94 Results for Yarra Valley Racing Centre (Yarra Glen, VIC, Australia) - Track Length is 1000m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
1976Vic Arthur Hewitson CupDean Reveler1971MN23 Gay RevelerMeadow Vance
1975Vic Arthur Hewitson CupCartridge1967GA684 Sally BoyWynstar
1974Vic Arthur Hewitson CupSunny Walk1965FN197 Sun ChiefLight Brigade
1973Vic Arthur Hewitson CupKimber Goose1966FA60 Goose BayKimberlene
2017Vic Eastern Challenge -OPProfessor Tom2012MU314 Art MajorWalton Hanover
2013Vic Eastern Challenge -OPScruffy Major2008MA279 Art MajorTorado Hanover
2009Vic Eastern Challenge -OPCrusaders Castle2004MA4 Christian CullenWhats Next
2005Vic Eastern Challenge -OPFierce Allegiance1999GA55 Exotic EarlHilarious Way
2004Vic Eastern Challenge -OPHalwes De Classic1998GU305 Classic GarryCognac Hanover
1999Vic Eastern Challenge -OPTweeds1994GN270 CameleonBachelor Star
1995Vic Eastern Challenge -OPPreuxlific1990FU301 Preux ChevalierSea Lord
1991Vic Eastern Challenge -OPThe Ganga1986FA140 Lou MitchellBon Adios
2009Vic Eastern Grand Slam -3Hollywood Bromac2005GN12 Red River HanoverFalcon Seelster
2005Vic Eastern Grand Slam -3Special Chance2001GA17 Sokys AtomWhats Next
2002Vic Eastern Grand Slam -3Roydon Holmes1998GN2 Holmes HanoverSmooth Fella
2001Vic Eastern Grand Slam -3The Fall Guy1997GU312 Fake LeftAble Bye Bye
2004Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupBrite Hope1999GN43 BritewellGame Pride
2003Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupExuberant1998GN24 ExtrovertGame Pride
2002Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupStorm Blazer1996MN13 Safely KeptWindshield Wiper
2001Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupJoes Idol1995GN138 Red Coach GloryHAs Pet
2000Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupMiss Universe1992FA44 RCs Dee JayArrival
1999Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupVilla Glory1993FA196 Red Coach GloryStupor
1998Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupHeza Breeze1989GA397 RCs Dee JayMt Everest
1997Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupRed Coach Hanover1987GU1 Red Coach GloryHis Excellency
1996Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupGorbachev1987GN3 Plat Du JourGreat Evander
1995Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupBuntys Pride1989MN75 Sergio HanoverGaines Minbar
1994Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupSpeeding Fine1987GA102 Speed SupremeMurray Mac
1993Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupPauls Future1987MN18 PaulsboroToliver Hanover
1992Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupFionas Flair1986FA63 EntrepreneurTimely Ace
1991Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupSpikealite1980GU306 SpikeIntangible
1990Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupGeorgian Gent1985MU320 RhettGyro
1989Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupRival Lass1982FU341 ArrivalGood Report
1988Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupTucumcari1981FN28 Mark RadiumRodilo
1987Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupGreat Assassin1980GA256 Murray MacBefana Spring
1986Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupTucumcari1981FN28 Mark RadiumRodilo
1985Vic RR Cochran Trotters CupNoble Genius1980GA205 King NobleSheer Genius
1996Vic Trotters Derby (heat) - 3TOur One And Only1992GN93 Gee WhizTempest Hanover
2017Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupLennytheshark2009MA4 Four Starzzz SharkAlbert Albert
2016Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupRestrepo2008MN7 Art MajorDM Dilinger
2015Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupBarimah2010GA84 Bettors DelightClassic Garry
2014Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupSmudge Bromac2005MN15 Falcon SeelsterLive Or Die
2013Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupSavesomtimetodream2007GN89 Village JasperPerfect Art
2012Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupMustang Mach2007MN21 Mach ThreeLive Or Die
2011Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupGlenferrie Alexis2005FN52 Courage Under FireCaprock
2010Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupFlyin Interstate2004GN24 Sands A FlyinSokys Atom
2009Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupJaccka Clive2004GN78 Tinted CloudFalcon Seelster
2008Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupIm Mark Antony2004GN19 Live Or DieFalcon Seelster
