NZ Wairio CupHopes And Dreams 2012FN3 Christian CullenDream Away
2016NZ Wairio Cup   
2015NZ Wairio CupCosta Del Magnifico2011MU4 Mach ThreeFalcon Seelster
2014NZ Wairio CupCanardly Lover2008GN30 Real DesireHolmes Hanover
2013NZ Wairio CupFranco Ledger2007MN46 Falcon SeelsterLive Or Die
2012NZ Wairio CupPhantom Grin2007GN172 GrinfromeartoearHolmes Hanover
2011NZ Wairio CupOhoka Texas2007MN21 Christian CullenLive Or Die
2010NZ Wairio CupHostile Grins2005GN211 Go For GrinsSands A Flyin
2009NZ Wairio CupBeaudiene Bad Babe2005FN2 Badlands HanoverIn The Pocket
2008NZ Wairio CupLoch Nagar2004GN248 Mach ThreeCall Back
2007NZ Wairio CupHere Comes Soky1999GN62 Sokys AtomMark Lobell
2006NZ Wairio CupJamie2000FN5 Albert AlbertSmooth Fella
2005NZ Wairio CupWattie2000GU30 PanoramaButler BG
2004NZ Wairio CupGrenadier1998GU300 JCs SuprimoButler BG
2003NZ Wairio CupKing Sands1999GN104 Sands A FlyinSokys Atom
2002NZ Wairio CupGoodnight Aveross1998FU303 Live Or DieButler BG
2001NZ Wairio CupShortys Girl1997FN37 New York MotoringSokys Atom
2000NZ Wairio CupLisa O1995FA773 OK ByeSir Dalrae
1999NZ Wairio CupStronechrubie1994FN64 Sokys AtomLordship
1998NZ Wairio CupLady Director1994FN7 Deal DirectEl Patron
1997NZ Wairio CupHebe Gebe1992GU302 Butler BGPass With Care
1996NZ Wairio CupOut of the Red1989GN155 ShickerAlba Counsel
1995NZ Wairio CupRebecca Sunrise1988FU133 NeroOil Burner
1994NZ Wairio CupGuy Fox1988GN104 Adios VicSapling
1993NZ Wairio CupGemini Jo1986FN56 Bills BrotherLimongelli
1992NZ Wairio CupYandoon1987GN19 Mostest YankeeNoodlum
1991NZ Wairio CupStands To Reason1987MA3 StampedeLumber Dream
1990NZ Wairio CupAdmirals Treasure1986GN316 Admiral HalseyGood Chase
1989NZ Wairio CupRobins Gold1984FA2 Sir DalraeHonest Master
1988NZ Wairio CupSeaman1983GN3 Son of AfellaScottish Command
1987NZ Wairio CupShot1982GA3 Pass With CareParlez Vous
1986NZ Wairio CupSapper1982MN3 SaplingSly Yankee
1985NZ Wairio CupJohn Arthur1981MN12 Honkin AndyArmbro Del
1984NZ Wairio CupJosephine Bret1980FU305 Knowing BretYoung Charles
1983NZ Wairio CupStarline1978FN225 Armbro DelGarrison Hanover
1982NZ Wairio CupSteady Lady1978FN7 Transport ChipLumber Dream
1981NZ Wairio CupRoseland Adover1976FN114 Adover RainbowVan Hanover
1980NZ Wairio CupReally Sly1975GN6 Sly YankeeHonest Master
1979NZ Wairio CupHistoric Moment1975GN94 Historic TimeTempest Hanover
1978NZ Wairio CupWatbro1974MN22 Scottish HanoverForward
1973NZ Wairio Trotting Club HcpKawarau Gold1970MN90 Majestic ChanceStormyway
1972NZ Wairio Trotting Club HcpIn Demand1965GN10 Quiet WaterDillon Hall
1971NZ Wairio Trotting Club HcpLee Frost1967MN43 Thurber FrostCaptain Adios
1970NZ Wairio Trotting Club HcpRobinson Crusoe1964GN101 Robert DillonGold Chief
1969NZ Wairio Trotting Club HcpJopaga1965MN128 Newport ChiefAdmiral Nelson
1968NZ Wairio Trotting Club HcpBalmacraig1960MN615 Widower ScottDillon Hall
1968NZ Wairio Trotting Club HcpHals Delight1959GN198 Hal TryaxSandydale
1968NZ Wairio Trotting Club HcpHals Delight1959GN198 Hal TryaxSandydale
