63 Results for Young Showgrounds (Young, NSW, Australia) - Track Length is 787m

YearRaceNameDoBSexFamilySireDam Sire
2014NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -2cLord Merrywood2011GA179 Live Or DieMystical Prince
2014NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -2fMustang Jet2011FU316 Jeremes JetOrange Sovereign
2014NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -3cMister Jay Cee2010MU339 Modern ArtBettors Delight
2014NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -3fMother Kym2010FU303 Bettors DelightFake Left
2014NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -4hArmbro Chimes2009GA272 Armbro OperativeOut For Glory
2014NSW Br-Challenge (regional) -4mThe Baggy Green2009FA4 Art MajorWalton Hanover
2017NSW Cherry Festival CupLockton Luck2013GN1 Major in ArtIn The Pocket
2016NSW Cherry Festival CupParramatta2010GN20 McArdleDM Dilinger
2015NSW Cherry Festival CupOh I Am The One2011GU302 Gotta Go CullenHolmes Hanover
2014NSW Cherry Festival CupA Passion For Aces2007GA30 Aces N SevensUnder A Cloud
2013NSW Cherry Festival CupIm Blue Double Dee2007GA14 Jet LaagClassic Garry
2012NSW Cherry Festival CupOur El Nino2006GN24 Live Or DieSands A Flyin
2011NSW Cherry Festival CupAvonnova2006GA6 Art MajorMaple Lanes Strike
2010NSW Cherry Festival CupImatomo2004FU300 Armbro OliverSun Lamp
2009NSW Cherry Festival CupRusty Gate2003GA6 Sports TownSmooth Fella
2008NSW Cherry Festival CupDymondee2003FN3 DM DilingerVanston Hanover
2006NSW Cherry Festival CupWestburn Ruby1999FU2 Jaguar CamFrench Chef
2005NSW Cherry Festival CupRicardos Toyboy2001MU316 John Street NorthClassic Garry
2004NSW Cherry Festival CupSafely Scootin1999FA237 Safely KeptStoneridge Scooter
2003NSW Cherry Festival CupDinki Di1998MN33 Fake LeftThurston Hanover
2002NSW Cherry Festival CupSimon Gosling1993GA703 PanoramaAdios Day
2001NSW Cherry Festival CupDuke Road1996GA338 Jeremy LobellSmoke Cloud
2000NSW Cherry Festival CupLooney Toliver1993FA205 Nikalong ShadowToliver Hanover
1999NSW Cherry Festival CupLooney Toliver1993FA205 Nikalong ShadowToliver Hanover
1998NSW Cherry Festival CupRoman Origin1992MN93 Caesar Blue ChipTiff N Time
1997NSW Cherry Festival CupAlitomo1992FU300 Sun LampBo Scots Blue Chip
1996NSW Cherry Festival CupRifleman1991MN46 Whats NextLynden Bye Bye
1995NSW Cherry Festival CupPre Eminence1989MA226 My GlengowerSmart Lobell
1966NSW SW & Riverina Derby - 3Bernies Sister1962FA4 Gay RevelerKimberlene
1961NSW SW & Riverina Derby - 3Triple Raider1957MN228 Red RaiderNoble Scott
1958NSW SW & Riverina Derby - 3John Leslie1954MA67 Jackie GuyWalgoolan
1955NSW SW & Riverina Derby - 3Lyndsay John1951MA121 Peter ChimesJoe Cole
1960NSW SW & Riverina Sapling - 2War Ace1957GA126 Nick ScottVan Ayr
2017NSW Young CupSpare Me Days2011MA205 IfihadyourluckNikalong Shadow
2016NSW Young CupSpare Me Days2011MA205 IfihadyourluckNikalong Shadow
2015NSW Young CupFrith2009FA4 Four Starzzz SharkAlbert Albert
2014NSW Young CupTeo Enteo2008GN1 Armbro OperativeFrench Chef
2013NSW Young CupOur Sixpence2006FN12 Holmes HanoverOK Bye
2012NSW Young CupRoman Stride2005GU1 Bettors DelightDirect Scooter
2011NSW Young CupRoyal Surprise2005MN41 Brioso HanoverIn The Pocket
2010NSW Young CupKarloo Mick2000GU30 PanoramaFortitude Hanover
2009NSW Young CupKarloo Mick2000GU30 PanoramaFortitude Hanover
2017NSW Young Derby -3Our Triple Play2013MN10 Shadow PlayMach Three
2016NSW Young Derby -3Match In Heaven2012MN30 SomebeachsomewhereArtsplace
1986NSW Young Derby -3One Fifty Four1982GA29 GyrationStupor
1985NSW Young Derby -3Model Bye Bye1981MA124 Lynden Bye ByeMeadow Vance
1984NSW Young Derby -3Over Active1980MN83 OvertrickGarrison Hanover
1983NSW Young Derby -3Received1979MN3 RDs BeautyMorris Eden
1982NSW Young Derby -3Gota Jewel1978GA6 Vicar HanoverIke Frost
1981NSW Young Derby -3Oakey Tom1977MN10 Jason KingTempest Hanover
1980NSW Young Derby -3Ventureman1976GA641 Blue VenturePrince
1979NSW Young Derby -3Perfect Student1975FN233 James ScottStudent Prince
1978NSW Young Derby -3Ranch Command1974FU313 Deep AdiosBrigade Command
2017NSW Young OaksSheza Sharpie2013FN4 McArdleMach Three
2016NSW Young OaksGotta Go Jazzy Jet2012FU30 Jeremes JetChristian Cullen
2015NSW Young OaksRead About Lexy2011FA1397SportswriterGrinfromeartoear
2014NSW Young OaksPerfectionist2010FN3 Bettors DelightChristian Cullen
2013NSW Young OaksFrith2009FA4 Four Starzzz SharkAlbert Albert
2012NSW Young OaksDream Runna2008FN12 Dream AwayWestburn Grant
2011NSW Young OaksLively Moth2007FU2 Live Or DieClassic Garry
1987NSW Young Trotters CupRomola Lass1978FA1191Rite RetortMeadow Lawn
1985NSW Young Trotters CupApre Toliver1977GN18 Toliver HanoverJohnny Globe
1984NSW Young Trotters CupPostscript1976GN23 Redmond LaneMeadow Al