Classic NZ Winner Producing Mares

A series of articles reviewing multiple classic-producing broodmares with five or more offspring in results information as shown on the Classic Families (CF) database. A number of these mares won classic races and became the dams of classic winners/progeny and contributed to the genetic inheritance of numerous outstanding performers.

These articles first appeared in NZ harness racing magazine HARNESSED over the period September 2014 - February 2016.

One September 2014 DIC/Palm Bell/Norice
Two October 2014 Vanquish/Gianella/Pearlchild
Three November 2014 Berthabell/Wild Pirate
Four December 2014 Belle Logan/Bonnie Logan
Five January 2015 First Water/Ayr
Six February 2015 Regina Logan/Betty Wrack
Seven March 2015 Rustic Maid/Air Flow
Eight April 2015 Margaret Hall
Nine May 2015 Pariesienne
Ten June 2015 Admiration/Malabella
Eleven July 2015 Spangled Queen/Snow Jane
Twelve August 2015 Adio Star/Leyava
Thirteen September 2015 Desilu/Vonnell
Fourteen October 2015 Zenover/Sue Adios
Fifteen November 2015 Queenship/All Action Gal
Sixteen December 2015 Looks The Part/Seamoon
Seventeen January 2016 Sabrina Bromac
Eighteen February 2016 Scuse Me