Guide To ClassicFamilies.NET.

The following is a guide to the various Classic Family information sources.

1. HORSE INFO Type in name of horse and hit search - you will get a new page with DETAILS of horse (sex, year & country of birth, stakes, best time - 1/5ths in US, 1/10th elsewhere) including pedigree and Classic Family number. Classic winners are in bold, duplicates in italics. Stakes are updated annually or when horse wins a feature event. Click on ANY horse in the pedigree and it becomes the main horse.

There are several tabs with further information about each horse:-

* DETAILS (as above)
* TAIL LINES - this will give you the sire line and maternal line traced back to original source
* DESCENDANTS - this gives you two options - male & female. The male option provides you with every Classic Winner the horse you have chosen has sired along with every sire and every Classic winner that has been sired by his sons, grandsons etc.(to see this you just click on the + box to expand). The female option for a sire gives you every Classic winner that the sire has sired along with every Classic winner that traces to one of his daughters. The female option for a mare gives you every sire and classic winner that traces back to her (click + box to expand).
* OFFSPRING - list of all the progeny of the sire that is on the database for being either a Classic Winner, on a Classic List or is in the pedigree of a Classic winner or Classic List horse
* CLASSIC CROSSES - you can check every Classic Winner (and their wins) of the horse as a SIRE or DAMSIRE.
* HISTORY - gives you a chronological list of a horse's feature race wins, national awards, speed credits and then siring and broodmare sire credits.
* PEDIGREE - six generation printable pedigree where you can check duplicates and cross duplicates

2. FAMILY WINNERS Type in a family number or family name and you will get a complete list, in reverse chronological order, of all Classic Winners and Classic List horses in the family. Invaluable to see how active a family is.

3. CLASSIC RACES Check out the complete chronicles of over 2,700 races (some older than 100 years) from all over the world and you can click on any of the headings to sort which allows you to see how many times a sire, damsire or even family has won the race.

4. ELITE PERFORMERS There are four sections to this - Performers, Awards, Historical & Speed.

* PERFORMERS - 13 categories including all $500,000+ earners in ANZ, all millionaires (P & T), all 1:50 horses, all 1:53 trotters, all 1:52 2YOs, all 1:56 2YO trotters, all 1:55 performances in A/NZ, all 2:00 trot performances in ANZ, all 1:58 2YOs in ANZ, USA Hall of Fame, Canadian Hall of Fame.
* AWARDS - 175 categories of Horse of the Year Awards (for Aust, NZ, Canada, USA plus some from Europe), Sire of the Year (15 countries - lots of age categories for A, NZ & US), BM Sire of the Year, Richest Horse of the Year (USA-T&P)
* HISTORICAL - 26 lists of the first 100 $100,000 winners, 2:10 winners, 2:05 winners, 1:55 winners for Australia, NZ & North America.
* SPEED - 40 lists of Mile evolution records for several countries and age groups. Also fastest T & P for USA each year.