1967NZ Wairio Trotting Club HcpCeltic Gem1959FN728 Garrison HanoverColossal
1966NZ Wairio Trotting Club HcpGay Paree1958FN55 FallacyGrattan Loyal
2015NZ Winton Autumn (Businesses) CupMatch Point2009GN10 Bettors DelightBadlands Hanover
2014NZ Winton Autumn (Businesses) CupBelkmyster2009GN20 Mach ThreeArmbro Operative
2013NZ Winton Autumn (Businesses) CupOur Jimmy Johnstone2008GN1 P Forty SevenFalcon Seelster
2012NZ Winton Autumn (Businesses) CupOur Flash of Fire2006GN222 Courage Under FireCams Trickster
2018NZ Winton CupRoyal Bengal2013MU30 Christian CullenVillage Jasper
2017NZ Winton CupDelightful Memphis2013FN52 Bettors DelightBadlands Hanover
2016NZ Winton CupDemocrat Party2011FN8 American IdealSokys Atom
2015-2NZ Winton CupCosta Del Magnifico2011MU4 Mach ThreeFalcon Seelster
2015-1NZ Winton CupThats Hunting Pink2009FN91 Christian CullenLive Or Die
2014NZ Winton CupBelkmyster2009GN20 Mach ThreeArmbro Operative
2013NZ Winton CupOur Jimmy Johnstone2008GN1 P Forty SevenFalcon Seelster
2012NZ Winton CupTexican2008GN60 Bettors DelightIn The Pocket
2011NZ Winton CupVan Washing Man2004GN49 Washington VCLudell Hanover
2010NZ Winton CupLionels Meddle2005GU312 Live Or DieJJs Cornell
2009NZ Winton CupBettors Strike2004GN37 Bettors DelightIn The Pocket
2008NZ Winton CupBiella Star2003GN42 MattuityFalcon Seelster
2007NZ Winton CupBondy2001GU305 Live Or DieFalcon Seelster
2006NZ Winton CupOur Rocket Man2000GN37 CaprockLordship
2005NZ Winton CupHappy Gilmour1997GN301 Stand TogetherRockne Lobell
2004NZ Winton CupBrydone1999GN64 Fake LeftNoodlum
2003NZ Winton CupWhanau1998FN37 Sands A FlyinPeoples Blue Chip
2002NZ Winton CupBonnie Lass1996FN173 CamtasticKnowing Bret
2001NZ Winton CupLeading Choice1996GU312 Totally RuthlessMaster Dean
2000NZ Winton CupDrumnadrochit1995GU315 Genghis KhanDon Baker
1998-2NZ Winton CupPrince Rashad1988MN7 RashadMajestic Chance
1998-1NZ Winton CupFuture Fortune1989FA1 Future HanoverWinterlight
1997NZ Winton CupRed Danny1992GN9 Lazer BeamScottish Command
1996NZ Winton CupHighview Rose1991FN22 OK ByePlat Du Jour
1995NZ Winton CupKaryan Magic1990GA8 Morano MagicNevele Holiday
1993NZ Winton CupLord Akoros1986GN24 Silk LegacyBoyden Hanover
1992NZ Winton CupLord Akoros1986GN24 Silk LegacyBoyden Hanover
1991NZ Winton CupLand Lord1986GN24 LordshipScottish Hanover
1990NZ Winton CupSpendys Boy1985GN6 SpendilowKnowing Bret
1989NZ Winton CupKeyali1984FN49 Gaines MinbarKey Club
1988NZ Winton CupGlenburn Star1984GU310 Gregs DelightKnowing Bret
1987NZ Winton CupLineout1980GN16 Forward PlayTuft
1986NZ Winton CupHit The Tape1982GN51 SaigonLight Brigade
1985NZ Winton CupWillie Duggan1978GN8 Nordel SkipperMajestic Chance
1984NZ Winton CupLikely Lord1976GN9 LordshipLocal Light
1983NZ Winton CupTyman Foyle1977GN7 Majestic ChanceTempest Hanover
1982NZ Winton CupKamahl1977GU30 Berry HanoverBrahman
1981NZ Winton CupJilaires Chance1976FN112 Majestic ChanceGarrison Hanover
1980NZ Winton CupLocal Joe1974GN176 Joe RewardIrish Orator
1979NZ Winton CupGlen Moria1973FA2 Smooth HanoverLordship