2007Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupKarlsruhe2002GN37 Holmes HanoverVintner
2006Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupBlakey2000GN15 Island GlowTorado Hanover
2005Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupTromos1997MN1 TroublemakerVance Hanover
2004Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupCanique1998GN166 The UnicornBye Bye Sam
2003Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupThe Chocolates1997MA16 Walton HanoverWindshield Wiper
2002Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupFlip A Dollar1992MN39 Armbro AussieFirst Patch
2001Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupLavros Skipper1994GN18 In The PocketVance Hanover
2000Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupShow of Hands1994GU318 Safely KeptWaitaki Elect
1999Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupTaxing Times1991GN3 New York MotoringLordship
1998Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupBreenys Fella1993MN23 Holmes HanoverFarm Timer
1997Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupNo Equal1988GN18 AndrelEl Patron
1996Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupKildonnan1988GA2 Power BunnyPass With Care
1995Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupNewsbreaker1990GN14 Holmes HanoverAdover Rainbow
1994Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupNicholas Branach1988MA26 KentuckyTarport Low
1993Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupOdds Torado1985GN13 Torado HanoverLyss Hanover
1992Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupSurmo Way1984GN13 Surmo HanoverKeystone Way
1991Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupTransit Lane1986GA5 New York MotoringCountry Road
1990Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupAllan Grant1984GA101 Torado HanoverScotty Belmont
1989Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupTrevs Choice1982GA20 Timely NapoleonHolly Sand
1988Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupBronski Beat1982MU300 Adios VicTimely Knight
1987Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupQuite Famous1980MN104 Knowing FameLumber Dream
1986Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupTelern Tim1980GN29 Keystone ScotchDeep Adios
1985Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupIma Orphan1980MN69 Thor HanoverBachelor Hanover
1984Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupGosh1979MA141 Meadow HanoverPoplar Bill
1983Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupSpyglass1977MN37 KentuckyStormyway
1982Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupSea Faring1977GU302 Sea LordTrainer Hanover
1981Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupBring Me Flowers1976FN17 Besta BretThor Hanover
1980Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupThe Von1972GN145 Nevele GolferDignus
1979Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupDrouin Flyer1973MN10 GyroHundred Proof
1978Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupSunray1971GN23 Avian AgainScottish Star
1977Vic Yarra Valley Pacers CupMark Radium1971MA5 Dick AdiosFloodlight
2017Vic Yarra Valley Trotters CupVincennes2009GN25 GanymedeLindy Lane
2016Vic Yarra Valley Trotters CupThe Boss Man2009GU310 Bacardi LindySundon
2015Vic Yarra Valley Trotters CupAction Kosmos2007GU1 Sierra KosmosSundon
2014Vic Yarra Valley Trotters CupKvintet Avenger2008MU16 Love YouPrakas
2013Vic Yarra Valley Trotters CupLightning Joy2007GN11 Western TerrorTalk About Class
2012Vic Yarra Valley Trotters CupBellingham2006GA1 ContinentalmanGee Whiz
2011Vic Yarra Valley Trotters CupSave A Sixpence2003GN110 Safely KeptGee Whiz
2010Vic Yarra Valley Trotters CupLenny Lewis2002GU332 SundonSpeed Supreme
2009-2Vic Yarra Valley Trotters CupSolar Active1999GU1 SundonSpeed In Action
2009-1Vic Yarra Valley Trotters CupKaramboo2003FA51 Wagon ApolloKeystone Gondola
2008Vic Yarra Valley Trotters CupPepperell Dancer2002GA79 A Go Go LauxmontSalute Hanover
2006-2Vic Yarra Valley Trotters CupAcacia Ridge2001GU314 Anvil LadLiberty Alto
2006-1Vic Yarra Valley Trotters CupDanny Wood1999GN24 Grant Our WishesPlat Du Jour
2005Vic Yarra Valley Trotters CupCalder Sensation2000GN25 SJs PhotoRed Coach Glory
2004Vic Yarra Valley Trotters CupHazza Bazza1998GN3 ExtrovertSmooth Falcon
2003Vic Yarra Valley Trotters CupAndandon1997GN43 SundonGee Whiz