1977NZ Winton HcpTrevira1973GA2 Scottish CommandVan Hanover
1976NZ Winton HcpFacetious1970FU301 Johnny GlobeFallacy
1975NZ Winton HcpLocal Scott1971GU317 Local LightGarrison Hanover
1974NZ Winton HcpHallmaster1970GN176 Honest MasterMajor Peterson
1973NZ Winton HcpCharlies Romance1966MN306 Young CharlesRed Shadow
1972NZ Winton HcpTrue Globe1967MU302 Yankee ExpressJohnny Globe
1971NZ Winton HcpFlying Home1965MN8 Young CharlesCaptain Adios
1970NZ Winton HcpSharlea1965FN226 Young CharlesLight Brigade
1969NZ Winton HcpBlonde Sister1962FN8 Lucky HanoverU Scott
1968NZ Winton HcpRestabell1962FN52 Rest AssuredGold Bar
1967NZ Winton HcpGlenda Hanover1963FN137 Garrison HanoverDillon Hall
1966NZ Winton HcpYankee Dandy1958MU317 Captain AdiosDillon Hall
1965NZ Winton HcpOmar On1958MN95 Thunder OnJosedale Dictator
1964NZ Winton HcpFerndale Prince1957GN530 Prince RegentDillon Hall
1963NZ Winton HcpRobyn1957FN11 U ScottGrattan Loyal
1962NZ Winton HcpWhipson1958MN206 WhipsterDillon Hall
1961NZ Winton HcpGarry Logan1956GN54 Garrison HanoverGrattan Loyal
1960NZ Winton HcpOreti1956GN210 SpringbokNelson Derby
1959NZ Winton HcpBright Ensign1954FU312 Stirling CastleColossal
1958NZ Winton HcpMooloo1953FN94 SpringbokU Scott
1957NZ Winton HcpRonella1951FN19 Dillon HallU Scott
1956NZ Winton HcpVictory Nelson1946GN209 Admiral NelsonSungod
1955NZ Winton HcpLucky Hall1949GN115 Dillon HallLucky Jack
1954NZ Winton HcpScottish Brigade1950MN5 Light BrigadeU Scott
1953NZ Winton HcpIce Drift1947GN1 IcevusRey De Oro
1952NZ Winton HcpEsquire1947GN150 Josedale DictatorWrack
1951NZ Winton HcpMeg Mundy1947FN5 Dillon HallJack Potts
1950NZ Winton HcpLauder Hall1946FN112 Dillon HallWellington Direct
1949NZ Winton HcpAspasia1943FA5 Dillon HallMan O'War
1948NZ Winton HcpAspasia1943FA5 Dillon HallMan O'War
1947NZ Winton HcpDragoman1942GN6 Dillon HallHappy Voyage
1946NZ Winton HcpRedcliffe Direct1939MN153 Wellington DirectLogan Pointer
1945NZ Winton HcpDinghy1938FN4 Jack PottsRey De Oro
1944NZ Winton HcpDunstan Direct1936GN607 Wellington DirectDrusus
1941NZ Winton HcpGentleman Jim1935GN23 WrackGold Bell
1940NZ Winton HcpForemost Junior1932GN610 Logan SunColdstream Bells
1939NZ Winton HcpWillow Bank1934FN7 Worthy BondWaverley
1938NZ Winton HcpSydney Grand1933GN139 Worthy BondWaverley
1937NZ Winton HcpCarver Doone1930GA2 DrususStirling Lad
1936NZ Winton HcpDouble Great1932MN206 Great BingenGreat Audubon
1935NZ Winton HcpLynwood1928GN7 WaverleyKing Child
1934NZ Winton HcpChechahco1929GA5 WrackGreat Audubon
1933NZ Winton HcpWillow Wave1926MN799 Waverley
1932NZ Winton HcpGirvan1927MN39 Lee ThorpeGeneral Tracey
1931NZ Winton HcpGold Country1926GN5 Rey De OroWildmoor
1930NZ Winton HcpSatin King1926GN231 Erins KingHarold Wilkes
1929NZ Winton HcpErins Fortune1924FA2 Erins KingStirling Lad
1928NZ Winton HcpDesert Star1921MN137 Four ChimesOYM
1927NZ Winton HcpTennessees Child1920GN797 Harold RothschildTennessee
1926NZ Winton HcpLingfield1922FN6 Author DillonQuincey
1925NZ Winton HcpTommy Direct1915GN797 Harold DirectTennessee
1924NZ Winton HcpDonside1918GN231 AdonisSatinwood
1923NZ Winton HcpOaknut1915GN968Betel NutCommander
1922NZ Winton HcpDonside1918GN231 AdonisSatinwood
1921NZ Winton HcpSeaward Spot1910FN131 Sir HectorSpot
1920NZ Winton HcpWar Scot1913GN797 VolunteerBoldrewood
1919NZ Winton HcpMarvelle1914FN797 Marvin WilkesBellman
1918NZ Winton HcpSobriquet1910GN797 Four ChimesHonest Wilkes
1917NZ Winton HcpBon Ami1911MU43 Bon HommeStam B 23444
1916NZ Winton HcpLady Rothsoon1911FN7 Harold RothschildThe Gossoon
1916NZ Winton HcpLady Rothsoon1911FN7 Harold RothschildThe Gossoon
1915-2NZ Winton HcpBalnamoan1907GN712 George M PatchenTalisman (thor)
1915-1NZ Winton HcpMcConnachie1910GN797 Young McKinneyDexter
1914NZ Winton HcpMissouri1904GN799 Kentucky Yet
1910NZ Winton HcpDarwin1897GA899 Vancleve 2438
1909NZ Winton HcpCommanderite1904MN972CommanderElector
1908NZ Winton HcpYoung Stanley189-MN799 Stanley
1907NZ Winton HcpExplanation1894GN897 HuonChilde Harold 414
1906NZ Winton HcpDick Turpin1900GN799 Brooklyn
1905NZ Winton HcpWhitecroft189-GN797 VictorBerlin 374
1972NZ Winton Juvenile -3Tonton Macoute1968MN59 Armbro DelMorano
1971NZ Winton Juvenile -3Fait Accompli1967MA409 Johnny GlobeHal Tryax
1970NZ Winton Juvenile -3Debra Charles1966FU30 Young CharlesBrahman
1969NZ Winton Juvenile -3Donna Charles1965FN3 Young CharlesDillon Hall
1968NZ Winton Juvenile -3Bramble Hall1964MN112 Flying SongDillon Hall
1967NZ Winton Juvenile -3Senator Frost1963MN120 Thurber FrostGrattan Loyal
1966NZ Winton Juvenile -3Maidas Song1962FA2 Flying SongDillon Hall
1964NZ Winton Juvenile -3Powerful Light1960MN306 Light BrigadeRed Shadow
1963NZ Winton Juvenile -3John1959MN3 Garrison HanoverDillon Hall
1962NZ Winton Juvenile -3Roseland Ring1958MN114 WhipsterColossal
1961NZ Winton Juvenile -3Robyn1957FN11 U ScottGrattan Loyal
1960NZ Winton Juvenile -3Cardigan Bay1956MN18 Hal TryaxJosedale Dictator
1959NZ Winton Juvenile -3Ling1955GN6 Free FightDillon Hall
1958NZ Winton Juvenile -3Dundee1954MN69 BlaydonDillon Hall
1957NZ Winton Juvenile -3Mooloo1953FN94 SpringbokU Scott
1956NZ Winton Juvenile -3Hussar1952MN9 Light BrigadeDavid McElwyn
1955NZ Winton Juvenile -3Super Brigade1951MN154 Light BrigadeGaillard
1951NZ Winton Juvenile -3Maestro1948GU43 Dillon HallGrattan Loyal
1950NZ Winton Juvenile -3Fair Annette1947FN122 Dillon HallErins King
1949NZ Winton Juvenile -3Heather Dillon1946FU317 Dillon HallRoyal Silk
1948NZ Winton Juvenile -3Roullette1945MA2 Black GlobeErins King
1947NZ Winton Juvenile -3Quarter Deck1944MN137 Black GlobeAdioo Guy
1946NZ Winton Juvenile -3Glengarry1943GA2 Gallant KnightWrack
1945NZ Winton Juvenile -3Melvian1942MN56 Dillon HallWaverley
1944NZ Winton Juvenile -3Mandrake1941GA2 Dillon HallWrack
1943NZ Winton Juvenile -3Liberty Bond1939FN56 Worthy BondWaverley
1941NZ Winton Juvenile -3Lady Dawn1938FN85 Grattan LoyalOur Thorpe
1940NZ Winton Juvenile -3Guinea Gold1937MN237 Real GoldColdstream Bells
1939NZ Winton Juvenile -3Cheval d'Or1936MN605 Rey De OroErins King
1938NZ Winton Juvenile -3Ned Worthy1935MN3 Worthy BondHarold Rothschild